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Picnic Panic!

Ok well maybe not a panic but a slight dash if sales of these are anything to go by since they were put out on display at Fab Pads a few days ago. I am confident there will be a panic soon though now that you all know about them. ;)So here we go, intro…

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Fab Bag ll

If the first Fab bag was not enough for you we have the Fab Bag ll (because we like to be original with our naming system) ;)As before except that this version is two prims. Still texture change and still 6 poses built in both with menus on touch.Mod, …

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Fab Bag

The Fab Bag is a low cost low prim seating solution with a dash of style. Equally at home in your living room or in a large venue where requiring lots of seating does not have to mean compromising on quality or looks.Containing six carefully chosen …

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Male Torso Statues.

A beautifully crafted statue that is at home in the garden, in your home or on a sim build. The Male Torso Statue is only 3 prims and has 6 carefully chosen animations with touch menu activation.Custom sculpts and baked textures makes this statue a tru…

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London Gaslights. A new range of outdoor lighting available now!

Beautifully crafted outdoor lighting from Fab Pads!The lights in the ‘London’ range were actually made for my own use during the recent Fab Pads store refurb. However folks want to buy what they want to buy so they are now for sale in store. There ar…

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What goes up must come down!

Finally, after a frantic few days the Fab Pads region refurb is nearing completion. So much so that last night the switch was thrown and Fab Pads is open for business again. (cue applause!)Hopefully it won’t be too long before the sim is 100% but until…

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Kia Two Chair Set.

Two chairs and one low price – the Kia set from Fab Pads!Chair 1 weighs in at 5 prims whilst chair two boasts a slightly higher 8.Texture change menu with four different colour options.3 poses with menu in each chair.Mod, Trans and No Copy perms.200 L$

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1982 Retro Sofa

The 1982 Retro Sofa from Fab Pads includes six carefully chosen animations in each seat cushion with animation menu on touch. Texture change menu with five colours to choose from. – Berry, Mustard, Oatmeal, Chocolate and Blueberry. Simply touch the …

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2 Prim Garden Bench

The 2 Prim Garden Bench from Fab Pads will enhance any outdoor area. With two solo animations and one cuddle animation built in the bench is functional and romantic straight out of the box. Custom sculpted for the highest possible detail at the lowe…

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The Store That Never Was.

Like most builders, unless I am odder than I imagine, I often work away at something with boundless enthusiasm only to suddenly have one of those ‘What are you thinking’ moments. When I was building the current, soon to be demolished Fab Pads region wa…

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Up in the Sky!

Up in the sky, way above the Fab Pads region things are afoot. Humps is putting the final touches to the new store redesign. The current layout has been in place for well over a year now and I decided a change was overdue. I am really excited about the…

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