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Cutest Product Packaging EVER

The other day, I heard about a new (to me) store called Caboodle. When I teleported over to check it out, I saw an adorable caboodle case on the counter. But it wasn't for sale! So, I IM'd one of the store owners and asked where I could buy one. She surprised me by sending one to me and let me know that the caboodle is the product packaging they use! CUTEST IDEA EVER!

Every woman I know has fond memories of their first Caboodles case. When I close my eyes and think of the 80s, I think of my first Caboodles case stuffed with Bonnie Belle makeup, Village Lip Lickers tins, and hair scrunchies. I also think that if my parents had owned their own Caboodles in the 80s, they would have stuffed theirs with liquor or Valium - because I was a ridiculous teenager. 

This package beats a box or bag any day! And it really beats packaging that wants to animate you and/or asks you to join a group when you are just trying to get to the stuff you bought. I joined the Caboodle store group because they have some cute group gifts right now (for men and women).… Read the rest



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SLaundry Issues?

Hi! If you're like me, you change your clothing in SL constantly. We have to if we want to have a chance of wearing everything we've bought in this SLifetime! And all of the flying I do means perspiration stains are a real concern. Our laundry piles up fast! 

I need laundry products that are economical and effective. That's why I've made GRID Laundry Detergent and FLEXI fabric softener sheets my SLaundry team! Together, they handle all of my laundry needs: prims, sculptties, system and applier layers, and mesh. They're even gentle enough for your delicate alpha layers! 

Plus, both GRID and FLEXI are specially formulated with MeshNoMod™ - a proprietary blend of radioactive chemicals that keep standard sizes from shrinking!

Trust me: nothing is tougher on greasy teleportation stains than GRID! GRID keeps your textures bright! Because it rinses clean, you won't suffer the embarrassment of cloudy alphas.… Read the rest

Wedding To Do List: 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Darwin, circa 2008. (Photo by Angel Horner)
I was feeling sentimental so I thought I'd look back to see what I was doing this month in the first year I blogged. It turns out that I was very busy getting ready for my wedding to the lovely and talented Jerremy Darwin!

I loved planning our wedding - mostly because it was a project that we worked on together. Jerremy did the most work for it: he chose the colors, he hired the officiant, he built the venue, etc. I handled the food for the reception and my dress. The rest we worked on together. 

By the way, at the moment we are living together on a little parcel in SL with our prim son Blocky and two pet hermit crabs. After all these years, Jerremy is still handsome, talented, a million times more romantic than I am.

I invite you to re-visit our Wedding To-Do List

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Stuff to Do in SL: RFL Comedy

What a week so far! RL has been busy and I'm also working on writing new jokes. I need fresh material because I'm part of a group of performers doing a stand-up comedy show for Relay for Life on Saturday.

I haven't left my virtual cubicle here at Thorne Industries* since I found out about the show! You can tell that I'm working hard because I put my hair into pigtails - the official hairstyle of whimsy and toil. Well, maybe not of 'toil' exactly, but it's out of my eyes and won't get caught in any machinery. Also, combined with my tight crop jeans, pig tails keep me aerodynamic. 

My set on Saturday will be short, but I want it to be sharp. I wrote some material I think would be good - but I'm waiting to hear whether the show needs to be G-rated: a well crafted boob joke has a lot of value, in my humble opinion. 

Take a break from your RL yard work and/or your SL terraforming this weekend and come laugh with us at the show! The show will be on voice, but you can just listen in and type in any LOLs if you don't want to talk. 

Here's your invitation: 

Lauren Weyland and Friends Stand Up Comedy @ Relay for Life Saturday, July 18th2 pm SLT on the Relay Stage
Join us as Lauren and Friends bring their comedy routines on the peculiarities and quirks of living in SL and RL to the Relay Stage!… Read the rest

My Last Set at Lauren & Friends (June 30)

I did another set at Lauren & Friends two weeks ago (June 30th). The clip is above. (Thank you, Geo Meek for recording these!)

I'm planning to do another set this week. You are welcome to come by and see the show! It's every Tuesday at 5 pm SLT at Lauren's Place on Cookie.

Here are some other clips from the show.  

PhotographerC Bender:

New performer Calliope Brentley:

Wy Nott: 

Catboy Qunhua and Selby Evans did a sketch and some improv for us: 

You can catch the pre-show, past shows, and clips from Lauren & Friends here.

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Flying Saucers Return at Last!

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to take a photo inside of a movie theater?
Remember back when I was helping out with a promotional video for a machinima project about space aliens? Well, the first full length episode of Flying Saucers Return! has been completed and is available to watch here. (I am not in this episode.)

It is not available to watch in Second Life movie theaters. The photo above is only an artist's conception of what it would be like if it could be watched in-world while you eat popcorn and wonder why the small child avatar several rows ahead of you is at an R-rated movie by herself. Where are her parents?

The episode was produced on the Kitely grid. My favorite character in this is Junior, played by the handsome and talented Jamie Jordan/Jaywheels Carver - Jamie voices him perfectly. 

In case you you'd like to see the promo videos, you can watch them below. They were produced in Second Life. I played Larry the female camera person.… Read the rest

#ImmersiveDrax Watches Some Stand-Up Comedy

Ugh! Stop heckling me, Draxtor! You know what, buddy? If you want to tell some jokes why don't you get up here and try it? You think you're funny? You want to get immersive? You'll be immersed in gauze bandages if you don't stop interrupting.

How did you get up here without tripping? Here. Take my mic. Entertain us, Machinima Man. Go on. Look at the audience. Look at them. They're waiting. There's nothing up there, Draxtor. Oh, now you can't think of anything clever to say. Funny how that works. Is there a bouncer here?

Strawberry Singh's Flat Draxtor Meme

(Yummy), Diamond Stud earrings; *CASHMERE*, Cassidy Heels, royal; Eaters Coma HAIR 49; campaign tee, my own design using V neck tee from TD Templates; B&R Store, skirt, RocknRoll; Soothe, stone bijou necklace (lapis lazuli).

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We Can Wear More Than Five Layers Now!

I needed a photo for this post and I had this extra one from SL12B. (Dreaming of Dragons by ash3rah throne) 
Apparently the real news in the blog post I did earlier today was not adding vs wearing. It is that now we can wear more than 5 layers of any type, up to a total of 60 at once. That's system clothing layers, tattoo layers and alpha layers. 

Linden Lab apparently lifted the limit, but no one in the entire organization realized how big this news was. This should have been the entire theme of SL12B! There should have been a press conference! And a LL photo contest! And a commemorative Linden bear! Since I hadn't heard about it, I assumed that everyone knew already and I was late to the party.  

In conclusion, Linden Lab is still clueless about the community wants and needs and about communicating with us. But at least they stumbled upon this nice improvement. 

Quick - someone check to see if we can have last names again! 

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SLife Hack: Adding vs Wearing

These puppies are attached to me - in both the literal and figurative senses.
Did you know that you can wear up to 60 layers and 38 attachments on your avatar all at the same time? It's true! To take advantage of this, you just need to use the ADD function instead of the WEAR function.  

Many of you already know how to do this, but learning "how to SL" is catch-as-catch-can and things get missed. What if someone stumbled upon this blog who happens to be very tired of accidentally taking off Mr. Happy every time they want to wear shoes? I'm going to give an explanation of how to wear both at the same time - even though in this example, you shouldn't. (I think men look funny when they are naked except for footwear.) 

I use the Official Viewer, but the process is usually similar in other viewers. If you wish to wear multiple layers that are the same type - like tattoos, alpha layers, system shirts, etc. - or attach more than one item to a attachment point on your avatar, ADD it.… Read the rest

SL12B: Breaking News!

This is Tymmerie Thorne at the scene of an crash at SL12B's We are All Children of the Same World exhibit by Sanna Jupiter. Authorities tell us there are no injuries, but that jeep is going to need a front end alignment, at the very least! I hope the owner had insurance - and by "insurance", I mean I hope it was 'copy'. 

What you see behind me is the result of a tragic sim crossing glitch. Unlike many other sim crossings on the grid, no warning signs were posted. Linden Lab staffers - who asked not to be identified - say that that this particular sim crossing has been in serious need of repairs for several years. Questions remain about when Governor Linden will address crumbling SLinfrastructure.  

At this time it is unknown whether or not the driver was DWWD - driving while wearing a demo, which may have blocked his sight. This reporter wonders why the driver didn't undress completely before crossing from sim to sim.… Read the rest

Ask Away!

The lovely and talented Strawberry Singh has proposed on her blog that we share some questions and answers using It's her Monday meme. I dusted off my account just in case there is anything you would like to ask me. Thank you in advance for your questions!


Strawberry's meme instructions ask us to share some of the questions we get along with our answers, so if I get any that I think I should share, I'll put them in a new post. 

Also, if you have an account, please give me your links if you have them so that I can ask you things.

I have to say, I adore when Strawberry does her Monday Meme challenges because they always introduce me to new SLers and bloggers and I love the "community" feeling I get from participating. 

+:::+Natural+:::+Mogu Mogu CupCake earrings; =DeLa*= hair, Alison; Izzie's - Hair Tie bracelet colors; Cupcake Clothing, Popsicle romper; [ glow ] studio - Woven Chain bracelet, silver.… Read the rest

SL12B: UFO Rally

This is Tymmerie Thorne reporting live from SL12B's UFO exhibit (by Cathiee McMillan) where we are witnessing history! Today, the field of candidates for the 2016 SL presidential election is widening as a green alien announces his bid for the Non-player Character Party's nomination. 

Running on a platform of "Probes for Everyone", the candidate is addressing a very excited crowd here! The large crowd on the sim is very much in favor of the proposed program. Known officially as the Anal Care Act, the program is often referred to as UranusCare.

Interestingly, he has no actual chance of winning election to an office that my sources tell me does not even exist.

Back to you in the studio!

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SL12B: Barf Bag Challenge

This is Tymmerie Thorne reporting from SL12B where I'm about to take the Barf Bag Challenge. This reporter has not faced such a challenge since college, but I think I am up to the task. 

You, too, can try to not vomit at the Zero Gravity exhibit (by Arduenn Schwartzman). It's a ride where you can pretend that you are space walking, but your space craft is nowhere to be seen and you are lost forever so you are left to die alone in the cold vacuum of space. FUN!

This reporter wonders if perhaps this ride is a super secret test of how flying will work in Sansar. Will we be able to go higher than 4000 m? Will that require jet packs? What will happen to the already struggling flight feather industry? What if you ate spaghetti right before you logged on? 

Having zero gravity is exactly what I like best about Second Life: we can fly. As a seasoned reporter in SL I know the importance of being able to hurdle quickly through the air to the scene of exciting news or a hair sale. Flying without getting motion sickness is a critical skill for a SLaction News reporter to have.… Read the rest

BREAKING NEWS! Gacha Trade Needed!

This is Tymmerie Thorne, taking a break from reporting on SL12B, to bring you breaking news from the Cosmopolitan shopping event.

I am standing here, in front of what witnesses (read: me) say is the most evil gacha machine in the entire world. This reporter has spent the equivalent of the gross national product of Zindra (emphasis on the word gross) on this machine but I am still missing one: Tart. I own many, many multiples of every other pose. My sources tell me that the Tart pose ISN'T EVEN A RARE!!!

Authorities familiar with my inventory tell me that anyone with an extra Le Poppycock *Idle Fancies* Tart pose can give it to me and receive a reward consisting of a giant handful of the other poses from this gacha PLUS the RARE bikini from the Luas gacha at Shiny Shabby.

At this point, I'm pretty desperate for the pose. In the photo at the top of this post, you can see just how perfect the pose is for holding my SLaction News microphone. 

If you happen to come across an extra Le Poppycock *Idle Fancies* Tart pose, authorities ask that you IM or email this reporter immediately for a trade!… Read the rest

Plywood & Loneliness

I'm taking a break from my coverage of SL12B so I thought I'd share my comedy set from last week (June 16, 2015) at Lauren's Place. You can come see the show live tonight! I won't be performing, but several really talented people will. The show is at 5:00 pm SLT at Lauren's Place on Cookie.
I wore this dress just in case no one liked my jokes. They could turn off the sound and still enjoy my act. 
Thank you so much, Geo Meek, for getting these performances recorded!

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SL12B: Pants Required

Pictured: Area Man (Alqualonde by AelKennyr Rhiano)
This is Tymmerie Thorne live at SLB12 sims! I'm investigating rumors that SL12B has a General maturity rating, despite the great majority of SL itself not being G rated. After exploring SL12B thoroughly, this reporter can confirm that the rumors are true. 

Sources have corroborated that no flying penises have been sighted at SL12B and none are expected. One witness, who asked not to be identified, called the situation, "a damned shame." 

However, others expressed to me that with all of the beds scattered around the celebration sims - due to its theme of "What Dreams May Come" - it was best to keep things classy. One area woman seen excitedly exploring the sims gave me her thoughts on the situation: "Don't you comb your funny looking kid's hair on picture day? Does he always look like that? No. But, it's a special occasion!" 

Interestingly, while watching comedian Lauren Weyland's hilarious, educational, and squeaky clean performance at the Cake stage yesterday, I learned that the first several SL[number]B celebrations were not G-rated. The fact that SL birthdays have not always been G rated causes this reported to wonder what changed?… Read the rest

Stuff to do in SL: What You Need to Know for SL12B

I look annoyed here because I have just realized that my microphone is bigger than my head.
Someone needs to take pity on me someday and make a really great mesh microphone with news reporter animations - into which I can put my own textures - so that I can buy it and be a proper freelance SLaction News Reporter. 

In case it isn't obvious from the logos on my microphone and t-shirt (that I made myself), SL12B starts soon! In fact, the SL12B sims open to the public tomorrow, June 21st at noon SLT. Since the place is so big, I am linking to a page with SLURLS to specific stages (for events) and for specific exhibitors

You have until Saturday, July 4th to visit the sims. (You'll see posters and signs that make it appear as though the event closes earlier than that, but the sims will actually be open longer for your exploring pleasure. Saying it ends earlier makes no sense to me, but what do I know? Sigh.)

NOTE: You'll want to go to the Cake stage on Sunday, June 21 at 4 pm SLT  to see Lauren Weyland (SL's Greatest Comedian) perform some comedy! 

There are two gift areas: one on the Spectacular sim and one on the Impressive sim.… Read the rest

WANTED: Transferable Men’s Demos

Often while shopping, I run across things I think the special guy in my life might like to buy. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to help someone shop in SL. 

Here is what I go through if I see something he needs or might like: 
  1. Write down the item name and store and/or take a snapshot of the item to remember it and show him.
  2. Grab a landmark for him.
  3. Wait for him to log in, not be busy, and have some free time.
  4. TP with him to the store.
  5. Find the item again.
  6. Wait for him to get a demo and try it on if he likes it.
  7. Give my opinion on how it looks and if I think it's a good buy.
  8. Watch while he buys the item and then loses it in his massive inventory - never to be seen again unless I remind him about it and tell him what it was named. 
If this strikes you as a ridiculous process, that is because it is. A transferable demo would cut SIX steps out of the above process.(I give up on Step 8 - that's with us forever, I think.) 

If he mentions that he needs a specific item, I scout for it to help save him some time.… Read the rest

Stuff to Do in SL: Tuesdays at Lauren’s Place

I think I've mentioned that I occasionally I perform at the Lauren & Friends variety show on Tuesdays in SL on the at Lauren's Place on the Cookie sim. The show starts at 5 pm SLT, but come a little earlier so you can grab a seat and enjoy the pre-show conversation. The evening consists of an hour of live, stand-up comedy hosted by the lovely and talented Lauren Weyland followed by a musical guest. 
You should join us - if only to show off your outfit without have to blog it. The crowd at Lauren's is a delightful assortment of every type of SLer - slaves, masters, furries, fashionistas, robots, cheerleaders, Crips, Bloods, Republican presidential candidates, builders, newbies, escaped Duggar family members, oldbies, cat people, etc. You'll fit right in.
Even though I think sound like a sentient troll doll, I'm going to be brave and share this clip of my set from two weeks ago:   

I'm keeping my day job.… Read the rest

I’ve Got Issues

I really do have a lot of issues. In particular, I just got my hands on the June issue of ECLIPSE magazine. I'm kind of excited about it because I was quoted for their monthly feature called "Voices from the Grid" (p. 56). 

I've never been in a magazine before. I am not counting the magazine my friends and I made in 6th grade for our club, The Meanies. Don't worry - it was more Oscar the Grouch meanie than Mean Girls mean. We even had a club song set to the tune of YMCA, which I am singing in my head right now. 

Where was I? Oh, yeah, ECLIPSE magazine in Second Life!

This month, the magazine asked people what they thought was important for Linden Lab to consider as they develop Second Life 2.0, otherwise known as Project Sansar. To see my answer, you'll have to read the magazine. I didn't answer that the name of the virtual world is incredibly important, but maybe I should have. I can't think of a worse name for a virtual world than Second Life, but I'm confident that Linden Lab has someone working on thinking of one for SL 2.0.… Read the rest