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Booty Rockin’

  I am in the middle of a bunch of stuff so I am going to be quick about this post.  I just had to share this though because LOOK AT MY BUTT.  I like it.  OK, read the stuff below for credits!!
Shorts Appliers: Fakessi, 1L
Dress (Worn as Shirt Applier): The Beautiful Ones, 10L
Hair: Magika, 50% off (I THINK the sale is still on through today, hopefully)
Skin: Pink Fuel
Pose: Marukin
Mesh Body: Slink

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July 2015
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New Shopping sim with so many freebies!

Palau is a new shopping district full of awesome stores and to celebrate it all stores have group gifts.
Yes! Blueberry / Bueno / Vinyl / Addams / Just Because / Lenox , only Lenox doesn't have a gift out, but the store is not set up yet, so I bet soon it may have one!
So hurry and explore this new place.
Also, Clawtooth have a super colorful hair pack out to celebrate USA new federal law to same sex marriage. Love wins my friends!
And I am re-activating my almost dead personal explorer blog, so if you want to know more about this place on the back ground, check it out!
Style Card

Skin: VCO ~ Vivi's makeup Recipe No.09 by yamette Resident for The Arcade, includes Slink and maitreya appliers!

Mouth: VCO ~ Vivi's Lip 03 . RARE by by yamette Resident for The Arcade

Eyes: .ID. BJD Eyes / Ocean / Mesh / by Audrey Lamede - Group gift (150 L fee to join), but there is 2 other colors free for everyone at the store! Also I.D. is having a sale, so hurry up to get all the pretty eyes.… Read the rest

Love Wins

Pride Tank Top standard mesh and mesh bodies sizes (also available in Black) by Miss Chelsea - Group Gift
Pride Shorts (appliers included) by PixelGeek on Marketplace 1L
Lovely Stockings (appliers included) by Glitzz - Free Gift
Heart Attack & Vine Hair in 5 Outrageous colors by Clawtooth - Free Gift
Happy Pride Slink Nail Appliers by Industrial Kitty on Marketplace - Free
Pride Bangles by Sculpties Up In Here on Marketplace - 1L
Pride Paint for face by [Lich] on Marketplace - 5L

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  I can't even explain how happy I am.  For those not following American issues, we have FINALLY made gay marriage legal for the entire country.  This is an historic event.  Many people are obviously celebrating because of this.  Some creators are giving gifts out to celebrate too!  Check out the details below and thank a creator for the gifts if you see them out and about!
Hair: Vanity Hair, free
Skin: Birth, 10L
Peace Tattoo: Taox Tattoo, free
Eyes: InkHeart, 9L until June 30th
Bodysuit: Garbaggio @ Color Me Project, 75L

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Black and White, Sort Of?

  Lots of freebies and cheapies in store for you today in this look.  I actually have so many things I want to blog here right now that I feel like I am going to be crushed under the pixel closet.  For now we will start with sexy gloomy look.  Then I will go finish making spaghetti.  But that has nothing to do with this so whatevs.  Enjoy!
Hair: Little Bones, group gift (100L join fee,  some past gifts available also)
Skin: Joli, group gift
Dress: Toxic Candy, 1L
Necklace: Edenia, free
Tattoo: Se//mi, free
Eyes: InkHeart, 1L (until June 30th)
Eyeliner: Maquil, 1L
Pose: Marukin

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Summer of Love

I found this adorable summer tunic on Market Place, for only 50l$, and thought I would show it to you! It's mesh and comes in standard sizing. I matched it easily with my mesh body. It sits really well on the avatar and the colours are simply lovely.

Credits :
  • Other :

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    Riding my bike

    On 16th June 2015 · By Wer · With Leave a comment
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    Dress - gift @ Color Me ProjectBag - gift @ ::C'est la vie !::
    Location - Leka

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    On 15th June 2015 · By Wer · With Leave a comment
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    Dress - even.flow, group gift
    Heels - GARBAGGIO, group gift (it's a pack od flats, mid and highs with a color hud)
    Hair - Little Bones, group gift

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    Double Secret Free Snatch Love

      Gotta love a misleading perverted title.
      I have two pictures for you today and I hope you enjoy at least one of them.  Both include a group gift from a new original mesh accessories store called Secret Love, among other things.  Details below!


    Picture One:
    Jewelry: Secret Love, group gift, includes necklace and earrings, color change
    Skin: Essences, group gift
    Hair: Little Bones, group gift, 100L join fee
    Eyes: Inkheart, 1L
    Dress: Sn@tch, lucky board prize

    Picture Two:
    Jewelry: Secret Love, group gift, includes necklace and earrings, color change
    Top: Sn@tch
    Hair: Alice Project
    Skin: Adore&Abhor, 75L
    Eyes: InkHeart, 1L

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    Sunday Blues

    Maxi Gossamer has a group gift out! Her group is free to join and with all the amazing offers she has, it's a total steal. The gift is a lovely purse and it matches perfectly the look I was going for today. 

    Credits : 

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    A Gift That is Berry Good

      I love pixel food a lot.  Anyone who knows me knows that.  I even have a pixel food blog HERE.  I really do love pixel food.  One of my favorite stores for virtual food for quite some time has been Poche.  Recently they did an adorable free beverage set that matches a cheap tart set they released.  Go on and check it out!

    Beverage Set: Poche, free
    Plant and Tart Set: Poche, 50L

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    Shop Free*Style Fridays – June 12th

    Shop Free*Style has been around for just over 2 years now. It is a free service we give the many designers we support here on the blog. It is also a way to help you guys find new stores to enjoy.All the designs you will find here are offered at a discounted rate, and many are only at this location. The prices range from Free to L$50.  Here are just a few of the items I have picked out to show you, this week. 
    L$0  L$0  L$0    L$1 

    L$50  L$50

    Shop Free*Style even has gachas, you can find them all on the top floor. There is red arrows, which will tp you up. Some are in Gacha Machines, some are on the walls.This is a gacha Sileny made, she keeps the fun alive here at Free*Style.L$11 per play. Visit Shop Free*Style

    ***PS - While you are here, have a walk out of the shop, and visit our sponsor's little gacha yardsale, you might find something you have been looking for!***

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    If you have purchased any of the new skinlines from PixyStix, that have come out from Skin Fair until now, Pixy has an update in store for you all. In the update you will get appliers for the Genesis Labs 2.0 mesh heads. This also includes the free Penny mesh head, which is at the front desk. 
    Hair - Venus - Midnight Mania PrizeSkin - PixyStix - Not FreeHead, Eyes & Shape - Genesis Lab - Instore GiftHead Applier - Pixystix - Free for those who have purchase Recent SkinlinesDress - Poet's Heart - Old Group GiftHead Adornment - !Musa! - *NEW* @ Cosmopolitan Sales RoomNecklace - LpOca - L$1 SL Marketplace Deal
    Poses can be found at Shop Free*Style, where there are a bunch of pose packs ranging from Free to L$50.
    *** Update - The Poet's Heart Group Gift is no longer out. There is however some free zombie poses upstairs, so if you made the trip, be sure to pick those up. Sorry guys. At least consider subscribing for further notices, to find out what is going on in the future.… Read the rest

    Tutorial Thursday – A Blogger’s How-To for organizing Event Coverage

    I have been wanting to do this Tutorial for a while now, and even saved one of my event folders, just for this purpose.
    I often hear, from blogger friends, my own store's bloggers, as well as other people I admire in the community, that inventory organization is a problem, and more so when dealing with big events.
    Now think about this from my perspective. I am not only a blogger, but am also a designer. So my inventory is basically double what any sane blogger probably has.
    I am not going to be talking today about organizing your inventory as a whole, but how to keep your Event Coverage organized.
    In today's example I will be using the folder I created for Skin Fair 2015.
    Keep in mind, this is just the way I personally do things. I am not trying to tell anyone my way is the best way. This is more a guide of those of you who don't have a current system in place.

    For the sake of the Feeds that Free*Style is on, I will be placing a cut here. If you are interested in this topic, feel free to hit the link to continue reading.… Read the rest

    Sweet Blue Rain

      A gift and a cheapie for you today.  This rain storm may BE blue but it won't make you FEEL blue!  Details below.

    Dress: Sweet Gift, subscriber gift, many other gifts available too
    Skin Applier: Milk Teeth, 25L, for Utilizator 2.0 body ONLY
    Hair: Tableau Vivant
    Mesh Body: Utilizator, 500L
    Pose !Bang
    Necklace: Boom

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    When I was just a baby

    My Mama told me hon

    Always be a good girl, clean out your inventory!
    They finally caught me hoarding away and a girl can only teleport so fast! Think they'll let me out early for good behavior?

    CreditsPose - Intrigue Co @ The Arcade Most Wanted Inventory Hoarder (50L gacha)
    Backdrop - Intrigue Co @ The Arcade Free Mugshot Backdrop (0L top of gacha machine)
    Dress - Sn@tch Jaye velvet dress gold (0L luckyboard)
    Jewelry - Sn@tch Burning Love Jewelry (0L luckyboard)
    Hair - Exile @ The Arcade Twist & Shout greyscale (100L includes two hairs)
    Skin - Skinnery @ The Arcade Eniko Honey 4 (100L gacha)
    Boots - Boom @ The Arcade Rubbery Rain Boots Bat (50L gacha)

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    Hurry on down to The Wash

    The Wash has one of it's cart sales going on, and today is the last day. Each designer gets to place ten items, for L$10 each, as well as one special item for L$50. 
    Now, sometimes designers don't pick things up right away, so if you see this post, and it is June 11th, try to visit anyway, and see what you can find still there.
    Visit The Wash Cart Sale
    Shape - Lumae - L$10 The Wash Cart Sale ItemHair - Entwined - Instore Group Gift (Free To Join)Hairbase - Pocket Mirrors - Free Instore ItemSkin - Style by Kira - L$10 The Wash Cart Sale ItemEyes - Eye Candi - Free Dove June HuntEye Sclera Shadows - Wee Ones - Not FreeFull Outfit - Entice - L$10 The Wash Cart Sale ItemEarrings - N@N@ - L$10 The Wash Cart Sale Item
    Pose can be found at Shop Free*Style, where there are a bunch of pose packs ranging from Free to L$50.

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    Humpday Hunting – 3 Hunt Roundup

    It's that time again!
    I have a few more hunts to share with you, as well as my top picks for them all. You have plenty of time for all of these, and only one of them is long-ish.
    For Her HuntEnds June 30thHints/Previews

    Doll Up HuntEnds June 25thHintsPreviews

    Leather & Lace HuntEnds June 30thHints/Previews

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    Tootsie Tuesdays – Duh!

    This week on Tootsie Tuesdays, I am wearing rainboots. Why? because it has been raining like mad for the past few days, and I have 2 lakes out in the yard.  These Rainboots are Original Mesh from Duh! They are Wearable Texture Testers or Wearable Demos, whichever you prefer. Basically a fully functional shoe, that is offered as a demo. Duh! does this with almost all their footwear lines.
    Now, while there is an inworld shop, I purposefully am redirecting you all to SL Marketplace today. I feel this store needs some reviews, and I wanted you all to help me with that today. Far to often we get something, even just a demo, and never write a review. Please take the time to see if you enjoy the item. If you do like it, write Renee a little something on her item, after you have purchased it.
    Never wrote a review before? Click HERE to view a really quick general guide..
    Visit Duh! on SL MarketplaceDirect Link to the Rainboots Learn more about the "Rainy" shoot location

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    Monday Morning Pinterest – Volume 4

    I had a busy week of RL, Kids and Hair Fair creation building last week, but I am back in action today!
    I just spent thirty minutes looking for stuff for you all, and as always Sileny has been busy, pinning up a storm of items.If you haven't visited us on our board yet, today is a good time to start.The items are things we either find on the grid, or over the net, which are free or cheap. Please enjoy the Window Shopping!

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