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How to Feel Better About Missing Inventory and Life

Tragedy has struck; my entire SKIRT folder is missing. It disappeared while I was trying to move sub-folders around inside of it. I am trying not to panic, but it's not easy since I put a lot of money into that folder. I tried every trick I could think of; which means I cleared cache and relogged a bunch of times. (I even searched inside of every object around me at the time to make sure I hadn't accidentally dragged the folder inside of it, because that odd thing has happened to me before.)

This is where my RL mom would say something like, "Keep looking. It didn't just grow legs and walk off." But my mom has no idea what SL is like; my skirt folder actually could have grown legs and walked off! 

I gave in and submitted a support ticket to Linden Lab for help. I predict that they'll message me back in a few days weeks to tell me to clear cache and relog. 

After all these years, you'd think LL would have designed a non-sadistic asset server. The Lab might think that the world economy is based on land fees.… Read the rest




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Rainbow Freckles

In RL, I have an 11 year old niece who has the prettiest freckles I've ever seen. They are over her nose and the top of her cheeks. I'm very jealous of her. Complete strangers have been coming up to her to tell her how pretty they are since she was a toddler. Like most kids with a unique feature, she doesn't like them. So, I always share with her things I find in the media about how cool freckles are. 

I ran across a couple of articles recently about some freckle trends: people who want some so much that they are stenciling them on and a fashion trend for RAINBOW FRECKLES!  

Now, in RL, I would look silly going into the office with rainbow freckles. But in SL, I can get away with a lot - dancing for hours in sky-high hooker heels and never wearing a bra, for example. I went to Plurk and asked if anyone would be inspired to make some rainbow freckles in SL. Happily, Lexi Morgan of Stellar liked the idea and made some! 

I have to say, I love the way they turned out.… Read the rest

My Strange SLaddiction: Textures

What have I done for you lately? Not much. But, I'm making up for it with this post. 

One of my favorite freebies is the monthly $1 texture pack from Fabric Lab. The picture at the top of this post is the pack for February. Isn't it delicious? It's so Spring-ish! 

Fabric Lab also puts out a "password prize" that you can pick up if you get the password from Fabric Lab's web site. This is a picture of this month's prize: 
It's even more delicious, no? It's very ROY G. BIV. There is a new Password Prize every three months. 

I have no idea what I will do with these textures, but I love them. I want to take them out and rub them all over my eyeballs! That's how much I love them. I get so excited about the potential of good textures. It's a darn good thing I am so organized or my texture habit would become a serious inventory problem. It's a real SLobsession.  

I have similar problems in RL with things like lipsticks. I have a million lipsticks and glosses and tints and stains, but 99.9% of the time I just wear one sheer rose gloss.… Read the rest

A Week in Blue & Orange

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My hometown team is headed to the Big Game next weekend and because of that I'm wearing my blue and orange cheer outfit from Stellar. I played search roulette so that I could find something Denver-ish or Bronco-like in-world. I had hopes of finding fellow Denverites and having a place to practice my cheers. What I found was a really detailed stadium with a locker room that looks just like the locker room where they interview players after the RL games. (It was so detailed, in fact, that I had to Photoshop out some of the realism.) It even smells like virtual man-sweat in here!

I worked quickly to get these pictures because I was afraid that someone - like Papa John - might appear suddenly and throw me out. I'll be back though because I am very curious to see how SL football games are played. 

Now if you will excuse me, I need to find a virtual equivalent of the Puppy Bowl

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Stuff to Do in SL: Be in a Game Show, Meet a New SLover

Want to do something new and fun in SL this week? You need to be at Hooligan's Roadside Diner at 5 pm SLT on Thursday evening for stand-up comedy and SL Squares - a game styled after the game show Hollywood Squares. Comedian Catboy Qunhua will host the game and there will be cash prizes for the winners! The event is in chat and voice, so don't worry if you can't talk out loud. As long as you can listen in and type in chat, you can play.

If you're not familiar with how the game is played here's a quick explanation: it's a game of tic-tac-toe where you win spots to put your X or O by agreeing or disagreeing getting the correct answer to trivia questions. The twist is that there are players in the squares answering the questions and the players have to decide whether to agree or disagree with their answers. 

As you can see in the photo above, taken at last week's game, I got to be in one of the squares. (Ignore the spelling of my name there - they were in a hurry.) Also, I know lots of trivia stuff so you can be confident that I am giving the correct answer at all times if you choose my square for your X or O.*
Do I need to convince you to join us?… Read the rest

Mall Crawl Christmas Story

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Sometimes I use SL to do things I would never, ever have the guts to do in RL - things like going to a shopping mall in December. 
In SL malls, I do run into a surprising number of small children wandering around all alone. The little boy I ran into at this mall didn't seem to be concerned by his lack of parental supervision: he critiqued my poses instead of asking me to help him find his mommy. I decided that he needed some Christmas spirit. So, I sat him down in the food court and read him my favorite holiday story: 
Twas two weeks before Christmas, as I strolled ‘cross the grid,pondering my avatar friends as I did.
As I TP’d to shops, I spied Old Saint Nick!“Santa!” I IM’d, “Please help me! And quick!”
He nodded at me and then followed me home,where I poured him an ale and he blew off the foam.
“Tell me Dear Santa– as much as you’re able.”He kicked off his boots; put his feet on my table.Read the rest

Stalking Turkey

Oh, wow... where was I? I think I was shopping for a turkey at Cyberkitten Bakery and Grocery - one of my go-to SL food shops. When you want fresh poultry you wouldn't normally go to a place that makes you think of SLex and kitty litter, but I have the Cyberkitten Grocery Discount Card* so I always check here first. 

Do you know where they don't have fresh turkeys? At the Adult Thanksgiving celebrations at Swingers Sim. Who knew that you could celebrate the holiday sans apron, if you know what I mean? The folks who designed the SL search database, that's who! I could make a very obvious stuffing joke here, but I won't. I didn't stay long since I was overdressed, but I might go back to see if they do anything special there for Hanukkah or Christmas.

Eventually, I did manage to find some extremely fresh turkeys at Mayflower and Plymouth Village. Unfortunately, the most delicious looking one took forever to wander into the frame so I could take this picture.… Read the rest

Well, It Sure Isn’t Taylor Swift

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Yes, I know this could be considered a really old meme but it's a favorite. Of course, it's only old if you think things from 2012 are old. For example, maybe you are the parent of a really old toddler. I don't know; that's on you. 

If you aren't familiar with the original meme I'm referencing above go here and scroll down to about the middle of the page.

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At the Bowling Alley

This video is the Pins & Grins comedy show from last Thursday evening. (Thank you for recording this,Geo Meek!) The lovely and talented ZoeyNewlon hosted the evening! She and her husband, comic C (a.k.a. PhotographerC Bender), organized the event and did a great job of it! 

My set starts at roughly 29:25. I decided to work the shoe rental booth while I talked - I didn't need the extra challenge of trying to use mouse look to aim and bowl while I tried to perform. I managed to upload a texture to make a Pins & Grins staff "Ball Washer" t-shirt moments before the show started. (It was a very busy and stressful week in RL.)

One of my friends gave me the idea of having a morning stand-up comedy event for the people on the other side of the word who can't make it to a show during Second Life Time evening hours. So maybe I'll suggest to Zoey and C that we have something called Comics & Crêpes? or Pancakes & Puns? Snark & Snausages?

I hope you enjoy the video!… Read the rest

Rock the Boat

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Jerremy and I needed a new rowboat. That meant shopping, because this one I am sitting in above is the one Jerremy had.

Now, I love my husband very much, but some of the things that come out of his inventory are very "interesting." I'm pretty certain that he has never ever thrown anything out. I imagine that his inventory is like an archaeological dig site. Only dustier. 

Of course, I didn't come here to tell you about Jerremy's inventory. I came here to tell you about sex rowboats. 

While shopping for a new boat, I've run across an awful lot of sex rowboats. That seems dangerous. Isn't the standard advice for rowboats that you should never stand up in them? How are we expected to go through the kama sutra in one? Someone is vastly overestimating my sense of balance during climax. 

There is a reason that most sex and all floor gymnastics routines take place on a soft, bouncy surface and not on a boat. And that reason is to land safely after your dismount.… Read the rest

Stuff to Do in SL: Pins & Grins

Poster by ZoeyNewlon
You guys need to grab some bowling shoes and meet me and a bunch of SL comedians at Pinstripes for some fun! My friends ZoeyNewlon and PhotographerC Bender have organized an evening of Second Life bowling and live stand-up comedy!

I'm doing a set of comedy for Pins & Grins -- which I am working on as we speak. If there's room on the lanes, I'll be bowling, too. And if there's no room for me to bowl, I'll be behind the counter renting shoes.

I have no idea what to wear for the event since Second Life lacks good bowling shirts. I have a bowling shirt, but I think it's from 2012 or 2013. Plus, I had been hoping to find something I could customize so that my shirt wold say that I was an official Pins & Grins Ball Washer. Without a custom shirt, I can only be an unofficial ball washer. 

See you Thursday evening! 

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My Yard Sale Yard

This chair is so comfortable and a bargain at $25L!
Here I am babysitting my yard sale stuff at the Gachaopolis! yard sale. I don't have any milkshakes to bring you to my yard sale yards, so I will have to tempt you with things like this:

A bumblebee balloon hat! I have one too, so if you buy this we can hang out together and be twinsies!
Who doesn't need a bumblebee balloon hat?? Or a number 4, re-sizable birthday candle? Or a surfboard buffet table that will be perfect for your next luau?? Ribbon candy? Mistletoe? Boho jewelry?

At the moment I have two spaces here (the ones shown in the picture above), but I'm hoping to be able to sell enough to consolidate to the single space near the end of the wall there. I still have some stuff that I need to put out once I have room for it - like extra poses (and once I make room to display these poses, I will have milkshakes to bring people to my yard!). Even though I don't have the world's most visible spot, I've sold a good number of items.… Read the rest

I Don’t Give a Dam

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Oh my gosh! I am so embarrassed! I didn't realize that you could see my beaver in this outfit! Sorry!

Wait. No - that's not the truth. I know darn well you can see it. In fact, I specifically selected this photo because of how nice it makes my beaver look. The fur on my beaver looks so soft and shiny with this windlight. 

I wore him all evening Tuesday when I went to watch comedy at Lauren's, but no one even commented on him! Well, my friend Haley said, "Nice hat," but I am not sure if she realized it wasn't actually a hat. I missed my chance to make a terrible, terrible, slightly dirty joke! (Now I know how the docents at the Denver Art Museum feel when they miss a chance to say, "Enjoy the DAM museum!" or "You have to go the other DAM wing of the DAM building to get to the DAM gift shop.")

I spent too much money trying to make this joke (it was a gacha machine). I played until I got a wearable one, but I never got one that I could hold in my arm. I sent the extras my extras to various people on my friends list - along with IMs that said "I thought you might like to see my beaver!" 

It's lame, I know.… Read the rest

I Don’t Have the Balls for It

Here I am at Pinstripes trying to forget a particularly horrible bowling experience. I won't go into detail except to say that it involved not being able to bowl, a lot of unnecessary squatting, and more than a few people offering to let me play with their balls. When I finally got things worked out, I vowed to never let go of my bowling ball again. But then I realized that I needed my whiskey hand free.

I was trying to practice my Second Life bowling in order to get ready for an upcoming event called Pins & Grins - an evening of bowling and stand-up comedy. Pins & Grins is the brainchild of my friends Zoey and C. On October 8th, you are invited to come bowl at Pinstripes while comedians entertain everyone. It'll be in the evening SLT, but the exact time hasn't been decided yet. 

I've committed to doing a set of comedy at Pins & Grins, so now that I've fixed my bowling problems, I need to find a bowling shirt to wear. That's why I dusted off my almost-never-used FaceBook account to try to persuade Meli Imako to make some men's and women's mesh bowling shirt templates.… Read the rest

Bling County 2015 #2

You may have to click on the comic strip to enlarge it.

Jerremy Darwin, my wonderful SL husband, wrote this strip. I just helped out a bit. Visit the real Bloom County 2015 to see what inspired this. 

Read "Bling County 2015 #1" here

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C & Zoey Sittin’ in a Tree

On Friday, I had the incredible honor of being Best Man for the lovely and talented PhotographerC Bender's wedding to the beautiful ZoeyNewlon! (The picture above was the only photograph that I dared to take because I really didn't want crash. I caught the groom mumbling to himself.) Look at these handsome men! They look employable! 

This shows us before the start of the ceremony while we waited for the bride, ZoeyNewlon, and the bridesmaids to arrive. Since I'm a girl - I was allowed in the bride's dressing room and joined them in getting ready. But, I made sure to hang out with the guys in front, too, so I could bond with them. In the picture I'm trying to figure out which cologne my friend Jamie is wearing; I think it was Sex Panther. (Jamie and I "signed" their guest book with a note card asking them if they swing now that they're married.)

The groom did an excellent job of selecting a tux that looked good on all of us. It was actually two tuxes put together - the jacket from one and the pants from another.… Read the rest

North by North West… Again

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NOTE: It has been a crazy week so I'm sharing a past post from August 2013 that I liked. If you don't know about my prim son (his father is my SL husband, Jerremy) here's a bit of how it all began. When I wrote this Prince George and Kanye West's kids had just been born. - Luv. Tymmerie

Two celebrity couples have debuted their babies in the last few months. I don't understand the excitement over seeing a picture of a rich baby. I think all babies look basically the same until they are 7 or 8 years old. And even then, you can only tell them apart by their hairstyles. 

When our prim son, Blocky, was born we took lots of pictures of him but did we try to sell them for money? No. Did we start a bidding war between BOSL and Avenue magazines to put his photo on their covers? No. Did we go on our horrible Mother-in-Law's horrible new talk show to show a picture of the baby? No. Normal people do not do those types of things. 

I've never posted these pictures on my blog, but just to show that normal folks have perfectly lovely babies, too, I'm sharing some of the first pictures of Blocky.… Read the rest

Straight Outta Laughs

I snapped the photo above during the comedy show at Lauren's (the club is on a sim called Cookie) last week. I made it with this site. I have no idea why I can't resist doing photo memes is so fun for me, but there you go. 

This is my set from last night (Tuesday, Aug. 25th): 

Personally, I think I went a little, too long. I'll have to remember that for next time. I'll put up more videos as they get posted. You can watch past videos of comics here. Enjoy! 

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Questionable Product Packaging

Can you spot the shopping bag in the photo above? Nope - that's my boob. Try again. If you guessed the giant fairy that I am standing next to, you guessed correctly. 

I picked up this shopping bag at the Aloha Fair last month. I am trying not to think about where she was hiding the gift inside of a bikini and sunglasses. 

I admire the creativity of not using a plain plywood cube as a package, but this is 14 prims, gave off particles, and is taller than my avatar. Also, she startled me into thinking someone had TPd into my workshop and was watching me try on clothing.

While I'm at it, I might as well share some packaging pet peeves and loves.

Packaging Pet Peeves:
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After noticing the #StraightOutta meme online, I decided to play along with a Second Life version. Happy Saturday!

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