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Galland Homes’ New Blog

Galland Homes’ has a new blog which you can visit by clicking HERE.  If you’re visiting this site after February of 2015, please note that all new content is being posted solely at the new blog address. Thanks!  

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May 2019
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The Maui Pavilion by Galland Homes

Galland Homes is pleased to introduce the Maui Pavilion.               This mesh home and garden product was designed to allow for a tropical and comfortable getaway on your water-side or tropical plot. The Pavilion can be placed on land or in the water as a means of entering your lagoon or pool.  Wood framed mesh construction with artful tiles on the floor.  The Pavilion has mesh canvas canopies to shade you from the sun. The Pavilion has a modest footprint of only 5 x 5 meters. 100% Mesh.  6 LI Value.  L$345. Visit Galland Homes to see the Maui Pavilion by clicking HERE!

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New Blog and Website!

For future Galland Homes’ releases, please visit the new blog and Website by clicking HERE!

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Galland Homes’ New Release – The Naples

Galland Homes is pleased to introduce the Naples – a  mesh Mediterranean beach home. The Naples is being releases at the 2014 Home and Garden Expo for the introductory price of L$2145 – 20% off of its normal price. Warmth, elegance, luxury – the Naples was designed for the beach front property of those desiring a distinctly Mediterranean feel. The home incorporates extensive windows and French doors throughout to allow for free flowing light. The mesh beach includes two bedrooms, a large living room, den with judge’s paneling, and walk around lanais. The lanais are spacious and bordered by mesh balustrades and railings. The Master features two exits to the upper lanai as well as a tray ceiling bordered by crown molding. The house is constructed of stucco, tile and wood floors, and neutral colored plaster walls. This home is 100% mesh and designed in a modular fashion to allow for relatively easy modification of textures. As with texturing any item in Second Life, some building knowledge is helpful.… Read the restMesh Beach Homes Second Life

Galland Homes at the 2014 Home and Garden Expo – September 16-28

Galland Homes, providing prefab houses to Second Life™ since 2007, is proud to be a platinum sponsor at this year’s Home and Garden Expo which will be open to the public between September 16th and the 28th. For more details about the Expo, please visit HERE. Each year, many of SL’s finest home and garden designers come together to introduce new products to residents and to also benefit Relay for Life’s fight against cancer. Galland Homes, along with all participants, will be releasing two products which will be exclusive to the Home and Garden Expo and dedicating all profits from the sale of same at the Expo to Relay for Life. Galland Homes will also be releasing a new mesh home model at the show, details to come!

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Spring into better weather with the Galland homes Spring Sale!

Beach plots, scripted waves, mesh palm trees, a dock with a boat, and a beach house.  That’s what many envision as what home should be like in Second Life. While we as residents can always slip away to our virtual beach paradise, for some of us in the northern hemisphere, we’re coming out of a rough winter in real life.  It’s time to celebrate the return of warmer weather and plan beach trips.  To help spring people into better weather, Galland Homes is offering four of its most popular beach house models at 30% off this week (April 13-20). Decorate your beach parcel in Second Life with any of the following homes : The Hilton Head, the Palm Springs, the Sedona and the Parkland Villa. (The Hilton Head is pictured below.) Come to Galland Homes this week and enjoy spring time savings!  Visit Galland Homes here.  

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Modifying a Mesh House by Galland Homes in Second Life®

Some customers have expressed apprehension of mesh houses believing that a mesh house does not provide the same flexibility when it comes to making modifications as a prim house.  With some foresight in how the mesh house is constructed, this is not the case at all. Many residents are used to texturing faces of prims to change a wall color or a floor texture they may want to modify.  Care is taken by Robert Galland during the modeling process to assign specific materials to each face of a mesh prim so that each can hold it’s own texture.  You can change textures on a mesh object just like any old fashioned Second Life cube prim.           As an example, the living room of the Hanalei Retreat mesh house is pictured above.  All objects in the scene are constructed of mesh objects, but you could apply a new texture to the floor without affecting any other prim.  The same goes for each individual wall you see and even the tray ceiling, where you could apply new textures to the upper portion or the lower independently.  … Read the restMesh Beach House Second Life

NEW RELEASE – The Hanalei Retreat mesh beach house

Galland Homes is pleased to offer the Hanalei Retreat, a new mesh beach for your Second Life! This home contains mesh and uses materials, so you will need a mesh capable viewer to view its mesh components correctly. 78 Prim Land Impact Value* Approximately 22 M wide  x 22 M meters deep
Fits most 1024 sq. m. or larger lots;
-COPY/MOD/NO Transfer.  (Please note all scripts are no mod); The animated small pool is included (the pool uses the nPose animation engine. (touch the pool water, choose your intended animation and sit on the pool water – there are no poseballs.)  Terraforming required. Visit the Hanalei Retreat in Second Life HERE ❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖
❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖ Hawaiian architecture combines several external influences just as the people who occupy the islands come from a variety of different cultures. … Read the restMesh Beach House Second Life

Galland Homes nominated as “Favorite Home Builder” in the 2013 Avi Choice Awards

Galland Homes is honored to be included as a nominee in the 2013 Avi’s Choice Awards in the field of “Favorite Home Builder.” Congratulations to the fellow nominees and thank you to the supporters of Galland Homes who made nominations. Please visit here and consider casting your vote for Galland Homes. Thank you!

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The Funky Lil Mesh Cabin

Galland Homes is pleased to present the Funky Lil Mesh Cabin.   This small mesh cabin is has a Prim LI of 20!  Add 1 Prim should you choose to rezz the Mesh Snow on the roof. This cozy log home is being offered for L$25o and can be used as an outbuilding on a lot with a larger log home or as a small log home in its own right.  This funly lil’ cabin is perfect for 512 Sq.M or larger lots and leaves plenty or prims for furnishing.

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