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Mystic Stallion

I found this horse on the Marketplace a while back. It has around 11 built in poses, and it's texture change. This color is just so mystical looking to me, for some reason, (or maybe I'm just weird.) it was an instant yay. Not to mention, I've always loved horses. When I was little, I told my mom I wanted one. She said, "but you don't have anywhere to keep it!", to which I replied, "YES I DO! I'll keep it in my bedroom!". I'm sure it goes without saying, that idea didn't work. I'm glad now though. If it had, I'd still be cleaning poo out of my carpet. :D

Anyway, when I found the horse, I instantly knew which outfit to pair it with for the photo. I found this dress at Fameshed many months ago. It's from Zenith. They also made the head wreath I'm wearing, which matched perfectly with the colors in the dress.  I think the style of the dress helps portray the innocent vibe I was looking for.

That's the beauty of Second Life™. You can become an innocent maiden, roaming through a whimsical forest, with a mystical horsie by your side.… Read the rest




May 2019
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It’s been a long time

Wow! I hadn't realized how long it had been since I did a blog post. A long, loooooooong time! In my defense, I haven't been slacking - just extremely busy. Holidays, 2 sim rebuilds, and my store. Ugh! Also, my inventory had gotten so bad, I didn't change clothes for weeks at a time, because it would of taken me an hour just to find an outfit. wheeee Luckily, I've had a little extra time this week, and I finally got my crap organized. Go me! *nerdsmile*
Anyhoo, I saw this dress on someone while I was on a routine shopping trip a while back, and I was all OMGZTHATISSOCOOL! It's from Peqe. I absolutely love the way the sleeves are. Totally awesome. I had gotten the wire collar from Zibska back during Mystic Realms Faire. I think it gives the dress an edgy flair.
As for the location of the photo, I looked all over, trying to find a spot with the right vibe. I found a sim called China. It is very minimalistic, but totally fabulous. The very few items on the sim look like charcoal drawings, of sorts.… Read the rest

Casual Day

Hi everyone! Lots of fun new items are out right now from designers participating in great monthly events.  There is just so much good stuff out there right now - it just blows my mind and my pocketbook.  Wasabi Pills has released Sibel for Uber.  Its a just right medium length hair with a bit of curl and braid over the top; perfect for sweet looks.  The Men's Dept. opens tomorrow with a fantastic collection.  My pants, bag and necklace will be there and each comes in a version for both genders.  I love the little toggle on KITJA's pipe pants and yes they come in colors more masculine than pearl.  Enfant Terrible has joined the event and has a fabulous set of bags. They come in many sizes as well as rigged and non-rigged versions. There is also a smaller handbag.  These are available in other colors as well. The BullzSkull from modish is does have both M/F sizing as well as a materials version. I also adore my cropped sweater from Pixicat, out at the this round of Kustom9.… Read the rest

Monotone Matchup

A new round of Uber started a few days and this event is turning out to be one of my favorites for sophisticated clothing.  Ison, who presents his new Celestial set at Uber, is probably hands down my favorite designer - I cannot wait to see what he releases next.  His looks are always clean lines and impeccable tailoring, which is my preferred way to dress.  The outfit consists of a shirt, skirt and necklace, all which I'm showing today.  Because of the flair at the bottom of the shirt, it should be easy to wear with slim slacks or any trim skirt and I can see the skirt looking fantastic with a riding jacket.  Both the skirt and top are available in 5 different colors.  The Celestial Neck Piece is also available in Silver or Gold and makes a gold statement.  My hair is a recent release from Truth called Ivana. It's a cross between an updo and pigtails, which makes it really versatile.

Shirt: ISON: Celestial Bell-sleeve Top - dark - New Release available @ Uber
Skirt: ISON: Celestial Maxi Skirt - Tan - New Release available @ Uber
Neckpiece: ISON: Celestial Neck Piece - silver - New Release available @ Uber
Hair: Truth: Ivana - New Release
Ring: Candy Doll - Pearl Ring - Gold (includes HUD for stone and metal variations)
Shoes; Eudora 3D: Classic Pumps - Available at The Liaison Collaborative - closes early this round for a big move so get there ASAP
Skin: Glam Affair: Cassia - Artic 06

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Red Queen

More awesomeness from The Liaison Collaborative this month.  The theme this month is Classic Romance as we head towards Valentine's Day and other lovey things.  Also the most adorable newer hair from Truth!  Check out credits for all the info!
Hair: Truth: Minerva: perfectly romantic, casual yet can be dressed up. New Release
Skin: Glam Affair: Sia - Arctic Tone 05 B: currently available at Leaf on the Wind (100% Donation)
Lashes: Gaeline: Felicia Lashes
Eyes: Ikon: Destiny Eyes: Clarity
Jewelry: Izzie's: Includes 2 pearl crowns (w/& w/o fishnet), 3 pearl necklaces (variations on flower), 1 pair of pearl earrings, 1 bracelet (one for each wrist): available in 5 colors or do yourself a favor and get them all - they are so very pretty: available at The Liaison Collaborative
Gown: Junbug: Mademoiselle Coco: Ruby: available in 8 gorgeous colors: available at The Liaison Collaborative
Poses: Le Poppycock: from the Yesternight's Dream set: available at The Liaison Collaborative (a auto-favorite set that includes masquerade masks or swans (depending on the pose): includes separate poses as well as poses within the prop, making it super friendly for non-rez sims) 

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London Calling: Leaf on the Wind and Cute Builds

Ok. First the serious stuff. One very generous and talented lady, Scarlet Chandrayaan, of Alouette, recently received word of the news nobody ever wants to hear: cancer.  And to make it seem worse, she was ready to embark on a happy chapter of her life, making a big move to live with her love, and only 26 to boot.  But SL did what SL does at it's best; dear friends of Scarlet came together and put together the Leaf on the Wind event, which is raising funds so that Scarlet can visit London, which is a biggie on her bucket list. Some folks sneer at fundraisers, but I believe in them in most cases, At some point in are life we encounter big obstacles: financially, healthwise or a significant death, and I think fundraisers in SL do 2 big things: money (obviously) and emotional support that says "somebody cares about me".  The event runs to February 1st and includes donation items, raffles and direct donations as well as a way to send a personal message to Scarlet.… Read the rest

Snow Queen 2015

Just being a normal girl today.  A new month means lots of new events and fun things to buy.

Hair: Truth: Harmony - includes ponytail and updo versions - new release
Skin: Glam Affair: Miko Chii skin - artic 01E
Coat: Blank Line: Mountain Para - both m/f versions with a lot of options - new @ The Men's Dept.
Pants: Fishy Strawberry: Snowday Pants - Grey: Hud to change ankle, tie and logo textures: available at The Liaison Collaborative
Shoes: United Colors: Gold Studds sneakers - red: new release @ The Men's Dept.
Hands: Slink - elegant
Pose - Sari-Sari: from the Snow Love Gacha at The Liaison Collaborative - there are some wonderful poses, some with props to win! 

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Babes in the Wood

Hi all. Hope your holidays, however you celebrate, have been well.  I actually presented a clean house and marvelous feast and promptly fell over ill as soon as the last guest left my house :) After a few days of nearly continuous sleep and a few bowls of  "sick soup" (what we call my homemade chicken rice soup) I am hoping to get up most of my backlog of photos taken for holiday events. I've really enjoyed blogging some of the Christmas and seasonal items available this year in SL, wares I previously avoided in pre-mesh days.  If you are still in the spirit but done with Christmas trees and Santa suits a great place to visit is Gothmas by Gaslight.  GxG, which it's also called, is brought to you by Cursed Events (who also host A Tattered Page, World Goth Fair, etc.) runs through January 3 and a great place to visit for unusual holiday fare. All vendors this year have been updated for gifting options and there are many exclusive versions of items that will not be available after the event, so do not miss.… Read the rest

Snow Bunny

Hi! I rarely look at the Destination Guide, but checked out 'photogenic spots' recently and was very intrigued by a post for Frisland.  I keep planning on setting up some winter scenes but just have not had time, so I popped over to Frisland and discovered the most wonderful winter location.  The sim is heavily forested making it perfect to find a little hiding spot and shoot some photos of an adorable get-up.

The Men's Department has gachas this month only and quite a few of them are also female friendly. B.C.C. is offering some lovely heavy sweaters and if you are really lucky you can win a version for men or women (you pick gender) with a lovely coat.  Nardcotix also has a gacha at TMD and you can win a variety of Rain Boots.  I loved the Plaid ones with this look as they have a subtle pattern reminiscent of Burberry's iconic Horseferry check.  At first I was stumped with what to pair with the jacket and then I remembered the precious leggings by Pixicat at Collabor88.… Read the rest

It’s Cozy Inside

Is it only me???  Ever since the weirdness with SL this past weekend I cannot stop freezing up or crashing.  I have deleted and reinstalled viewers, checked the health of my comp, etc. to no avail.  So I am back in catch up mode (story of my life).  Today has been a quite a bit more stable and I was able to create a sweet Christmas scene with a cozy daybed that I would love to curl upon.  I think back to our pre-mesh days and I had zero interest in holiday items.  However, I love vintage in RL and there are so many stand-outs in SL...things that evoke deep sentiments and so I indulge, if only for a brief moment.

Daybed: Trompe Loeil: Snow Daybed: available in both PG and A versions, includes optional AO packs in case you want to customize it with your own textures. Otherwise, the bedding and blankets are color change.  Currently available at Collabor88.
Fireplace: noctis: Aloysus Edwardian fireplace - Gorgeous Art Nouveau period fireplace, a style that was particularly popular in Europe during the Edwardian years.… Read the rest

Brr Cold

Oh, God. The Arcade! What a love/hate thing I have going on with that event.  I want it all, always, and I've basically forgotten how to blog for the last week as I have been stuffing my inventory to the gills like a squirrel stuffs acorns before winter.  I've always been an inventory hoarder since the beginning and something about having to get every single item from some sets (whether I use them is missing the point) that turns me into a Skinnerian button pusher.  Eh, but there are worse things to be in life than a bonafide SL fashion addict. I think I channeled The Blue Boy for my look today. It all just fell together perfectly once I was able to say "slow down, Eden" and start putting the look together.
I get way too long-winded in my posts, as Qopi has reminded me.  So instead of saying things twice, I will elaborate on the items in credits!

Dress: even.flow: Wendy Dress - Blue: available in many colors or as a FP HUD: New Release
Bow: ISON: Opulent Bow Tie - Frozen (Rare) - gorgeous!… Read the rest

Is There Still Hope?

My husband, who was the sweetest man in the world, loved birds of prey.  He always said they were so interesting and smart. He died suddenly a few years ago in November and so when I see these birds I always smile a bit as if he is sending me a message (as well as hope they don't catch any little cuties).  Consider it just a bit of my strangeness. The November round of Genre is post apocalyptic not really getting down with happy holidays, but Genre has never claimed to be mainstream.  Bliensen + MaiTai is a regular participant in the event and Plurabelle Laszlo has created a Bottle Cap mask and necklace for the event.  I first remember Bleinsen + MaiTai for a free Bottle Cap necklace in the store about a zillion years ago when I was blogging for Free*Style.  It was with that necklace that I started to love her work so I feel it is only natural that I don the new edgier set.  The necklace comes in versions for both men and women and the mask is not rigged, so I don't see why it could not be worn by a male face with a bit of improvisation.… Read the rest

21Shoe: Sneak Peek for November 21

I have been completely crashtastic for the last couple of week so no fanceh photos today, but I think the news is more important than the photo in this case! 21Shoe is back in a big way! If you are unfamiliar with 21Shoe it's essentially a one day event, occurring on the 21st of each month, where a slew of shoe designers offer a 2 for 1 deal on shoes.  In the past these shoes were only been available on that particular day, but the rule has been expanded to where the shoe must be either new or exclusive.  Other than that there are really no limits, though you may find that many of the shoes are for Slink Mesh Feet or for one of the newer mesh bodies. However, that may not always be the case so be sure to check the specification for each shoe.  For a quick peak at tomorrow's shoes check out the 21Shoe Blog!  I am always excited on "21 day" and can't wait to indulge my shoe passion tomorrow!
Also, 21Shoe is what is termed a floating event in that there is not one specific location for the event and takes place at each participating designer's main store.… Read the rest

Winter is Coming…Already?

It has been snowing like the dickens in RL and I've been dressing up Eden in warming clothes even though it is always warm on my platform where I hide most of the time. I am a big fan of Coco and I grab just about any coat or suit that she makes as they are always perfect.  She recently released the Chester Coat and a new Sweater with Shirt underneath and I had to have at least one color of each. The sweater has the added feature of a version that fits under coats and not having to fight mesh clash makes me very happy.  I guess I can justify buying more purely on that basis.
So much of the "stuff" I am wearing with the outfit is currently available at various events.  Wasabi Pills has the adorable Karin hair at FaMESHed for November.  I love the short bangs; besides being fresh, they always make me think of a gamine like Audrey Hepburn or Winona Rider.  The gorgeous shoes I am wearing are from Nardcotix, which has recently reopened and making stunning shoes.… Read the rest

I feel a Nip in the Air

In RL you can feel much more than a nip as we are receiving a massive Arctic blast and the only reasonable place to be is bundled up in your home.  On days like this my gratitude simply overflows for what I have.  Tableau Vivant and Glam Affair have collaborated on a hair/skin look that is sold together!  Miko Chii has been made for the CosplaySL event, which runs November 15 - 30.  How it works is that there are 11 different combinations to chose from, each corresponding to one of Tableau Vivant's hair HUD options, and a Glam Affair skin is specially chosen and included to enhance the hair.  The hair HUD includes 30 color options and includes 3 sizes. The skin chosen is in the Arctic tone and includes several brow shapes and color options. Because the skin and hair is sold together, your option to mix and match is to purchase more than one combination.

The clothing and accessories I am wearing are currently available at The Liaison Collaborative.… Read the rest

50 Shades of Eden and one of them is pissed :)

Angry because I have spent the last several days in SL attempting to get this shot and either my new graphics card is a fail or the cable provider is a lamo and not giving me a good connection. Either way, my son finally relented and let me use his laptop.  What a difference a good computer makes!
I would take the comp back but he might die. Cable doods are coming later this week and if that does not fix it it means no decent comp for me for the duration! Grr

The items I am showing in this scene are some fabulous items from events that are ending soon.  Run to FaMESHed and check out Trompe Loeil's Paxton Living Room Set.  The primary items include an overstuffed sofa and chairs and one of the coolest coffee tables I have seen in SL, not shown but looks like a large tree slice {ie. Sequoia).  Also available are the paintings and lighting shown above. Season's Story, which I think runs a few more days is as lovely as always and I fell hard for Eula's new Wilma hair.… Read the rest

Like a Queen

Just a quick post to show off my FABULOUS new dress I found at this round of The Fantasy Collective. It's by Senzafine, and is called the "Caterina" gown. I have to admit, I haven't bought a big poofy formal type dress in ages cuz well, I never go anywhere to wear them, but when I saw this one, it was love at first sight. The texturing is exquisite, and it fits perfectly! It's available in 8 colors, and is very reasonably priced.

Since the dress has sort of a "regal" vibe to it, what better to top it off with than a crown! :D This one is also at The Fantasy Collective this round. It's called the "Isabel" crown, by Sweet Lies Designs. It's available in silver & gold, and both have a color change hud for the gems.

 I finished off my look with one of my favorite necklaces from Lazuri. Not only is it beautiful, but it's named after a character from my most favorite movie EVER! (not sure if that was on purpose, or a coincidence, but yeah) The Esme necklace! ^.^ If you've never been to Lazuri, you definitely need to check them out.… Read the rest

Sometimes it gets to be too much

Like most folks that I know in SL I tend to get too busy to the point where I can't keep up or get so overwhelmed with IM's and tasks that SL ceases to be fun.  SL, at least if you are a fashionista, has become so fast paced.  I cannot keep up anymore with events, which like it or not, is SL's current business model...and I like events, and even, work on some.  It has introduced me to so many designers I would have never known.  Almost every thing I am wearing or am standing on or next to is from a recent event and include some items that I will continue to wear or use over and over again.I love to death Baiastice's new Tori dress which is available right now at The Liaison Collaborative. It is the definitive sexy slip dress and great care has been taken on the placement of lace and texture shading to show off a woman's curves, even a no-mesh-body, tiny avatar like me.  Some of you may remember the slip dress that Digit Darkes made about a billion years ago in SL.… Read the rest

It’s in the details

Trompe Loeil's Attic Skybox for Collabor88 is full of architectural details that lend so much character to the build. The skybox has 3 large rooms, all with fireplaces (and includes both candle and log arrangements) and is ridiculously priced for this month at Collaborate. Also included is a separate surround with dusky skies and lit trees (which I forgot to use) as well as two versions of the skybox: a stand alone and one inside of the surround. Cory is also selling the wingback chairs shown on the left side of my photo, which comes with a white and natural wood finish (and with/without a pillow). The chairs are tastefully texture change with 18 animations as well as props.
In with some old favorites I have tossed in some fabulous items from several events: The Liaison Collaborative, The Theme Park and Mystical Realms, which is closing soon and a must see.  I also was attracted to quite a few items to be found in the Terror-iffic Hunt, which has some adorable items for only $L 5 each.… Read the rest

Into the Woods

It's the final week of Mystic Realms and if you have not been there you really must.  I am not an RP'er but I like to switch up my look and the shopping there was absolutely fantastic.  Even G Field is there and it is always nice to see new works from Cerebus Noel.  I am a long time fan of the meticulous effort put into items.  I still have hundreds of pairs of the sculpt shoes because they have simply held up to the test of time, while others have been tossed and forgotten. G Field's Elwyn outfit is a single piece, though it looks like separates.  It comes in 5 standard sizes and in 4 colors. If you can't decide which to buy, get the fatpack because it's a really good value.  I've become more aware of Isabeau Baragula's work for Kalopsia, especially her range of skill.  She has several items at Mystic Realms including the stone arch, well, and tree bench shown here. However, if you visit The Men's Dept. right now you will see houses she has made to resemble metal shipping crates that are just as incredible.… Read the rest