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On a circus theme

Vero Modero currently has a Circus themed range of outfits which has just been launched . They have a real  classic vintage feel to them and of course are wonderfully dramatic reflecting the theatrics of  a good old fasioned Circus perfectly. Here are a small selection of my favourites from the collection.

Skin: 0L - Horang - Luckyboard item > Mother Goose's
Outfit: 500L - Alii - white >  Vero Modero
Boots: 260L - Turin boots - Red > Vero Modero

Skin: 800L - Jenny -  Red bronze > Al Vulo
Hair: 200L - Persuasion - Black > Alice project
Dress: 500L - Helter Set - Red >  Vero Modero
Boots: 0L - part of the Twilight hunt item > Lovecats
Pose: 10L - From the Magda set > Purple poses

Skin: 800L - Jenny - Red bronze > Al Vulo
Outfit: 650L - Eda gown - black >  Vero Modero
Hair: 200L - Persuasion - black > Alice project
Pose: 10L - From the Magda set > Purple poses

All shapes used in my blog posts are from > CS Shapes

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May 2015
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To catch a snowflake

Should the approach of winter be bleak? no! it should be full of wonderful vibrant winter colours! and I love nothing more than fabulous shades of purple and pink! and that's one reason that I was drawn to these amazing boots from Kristica created as a special limited offer for XYROOM (events run for 3 weeks before rotation)

This divine unisex hair is a current group gift at Dura and the scarf is also a group gift at SMS which comes in 2 colours with and without the brooch option. Gotta love this jumper which is a luckyboard item at Bonne Chance, there's also a mens version in green on the boards.

Now I hate to blog items that are no longer available and it annoys me when I see other blog posts that do as it always seems to be that I only want the item that is not available! however sometimes you put a look together and it's only when you go in store to make a slurl that you realise this error. The great news is  in the case there are similar alternatives available. The trousers were a halloween gift  at Pesca which are no longer available, however there are some very similar ones in different shades if you like the style.… Read the restSnowflakes

Hungry in School

It was very silent in the classroom. Half an hour ago it had been filled by the sounds of a class but then the teacher suddenly had to leave to have a talk with a mother, who was angry about her daughters marks, and he was so much in hurry that he forgot Emilia. And Emilia was always hungry. She belonged to a very old and feared family of hungerdemons and had not managed to transfer her hunger on others. So she constantly had the need to eat and unfortunatly she liked living flesh so much. Although she was not choosy when it came to food - her manners were perfect so she did not make any sounds while she started to eat through the rows. So the pupils in front of her did not realize what was going on behind them.

Most parents were shocked when they heared that Emilia would attend the school but all beings had to be treated equaly and after a huge donation the head of the school was quite willing to allow her to visit the school. The teachers were instructed to controll the young demon all the time.… Read the restZombiegirl I

On equestrian pursuit

Hair: 125L - Elfje - BG06 by Mina @ > Zombie popcorn

Skin: 750L - Solstice - Autumn - Utopia ( there is a gorgeous group gift which is the winter version of this skin at the moment join fee 50L)  > Heartsick

Eyes: 200L - Old moss > Poetic colours

Shirt: 99L - tied up denim shirt - old wash (other shades & black available too) > ISON

Gillet: 0L - Fur vest - Mushroom hunt item > C'est la vie

Jeans: 0L -  Group Luckyboard item ( Jeans have bellbottom attachments too for a different look)  > NuDoLu

Boots: 222L - Strappy Boot > WOot

Belt: 188L - Waist belt - Oak > WOot

Pose: 50L ( for pack of 5) - Handy dandy 4 > Juxtapose

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Black swan

The black swan caught Jade's attention when she was visiting her palace in the north of the golden empire. The empire has been reigned by her family for ages and it was planed that Jade would be the next queen. She was not really glad about this but was willing to bear the duties which would come with that title. As all future queens she was sent on a journey through the empire to get to know the different parts and to meet as many citizens as possible. It was very exhausting and Jade was angry at herself that she accepted to reign. But she knew that somebody had to and did not want that somebody would gain the power who would not care about the empire. So she finally got to the last corner of the empire and during an event where she had to meet many of the local notabilities she saw the swan. Jade followed the animal into the forest and was stunned. She never had been alone in a forest and this was a lost one. People said she had only been a few minutes in the forest but for Jade it was like hours.… Read the restA walk in the lost forest

[on the way towards stage]

Adrenaline was seeping from his body just like the first hint of anticipating sweat, bemusing his surroundings with the thick, musky perfume of his tension while his heartbeat increased to a level not even their drummer in one of his brilliant solos could reach. He could feel them, those subtle, yet electrifying vibrations of desire from the crowd, radiating through steel and concrete, letting his baby hair raise stand on end. They wanted him. They needed him. And they were loving him, too - eager to get a shot of the drug that was his mesmerizing voice. He paused in his track and looked up towards the ceiling, his words speaking of admiration and wonder. "Can you hear them shouting?" Catching the guitarist's grin from the corner of his eyes, he shivered as the hoarse voice reached his ears. "They're shoutin' for you, man - just for you..."

Lately, I never manage to resist whatever gorgeous hairstyle lamb! puts out at Collabor88, and so I found myself leaving with two of the color-packs once again.
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Modeling in red boots

Evie wasn't rich enough to afford models to pose in her clothing. Luckily she was also not rich so she had to decide if she would buy cloth from her money or food and mostly she bought cloth. Which was not always healthy but good for her shape. So she was able to model the clothes she created. After a while she started to sell many of them. Which allowed her to buy more cloth and to create dresses which were even more stunning than the ones she had been making when she was broke.
Diapop and Somapop moved and has a nice dollarbie in their new store. Its a shirt and shorts in brown with a diamond pattern on it. The set comes with a fitting belt and its possible to mod the primparts to make the smaller. The new store of Diapop and Somapop reminds a bit on an empty factory building and is worth a visit.
Virtual/Insanity has a lot new items and the choker with the cross is one of them. The set includes two versions, one with a bigger cross and one with a smaller one. Those who do not want an inverted cross can modify the choker and just turn the cross around.… Read the restDollarbie body suit

Tree ancestor

None of the other fighters dared to have as long hair as Ethelinda. But they did not have her skills and also not her problems. There must have been a tree somewhere in her family. It was not really clear if one of the grandmothers of her grandmothers was one or one of their mothers. But her hair was way thicker than the hair of others and sometimes she grew twigs. So everyday she had to search for new buds and in spring she sometimes had to deflower herself.

The Dewi pants belong to the latest collection of the MIAMAI Blacklabel. The Ansiotropic jacket belongs to the same subbrand of MIAMAI. Both items are stunningly unique. The pants are made of very thin cloth which reminds on stockings. But they have panties so everything is covered as it should be. At the sides the trousers have some lace made of prims. The Dewi pants are also available in silver and come on the pants and the undies layer and the set contains also socks so its possible to wear them in highheels. The jacket could be worn like on the picture or with some primparts around the hips.… Read the restmiamai dawi black

Terror Frogs

The weather was perfect, the guests would arrive soon and her hair was as she wanted it. But suddenly Elise heared a frog. This was one of the worst things which could happen. A jazz concert with the constant croaking of a frog would be really annoying. First she tried to spot it in the water. But there were only fish in the water. The croaking seemed to come from an other corner. She allready started to nestle nervously at her necklace. The frog would ruin the whole concert if she would not find it soon and she had put so much work into the organisation of the event, but had not supposed that a frog could ruin her plans. Elise searched and searched finally she decided to take her glasses out of her clutch maybe she would find the frog with its help. She did not find her glasses in her clutch but a frog.

Eboni is the latest skin release from ND/MD. It is available in four skintones with four makeups in each of the skintones. The sets also contain tattoo and underwearlayers for the cleavage or pubic hair.… Read the restEboni face III

Countess of cozy

Countess pumps are the new release at Skifija and are a luscious pair of Louboutin style skyscraper heeled court shoes. As always with shoes from Skifija they come with a hud which enables you to pick any colour of rainbow for every part of the shoe. Goran has worked hard to simplify the hud and is so passionate about his creations that he is in the process of making a tutorial to show you how to operate the hud and utilise all it's options.

 It is a one man mission that he has to help the lazy amongst us (hands up that will be me) make one pair of shoes become countless possibilities. I'm sure there are many of us out there that get so entirely frustrated at trying to match the colour of our skin to seamlessly blend with our shoes that we just give it up as a bad job and avoid sculpty shoes like the plague! if that is you then buy a pair of shoes from Skifija and reignite your passion for shoes! Goran will always be more than happy to help if you're struggling with the hud (psssst don't forget group members get 50% discount on Fridays!)

Hair: 400L - miame hair comes with colour change script of 26 colours > Tokyo girl
Skin: 900L -  Candy - natural pale > **Shine**
Hairbow: 140L - Vintage headband (5 colours) > Needful things
Shirt: 0L - Group gift > C'est moi
Shoes: 199L - Countess pumps > Skifija
Sofa: 100L - Cozy sofa > Cleo Design (when I published this post the sofa was only available instore in a lush teal colour b (Read more...)

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Wrong Mermaids

The waves stroked her feet while she wandered over the water. It was typical for her kin to wander over the water. All of them were great swimmers and even able to fly when they were in their true form. But of course it was more fun to surprise sailing humans. When she was younger she sometimes had pretended to be a mermaid with a lack in singing abilities but after a while it bored her. So she started to climb onto anchoring ships. Of course humans were always a bit irritated by her horns and ears but they always supposed that they were kind of decoration and of course they were sure that she somehow had managed to get into the ship before they started sailing and not that she found them in the middle of the ocean. Depending on the age and the gender of the sailors she started to tell them stories. For example that she would be the secret daughter of one of them. When she found sailing couples she normaly pretended to be the secret lover of the woman. It was always entertaining and she did not need to sing to have some fun with humans.… Read the restDraconismaris III


There are some amazing new releases at Vero Modero for men and women and this outfit is just one of them! it just so happens to be my favourite too. The kara set is a complete outfit which comprises of trousers, top & boots. I love the edgy detailing on the top, collars cuffs and ruffles are always a winner in my book.

Outfit: 600L - Kara set > Vero modero
Hair: 200L - Jess - White Pearl > Raspberry aristocrat

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Fur & fringes

Skin: 0L - Luckyboard item - > MOTHER GOOSE'S (I am wearing eyelashes so the eyes look darker than usual in these pictures)

Hair: 0L - group gift - Naomi - Onyx  >  D!VA  (comes with or without a headscarf which is texture changeable & many colour options for the hair)

Dress: 1L - Autumn dress - Brown  > HUMMING (every month this store has a couple of 1L offers be quick to take advantage of them)

Shawl: 250L - Feral fox fur - Charcoal-less > (available in 4 different shades options) ECLECTICA

Socks: 80L for pack of 4 - knit socks - Ivory > MARY"S LITTLE LAMB ( socks have a prim attachment that I was unable to wear because of the boots alpha layer)

Boots: 260L - Autumn Rise boots - camel > VERO MODERO (3 colours available)

Eyes: 199L for pack of 4 - Aquilus eyes - Rebel > APHOTIC EYES

Pose: 10L for individual poses from - Lysie range >  PURPLE POSES

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Zombie Strippers

It had been the fairies who managed that all creatures got equal rights. They had felt discriminated by the other kins and unfortunatly they found an advocate who thought that it would be entertaining to help them. The lawyers were the only race which really liked the results of the no discrimination against any race act. They had more work than ever. Now it was possible that fairies could work as butchers and some trolls managed to get into the ballet as dancers (the stage broke under their weight and they found a giant treasure under it). Mister Smith was quite glad that no trolls applied to work as strippers but then there were the zombies.

When they aplied he did not know what to say. Of course they had really good shapes but their skin wasn't that good. But unfortunatly bad skin and many wounds belonged to the typical looks of zombies so he could not use that as reason not to hire them. It was the same with their moves. So he had to hire them. First he tried only to pay them so that they would not dance but one of the lawyers found out about it and forced him to let them dance.… Read the restStripper Zombies IV

Peruvian textiles

I'm still exploring the wonderful Autumn clothes out there and If only there were enough Lindens for everything that you want to buy! thank heavens for those great promotional freebies out there to enable to keep my addiction thoroughly topped up. Today I play with putting together a mix Peruvian style textures.

Firstly I have to mention ISON a store that I have never come across before but is demonstrating how great their designs are by giving us some very generous freebies as examples. The scarf and the shoes are what's on offer but there is also a dress to be grabbed. The shoes are set at 1L only because the designer says there was trouble setting the script to 0L hehe well I'm more than happy to part with my lindens (sorry linden) for these! I especially love the sock detail and the chunky wooden heels. The scarf comes in 2 textures so there is also a lovely charcoal option besides the one I wear in this post, but don't be long if you want to take advantage of this offer and the 50% discount on selected items in store it's only available until 3rd November.… Read the rest

In the Jungle

On the search for her brother Sybill had seen more fantastic things and beings than she ever planed to see. Now she somehow got into this tropical forest and was not sure if she would ever manage to find out of it. The night had started quite promising. She visited a party in a house where she supposed that her brother might be trapped in. But although she had managed to get down to the cellar and to check all rooms there was no sign of her brother. Instead she found a path which lead her into the forest. She could simply go back but now she knew the secret of the house and of its owner. He would not want her being able to tell anybody that he knew how to open portals to other dimensions. So she needed to find an other portal but she did not know if she would end in the dimension she came from.
The Marilyn Outfit is new on the Bubblez Design lucky board. It is a short black dress which can either be worn with fur around the shoulders or without the fur - like on the picture. The primparts can be resized.… Read the restblack lucky board dress

[suffering for your sins]

"Not even the unbearable ache as they drilled those thorns of steel through my head and took my eyes was comparable to the pain you punished me with when you left me, blind and suffering for your numerous sins."

A little mix of old and new in this post, with the awesome belt from .:Hermony:. being a long-time and beloved guest in my inventory, just as the versatilely usable black leather pants from *Deviance*. The ZombiePopcorn hunt gifts you with a creepy, bloody blindfold and the Dia de los Muertos-inspired sleeve tattoo from [Reckless], whereas the crown of thorns - or rather studs in this case - is a Marketplace promotion from ~.:.Hysteria.:.~, 40 L$ for a limited time only!

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Vincent February
Hair: RAW HOUSE - Destroyer (currently on sale)
Beard: *Valiant & Sacred* - 2.0 Chin Strap v2
Hairbase: custom

Pants: *Deviance* - Leather Pants
Belt: .:Hermony:. - LuckyDeath Belt (black)
Tattoo: [Reckless] - Death is certain Life is not (free at the ZombiePopcorn hunt)
Blindfold: -J.I.N.X- - Bloody Blind Fold (free at the ZombiePopcorn hunt)
Headattachment: ~.:.Hysteria.:.~ Gratia plena (Marketplace-promo)

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Waiting maid

Was that the sound of a horn? Fina walked quickly to the windows to peek out. But it seemed like the ship still hadn't arrived. After releasing a deep sigh she turned around and started to clean the empty coffee shop. Her long hair, which she had wrapped together to a ponytail. moved from side to side while she worked.

She was allready busy with making new plans and dusting always helped her to focus her thoughts. Should she make plum or applecake? Or both? Fina stopped for a moment and walked back to the window to peek out again. Hopefully the ship would arrive soon. Then the coffeeshop would be filled with guests.

The french maid costume is the latest release from Icing. The outfit comes with a maiddress, fitting stocking and two kinds of headdress (one with frills and one without) and of course a featherduster. To avoid that the body moves through the skirt there is an alpha layer included but it is not needed to wear it. Icing is a great store for classical costumes and dresses for women.… Read the restFrenchmaid back

On the hunt

Hair: 0L - who doesn't love Princess leia particularly this iconic hairstyle which has been encapsulated perfectly by Milk Motion for - the Seasons hunt which comes in 3 colours  > Milk motion
Skin: 0L - Great halloween inspired group gift > JeSyLiLo
Coat: 0L - Superb unisex hooded skull jacket which is an Inn hunt gift > Toxic kitty
Top: 0L - lovely big baggy sweater of which I'm only wearing the vest layer -  Inn hunt gift > Sakide
Leggings:  0L - LOVE this item which has another pair in this Zombie popcorn hunt gift > Tuttifrutti
Belt: 0L - Which has a pair of shades hanging from it, not shown in this pic and is a gift > Frenzi
Sneakers: 0L - Which have a skull design all over them & a must have unisex item > Santo

More details for the hunts can be found at the following links :-
The Seasons hunt > HERE
Zombie popcorn hunt > HERE
Inn hunt > HERE

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Blood and Machine Oil

The statue cried again. Esra was more than satisfied with her work. Some priests had asked her to help them with a statue which had been crying blood for several month and then suddenly stopped. They had tested the machine they had installed in the statue to cause the crying but what ever they did nothing helped. It was like the statue was not willing to participate any longer in a rip-off. So the priests called Esra who was specialized on making machines work again. She was one of the best vampire magicians and machines were her special intrest. Esra loved to figure out how machines worked and she liked drinking machine oil way better than drinking blood. But crying statues in churches were easy. Esra spend some hours on telling the statue some horrible and sad stories and it started to cry again.
For taking some pictures for the 22769 Sanguine Noir Adventure I put together an avatar which hopefully looks like a crazy vampirish tinkerer. Ezura has great dark dresses so I choosed the black Lolita Crown dress as base.… Read the restEsra