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There's still a few days left of the Wayward Hunt so if you haven't zipped around and picked up some great gifts, now is your chance to go.

A few things to keep in mind with the hunt and items - the skin from Clef de Peau, while it is a great skin and very nicely detailed, has no eyebrows. I didn't notice the small print on the advert at first that the eyebrows were to be purchased, and I was already at home dressing so I just used others I had in my inventory.

Also a couple of the stores are sneaky with their hunt items.  I'm not sure if there was a limit as to how far from the landing point the boxes had to be hidden but one was at the back of the store OUTSIDE and almost underwater.  Another wasn't in the store itself but outside on top of billboard type poster.  So REALLY pay attention to the clues.  It seems gone are the days of hunt items being hidden INSIDE the actual store involved.

Skin:  Clef de Peau - Jemma Tan  *Wayward Hunt*
Hair:  Moon.… Read the restWayward Hunt




April 2015
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Creature Feature

  Hey all!  Sharing an outfit of cheapies and madness with you today.  All of the pieces work really well together but I do want to say that the hair does poke through the back of the collar, you just can't see it from the front, lol.  Sneaky, sneaky!  OK, enjoy!

Jumpsuit: Mute., 10L, other colors/patterns for sale separately for 10L each as well
Tattoo: Natti, 10L
Pose: Marukin
Aqua Colored Mesh Eye: Insufferable Dastard, 0L
Hair: Olive, gacha item
Ruff Collar Thing: Nefarious Inventions, gacha item*
Gray Colored Mesh Eye: Clemmm, gacha item
Skin: Lumae @ Genre
Mesh Lips: Loud Mouth

*You  must complete the Tag! gacha event to be able to have access to this gacha machine

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Heels love

On 22nd April 2015 · By Wer · With Leave a comment
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N-core - group gift, 50L$ fee to join

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Come fly with me

Let's take off in the blue

aka I totally meant to do this. >.>

A few more found goodies to share with you while I very purposefully soar through the sky and thank all that is good in the world that I put on underwear today! ^_^  Couple notes on everything: this dress and the heels also come in a show-stopping red. My super cool industrial necklace also comes with a beauty tag option. The tophat also comes in black and is stretchable/shrinkable. Finally these lil glasses from Contraption are filled with the kind of detail they always include and so many options! Very worth the stop and there are lucky boards in back yay! Okay now to figure out how to get down.... Next stop Paradise Falls! <3

Dress & heels - Cynful Sporty Mini Dress Lace Dark Aqua & Chain Heels Dark Aqau (0L Wayward hunt gift)
Pose & Props - Le Primitif Up & Away (0L Wayward hunt gift)
Ring & Necklace & eyes - 7Mad;Ravens My Eyes On You & Tagged Beast (also a Beauty plate) & iBurnout Black eyes (0L group gifts 50L to join group)
Glasses - Contraption Half Moon glasses (0L wayward hunt gift) (Crazy amount of options on these lil glasses)
Hat - SWaGGa Original Mesh Corset Tophats (1L marketplace)
Skin - The Skinnery Cristy 4 honey w freckles add on (past arcade item)
Hair - RedMint No 34'15 Redheads (not free but there is a free version in blonde as a group gift right now!)

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I got this feelin’ on a Spring Day…

I love it 

Hello all you pretty ones! Today feels like a comfy oldie post doesn't it? I logged on to find Wet Cat was back to making poses and there was a new RedMint group gift! Both are cute and lighthearted and a good comfy for spring (though it's definitely too hot for spring)! Yays!
Hair - Redmint Hair No.34'15 > gG 04'15 (0L group gift)
Outfit - Infliction March VIP gift Country Girl (0L group gift - fee to join)
Pose/Props - WetCat Hopin (0L group gift - fee to join)
Skin - The Skinnery Marni Honey 4 (past arcade item

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Fantasy Faire is on the way!

Fantasy Faire is one of the largest events on the SL grid. It has been going strong since it's first year, in 2009.
Multiple sims, full of myths, legends, fantastical creations, designer imaginations, all for a Real Life Charity that touches us all, in one form or another.
While this is not a Fantasy Faire preview post, I did want to talk a bit about the event, to help gear you all up. It's not to be missed. The event manages to get better and better every year, so it is worth your time to try to get to it.

 Fantasy Faire runs from April 23rd to May 3rd. It is Hosted by Relay For Life, and is a sponsored event, which allows it to cross many sims. In 2015 the sim sponsors are Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Dandelion Daydreams Factory, Dwarfins, Epic Toy Factory,  Fallen Gods Inc., Fuubutsu Dou, Merchants of Dreams, NeoVictoria, Roawenwood, Solarium and The Looking Glass.
The event sponsors are AviewTV, -AZUL-, Boudoir, Curious Kitties, Dark Unicorns of Lovelace, Death Row Designs, The Forge, Junbug, Lorin’s Sound Effects Shack, L’Uomo, The Muses, ORIONITE, OtherSkin, Plastik, Safe Waters Foundation, Sanctuary RP Community, Spyralle, Stitched., The White Armory.… Read the rest

Carry on my wayward hunt…

Hello! For the first time in years, I went on a hunt! And I almost finished it. Almost, because some of the items I just couldn't find and since it was late I was about to gauge my eyes out of my head from tiredness. Then came the long task of unpacking, trying on, sorting, and putting together just one outfit to show you. The hunt features over a hundred stores and lasts until may 1st. Since being away from SL for a long time, I'm glad I did that hunt, a vast majority of the stores were unknown to me. Everything you see on the pictures is from the hunt. With very few exceptions : my shape, my hands and feet, my eyelashes and the background. Oh and my eyes, but I'll tell you about them in a minute. As Shayariel was saying on her blog (and darn I just realised I picked the same shoes), the quality of the items offered on that hunt is amazing, and there are things for every taste. I was inspired by the Wallhanging drape from .T O R O., in Morrocan style, and built my whole look around it.… Read the rest

Tyra Banks travels to the past

It was honestly an accident, I didn’t mean to make myself look like Tyra, and only noticed it after all my photo processing was done. I swear. 25L Tuesday is something I do every week, without fail. I don’t always find something I like, but more often or not, I do get to pick up a few things. The items rarely ever make it up on a blog, as it is only a 24 hour span of time to go pick up the deals. Well . . . when checking out something today, I noticed one location still had their items out, so I thought, sure, why not tell you about it! [Teri]otrope has the gown above as just one of their L$25 deals. There are various colours, so I am sure you will find something to your liking. I don’t know how long these will be left out, it is already past due for pickup, so go run and get it while you can! Credits Shape – External Appearance Shapes – Flawless Spring Fling Hunt Item Hair – Analog Dog – Free Instore Gift Skin – YS&YS – Instore Group Gift (Free to Join) Eyes – Inkheart – Spring has Sprung Hunt Item Lashes – Lumae - Instore Group Gift (Free to Join) Hands – Slink – Not Free Nail Appliers – Celtic Wolf – Flawless Spring Fling Hunt Item Dress – [Teri]otrope – Instore Deal – L$25 Bracelets – Beloved Jewelry - Flawless Spring Fling Hunt Item Pose by Eternal Dream Location – Dandelion Daydreams FactoryRead the rest

No Longer Unknown

The Unknown Hunt is underway. It is an interesting one, the organizers set a period of time, and if a store opened within that time, they are allow to apply. It's basically to give exposure to new stores, as it can be very hard for them to launch on the grid these days.
Please visit the Hunt Site, to learn more about the hunt, the stores, hunt issues and see some of the gift previews.
We at Free*Style will be trying to cover as much of the hunt as we can. We have always supported new stores, since our start, and will continue to do so.

I bought these eyebrows at Lady Fakessi, which is one of the stores in the hunt. They are only L$30, tintable, and I thought they were utterly evil, in a good way, haha.

I originally had this on as a codpiece, but felt it would be best suited on the wall, as intended. This is from Little Llama, and the hunt pack also has a lamp and a dresser. A fun little item for someone who has a home or shop.
Start the Unknown Hunt HERE.
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - PonyGirl in Night - Not FreeHairbase - Amacci - Hairbase Tattoo V2 in Black Coal - L$0Skin - L'Anguisette - Kendra Skin Bare/Pink Lip - The Unknown Hunt ItemEyebrows - Lady Fakessi - Eyebrows 01 - L$30Eyes - Weaponized Sugar - Bright Hazel Eyes in Medium Medium - The Unknown Hunt ItemMakeup(Eye Bow) - Weaponized Sugar - Black Left-side Bow Liner with Eyelashes - The Unknown Hunt ItemHands - Slink - Casual Pose - Not FreeNail Appliers -  Iconic Designs - Purple Rain Nails - The Unknown H (Read more...)

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49 looks, 49l$

Hello peeps and happy Sunday!
I browsed the Market Place and found a few wonders, that I'd like to share with you.

I only show here 6 of the possible looks but you get the idea. The outfit is actually the only thing I bought, it's called Abigail and it's from To Be Unique. For only 49l$, you get the mesh dress in standard sizes, the boots (scripted to be resized if necessary), the necklace and a pair of earrings not whon here. I also comes with a hud that allows you to change the colors (12 dress patterns, 12 boot colors, 4 metals for the jewels)The hair is free from Tameless, it comes with a script to change the color, size and pin color (it's not mesh but seriously pretty)The eyes are also free from AG

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Bunnies, We Have No Problem

  So I am kind of in love with bunnies.  Many of my friends know this.  Isabelli, Free*Style blogger and owner of Uncertain Smile knows this, and when she made this adorable bunny helmet available for free I am sure she knew I would be excited.  YAY ISABELLI!  Another free thing on my av is the eyes from the store Banana Banshee, made by Rosemarie Indigo who is also a blogger for us.  I have to say I feel like such a spoiled brat sometimes getting to blog with so many designers here.  It's awesome!

  The Shop Free*Style hunt is *technically* over now so people can pick up their things whenever they want but I gave the puppy dog eyes to Isabelli and Rose and asked if they would leave these gifts out for now.  They said yes, woo!  Go and grab them now before they change their mind and take them away into outer internet space.
Bunny Helmet: Uncertain Smile, hunt gift @ Shop Free*Style
Eyes: Banana Banshee, hunt gift @ Shop Free*Style (one of several from this store out)
Hair: Argrace.… Read the rest

.:pink leopard:.

vv Skin--Izzie's Romy (group gift in store, 250L join fee)
Hair--Alice Project Koko (mini mania prize)
Eyes--IKON Sovereign Armor
Eyelashes--Lumae Eyelashes Normal (part of group gift in store)
Necklaces--Maxi Gossamer Filigree Oval (half off weekend special)
Bracelets--YS&YS Cannes (NEW! 50L at The Dressing Room Fusion)
Sweater--Sn@tch Fish4This Accessories Grab Bag #19 (7seas fishing prize, caught with 100L rod and no bait)
Dress--MoDANNA Metallic Leather Dress (group gift in store)
Mesh hands--SLink Flat
Mesh hand nail appliers--La Boheme Checkers Black (1L White Rabbit Hunt prize)
Pose--oOo Moody

Posted by Abra Zelin

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I wish I were a punk-rocker…

Hello everyone! I got lucky at the new round of C88, and managed to get in not once, but twice! I grabbed a few pretties, shown below. I also got word that a new freebie is out at Poetic Colors, part of a new series, Spotted Eyes. 

Free :

Cheap :

Other :

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Fling all the things to me!

As was posted previously, if you TP to the Shop Free*Style location, you will find a whole bunch of goodies for you, hidden in eggs, from various designers, celebrating the holiday just past, as well as spring in general.
The items are not overtly holiday related, so it is still worth it to come and see what you can find.
All you have to do is touch the eggs, and a folder will be passed to you.

These runners from Duh! they really are the same size, I am not sure what happened with the shot, but the one looks bigger than the other. Darn perspective! 
Start the Hunt
Shape - Insane - Free Instore GiftHair - Exile - Not FreeSkin - Sacrelicious - Fling My Things Hunt @ Shop Free*StyleEyes - Banana Banshee - Fling My Things Hunt @ Shop Free*StyleMakeup - Adore&Abhor - Fling My Things Hunt @ Shop Free*StyleHands - Slink - Not FreeHands&Leg Fades - Orc Inc. - Not FreeNail Appliers - Somnia - Fling My Things Hunt @ Shop Free*StyleOutfit - Sn@tch - Fling My Things Hunt @ Shop Free*StyleRunners - Duh!… Read the rest

Hunt! Hunt! Hunt!

  We have a hunt going on at Shop Free*Style!  There are some really freaking amazing items, no joke.  Go check it out.  Look inside and outside of the shop and remember there are two floors to the shop!  Find the eggs, now through April 11th!

Click HERE for the slurl.

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Last Minute Kitty

Twisted Hunt is coming to an end. Tomorrow, April 5th is your last day. It isn't a very long one, this spring, with only 83 stores in the lineup. I would normally be worried, starting so late, but it really didn't take all that much time. It was mildly enjoyable.
The only part I didn't enjoy was the endgame this year. It was wonderfully decorated, but they normally require more problem solving, this time around it was just tedious. For those that don't like things hard, it will be an easier endgame for you, there isn't much thinking involved, you just need a bit of time to dedicate to it.
One of the Endgame prizes is this super cute little kitty avi. I had so many people comment on it when I was prancing around doing other hunts, yesterday.
Start the hunt HERE.
Kitty Avi -  Co*Motion - Ecto Cat Avi - Twisted Hunt Endgame Prize
***Please Note - The Twisted Endgame is optional, you do not actually have to do it to enjoy the hunt. Each location in the hunt has their own prizes and extras.… Read the rest

Pretending Innocence

Ozimals is holding a fun little hunt on the Magic of Oz sim right now. It is called the Holi Hunt, and what does that mean?
This might be a long one, more after the cut.

Well Holi is an ancient Hindu spring festival, also known as the festival of colours. I had a friend growing up, who celebrated the festival. It was always an interesting time to be going to play at her house. He mom always decorated the house in bright colours. There was always lots of food and music playing. We would sneak down the stairs after bedtime, and watch the adults dance. We always got caught, but that was part of the fun too.
Traditionally, groups of people go out with coloured chalks or dyed water, and basically throw it or spray it at anyone they see. The results are a vivid, colour laden population, all in celebration, enjoying their day. They play music, sing, dance and eat. It is a festival for all people, from young to old, no matter your station. 
I never got to see that part in canada, but it sure does sound like fun. 
The Ozimals team has brought the spirit of the festival to the hunt, while asking the merchants on the sim to also participate.… Read the rest

Tumble Along

I am not feeling all that great, so I just did something quick for you today.
Can you guess what is free?
The tumbleweed. Yup, I bring you a tumbleweed today.
But it doesn't end there, it would never be that simple with me!
It is not a sim decoration, it is a wearable avatar. I wore it shopping today, it has been great fun.
Tumbleweed Avatar - GCO - Free
Location - La Reserve

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What Does The Fox Say?

Birdy / Foxes / Alchemy have moved and have some great specials for VIPS.  First up is a new skin group gift for VIP's in the 'pure' skin tone.  I love the almost porcelain look to Birdy skins, make sure you pop on over to the new sim and grab your group gift.
While you're there check out the Foxes store and grab some cute vintage outfits.  Just wear your tag and smack the pictures just inside the door. There is the Peplum top on it's own, the crop top and high waist skirt and the bustier with lace trimmed skirt.  The bustier also has straps which you can add on or leave off.  Beside the outfits you can also pick up your own cute little fox to hold, he comes in blue or pink.   The cute little pocket pet and the black cat at my feet can be found in the lower level beneath Foxes.  They are past gachas from events and you will find a whole wall full of various ones to play.

Skin:  .Birdy. - Ali Vip Skin
Hair:  .Olive. - the Steffi Hair  (mesh)  *UBER*
Eyes:  [Buzzeri] - Aura Eyes - Sapphire
Hands:  SLink - AvEnhance Hands Female Casual  (mesh)
Feet:  SLink- AvEnhance Feet Female Flat  (mesh)
Necklace:  The-N - Diamond Lizard Necklace  *$1L on MP*
Top:  Foxes - Peplum Top - VIP  (mesh)
Bracelet 1:  KOSH - Leather Braid Armband  *$1L on MP*
Bracelet 2:  KOSH - Ice Mint Bracelet  *$1L on MP*
Bracelet 3:  KOSH - Multiplex Bracelet  *$1L on MP*
Pants:&n (Read more...)

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Apocalyptic Ballerina

I can't really say exactly how this outfit happened. It started with a dress, and ended with ballerina poses from Frozen. I usually have a clear vision, based off of an item I find, and what other things i have had sitting, waiting to go up on the blog. This one evolved in a flurry, leaving me more than a bit dazed and even a little amazed, by the styling I created.

Silken Moon has some different sorts of skins. This one I am assuming is inspired by the TV Show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". It is at Skin Fair currently, and is only L$200. I think it makes me look more like a mutant, than a vampire. Love the nose ridges.
Also at the Skin Fair, and previously blogged by me, are these vinyl gloss lips from #adored. I have been having lots of fun with them. I spruced them up with this face paint from no.7, currently at this round of Level Up. This is a gacha prize, and there are a bunch of other game inspired gachas here as well.

I randomly found this dress at a Japanese mall. I did happen to remember to save a land mark this time around, haha.… Read the rest