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Shades of Gray

Wear Gray for a Day is a two week fair to benefit the American Brain Tumor Association, which benefits a great cause and gives us a really good excuse for some shopping :D. There are a ton of great creators involved with the project, some of which were totally new to me which is always a treat, finding new designers to love. Each shop at the fair has charity vendors where you can give to charity and get a treat for yourself too, there are donation kiosks as well and of course there’ll be events like some great DJ’s and a hunt that goes on all through the fair. If you’re into hunts, you’ll love this one, it’s super easy and super rewarding. The sim is well organized and easy to get around, however this is a popular fair so if you’re going in early days I’d suggest de-primming and de-scripting as much as possible to make the lag easy on yourself. Visit Wear Gray for a Day in SL.
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Bianco e Nero

I was so inspired by Siyu Suen’s newest mask at Illusions that I decided to do a whole monochromatic look to go around it. The Volto Pedrolina is beautifully sculpted mesh, with many options for both the mask makeup and the lip makeup, there are so many possibilities available! As usual, Siyu is creating such stunning things. Visit Illusions to see the new masks and all the other lovelies. clothes: open mesh shirt from BareRose, bustier by MichaMi, leggings/shoes by Maitreya, hair by Elikatira, brooch by CentoPallini.

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The first Motif*

Motif* is starting today! Motif* is a new monthly event and it has some unique features for the creators to design for, first there is a theme for the month, there’s also a color palette and collaboration between creators is encouraged. I think the idea is to end up with sets that all blend with each other well, that compliment each other, from clothes to homes. Considering I love to mix things up when I’m styling, and I’m thrilled to find things in matching or complimentary colors from disparate designers, I’m loving the idea behind Motif*! The theme for this first Motif* for March is Ice Cream and the color palette is mostly pastels with chocolate browns, sweet and yummy colors. Today I’m wearing a coordinate sweet lolita look with Adore & Abhor’s Ice Cream dress, and Schadenfreude’s Bubblegum Ice Cream Gluttony stockings & umbrella, all from Motif*. I added some sweet & creamy accessories I already had.… Read the rest

White Magic

I’m just your average magical anime girl, making the world better through pure feelings, trying my very best, fancy outfits and choreographed (with sound and light show) changing-into-magically-fancy-outfits. I’m quite sure that I can conquer the evil in my world, or at least my neighborhood.  One thing missing, I need a cute little animal sidekick/comedy relief, apply in comments clothes: dress, apron, sleeves, hairbow from Bare Rose, hair from, pin from Schadenfreude, earrings from League, lipgloss from MOCK, tights from Kyoot, boots from Lassitude & Ennui, pose prop from Aura & Evolve

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As I predicted, Lolapop! is producing all manner of cute stuff these days. The group there has a really cool dynamic consisting of spooky/cute objects and jewelry enhanced by cute poses both in objects and on their own. For example, this little pastel umbrella, titled “My Own Pastel Darkness” it definitely has a dark interior, perfect to frame your avatar, and sweet little details like skullbows around the edge. It comes with multiple poses built in and it’s available at the Trashy Tuesday event. Inspired by the lavender cuteness, I put together an outfit with some of the new spectacular mesh from Maitreya and the beautiful little sunglasses from Miel, available at The Deck. clothes: top by Maitreya, bra by Katat0nik, hair by, necklace, pose and parasol by Lolapop!, glasses by Miel

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Breakfast with Butterflies

Just sitting here enjoying my toast & coffee on my new bed from LISP. It was part of Spruce Up Your Space this weekend, and as usual with the stuff LISP puts out, not only did I automatically love it, but it fits in so well with all my other furniture.  The bed comes with lots of cute animations, for singles and pairs and animations that come with accessories like this  breakfast tray. Keep the good stuff coming LISP and here, just take all my L’s now! (lol) clothes: hair: lamb, top: coldLogic, jeans: mon tissue, feet: Slink, bracelet: celoe. stuff: flowers and pictures from Second Spaces, curtains from North West.

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OK so lamb made mesh hair and you know as much as I love lamb hair I was all over that. I had to put together a sweet little ensemble to match and used some older favorites I have stashed away, and some newer favorites too. I decided to leave this as-is for Harlow’s Unedited challenge. clothes: hair from lamb, eyes from IKON, lip gloss from M.O.C.K., shirt from Hal-Hina, skirt from Whippet & Buck, ring from Donna Flora, hat from Likka House, pose from Lolapop!

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Today I’m wearing more from ::{Favole}::, never heard of this shop before seeing them out at Fashion For Life and now I’m loving all their mesh dresses and corsets. This dress is from their charity vendor, it’s called Black Dahlia, so you can get some lovely meshness and give to the ACS at the same time! It goes beautifully with the new ornament from Lolapop! a cameo on a bow, so cute and perfect for so many styles. Lolapop! has a bunch of new pretties and poses out at the Starlust Gacha Carnival. Two of the poses I’m using here are available there as well, Lola has some new posers working with her, Sakuradawn and Hideyuki and there’s all kinds of new creations from all of them and more to come in the future, yay! The Fashion For Life event ends on the 20th so if you haven’t been yet, better hurry! The Starlust Gacha Carnival ends on April 9th. Clothes: dress from Favole, undershirt from Kyoot, umbrella from Julia, hair from Alice Project, makeup from M.O.C.K.… Read the rest

Gacha Carnival at the Starlust!

O yeah, this kind of event is one of my favorites! all kinds of gachas from some of my favorite creators with a fun theme! Once you get to the carnival, you’ll see that, just like a real carnival, there are rides and snacks and of course lots of gachas to play! One machine that everyone must play is the one from Intrigue Co. featuring these super adorable and fun carousel cats, they bob up and down while you ride them and if you click on them they play a little carousel music, cute! Once you’re done shopping, stay and ride the rides, there are some mini carousels, donkey on a spring, get your picture taken with the hipster horse, don’t forget to get some treats like pretzels, ice cream or balloons, and since it’s the Starlust, you can also get crabs down at the crab shack. Visit the carnival at Starlust through April 6th! Clothes: hair by Elikatira, tank & jeans by Zaara, undershirt by Schadenfreude, boots by G-Field (group gift! <3)

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Steam Powered

Decided to take some time out and go hunting on Steam: The Hunt 6 which is going on through the end of the month. Here I’ve stopped at Bondar-Foehammer Aerosteam Co., and as soon as I can find an aeropilot I’m going to go on a flight! Can’t imagine what happened to everybody… ? Clothes: mesh dress & shirt from Feather, hair from Wasabi Pills, lace tights from G-Field, boots from Lassitude & Ennui, jewelry from Lolapop!, case from Honey Kitty. apologies to Deviant Artist ~somniturne for corrupting his painting, and to Bondar-Foehammer for corrupting their windows.

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Day 33, Ringa Dinga

It occurred to me the other day that of all jewelry in SL, rings are one of my favorites. I’m always picking up a new ring here and there and lately there has been an influx of really great new rings available! My rings, let me show you them! O yeah, huge statement rings! A giant opal from Dahlinks and a crystal cluster from Yummy (from Collabor88). Adorable little fox head from Pididdle, sushi rings from Schadenfreude, and frankly, lately Allegory has made many great rings, she seems to be on a ring roll! (haha) Pyramid bar from Epoque, jeweled chocolates from Schadenfreude, lovely pink agate from Maxi Gossamer. Amazing black diamond huge cluster from Dahlinks (available in their charity vendor at Fashion For Life!), jeweled raven skull from Schadenfreude. I’m wearing a new dress from Miamai, out at FFL, it’s called the Lilli Love, it’s mesh and beautiful, Miamai has several mesh items at FFL that you should check out while you’re there.… Read the rest

Day 32, Fashion For Life

It’s that time of the year again when the SL events to benefit the American Cancer Society begin! Specifically, Fashion For Life starts at noon on Saturday the 10th. This is always a huge event with so many designers,  so many new creations, there is literally something for everyone and and some of the best designers on the grid all on 10 themed sims to explore and shop in. There are going to be all kinds of events going on as well, a raffle, a hunt, music, gacha areas on all the sims-many things to do. You can learn more about the event at their blog. Basically, I shopped until I dropped, got some new lovely mesh things as mesh is my favorite stuff right now, like these stunning little booties from Gos (you mustn’t miss these!) and new to me was a shop called Favola who has these lovely mesh over-bust corsets and some dresses, a bit of a darker, gothier style. Lovely! Another shop I need to keep my eye on. If FFL is a bit crowded at first, maybe that’d be a good time to visit Collabor88 for March, they are going with an organic theme now so it’s all about leaves and flowers and growing things.… Read the rest

Day 31, Touring the Mainland, Theme Park of the Unknown

Over the next few weeks/months, I’d like to get to know the mainland better, one way is just to walk around. There are several routes on the mainland, if you’d like to walk them yourself there is info about them on the wiki. Linden Routes are just roads, owned by the Lindens and they have rezzing areas so you can drive cars on the roads. There are robot cars around as well that are just driving themselves. I thought the routes would be a good place to start really getting to know the mainland. I started tonight on Route 1, at one of it’s beginnings in Agirus. Eventually along the path I saw something that looked interesting and worth exploring, a theme park. The Theme Park of the Unknown, as it’s called, seems to be owned by a group called the Unknown and very little is known about them (hah!). But I had fun on the various rides in the park. The rides were quite similar to RL counterparts, swinging boat types, twirling types, bumper types, a haunted house, a carousel.… Read the rest

Day 30, Wanderlust

Everytime Jackal Ennui makes new shoes I love them more than the last set. These latest boots of hers, the Wanderlust boot, currently available at March Mesh Madness, are truly stunning. These are the boots for the punks, steam and regular; the boots for the hardcore. Flat heel, laced all the way up, gorgeously textured, coming in 5 of the most useful colors, with duotone options,  these are the boots that you guys need to beg, plead and bribe her to make in guy sizes. Because they’re rigged mesh, the ankles bend with you and so do the laces. Yet another just exquisite piece of craftsmanship from Lassitude & Ennui, I’m just loving the leap her creativity has taken since starting to work in mesh and can’t wait to see what’s next. clothes: boots, Wanderlust by Lassitude & Ennui, hair by D!va, shirt by Schadenfreude, shorts by Mon Tissu, sweater by *X*plosion, socks by Miel, sunglasses by Artilleri.

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Day 29, lazy day

Yeah, I know I skip a day here and there, it’s ok. I’m not worried about them. Today I didn’t want to leave my skybox, just wanted to laze around. Good thing that I have a pretty place to do just that. clothes: shorts & halter by MOLiCHiNO (at Mix + Mesh Fair), hair by D!va, earrings by R.icielli, ring by Schadenfreude, bracelets by Zaara. Go see the new creeping ivy goodness at Balderdash and cover all the things! (in ivy)

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Day 28, Firefly

I heard recently that the wonderfully creative mind behind Belle Belle furnishings had opened a new sim and when I went to see it I was so thoroughly charmed I wanted to share. It’s called Firefly and at present it has a small group of shops but quite a bit for an explorer to do. Scattered everywhere are benches, all with lovely views, there’s a garden area where you can play gardener or take a swing, there’s a trippy little dance area with a bus, a cafe, a bull ride, and the grand promenade-some areas feature a few “npc” bots to help enrich your experience. When I was there I swung in the garden for awhile, tried unsuccessfully to beat the bull ride high score, ate some fries in the cafe and some ice cream on the promenade. Honestly, if I had a  partner in SL this is exactly the kind of place that would make for a sweet date (maybe I can go back and convince the frymaker bot to break his chains and run away with me? lol) Even if you’re alone as I was, the Firefly sim provides quite a bit of amusement and beauty and is well worth a visit.… Read the rest

Day 27, Visual

Oh hello, today I’m feeling like showing some Japanese street style, wearing a gothic lolita style kimono dress that’s part of the Visual Hunt. The website for the hunt describes the hunt as:
The Visual Hunt is an Asian culture and fashion hunt, anything ‘Visual’ whether it be fashion, accessories, builds, skins, etc. Items inspired by the art of Visual or Oshare kei, Lolita and Kadona fashion, Korean B-boy style or even Bollywood! (And everything in between!) Anything popular culture, traditional, or a new exciting mix of both!
So this hunt has many items that are rather disparate from each other, but all have one thing in common: they’re visually interesting. Many of the items have a dragon theme, because this is the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dragon. This is not a free hunt, each item will cost you $L10 when you find it. I was most impressed with this kimono style lolita dress from kisetsu, so much so that I spent some amount of time in the shop browsing through all her lovely kimono.… Read the rest

J is for Joyful

When I think about Donna Flora, I think of exquisitely crafted jewels with incredible textures, clothing with a sense of artistry and the avant garde; everything containing a feeling of exuberance, beauty and joy. I think of everything that is sweet and pretty, from the easter egg pastels of her vendor art to the candy drop gems she creates to her shop itself-all manor house, hedge gardens and flowing fountains. In short, I know with no exaggeration that my SL is improved simply by having Donna Flora in it and I wish Squinternet Larnia all the best for the present and everything wonderful for the future. Thank you for your astounding creations <3 clothes: hair by booN, shirt by coldLogic, corset by Schadenfreude, eyeglasses by Steinwork. Jewels Jojo by Donna Flora

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Day 25, Just a Perfect Day

The other day I was showing off the cute little sheath dress from BOTHER for the Festival of Sin, well they’ve put the same silhouette dress out in a very fresh floral pattern now! I love it, it has a modern feel while also calling to mind vintage patterns. Today I’m wearing it in brown with a little undershirt by Kyoot and a lovely statement necklace by Lolapop! Recently, Lola has rebuilt her main shop and I’m looking forward to all kinds of new things coming from there. Another great new release came out of M.O.C.K. Cosmetics today, and if you love tattoo makeup like I do you have to go see the awesome lipsticks, glosses, makeovers and other stuff that Mocksoup is making because they’re lovely. Her glosses are my very favorites and today she released just a clear sheen gloss, made to go over any skin you have, turn your matte lipstick into a super shiny gloss instantly, love it. I’ll be wearing this often, I can tell. clothes: dress by BOTHER, necklace by Lolapop!, hair by lamb, shirt by Kyoot, hands by Yabusaka, lipgloss by M.O.C.K.… Read the rest

Day 24, eat all the things!

So Allegory of Schadenfreude made a bunch of adorable stuff for the Festival of Sin, cupcakes and sushi lingerie, corsets and matching jewelry! I felt inspired to get out my food prims and play. love strawberries! Can has nap? clothes: lingerie by Schadenfreude, hair by Elikatira, shoes by G-Field. floor pose by Long Awkward Pose. Giant foods by Sika, Fridge by Funky Junk, small foods from all over, Artilleri, TOSL, Butterdish, Schadenfreude, iTutu, Feather.

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