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Pirate Rummage and Albannach at Wheatcliffe!

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Shhh… have you heard?!  The Pirates have landed at Wheatcliffe!!  They’re throwin boxes and chests full of plunder… free for the takin!  Fine gowns, clothes, jewels, priceless treasure and more… and it’s all to be had Saturday February 18th at the docks of the beautiful and engaging Renaissance roleplay sim where the Shire of Wheatcliffe resides.  And that’s not all m’ hearties…. thar be music and revelry provided by the Scottish band Albannach!  You really don’t want to miss it! Here are the details from the announcement from Susanna Valeska – the Baroness of Wheatcliffe: Rummage and Albannach Performance|Tomorrow, Saturday the 18th at 1200 IW time, we will have all sorts of goodies washing up on the docks of Wheatcliffe from a pirate ship wreck. At 1 p.m. Albannach will perform their traditional Scottish music on the deck outside of the Lion’s Den Inn. If you have period clothing items to contribute, extra chests will be provided by cracker taggart.Read the rest



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Come Dream With Me…

I was setting up my shop in the New Equinox Village last week, when in comes this lovely lady, Cracker Taggart, dressed in a lovely dress and woolen knit leggings and gloves.  I complimented her on her lovely gloves and leggings, and she gave me a set!  After I found out she made them, and was also making the beautiful flowing dress she was wearing, I asked her if she had a shop.  And she said, No…. Well the rest of the evening we’re animatedly talking about this that and the other thing and finding out she’s an amazing builder with a massive inventory of things, when I finally convince her into renting a shop at Equinox.  So!  Be on the lookout for the new “TIO” shop at Equinox 2, where you can currently find some beautiful clothes and dresses in her “Sassie Scot” line.  Here she is, moments after getting the keys from our wonderful Equinox landlord, Taika Wirsling.  Look at that beautiful dress she’s wearing! … Read the rest

Before I Rust Away…

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I’m up again late tonight to bring a few more items out for the charity event at La Ville Macabre, running October 15th to November 1st in InWorldz. Here are the Bren sweater for Men and the Brew sweater for Ladies… in an exclusive recolor only to be found at this event! Once the event is over, they’re GONE so grab them now while you can. Visit the Chrysallis sim in InWorldz to find them and cozy up to a new sweater this fall!  100% proceeds benefit the Virtual Helping Hands charity. Visit Leanna Caerndow’s site for more info about this event. Mwah! Boudica

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La Villa Macabre – InWorldz!

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Great post and a wonderful cause!  Read more about it on Johnny Nightfire’s Blog.  Big thanks to Mera for the heads up! Hope to see you all out at La Ville Macabre! <3 Boudica

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A Tangled Web

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  Oh what a tangled web we weave… Boudica Destiny here, after a bit of a vacation from blogging while working on some other projects.  When Leanna Caerndow told me about the La Ville Macabre charity event to be held in InWorldz I was excited to be able to participate and create something new for a good cause.  Here is my offering… I hope you enjoy it! You can find the Tangled Web dress at the La Ville Macabre Interactive Haunted Village on the Cryssalis sim, located in InWorldz.  The event runs from October 15th to November 1st and is really something you don’t want to miss. Some incredibly talented people came together to build this sim, provide wonderful things to buy, and put together a great line-up of nightly events for you. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, and all proceeds from purchases made at the sim will go 100% to charity to benefit Virtual Helping Hands.  Please visit Leanna Caerndow’s site for more information, and visit La Ville Macabre this Halloween season… while it lasts!… Read the rest

And… we have video!

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Novice clothing designer and hair-dresser turned movie maker!  Yeah, can we say distracted?  Alright, so I’ve been wanting to learn how to do a video for awhile now and when I came across a post by Kate Fiorell and asked how she did the video, she turned me on to CamStudio.  Thanks Kate! Here is my very first attempt at video screen capture, using the freebie CamStudio 2.0 program, also my first attempt at putting a video on YouTube.  Hey what can I say, I’m trending with firsts! Please forgive the video quality.  I had my graphic settings on ultra with Sailor’s Delight windlight pre-set.  My movement is clumsy and jerky, but this is to give an idea of an Orientation trail I’ve created in the 3D virtual world of KoD on Reaction Grid and also to flex my tiny new video-making muscles. The video starts out at the welcome landing point near the arena for Kingdom of DeMolay, and I did not build any of that, or the great teleport topo-map. My part starts through the archway… I went a little wild having fun with landscaping and really think it helps bring a lot of realism to the scene.… Read the rest

Nooks and Crannies

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And now for something a little different! I made a harp!  Yeah I know… totally out of left field huh? So… what’s gotten into me?!  I have been working hard at creating new hairstyles, but had hit a rough spot in the design process as the last two wigs just didn’t “feel” right when I got them done.  While waiting to get suitably inspired I managed to injure my back working in the barn, and well, it just plain hurt to sit too long at the computer.  That put a bit of a damper in my style…  but now I’m back in the saddle and inspired to make something I’ve never attempted in all my years in virtual worlds… A harp! Gee a harp.  That can’t be hard right?  Well it may look simple, but there are lots of little details like strings and pegs… with 36 each of those, well it’s not easy to keep the total prim count down. I managed to complete the harp, and a nice chair to sit on for a total of 114 prims.  … Read the rest

A Stellar 4th

On 4th July 2011 · By Boudica Destiny · With Leave a comment
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Just hopping in real quick to let you all know I’m back from vacation!  RL has been plowing ahead full steam so I have not been able to log in much this week, but when I saw the word come across the wire that Stellar had a new group gift out I hurried over to grab it and share with y’all.  That’s right, I said y’all.  I’m feeling spunky today. Lexi Morgan of Stellar has created a great pair of shorts inspired by the good ole U.S. of A.  If you hurry you can get your own pair but they’re only out on July 4th, at the Stellar Mainstore on Emsland. While you’re there, why not go whole hog and get the great sneakers and baseball shirt as well.  I’ve always loved and admired Lexi’s talent and touch with details.  And now on a more serious note…. to all my friends in the United States, wishing you a very happy Independence Day.  I’m thankful for the multitude of freedoms we still have, but also this year more than others, aware of so many of our friends around the world that are losing their freedoms. … Read the rest

A Little Sightseeing!

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I’m so excited!  Here’s a machinima of the special project I’ve been working on.  I made all the hair in this video! Not only have I been exploring in a re-creation of the Medieval City of Rhodes and making hair for a really great project working with the Kingdom of Demolay creative team, but they’ve just come out with a machinima trailer highlighting everything we’ve been working on.  It was fun being part of the actors in the making of the video.  At one point I was a young teen man roller-skating around the piano in the park concert scene.  Another time I was the goalie in the soccer scene.  Go Yellow!  Also played the skateboarding girl in the pac-man-esque hedge maze game.  I think we all had way too much fun helping put this together, but all the machinima credit goes to Ariella Furman of who did a fabulous job on it!  You can see more examples of Ariella’s work here: … Read the rest

Taming Rowena

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 Oft she strayed as windflowers played, Gathering poppies red for her bower-bed.  Tangled tresses touseled by wayward breeze. Brought spying suitors to their knees,  To beg one sweet glance from maiden fair, Rowena of the untamed hair. Today I chanced upon a lovely gown at Evie’s Closet that was only 50I’z.  I nearly scattered the contents of my coin-purse in my flurry to procure the tiny amount of requested cents.  Ladies, if you are looking for a lovely gown for your wanderings and roleplay, you might wish to saunter over to Evie’s Closet on the Big Blue Easy sim in InWorldz to find Rowena.  The gown comes in White or Black with beautiful white embroidery on the bodice and long flowing ethereal sleeves. Worn also are the Dark Earth necklace by Svarovski, Tomorrow skin by Pulse, Shine V2 Bluish eyes by Eye Candi, and Tayme – a new hair that I am working on for Destiny Hair. Wishing meadows full of all the flowers your heart can hold!… Read the rest