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GALLACTIC Moves to Marketplace Only

After careful evaluation of our shopping statistics, GALLACTIC has become a Marketplace-only store. The vast majority of the sales takes place in the Marketplace and there is no reason to keep the in-world store running. The in-world store might be gone, but you can find all of our stock in our Marketplace store right here: Come on in and shop at your own convenience whenever and wherever you wish!

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Main Store Unavailable Until World Goth Fair

The Cursed sim will close its public access for a few days in preparation of World Goth Fair 2015. The sim will lock down tomorrow night (Monday, May 11th) and will open again when World Goth Fair opens on May 15th, at noon SLT. This means GALLACTIC main store will also be briefly inaccessible and we apologize for the inconvenience. In the meanwhile you can shop on our Marketplace!

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Futurewave Releases Available Now!

The Futurewave releases are now available both in the main store and on the Marketplace! This covers Andromeda, Callisto and all of Skyla. If you missed the event, this is your chance to get the most stunning cyber looks on the grid! Come visit us in the future! Teleport to GALLACTIC | Purchase from the Marketplace: Andromeda | Callisto | Skyla

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Andromeda at Futurewave

Andromeda is the queen of the galaxy, the biomechanism of the ball, the empress interface governing all things digital. This is the gown to slide the virtual red carpet in, the outfit for hosting the celebrationary gatherings of android-kind or the visual construction to exhibit when showcasing your latest pixel art in motion. There’s a colour-change HUD that controls the dress, sash, sleeves and hat separately. There’s ten bold and futuristic colour choices available to you, so you’re actually getting a whole pack of outfits at the price of one! The dress, sash and sleeves are separate rigged mesh items and move with your avatar. They come in the five standard sizes. The hat is unrigged mesh and can be resized and repositioned as you wish. Permissions are M,C,NT. L395. Visit GALLACTIC at Futurewave

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Skyla at Futurewave

Skyla is the coolest cyber-enhanced club hopper on the grid. Her circuit covered dress could carry her from a night club to a high class party and change colour according to her moods. The long gloves and the fancy hat give her an air of sophistication while the thigh high boots are ready to stomp-dance the nights away. There’s colour-change HUDs of ten bold and futuristic colour choices available to you, so you’re actually getting a whole pack of outfits at the price of one! The dress comes in two pieces and both the upper and lower can be coloured separately. The dress and boots are sold separately. The hat and the gloves are combined into one pack. The gloves come with a HUD to change the hand poses. The dress, gloves and boots are rigged mesh items and move with your avatar. The dress and boots come in the five standard sizes, the gloves only in the fitmesh size. The hat is unrigged mesh and can be resized and repositioned as you wish. Permissions are M,C,NT.… Read the restFW001 gloves_hat Poster

Callisto at Futurewave

Callisto journeys across your collarbones in a gentle wave, bringing forth the gemstone like a star, a universal symbol of unity. The relaxed wrap around your neck and shoulder gives it a luxurious feel, almost like a stole of metal and precious stones. It can be worn as the latest futuristic fashion, as a sign of rank, perhaps even as a really fancy bio-monitor or communicator, the choice is yours! The necklace comes with a colour change HUD that has twenty options for the gem and two for the metals (silver and gold), so you’re actually getting a whole pack of necklaces at the price of one! There’s an event exclusive version available that won’t be available after Futurewave, so if you want it you better grab it now! It has five colours for the gem with the silver and gold metals. Please note that the colour-change script in the necklace makes it appear no-modify in inventory, but it is actually perfectly modifiable. You can resize and reposition it as you wish.… Read the restposter callisto 1

Cursed Sim Closed for Public 8-13 February

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In preparation for Futurewave, the Cursed sim is closed for public starting today 8th February at noon SLT until the Futurewave opening on February 13th. In the meanwhile you can still shop any and all of GALLACTIC on the Marketplace!

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Main Store Inaccessible December 9-15th

The Cursed sim where GALLACTIC is located will be closed for public from December 9th to 15th. This happens in preparation of Gothmas by Gaslight, which will open its doors on December 15th at NOON SLT. The Marketplace will of course function normally during this time and Cursed will be back before you know it! Shop GALLACTIC at the Marketplace

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Black Friday Marketplace Sale Started!

GALLACTIC is having a huge sale on Marketplace for the Black Friday: all the single colours have been unlisted and all the fatpacks have been set for sale for L295. This is your chance to grab all those extra colours you hesitated on or to purchase new looks in huge variety of colours, all for the price of one! The sale is already going on and will last until midnight SLT on Sunday, November 30th. In addition to GALLACTIC, there’s also a similar sale in Volstead, Pale Empress, Geometry Clothing, Leto and The Muses. Shop the sale at the Marketplace: GALLACTIC | The Muses | Volstead | Pale Empress | Geometry Clothing | Leto  

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Enyo and Symbiosis at World Goth Fair

GALLACTIC invades World Goth Fair with two new looks fitting both the futuristic adventurers and cyber goths. Symbiosis is a stunning showcase of its name, the seemingly alive and alien materials wrapping around the body, covering you slowly but inevitably. To balance the organic flair we also bring a more cyber-tech suit to the fair: Enyo is the traditional circuitry suit covered in shiny synthetic materials, leaving just glowing glimpses of the underneath visible. There’s also a collar available for Enyo with glowing insets and buckle details, colour options coordinating with the suits. Both suits consist of garment layers and come with Slink hand tattoo and stocking appliers, as well as Phat Azz and Lolas appliers. The collar is unrigged mesh and therefore resizeable. All of the collars benefit Sophie Lancaster Foundation. There’s twelve colours available of each item. All items also offer a fatpack option and a demo: please try the demos before purchasing.… Read the restposter symbiosis suit

Eclipse Marketplace Update

Eclipse is a perfect set to gear up, complete and accentuate your futuristic looks! The black leather — or synthetic variant of it — hosts vibrant circuit insets that a multitude of detailed buckles holds together. This combination will create adventurers out of cyber-goths, androids out of space travellers and women with attitude for any futuristic time and place. The set has been separated into boots, corsets and gloves on the Marketplace. The three used to be sold in fatpacks only, but since the addition of the collars to the set we have also changed the earlier fatpacks into separately purchasable items. The main store had already been updated, now the Marketplace has caught up with the change as well. The boots, gloves and corset are rigged mesh and move with your body. There’s twenty colours available of each. There’s seven different sizes available: the five standards and two extras, M+ for more muscles and XS+ for more top curvy women.… Read the reste boot all colors