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On a circus theme

Vero Modero currently has a Circus themed range of outfits which has just been launched . They have a real  classic vintage feel to them and of course are wonderfully dramatic reflecting the theatrics of  a good old fasioned Circus perfectly….

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Circus 3



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To catch a snowflake

Should the approach of winter be bleak? no! it should be full of wonderful vibrant winter colours! and I love nothing more than fabulous shades of purple and pink! and that’s one reason that I was drawn to these amazing boots from Kristica created as a…

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Hungry in School

It was very silent in the classroom. Half an hour ago it had been filled by the sounds of a class but then the teacher suddenly had to leave to have a talk with a mother, who was angry about her daughters marks, and he was so much in hurry that he forg…

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Zombiegirl I

On equestrian pursuit

Hair: 125L – Elfje – BG06 by Mina @ > Zombie popcornSkin: 750L – Solstice – Autumn – Utopia ( there is a gorgeous group gift which is the winter version of this skin at the moment join fee 50L)  > HeartsickEyes: 200L – Old moss &gt…

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Black swan

The black swan caught Jade’s attention when she was visiting her palace in the north of the golden empire. The empire has been reigned by her family for ages and it was planed that Jade would be the next queen. She was not really glad about this but wa…

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A walk in the lost forest

[on the way towards stage]

Adrenaline was seeping from his body just like the first hint of anticipating sweat, bemusing his surroundings with the thick, musky perfume of his tension while his heartbeat increased to a level not even their drummer in one of his brilliant solos co…

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[on his way towards stage]

Modeling in red boots

Evie wasn’t rich enough to afford models to pose in her clothing. Luckily she was also not rich so she had to decide if she would buy cloth from her money or food and mostly she bought cloth. Which was not always healthy but good for her shape. So she …

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Dollarbie body suit

Tree ancestor

None of the other fighters dared to have as long hair as Ethelinda. But they did not have her skills and also not her problems. There must have been a tree somewhere in her family. It was not really clear if one of the grandmothers of her grandmothers …

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miamai dawi black

Terror Frogs

The weather was perfect, the guests would arrive soon and her hair was as she wanted it. But suddenly Elise heared a frog. This was one of the worst things which could happen. A jazz concert with the constant croaking of a frog would be really annoyin…

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Eboni face III

Countess of cozy

Countess pumps are the new release at Skifija and are a luscious pair of Louboutin style skyscraper heeled court shoes. As always with shoes from Skifija they come with a hud which enables you to pick any colour of rainbow for every part of the shoe. G…

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Wrong Mermaids

The waves stroked her feet while she wandered over the water. It was typical for her kin to wander over the water. All of them were great swimmers and even able to fly when they were in their true form. But of course it was more fun to surprise sailing…

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Draconismaris III


There are some amazing new releases at Vero Modero for men and women and this outfit is just one of them! it just so happens to be my favourite too. The kara set is a complete outfit which comprises of trousers, top & boots. I love the edgy detaili…

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Fur & fringes

Skin: 0L – Luckyboard item – > MOTHER GOOSE’S (I am wearing eyelashes so the eyes look darker than usual in these pictures)Hair: 0L – group gift – Naomi – Onyx  >  D!VA  (comes with or without a headscarf which is texture…

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Zombie Strippers

It had been the fairies who managed that all creatures got equal rights. They had felt discriminated by the other kins and unfortunatly they found an advocate who thought that it would be entertaining to help them. The lawyers were the only race which …

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Stripper Zombies IV

Peruvian textiles

I’m still exploring the wonderful Autumn clothes out there and If only there were enough Lindens for everything that you want to buy! thank heavens for those great promotional freebies out there to enable to keep my addiction thoroughly topped up. Toda…

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In the Jungle

On the search for her brother Sybill had seen more fantastic things and beings than she ever planed to see. Now she somehow got into this tropical forest and was not sure if she would ever manage to find out of it. The night had started quite promising…

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black lucky board dress

[suffering for your sins]

“Not even the unbearable ache as they drilled those thorns of steel through my head and took my eyes was comparable to the pain you punished me with when you left me, blind and suffering for your numerous sins.”A little mix of old and new in this post,…

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[suffering for your sins]

Waiting maid

Was that the sound of a horn? Fina walked quickly to the windows to peek out. But it seemed like the ship still hadn’t arrived. After releasing a deep sigh she turned around and started to clean the empty coffee shop. Her long hair, which she had wrapp…

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Frenchmaid back

On the hunt

Hair: 0L – who doesn’t love Princess leia particularly this iconic hairstyle which has been encapsulated perfectly by Milk Motion for – the Seasons hunt which comes in 3 colours  > Milk motionSkin: 0L – Great halloween inspired group gift …

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Blood and Machine Oil

The statue cried again. Esra was more than satisfied with her work. Some priests had asked her to help them with a statue which had been crying blood for several month and then suddenly stopped. They had tested the machine they had installed in the sta…

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