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Decorator Challenge

My guy has always presented me with interesting home decorating challenges.  Our first home was a 1920s/1930s era riverboat paddlewheeler.  Next up was a pirate ship liveaboard.  After that a treehouse, a giant castle, and then a steampunk castle.  For awhile I really thought he was punking me.  Each were incredibly fun to decorate and probably gave me the passion I have for home and garden stuff.  So I’m blaming him for the 400+ sofas I own.   His most recent challenge was decorating an entire skybox including the structure for ~150 prims/LE and make it copiable.  Our goal was starting a skybox rentals that were high quality but inexpensive.  While our endeavor never really started, I was pretty proud of a few builds I did.  So I’d like to share one of them with you today. This build rang in at a mere 153 prims/LE but doesn’t suffer a bit in functionality or in looks.  Abiss takes the blue ribbon for this incredible build.  It’s gorgeous and under 50 prims. … Read the rest;-)



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Closing Sale

It’s always a bit sad for me when a shop I like decides to close it’s doors.  Today I got an announcement that Baffle! is closing up shop on November 11th.  All items including some cute prefabs are on sale for 55L. Baffle! always sold the cutest pose props/home decor items.  Shown in the pic above is the [Escritoire.],  [Film Noir.], [Fairytale Forest.], &  [Symphony.].  The prefab comes with the entire environment shown above.  Too cute right?  Sorry to see you go Samantha.  Hopefully you’ll keep creating.

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Group Gift

The art of bonsai is an interesting study full of symbolism.  Each detail sends a message of balance, simplicity, harmony, and age.  The tradition is 1000s of years old and one that interests me.  I kinda collect bonsais all over the grid. Today I’m excited to show you a lovely group gift bonsai from -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles.  This meshy bonsai is done in a skakkan (windswept) style and comes with the table.  Moriko also released a season change version for regular sale.  While it’s not free to join the group it’s well worth the mere 250L fee to join as Moriko is super generous and releases a monthly gift.   Just check notices and you’ll see the gift or hit the shop wearing your tag and click the gift giver board. 

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Young FrankenBot

Happy Halloween…this time for real.  LOL!  As you can see it’s quite an event for me that runs at least a full weekend.  Today’s costume is a great subscriber gift from ANA_Mations!  It’s a meshy costume complete with a super cute AO.
ANA_Mations has loads of great stuffs for halloween and for anytime as well.  Gift is still available in the shop so stop on over and check it out!  LIMO –

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I’m Dreaming of Jeannie

Talk about fantasies I wished like crazy when I was a little girl that I lived in Jeannie’s bottle.  RL I dressed as Jeannie for Halloween a few yrs ago. It’s a show that is super dear to my heart….and unfortunately I’ve not found too many good Jeannie outfits.  Someone PLEASE make me a meshy one. Luckily for me Cory Edo of Trompe Loeil finally made my bottle wish come true. I tried to make myself a genie bottle a few yrs ago and man did it suck.  Cory’s work is just so fantastic I just squealed with joy when I rezzed this.  It’s available at Collabor88 until Nov 7 so make sure you run get it.  There is both a PG and an Adult version and loads of colors for 188L and 388L respectively.

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I know I’m super late on posting anything about Cinema, but if you’ve not gone yet you need to.  There are loads of really cool things there.  I’m still not even finished going through it all and it ends in just a few days on October 31 so get going peeps! Trompe Loeil’s Peepshow Skybox inspired me in some big sexy ways.  The box is another incredible meshy production from the every talented Cory Edo. Coming in at only 32 Land Equivalents it’s a great backdrop for sexy photos or for seducing your guy.  The animations are HOT!  My outfit is from Casa Del Shai and is inspired by Liza Minnelli’s Mein Herr performance in Cabaret.   This came out ages ago and I know she performed on a chair but the lights and the stage just shouted broadway to me and my thoughts drifted to Cabaret as it was one of the first plays I saw… not the one with Liza in it.

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Happy Halloween!

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Even though I don’t eat candy anymore, I still love Halloween.  I love the creativity of it.  Kids and adults coming up with crazy ideas on what to be.  It’s even more appealing in SL where you can be ANYTHING!  I think I have over 300 costumes in a sorter box…..wide varieties. My guy Charlz isn’t really into it but he humors me every year…..with couples costumes and everything!  We’ve been Dorothy and the Tin Man, Alice and the Mad Hatter, Jack Skellington & Sally, Fred and Lily Munster.  This year we are sporting Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.  My costume is from Blacklace and Charlz got his mesh avi off the marketplace from Dreamcrawlers.  Happy Halloween all!

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Falling for Apple Fall

I want to apologize for my long absences this year.  I’m not gonna put down all my excuses, however I will say I’m gonna try more.  Onto my article today: I’m a skybox hoarder.  I’ll admit that proudly.  My sim probably doesn’t have enough room in the sky to rez all the ones I own.  If you have read me before and at this point I’m sure only those that have are reading now (HI MOM!) you’ll also know my obsession for mesh.  Apple Fall is the greatest combination of both!  Fantastic meshy skyboxes!! I’m in heaven. The above pic is of the Monaco skybox that is on sale for a mere 100L at The Outlet Sales Room!  Apple did a great job capturing the feeling of Monaco.  Brought me right back to when I visited there a few yrs ago.  So I whipped up a little apartment so you can see what you can do with it. Apple Fall (MAINSHOP)- Skybox
The Loft – Bed, Headboard, Frames, Doormat & Boots, Bedside Table, Checkers
Abiss – Bookcase from a skybox
~BAZAR~ – Breakfast Table
{what next} – Breakfast Chairs, Umbrella
Y’s House – Sofa
Digs Furniture – Lounger
Floorplan – Patio Plant (ONLY 1 LE!!!!)
Mudhoney – Mirror
Trompe Loeil – Bathtub
Tranquility Way Station – Screen
LISP Bazaar - Rugs, Coffee Table

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Photo Fun

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So today for your viewing pleasure is a photo I’ve done up for my pal Fran for a contest at Leezu.  Leezu’s rules were red…and Fran wanted to be a gun toting ass kicker for it.  SO…we looked through all her Leezu clothes and I picked out the Au revoir de Sade jacket as a starting point.  Fran donned the Allumeuse boots and some Leezu underthings to go with it. After we had the outfit done up, I modded the Leezu Orient House for the backdrop of this photo.  I rezzed some bloody prims, popped the LOVE on the fireplace to a lovely red color and made a pose with my handy Anypose tool.  A bit of post processing in photoshop and you all can see the result. Wish us luck. LIMO to Leezu –

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OMG another month has gone by

It’s that time again Collabor88 is here again.  Sorry I was a bit late posting this but I couldn’t get there for a few days…WAS PACKED!  However, I have LOADS to show you. So let’s just get down to it shall we. In this pic, I’ve selected a few items that are just sooooo perfect for my beach.  To the top I have Cheeky Pea’s Lilith Hammock.  This is such a delight.  It’s mesh and beautiful and has loads of great animations for couples and singles.  It’s got a great swaying movement and it’s 11 LE.  On the bottom of this pic is Lisp Bazaar’s Mermaids & Salty Dogs Kitchen Set.  OMG it’s great and truly beautiful for a beachy kitchen.  It’s also got great animations for couples and singles.  Total of 65 prims for all I have rezzed but it’s soft linked for loads of it so you can pare down if you need to. Next up are a few of the prefabs offered this month.  Trompe Loeil’s Daydreaming Flying Dome is to the top and it’s super. … Read the rest

For the boys….and girls!

The Men’s Department is a monthly sales event that caters itself for the guys. All items are priced from 75L up to 150L, however ladies don’t stop reading now.  I’ve found a few great things for both sexes! In the upper left hand quarter of this pic are Rustica’s Munro Chair and Mesh Side Table.  As you can guess from the name…these are mesh.  The land equivalents are super low 7 total for both items.  They are sold separately and both are copy only.  And yes I’m jumping!  In the lower right, is Post’s Chisholm Desk Set.  It’s also mesh and also really lovely.  Only 18 land equivalents for entire set.  It’s copy and mod. Don’t forget to shop around and see what else this event has to offer.  It’s full of great stuff. LIMO:

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Cinco De Mayo

Happy May 5th everyone.  Today I have for you a cool little shop called Zinnias to check out.  The creator is incredibly talented and makes home goods with a southwestern flair. This pic is of the Mexico A Go Go hunt gift going on now in the shop.  I love the whimsy of the coffee table.  Additionally Zinnias has a Cinco De Mayo gift available and a special sale on her Fiesta Party Set.  These plus so much more are all worth making the trip to the shop to check her out. SLURL:

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Freebie Find

Hey all I’m back with another fun freebie find of my favorite kind…SHOES! These great little freebies are in a basket outside the 2g shop (basket not included).  Each color comes in plain and 2 designs….one being the starburst and the other with the buttons.  If you have time I recommend a wander around the Switch sim where this shop is located.  There are loads of great creators here. Your limo:

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As you all know I’m cuckoo for cocoapuffs….I mean mesh stuff.  So I was pleased as punch to find a monthly event called FaMESHed.  This event focuses on mesh items.  There are loads of shoes and fashion items that are really unbelievable but per usual, I’m gonna feature my favorite stuff…Home Goods. Colleen Desmoulins of The Loft released this lovely set of things all of which can be purchased separately.  And the best of all the items is the chair.  It is multipurpose and contains animations for dining, makeup, desk, and just sitting.  It gives or rezzes the appropriate props for the animations.  I took pics from desk and vanity menus and just rezzed a few additional items. This pic is of Cory Edo’s Lion Head Fountain.  Look at all that detail for 5 land equivalents. Unbelievable! Visit the FaMESHed event here:

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Vehicle Venue

That’s right readers it’s that time again.  Time for another cool vehicle to play around the grid on.  Today I’m featuring a lovely airplane from Drusilla Saunders Aeronautics called the Debonair.  It has animated flaps, landing gear, & doors.  Additionally it comes with a HUD that at first looks a bit scary but is a good representation of RL flight controls.  All in all it’s a great little flyer and has the added bonus of being a freebie. Drusilla has loads of really great planes in her shop and is working on some meshy coolness as I type up this article.  So check her shop out! SLURL:

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Tax Time

If you all live in the US you’ll be feeling my pain this weekend as I work on my taxes.  I know I know last minute.  To ease everyone’s pain I found this fab meshy desk from Meli Imako on the marketplace for the unreal price of 0L…that’s right FREE!!  The entire set up costs you 20 prims in land equivalents.   I added the animation myself and wore a pen I have and made a form.  But the rest of what is shown is included.  It’s great and FULL PERMS! Check out all that Meli has to offer on her marketplace shop.  The variety is absolutely amazing and so is the quality. Meli also has a ingame shop where you can go see the items in person. URL to marketplace:
SLURL to in game store:

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It’s an Armchair….Literally

OK back to the silliness.   19 Motorcycle released a new freebie today.  I gotta say it’s tickled me in the biggest way possible.  It’s almost like sitting on someone’s lap.  By the way there is a more serious part to the gift as well but I’ll let you all discover that on you own.  Make sure you shop around as 19 Motorcycle is just full of some of the bestest stuff.  I own nearly everything they’ve made.  OH…and if anyone gets the shot dispenser from the gacha and doesn’t want it….IM me.  I’ve pumped a ton of L into that thing and keep getting brass knuckles and pipes.  One might think I have a violent streak  SLURL:

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Burning the Midnight Oil

Last night I ended up hitting a midnight mania board before I went to bed at this great clothing shop named >>>Poison<<< I’d not been to before.  I was super happy to get this fabulous Rising Sun jacket that came in both Male and Female versions.  Mack is also wearing a t-shirt group gifts available at this location.  I have to say this is a great way to try out a new designer before spending a ton of Ls. As you can see from the pic….the clothing is really lovely.  Good shading, nice sculpts and a great fit.  >>>Poison<<< advertises themselves as rock metal kind of clothing shop and carries mostly casual wear.  Tees, Jeans, Leathers, Short Dresses, Tats, and a few accessories.  Everything is really moderately priced as well. LIMO:

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I was out and about the grid today and ran across a super cute cafe that I want to share with you all.  It’s called Poche Doughnut. It’s filled with all kinds of yummy donuts.  Everything from furniture to decor.   I think it’s a special build as there are some dates on the signage so make sure you get out there before April is over else you might miss the place altogether. As you can see from the pic it’s super colorful place.  Great to explore, take photos in, relax, have some coffee and eat some donuts.  Additionally you can take some some of these tasty treats for free click on the vendors while you are there.  I’ll let pics of the freebies be a mystery for now but you won’t be disappointed  Take the LM and explore your love for SL foods. SLURL:

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter all!  I just wanted to make a quick post with some fun freebies I got for Easter. Top picture is from Style by Kira and it’s a great fluffy bunny lounge pet.  It feels as soft as it looks.  The bottom left picture is a subscriber gifty from Little Glass Wish.  It’s hysterical.  From the still you can’t see that I’m chasing the Creme Egg which is spinning as I push it.  The final pic in the bottom right is a group gift from Shadow Moon…it’s adorable and has loads of sits. SLURL to Style by Kira:
SLURL to Little Glass Wish:
SLURL to Shadow Moon:

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