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Cluster Back

Do you remember RC Cluster? Who can forget the store that always made you say the phrase cluster-boink in your head whenever you thought of it? I've always been a big fan - to the point of staying in their store group for years after the store had closed. At last, my dedication has paid off, because something has lured creator Redd Columbia back to re-open RC Cluster with mesh! (I don't want to start rumors that the "something" that made her decide to come back to SL is also what caused her to play pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey by herself for over an hour, but I watch a lot of Intervention.)

Last night, the store had a grand re-opening party and I was excited to see what was new! The store had been part of Fifty Linden Friday a few weeks ago so I picked up the new mesh Karaoke set. I had hoped that the microphone could be used in case I get to be part of the press team for the SL's 12th birthday celebration, but the animations in the microphone don't work for reporting. But I love throwing parties, so the set will still get use.… Read the rest




June 2015
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Heck of a Trip

Jerremy and I took our prim son, Blocky, on a field trip. We want him to grow up to be a cultured, well-rounded, plywood boy, so we often take him to places like museums and the LEA sims. This trip, we went to Cocytus: The 9th Circle of Hell. It was a long drive, but driving to Hell is a lot more pleasant than flying on United.

It's never too early to scare your baby straight. I am not going to have the preschool teacher calling me to tell me that my son was cheating at Candyland. 

There are four levels to this particular circle of the underworld and it was taking forever to walk through it, so we flew. Even though flying is highly discouraged, we figured, "WHat can they do to us if we are already here?" Surprisingly there is very little lag in hell. The crowds were mostly encased in the lakes of ice, so we didn't have to wait in any lines. And I don't want to tell Satan how to do his job, but, I'm not sure giving people ice down here is punishment.    

You know what was really annoying about hell?… Read the rest

X is the Loneliest Number

Sometimes you just have to embrace the quirks of SL. Even when it might affect your bowing game. I'm not going to blame the lack of mesh ball return machines or the blinding neon for my poor game, but I am not going to blame myself either.

Do you know what makes regular prims and neon decor look better? Black and white photography. Consider that another SLife Hack from me to you.

I ended up here at the Land of Giants bowling alley after glancing at the SL events calendar and finding a bowling tournament. I was desperate to find something to do besides shop and explore. I like bowling as much as the next person and I thought it might be a chance to meet some new people. 
I got all dressed in bowling shoes and everything, but no one was there!!  I didn't want to bowl alone, but I did because no one on my entire friends list was in-world. (That just goes to show why I need to meet new people, yes?)
The Land of Giants is an interesting place. If you ever had the chance to visit Greenies when it was around, then you'll understand when I say that this place might have been inspiration for it.… Read the rest

Common Woes

Jiminy Christmas, how difficult is it to get a common out of this damn gacha machine?? I don't even really want these shoes anymore at this point. I will probably just rage wear the pair I want if I ever even wear them at all. 

I will trade 4 pairs of the Shiny Shabby event Eclipse oxfords for one pair: I'll give you a black common oxford shoe, a vinaccia common, a brown common oxford, and an oxford plateau brown RARE from Eclipse in exchange for one pair of white (or is it gray?) common oxford shoes. In fact, I'll give you several of the black commons; you can pass them out to your friends and start a shoe gang. 

While I  wait to hear back from someone who wants to trade, I will just lie here and think about how ridiculous my SLife has become. 

*ARGRACE*, Riley hair; *COCO*, Boyfriend Jeans, Dark Blue; ASO! Leather Bracelet-coin, white/silver; Maitreya Gold, Antheia Sandals; Maxi Gossamer, rings, Hand Made Heart, silver; Tee*fy, Elyse Wrapped Tucked Tank, white; ~Pepper~, Multi Necklace, white.… Read the rest

Torture for Treasure

I sat for almost 3 hours to be in the audience for the Gacha Show this past weekend. Why do I torture myself? For the same reason anyone in SL does things like this: the promise of a gift. This was extra special since it was a gift from Apple Fall. Luckily, the gift turned out to be this charming daybed, upon which I can rest my weary self. It is lovely - but seems small to me. Unfortunately, it is no mod, so it has to stay this size. It is the perfect size if you are reenacting the scene from Snow White where Snow tries out the Seven Dwarves' tiny beds. The adorable touch on this bed? The book has an autograph from Apple Fall himself. I may tuck this away and save it for a time I need to trade for a gacha item. 

After all that sitting and dedication, I crashed 5 minutes before the show started. But, the metaverse gods had mercy on me and allowed me to log back in just in time to see the show. I had a question for Apple Fall but I didn't get picked to ask it - to which I say BOOO because my question would have been the best question: "Which gachas do you get excited for, Apple Fall?" See?… Read the rest

SLife Hack – Inventory Management

Have you ever wondered what happens to all of the inventory items we delete every day in SL? Well, it goes to one of the many waste processing centers on the grid - like this one at Green Valley Disposal Solutions. Raw prims are extracted from the waste and reSLycled. What's left is placed into placed into SLandfills. Those SLandfills eventually form land masses that are sold as homesteads and islands. 

And now, it is even easier to get rid of old inventory items you no longer need and want. Have you noticed the new 'older than' filter in the inventory window? It's in the Official Viewer and I hear it is also in Firestorm. By the way, here is a link to a past post I did on inventory management with some tips for organizing what you have.

With the new filter, you can selectively display the oldest things in your inventory for easy reviewing and deleting!

Here is how:
  1. Open your inventory window. 
  2. Click on the settings icon at the bottom. 
  3. Select 'show filters.' 
  4. Check the 'older than' box toward the bottom. 
  5. Decide on a cutoff date for deleting things.
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SLife in a Bowl

I had to visit the art exhibit, Life in a Bowl, because it looked like fun and because everyone else was doing it. FOMO! 

It was quite nice. I really tried to figure out what it all meant - especially the dead fish on the shore. Is it about the futility of trying to protect your privacy in our social media obsessed world? Is it a statement about how trying to escape convention and conformity leads to death? What does it all mean??

Jerremy and I tried to get into the tanks with the fish, but we couldn't. Grrrr. The only thing the exhibit lacked? Sea Monkeys. Every aquarium needs Sea Monkeys

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Sail vs Sale

To Whom it May Concern at Pearl Dreams Marina and Cybersculpts Shop; 

I am writing to apologize for taking your lovely yacht for a joy ride. It was an accident.

We visited after finding a one prim mesh stereo on the Marketplace and wanting to see what else that store had for sale in-world. Upon teleporting there, we mistook your marina for a boat shop. Our misguided attempts to view the yacht resulted in taking an unplanned test drive. 

I can assure you that Jerremy was quite surprised when the boat started up. We weren't even dressed properly for a day on the water. Speaking of which, we noticed that quite a few of your neighbors have ban lines that caught the yacht and stopped it from sailing properly. This dampened our enjoyment of the ride. You might want to think of moving to a more boat friendly community. 

I tried to help Jerremy navigate back to the marina from the passenger seat, but the sitting pose there was quite lewd for someone wearing a dress.… Read the rest

I’n Not Going To Break It

You guys! I had so much fun exploring the Amplituhedron exhibit at LEA. It's beautiful and blingy! Amplituhedron is by Misprint Thursday and she is a doll! She has put out some gifts for us all over her exhibit including the accessories to have fun with a spoof Kim. K.'s "break the internet magazine cover photograph." 

I'm going to put it out there right now that I do not admire Kim K. in any way shape or form... but with the pose and champagne right there and how could I resist? I also thought about trying to parody the picture where she is naked in a trash bag - but for some reason no one in SL has made a trash bag that I can wear around my legs... yet.

After I got home, I realized that the gift I was most excited about - a pack of mesh gems (correction: I was mistaken. The gems are not mesh, but they are cute!) - was empty. When I IMd Misprint, she said that she had fixed the box and asked me if I had picked up the champagne pose accessory. I told her that I had and that I was trying to figure out what dress to wear so that I could take a picture.… Read the rest


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I get so bummed when I discover that a place I liked is gone from Second Life.

And no, I'm not talking about Blah-blah-something Bliss. (Who says I even liked that place anyway?) I'm talking about a favorite store of mine.

A few days ago, I got an IM from someone telling me that she had seen me out shopping and liked my sweater. (It's the one I am wearing in the photo for this post.) She wanted to know where I bought it. It's from LavandaChic and when I went to see if I could find landmark for her, my SLife turned sad. I couldn't find the store in search, and when I clicked to teleport to the place with the closest spelling, I found myself flailing and falling from the sky. The creators profile (and that of her partner) was no help either - picks landed me in abandoned parcels. The creator doesn't have a store on the marketplace, either.

I guess I've stumbled upon the magic formula for looking unique in SL (other than not wearing a mesh head*):

1. Buy something cute.… Read the rest

Tomorrow is the 6th of May

This photo has nothing at all to do with names, furniture, or support animals. 
Also, I have no idea who these other people are.

A couple of days ago, I was at {What Next}, looking for {who knows what} when I saw an avatar with the last name Tomorrow walk by. Did I ever tell you that I was *this* close to selecting Tomorrow as my last name when I first signed up in SL? 

I didn't say anything to him because I couldn't think of anything to say that didn't sound creepy. What would I have said to him? "Hey! I was almost your SL cousin! Do you guys have meet-ups? I can never get the Thornes together. What names did you almost choose? Hey! Where are you going?" I suppose that there are worse ways to start conversations. 

Names are important - heaven knows that I've been to enough professional development seminars where they say things like "The most important word to a another person is their own name!" Your name could even influence your career opportunities.… Read the rest

Fat Tuesday at Lauren’s Place

People decided to dress up for Fat Tuesday for Lauren Weyland's comedy show last night. That's me toward the right, in pasties and a purple feathered mask, half hidden by selfie-taker and comedian Bubblepop Unplugged. I'd originally dressed in a much more conservative outfit - a purple and green tank top and skirt. When they asked me to get more risque, I obliged. Which means, sadly, that if you want me to take off some clothes, just ask. 

When lag made it difficult to find my sequined bikini bottoms, I dashed behind the bar at the club (really) to hide from cameras (or at least make it slightly more challenging for people to cam over and see my bits) until they rezzed. Thank heaven I hadn't trashed my old Mardi Gras outfits - I came close to it today while sorting inventory.  

We decided that since we all looked so festive, we'd get a group picture before the show. That's when Bubblepop decided to get in on the action.… Read the rest

Oh, Sileny

This is what the SL community has come to. Just two days into Arcade gatcha trading insanity, I found my friend, Sileny Noel, hovering over the gutter at a yard sale. 

I was nice: I poked her and asked if she was ok. Happily, she was both OK and too disoriented to protest when I told her I needed to get a picture. Apparently, she had ended up in that position somehow and decided to just go with it. That is why I like her - she's making SLemonade out of SLemons.

I couldn't think of any other first aid I could render except for checking for her wallet. For insurance information! Of course, if you've seen my Arcade trade list, you wouldn't blame me for looking for cash, too. 

Really? You can't see anything I'm wearing any way. Ok. Fine. Hair - D!va, Mayumi3 (Type B); Romper - MIMI NOIRE, Playsuit, mint glade; Shoes - *CASHMERE*, Cassidy Heel, mud

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In RL, I Would Have Cried

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As you can tell by by my clever disguise, I had been planning on doing a post about robbing that bank right behind me in order to fund my Second Life shopping. Of course, this is a role play sim and I would only be role playing the robbery. Then, I will actually mug my typist for cold hard cash.

However, something derailed my SLife of crime. SLociety can breathe a sigh of relief that this happened while I was posing for pre-robbery photos:

[19:41] Random person: hi
[19:41] Tymmerie Thorne-Darwin: Hi :-) 
[19:41] Random person: are you pregnant
[19:41] Tymmerie Thorne-Darwin: No. But TY for asking. I think.
[19:41] Random person: oh lol sorry it just that you looked like you had a cute lil baby bump 

Well. I guess I won't be wearing this dress ever again.
Hair - TRUTH, Yelena; Dress - -D A P P A-, Collar Dress, Guadelupe; Shoes- *CASHMERE*, Cassidy Heels, floral; Ring - Ha!, Square ring, blue; Right bracelet - Izzie's, Belt Bracelet, silver buckle; Left Bracelet - Izzie's, Hair Tie Bracelet, blue; Earrings - [ glow ] studio, Single Lady Earrings, Summer; Purse - Ricielli, The Birkin Bag, blue jean; Glasses & mustache - Sour Pickles, El Senior Glasses (BLACK), Cocoa

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Save a Prayer

I'm here at the First Church of Rosedale because I have some things I'd like to have happen, so I thought a prayer or two might yield some results. 

I'm going to be praying for creators stop putting cats on everything. Also, I hope that creators are inspired to make more medium length hair and that their hearts are turned away from the evils of middle parts. 

I'll pray for some skilled creators to make mesh King Cakes because Mardi Gras is coming up soon and I only have one from RC Cluster that is no longer for sale and if Jerremy and I eat the whole thing this year, I won't have one for next.

I also hope to be showered with the blessings of rare items from gatcha machines and for my $Lindens to be fruitful and multiply.

I'm not just praying for stuff for me, either! That would be selfish! I'm also going to pray for all of the cross eyed avatars I see on the blog feeds to be healed from their affliction. Finally, I'll ask for miracles for the poor, broken-ankled avatars in hopes that they are blessed with "boot fixers." 

So here goes: 
Our Philip who art in a meeting with investors, Hallowed be thy mesh.Read the rest

Dear Ebbe2sexy4U1962

So, ummm... why does Ebbe gets a last name? I call foul. He should be Ebbe2sexy4U1962 Resident. If not, give us back last names, dammmmmmit! Umm. I mean, "please." 

Obviously, if they can accommodate Ebbe Linden and provide a last name, there is still something about SL's technical guts that allows last names. His shiny, new last name is a big, neon reminder that last names are indeed valuable - but that we (the paying customers and future paying customers) are not valued enough by Linden Lab to have access to them. 

So, I made a little something for him. And, I wrote him a letter:
Dear Ebbe2sexy4U1962;
Please let us have last names again. As the new guy, you have a unique opportunity to do something positive and significant right off the bat by restoring something that was unique to our world. 
Back when we all had last names, the clever and fanciful pools of last names helped people come up with a name for an avatar. Now, the process of starting SL is more difficult: since there can't be more than one Bob or BillySue or Ebbe2sexy4U1962, new players have to go through the frustration of trying to think up a name that's not already taken. That's easily solved with surnames.
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Does this restaurant make me look fat?

I've been trying to pay more attention to what I eat in RL because I threw caution to the wind over the holidays. Since I don't have handy dandy shape sliders in RL, I need to be careful. So, when I ran across a place called the Reality Check cafe, I decided to see if it could give me ideas for getting back into fighting shape. Apparently, it's a restaurant where you select a meal and then learn how long it would take you to burn off the calories from that meal. 

When I visited, it was a steak restaurant (apparently it varies). Perfect! I love steak. I ordered a lettuce wedge with blue cheese, a rib eye steak and coffee. Then, since I love a good role play, I RP'd asking the waiter to take the invisible bread basket off of the table and bring me some stevia for my coffee - because I decided to RP low-carbing

After my meal, as I exited the restaurant, I was instructed by the Reality Cafe gods to leave and walk directly across the street to the Avatar Fitness Health Club!… Read the rest

People Person

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Do you ever have those days where you want to be around people, but you are too shy to IM people on your friends list? I'd feel bad if I interrupted someone who was busy doing various perverted and/or depraved things that required their full concentration - something I always assume about my entire friends list just to be on the safe side.  

That was me this week. Therefore, my shy self has been reduced to hanging out at the Mingle game sim and helping people with tasks so they can complete the game and get the fabulous prizes. Am I nice for doing that or am I just creepy? Wait! Don't answer that.  

I ended up with several J tattoos (For my love, Jerremy.), about a billion Valentine cards, much improved virtual mini-golf skills, and the prizes from when I did the game the first time for myself. When Mingle ends, I'll go back to doing my low-risk socializing by exploring, hanging out at the occasional welcome/help center, and by keeping Plurk open. 

What do you do when you get the urge to be around people?… Read the rest

Blocky Has Some Questions

The lovely and talented Strawberry Singh put forth a challenge to find someone to interview us and then write about that interview. I haven't done a challenge from her in a while and this one seemed fun. I wasn't sure who would want to interview me, but then my prim son Blocky volunteered in lieu of nap time, so I let him do it. Here is the interview:

Me: Oh! Wook at Mommy's widdle investigative weeporter! Blocky: mmmmmmmmmm bbbppppptt? Me: Great question. It's actually pretty easy to juggle being a pretend prim mommy with blogging because I don't take you out of my inventory all that often. Blocky: mwwwwahhhh pffffffffffffffffftttt?  Me: Well, mostly because it's not easy to find a babysitter. And between running Thorne Industries, shopping, exploring, doing hunts and spending time with your daddy, we'd need a sitter all the time. Besides, unlike a babysitter, an inventory folder is free. So there you go!  Blocky: bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbtttttttttttttttttttttfffffffff?… Read the rest

Pre-Game Preparations

Almost there! I made it to New York and I'm slowly making my way to the Superbowl game in New Jersey. I heard that there'll be some pre-game festivities in Times Square, so I'm going there first. 

The first thing I noticed when I arrived was all of the oxygen. Lordy. I feel super-human at sea level. I think our team will benefit from the lower altitude. But here's a tip: don't breathe too deeply in the subway. I learned that the hard way.

After several weeks of wearing various orange and blue cheer costumes, I was starting to run out of them. But luckily, the lovely and talented creator Lexi Morgan, owner of the shop Stellar, read my Plurk pleas for mesh cheer outfits and she made some - just in time for the Superbowl this weekend! There are ten color combinations - including some matching the Denver Broncos' and the Seattle Seahawks' team colors. They come with matching mesh pompons, too. Check her blog for a quick look at all of the color combinations. 

Since I am already dressed for the big game, I'll bet you're wondering what's in my suitcase.… Read the rest