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April Collaborat88

Oh how I love this event.  I look forward to the 8th of the month each and every time.  And while there are much bigger blogs that will show you everything from this event, I personally wanted to whip up a little vignette of how a few things from this event work together.  Today for your viewing pleasure I’ve combined Barnesworth Anubis’ Paris Penthouse Skybox and Cory Edo’s Padded Armchairs and Chesterfield Sofa. Barnes’ skybox just screams elegance.  I especially love the skylight roof and all the wall trim moldings that make for perfect frames to place art elements.  Trompe Loeil’s furniture fits beautifully in the space adding it’s own meshy elegance to the room.  BA’s skybox is 188L at the event and Trompe Loeil’s single packs are 88L each or pick up the fatpack of everything for 288L.  Everything is copy and mod. SLURL to Collaborat88:

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Freebie Find

I swear this isn’t going to be a just another freebie blog….however it seems I’ve been running across several fun items worth talking about that just so happen to be free.  Today’s find is a lovely dance from MyANIMATION.  It’s their April group gift.  MyANIMATION has a ton of amazing dances in every category.  They are beautifully choreographed and executed for SL.  Join the group to get today’s freebie find and stay in as they give away a new dance monthly. It’s super hard to show off a dance in photo format so I took a few stills for you.  The dance reminds me of some salsa styled dances so I dressed appropriately. MyANIMATION SLURL: .

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Make Home Over Hunt – Part 2

As promised here is another goody from the Make Home Over Hunt.  This one was a really pleasant surprise.  It’s from a creator I didn’t know before this hunt – Sasha’s Furniture.  Not only was it just an unknown one the house is a nice build and comes completely furnished.  It’ll cost you about 300 prims or so to rez it and about 40m x 50m of space. By the way the tree in the courtyard is included.  All other landscaping bits seen in my photo aren’t. MHOH Starting Point:
MHOH Blog:
Sasha’s Furniture SLURL:

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Make Home Over Hunt

I’m a H&G nut.  I have been which is why I was so excited to hear of the Make Home Over Hunt.  There are 67 stores participating and some really great stuff to be found.  You’ll need to join the Make Home Over Group; there is a joiner at the starting spot.  And make sure you hit the website and read some of the past notices as  there are a few hiccups in the chain.  This hunt started yesterday and runs til May 5th. I had a friend ask me forever ago why do a hunt?  Is it just for the free stuff?  And while free stuff is a perk I’ve always looked at them as a way to find places I’ve never been before.  I typically wander about and look around at what the creators have to offer while I’m hunting.  And the rezathon following a hunt is like xmas morning.  SO…..I’m gonna run a few blogs dedicated to some of the amazing things you can get on this hunt. This lovely item is Bazar’s Hanging Out Lounger.  The box comes with two versions; 1 with the palm tree and 1 without.… Read the rest

Freebie Find

RL I have spent a lot of time on airplanes.  I travel A LOT.  So I apologize for being quiet from time to time.  My travel inspired this post a bit as I was thinking of a fun way to marry my RL and SL.  To be honest with you, one of the things I love the most about SL is some of the childhood inspirations.  This particular pose set I found on the marketplace for 1L.  It brought back some grand memories. Love Me Brutal is the creator of this fine pose set and they have some really great stuff for taking pics.  It’s all static poses but it’s really well done.  Some romantic, some silly, singles and couples stuff.  And it’s all very inexpensive. SLURL to ingame shop:
URL to marketplace item:  

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Art Attack

Secondlife is wondrous and unique on many different levels.  It’s art in every way possible.  This column I’m going to dedicate to a wide array of art in SL.  Today’s hommage is to my first art love – sculpture.  RL I’ve traveled far and wide to visit many different sculptures.  One of the things I really love about SL is it brings that experience right into my home.  I get that feel of walking around a beautiful piece.  And better yet I can own a little replica…display it as I wish. This amazing piece is from Maxwell Graf of Rustica.  And man does he do mesh right.  This beautiful Venus is only 1 prim but she’ll cost you 9 land equivalents which is still relatively nothing.  And speaking of nothing….she’s free.  Check out all Max has to offer all his new meshy stuff is amazing and he’s a Fi Fav. SLURL:

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Freebie Find

This is gonna be my new column for all things free, hunt gifties, or dollarbies.  (Again read Fi is a lazy blogger).  Today’s Freebie Find is a group gift from Y’s House.  If you’ve not shopped Y’s before then you are in for a real treat.  Everything in the shop is just amazing.  I’m pretty sure I own nearly all of it.  Membership to Y’s Group is free so there is no reason not to join up. This sofa is variation of the one they released for the Choice event and it’s just as fabulous.  As you can see it’s a lovely Denim blue. The poses are really cute and it gives you a pillow to wear so you can be as lazy as I am.  Other variations are on sale 50%off at the the Creator’s Pavilion Spring Sale for just 200L for a no copy version and 600L for full copy.  As with anything from Y’s it’s worth every penny. LM to Group Group Gift:
LM to Creator’s Pavilion Sale:

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Just like the movie industry seems to be doing these days so do some of our fine builders here in SL.  Better technology continues to push these creators into redoing fine creations.  Here is a fabulous example of a re-release – Barnesworth Anubis’ Lamin Longhouse.  This updated version is only 220 prims with all the furnishings! I can’t recall how prim heavy the old version was but it was made in 2007 originally. As you can see here it’s a great build for a tropical location and has built in parking for a boat.   Boat not included.  Check the Lamin Longhouse out here:  And don’t forget to shop around Barnes has released the Tableau Hut update as well.

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Vehicle Venue

Due to my absolute love of SL vehicles, I’m gonna start a new regular column entitled Vehicle Venue.  When I say regular, I probably mean whenever I feel like it but I decided upon coming back that I’m going to try to have a few regular columns that some of the things I post about fall into.  (Translation: Fi has become lazy in naming posts). Since I collect SL motorcycles about the heaviest, I’m gonna start with there today. A friend of mine recently asked me how I evaluated the loads of motorcycles out on the market.  First and foremost is always the ride.  Most shops have demos so take one for a ride before you buy.  Second on my list is originality.  There are loads of kit bikes out there.  And while I enjoy/own some of them I begin to feel like I’m riding the same old same old.  In RL, a harley and a honda don’t feel the same .  So I look for original content creators.  Scripts and parts or some combination of the two.  Inspecting the contents and the prims will help you in figuring that out. … Read the rest;-)

Meshy Goodness

OK this is to make it up to you since I was gone so long.  I’m loving the new mesh stuff emerging all over the grid.  Even better when it’s some shoes……even better when it’s FREE SHOES!!  If you’ve not read my blogs before you’ll soon figure out I have a real weakness for SL shoes.  I know how incredibly girly of me.  Well it is what it is.    Back to the news…..FREE MESH SHOES. These lovelies are from S@bbia.  You need to stand around the lucky board awhile and join the group (touch the lucky board for the link).  But totally worth it!   While you are waiting shop around some….great stuff!! SLURL for S@bbia –

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I am a SL Hoarder

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OMG a whole yr’s gone by

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Wow….time flies no?  My sincerest of apologies for being quiet for so long.  RL has a tendency to pull our full attention from time to time.  And while I was working and relocating the time I spent in SL was too slim to shop.  However, I’m back into the swing of it all again.  So next post will be one of my fun finds.  Stay tuned.   

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RL has been crazy for a bit.  I will be back this weekend and I have loads to show you all.  I apologize for being absent this long.  -Fi

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London Calling

[-Blue Sky-] has put out yet another fabulous freebie.  This time in the form of 2 union jack chairs.  Each has 6 sits and is copyable.  These are really fun accent pieces to go in any house.  Even if you aren’t a brit.    They are copy/no mod/no trans.  You will need to stop by the stop and pick them up while wearing your group tag. Eating some tea and crumpets,

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A Man on a Mission

Maxwell Graf of Rustica is that man.  He recently released a brand new set of mission furniture.  Houston we have lift off!!  This set is SOOOO amazing.  It’s not only beautiful furniture;  it’s versatile – it comes with a really cool HUD that you can pick cushions/bedding/runners and change the textures from a selection on the HUD then you can go to the next tab and tint it any number of a colors just to match your decor.  All the pieces are copy.  And if that was not enough to make you go wow….it’s LOW PRIM!!  Now I know you are saying no way….mission stuff is never low prim.  But most pieces are under 3 prims and have sculpt changes to open and close drawers/doors.  SO…as a challenge….I decorated a Linden Home using 99% of this new release and just a few accents.  As you may know a linden home gets only 117 personal prims. So here is a Tahoe A frame house.  I chose the Yew Wood set from Rustica for this design experiment. … Read the rest

Once Upon a Starry Night

OMG I’m so in love with this edition of Spruce Up Your Space!!  Trompe Loeil put out the Starry Night Skydome for the unbelievably low price of 25L.  And it’s exactly what we’ve all needed for ages.  Perfectly sized at 30x30m and only takes up 4 prims.  The stars move slowly across the sky above and the grass is beautifully sculpted as if you found a little clearing to study your astronomy. I grabbed {what next} ‘s SUYS picnic blanket to go with the skydome and made a perfect place for a midnight picnic.  The blankets and pillows are 9 prims and are super loaded with fun animations.  The set comes with a rezzable and wearable guitar and a picnic basket that gives food.  And it’s copy and mod!!  YAY!! As always SUYS only lasts the weekend and there are loads more participating so check them all out. Sleeping under the stars tonight,

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