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The Dressing Room FUSION frenzy!

So, I went a little bit crazy at the new Dressing Room FUSION and got like one of everything. :X Okay, maybe not that much, but yeah… awesome round! The skin Al Vulo released for it, is like cupcakes with brownies inside! It’s that good. Umm, what else… Truth subscribo has a new freebie hair in it. It’s kinda cute… I’m not planning to wear it every day, but hey… anything free is awesome in my books! and yeah, that’s about it. School started back up again, so my posts won’t be as frequent as they were during break… deal with it. Xoxo, Alli btw… this SIM I took the picture at is AMAZING! I was going to include the slurl, but I’m curious of who actually looks at my blog… SO, if you want the landmark, you’ll need to IM me inworld. What am I wearing? The Dressing Room FUSION
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Aisha ] – [ Candy Porcelain ]
Pants: [AUX] Belted Flairs – Leopard Skull
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Can we say sexy, adorable, cute new shape?

So, for the purpose of this posting it is to just show off this amazing new shape my Wifeh made. It’s called Alli *beams gayly* and it’s on the Marketplace for only 500L! It’s copy/mod and soooo adorable, that I may not take it off for a few months! I am not blogging anything else on the post that I’m wearing, because most I have blogged already recently anyway… or is super old. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Happy upcoming New Year! Xoxo, Alli What am I wearing? Shape: {Anatomy} – Alli Marketplace Umm… this is for you, Wifeh!

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Happy Holidays Everyone! <3

Hoho, Merry Christmas!! Hiya my loves, I hope everyone is doing well and is having a safe joyous holiday season. I don’t really have much to say on this blog posting, other than I hope you like and happy shopping to you all! Xoxo, Alli What am I wearing? Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Lyala ] – Red Blonde Brow Cleavage- Sunkissed Hair: [e] Abbey – Brown 08 Jacket: : Paper.Doll : 12 Days Of Christmas: Day 10 *Group Gift* Jeans: Maitreya Mesh Flare jeans * #3 Ears: AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ears – 1″ Plug Shoes: ::CB:: EveryDay Swag Flats (long time ago- Lazy Sunday)
*I don’t think the store is open currently- sorry!* Bracelet: EarthStones Diamond Bangles – Platinum *Christmas pressie from my Twinkle! LOVE! <3* Nails: Izzie’s – Long Metallic Nails (Frostbite Collabor88)

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Gacha Time!

Omg, I don’t know about any of you, but gacha arcades are terribly addicting and evil for me. I normally spend an insane amount of money on something I probably would have never thought I “needed”. Take this fish tank gumball machine featured… I spent like 300L on trying to get the rare fish tank one… only to end up with an insane amount of PURPLE non fish tank one’s… *facepalms* Now I have a purple gumball machine for every room in my house. Dx Anyway, the newest arcade has a lot of really awesome stuff and is definitely worth checking out (just make sure to deactivate payment information and take only a couple 100L with you… lol). Also, Al Vulo has released another adorable skin and it’s out at the Winter Fair. Enjoy my lovelies. Xoxo, Alli What am I wearing? Skin: Al Vulo- [ Jade ] * [ Winter Snow Fairy ] – Dark brow **Winter Fair 2012** (Please be advised, I have a tattoo doll joint layer on. The skin itself doesn’t have weird little lines on the body or face as pictured.) Hair: Magika [03] Little Skirt: [Auxiliary] Alluring Mini *Mesh* – B Sweater, Shirt, Tights, Boots: *MC* Teal – Gacha Prize 2
Earmuffs: *League* Earmuffs -BabyPink CabelKnit
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Nerded Out

Hai girls, this posting I didn’t do much for. I didn’t really edit the photos or anything, because the only reason really behind this posting is just to show off Al Vulo’s new FREE group gift skin. Xoxo, Alli What am I wearing? Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Eleonor ] – [ son of Flowers **group gift**] Hair: ::Exile:: Semi Charmed Life:Sunset Outfit: ::Zup:: Mesh Outfit – Nerd Classic **shoes & glasses included!**
Marketplace Nails: Izzie’s – Metal Stripe Nails

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Okay, so we all have had them… those days where we don’t want to dress our pixels. The days where the very idea of going into our inventories to put together something cute to wear makes us nauseous… and yes even those RARE days when we don’t feel like shopping… :X Well, I had one today… so I did what any experienced shopper would do. I found this really adorable pre-put together outfit on Marketplace. It couldn’t get any easier with its simple click and wear. Oh, and it’s perfect for this time of year! Also, I may never take off these shoes, as they are sooo cute! Anyway… enjoy! Xoxo, Alli What am I wearing? Hair: ::Exile:: Semi Charmed Life:Marone Skin: LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Tone 1.5 Outfit: *{ SeVered GarDeN }* Nana Baby **Entire outfit with the exception of the nails and ring.**

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It’s rare that I ever let some stranger on SL truly upset me, but as it would seem… there is a first time for everything. I normally wouldn’t do this, but I am so flabbergasted and disgusted that I really feel the need to get this out there to my friends, so that they can be advised. I signed on today to two noobs having sex on my land. They had rezzed a noob bed and were going to town. I asked them to leave and they wouldn’t, and by the time I could get the ban thing up, they were griefing making immense lag freezing SL up. I was finally able to boot them off of the land and I noticed my neighbor person was home, so I IMed to give her the heads up. This chick goes rudely, “oh you weren’t apart of that, because the names have been pretty constant.” I’m sorry but like most of us who actually aren’t noobs and have SLives… I don’t spend a shit ton of time at my land… and if I am there… I’m in the sky, unaware of what is happening on the ground land.
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Gobble Gobble

Hello my fellow fashionistas! This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada, so for all of you Canuck’s out there… Happy Gobble Gobble!!! XD Al Vulo released another tone in the new Livia line. It’s really pretty and for sure worth checking out! I bought this new Burley hair and have yet to take it off… my friends might need to stage an intervention. :X This shirt I’m wearing… I take no credit for finding it, because my amazing Wifeh told me about it. It’s only like 35L or something ridiculously cheap! The belt I’m wearing is from Pepper and fits nicely even on us child baring hipsters. LOL Hmm… what else… yeah I got ‘nothin. Enjoy!
Xoxo, Alli What am I wearing? Skin: Al Vulo- Livia * natural dark brow cleavage (**New tone**- Sunkissed) Hair: [BURLEY]_Sirah_Black03 Shirt: EMPORIUM – Virgin.. – Shirt Mesh Pants: [M.I.D.] Stepup Jeans Black BAG
Marketplace Belt: ~Pepper~  Double Belt Shoes: N-core COQUETTE Spikes “Black”  

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New Al Vulo!!

Al Vulo has released a new skin called, Livia, and it’s beautiful! If you’re looking for a punk rocker outfit, the one I am wearing doesn’t get much cheaper! The full outfit (minus the shoes, of course…) was under 100L! Also, quick reminder for my lovely fashionistas… the [Elikatira], sale is ending soon! Xoxo, Alli What am I wearing? Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Livia ] – Fairy – Dark Side 2 Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Shell” Black 4 Outfit: :: alterego :: punkd – *Perfect Wardrobe Item* Shoes: Last Blog Posting! *Also, it should be noted that I am wearing a brow tattoo layer, beauty mark tattoo layer. and for the full outfit picture I have on a bruised tattoo layer. I sure do love my Firestorm layers option, eh? Xd*  

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I’m tired, therefore you all don’t get a fancy intro to this posting. Dx Elikatira is having a sale until October 1st I believe. So, make sure you head on over and check out the ridiculously cheap hairs! Xoxo, Alli What am I wearing? Hair: [e] Figure – Black 04 *HUGE SALE!!* Skin: *League* Skin Jen Pale -GlamGoth Dress: coldLogic dress – keach.gray Shoes: Slink Cassia Sandals Black   Also, because this is my blog and I’ll post what I want… xd Below you will find my argument for pro PUSSY POWER! Off of my FB timeline: “I wanted to bring this out onto my own timeline, from a rather important discussion being had on my friend’s TL. I think it’s important for as many people as possible to be educated on such “sensitive” matters… So, in case there is one or two of you not on my friend’s TL… allow me to introduce you to the fight for PUSSY.” “Alli’s Fashionblog: Here’s the thing about the word “pussy”.… Read the rest:)

City View Destruction

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a few daysish… I started school again on Thursday, so my blogging is going to be limited for a bit. Anyway, this outfit is super awesomeness in my humble opinion. Ronsem has released some pretty epic mesh clothing. I hope you all like!
Xoxo, Alli What am I wearing? Ears: AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ears – 1″ Hair: [LeLutka]-POMPAI hair – Pitch Skin: not available anymore- Curio. Shirt: RONSEM* TEE f01 mesh / black
Pants: RONSEM* JJ1 Pants (mesh) / female gray Boots: MIEL FAR BOOTS – SOLID Also, I didn’t buy the shape… but it was given to me by a good friend who use to have a shape store. If you like the look contact, lylah.lyric, inworld.

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.Silly girl.

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So I’ve been wearing this outfit for like… 4 okay 5 days? Its something very similar to what I would wear in real. These pants man, Boom for sure nailed it. They’re pretty much amazing. I must have stared at the wall for a good 10 mins trying to decide which pair to buy and stop myself from buying all of the fatpacks – which is still a possibility.    Anyway… onto the pics.     Body Skin – essences. Shape – mine.  Eyes – Redgrave.Emotional Blue Hair – Maitreya.Sasha  Feet – Slink.Mesh Lips – DeadApples.Gloss/Teeth [separate packs own combo both of which are available at her shop]   Accessories Bracelets/necklace Illusions – Cord wraps. Glasses – Iren – nerdglasses Piercing – Puncture – Smiley piercing [new fave as well] Piercing - Nox – Plugs [old project themeory item] Piercing – <- POM -> Collar  Nails – Izzie’s – Spring/Summer 2012 Edition Shoes – Slink – Mesh feet Illena add-on  Lashes – Maxi Gossamer – Lashes.Read the restImage


So, yesterday I got these awesome mesh ears and this great little dress. The dress for some reason reminded me of the 50′s… idk? So, I decided to attempt the look. I hope yous enjoy! P.s. Yesterday some keyboard gangster girl told me my pixels were ugly and I had no style… Xoxo, Alli What am I wearing? Hair: /artilleri/ Sabina II hair *ebony*
Glasses: /artilleri/ gabriella glasses *red* Dress: coldLogic dress – drew.white Shoes: 20.FIVE Flared Heels – Patterns- Cherry
Marketplace Ears: AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ears – 1″

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I can’t think of a title. :X

O’hai lovelies! These last few days I’ve been in quite an introspective mood and idk… this outfit seemed oddly a way of expressing how I am feeling. My grandchildren picked on me though; and maybe I’m just feeling “old” and that’s what this outfit represents to me? Hmm… anyway, the hair I have on is new at lamb! I love it. I am blogging this skin again, because the last post did a terrible job of showing off how nice it is… especially for a group gift. Umm, what else… yeah that’s all I got.
Xoxo, Alli What am I wearing? Skin: August. – Filthy group gift – F Cream ( C ) Hair: !lamb. Adore (Mesh) – Honeycomb Ombre Pants: *Fishy Strawberry* Lounge Pants (mesh) Bottle Wool
Shirt: *Fishy Strawberry* Suede and Wool Dress – Army Shoes: Mstyle RIVEA Pumps – Tan
Nails: Mstyle Perfect Long Nails – FRENCH2 Necklace: *League* 3Vintage Necklaces

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Dollar Fiddy PEACHES!! (she who reads this, will understand the title… everyone else, sorry! :x)

So, I love this tattoo. The end. Nah… j/k. The only part I’m not 100% crazy about is right below the navel there is a seamish line… but besides that, I totally dig it. It isn’t for everyone, but the tattoo is pretty cheap for a full body tat (350L!). This skin I’m wearing… that you can’t really see all that well (sorry!) is the new August group gift at Filthy. Xoxo, Alli BTW… anyone notice the new look for the blog? A big thank you to le wife for making it for me. <3 What am I wearing? Tattoo: [Sleepy Bozer] -  Color Chaos Skin: August. – Filthy group gift – F Cream ( C ) * It should also be noted that the skin doesn’t come with the under eye black marks… I added that to the skin, which came with an old gym outfit.  * Jeans: Spirit Store – Melly rigged mesh jeans unisex paints Shoes: UBU Drunks Shirt: [CALYPSO GIANO] Long Top – Color – F1
* The slurl isn’t showing up in search now.… Read the rest:D

A little voodoo magic for you…

What am I wearing? Outfit: [S] Party Mesh Dress *Satin White* @ the Voodoo Fair Shoes: [PM] Pixel Mode : Baby T’s – Plain – Black Stockings: Kyoot – Lacey White Knee Socks Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Amanda ] – [ 1986 ] Natural Cleavage Sunkissed *Vintage Fair* Hair: [BURLEY]_Lola_Blacks

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My throat feels like it is on fire… damn colds! BUT, awesome goodness in this posting! :)

O’hai girls! So, this skin I am wearing is very pretty and it’s at the Vintage Fair… make sure you go to check it out. Burley has released some really awesome new hairs… I might never take this one off! Xd Also, a lot of stores on the grid are having summer blow out sales, which makes this a great time to feed your shopping addictions! Oh, before I forget… I am thinking about changing my blog around a bit. I might even switch to blogspot, but still undecided. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas to spruce up my layout, please leave me a comment! Thank you all for your continued reading. <3 Xoxo, Alli What am I wearing? Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Amanda ] – [ 1986 Natural Cleavage Yoghurt ] *Vintage Fair!* Hair: [BURLEY]_Hannah_Blacks Stockings: -paper.doll- Tights: White *Summer Sale!* Panties & Bra: Kyoot – Soft Words Lingerie (Soft Grey) *Summer Sale!* Shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps – Isabelline *Was 50% off… might still be?* On repeat… Too Close- Alex Clare

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I was going to wait till tomorrow… er later this afternoon to blog this, but I’m just not sleepy enough to attempt sleep… SO, ta da!

O.M.G! There is so much goodness in this blog posting and most of the items are unbelievably ridiculously cheap! Al Vulo is a guest at The Dressing Room and the skin out is just cuteness! The first picture I have my own tattoo lip layer on the skin to give the more punk edge I was going for with this outfit, but I also included a close up of the face without the tattoo lip layer, so that you all can see exactly what the skin looks like. Anyway, just make sure you check everything out, because I really think you girls are going to like the awesome deals and newness out there. Xoxo, Alli What am I wearing? Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Candy ] – Summer Sunset- Cream
Shirt: *Fishy Strawberry* Luna Tank Tops- Strawberry
*THE DRESSING ROOM EXCLUSIVE!* Hair: [Ill] Illusory Hair – Misunderstood – Cupcake *HAIR FAIR!* Jeans: -paper.doll- SkinnyJeans: IndigoWash *SUMMER BLOWOUT SALE!* Shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps – Cerise *CURRENTLY 50% OFF!* Tattoo: [GLUE INK] ~Towards the Light~ Tattoo Faded
Gloves: [GLUE INK] Ree Gloves (black sheer)

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Hi! (I know, real original title… :x)

I’m half asleep so I’m going to keep this intro short, out of fear I won’t type anything coherent or intelligently. Xoxo, Alli What am I wearing? Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Julia ] – [ Sunkissed ] Peacock Blonde Cleavage *NEW tone and super pretty!* Piercing: ivy. – Yamira *NEW and really cute!* Hair: Magika [01] Flourish *MESH* Shoes: Mstyle RIVEA Pumps – Tan Jeans: ** Tyra Lowrise Jeans Slim Bleached Blue Top: I’m choosing not to blog this because part of the collar doesn’t rezz right, on one of the shoulders, and when I contacted the owner to inquire, I was given no response. I aim to keep my blog with items of only great quality. Tattoo: -UtopiaH-  – I’m NOT Jealousy Just don’t like that BITCH
*Private Room Event*

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One Voice Event

Sometimes even in what is supposed to be a “perfect world” things get “broken”, and we all have a moral obligation to do our utmost best to help fix it. I’m not sure if any of you have been following the “Curio scandal”, but there is an event taking place to help support the expensive costs Gala will face trying to get her skins back on the grid and her name cleared. Please come check out this event and stand with everyone who believes that doing the right thing is always important. Xoxo, Alli What am I wearing? Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ GEorgie ] – Black Blonde Cleavage Custard Dress: [S] Floral print dress *Marine* One Voice Event Shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps – Glaucous Panther *50% OFF AMT!* Hair: ::Exile:: MIdnight in Paris:Stefani Necklace: [ glow ] studio – Double Cross Necklace (TDR BLUE 55)

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