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A New Bright Day – Featuring CASTIEL from The Instruments and New From Chop Zuey

It’s another bright and early good morning. My day begins with the little cardinal on my front porch singing to his mate, or mates? I don’t know enough about the birds and the bees, obviously! But the sun’s just breaking over the horizon and everything…

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On the Serengeti – Featuring Silk Dreams from Rock Your Rack; Featuring *GLITTER* from .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week; Featuring Chop Zuey and Face Paint

As the Rock Your Rack event comes to a close, I have one more piece to show. There are new things on the horizon, always will be, but it’s hard to say goodbye to some of the events that mean so much. I admire the ladies and gentlemen that put this prog…

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Simplicity Sweet – Featuring Kastle Rock Couture at Designer Showcase and Image Essentials Poses and Props at The Thrift Shop

All you need are clean lines and well constructed pieces to make something elegant. This full length gown from Kastle Rock Couture kept it simple and in the simplicity it speaks with a royal voice, a powerful grace, and distinguished even as it shows skin in a provocative manner.

Paired with one of Chop Zuey’s newest releases, Chromatica and new hair from Truth Hair Grande 2 (add bangs). All of this painted on the beautiful canvas that is October Studios – October’s 4 Seasons Skins and Shapes – the delicate Alabaster tone.

Where do you find such a treasure? This dress may be purchased at Designer Showcase during the September round, and it’s there waiting for you!

And if you love special little spots to add ambiance to your land or cute little sets with poses built into them for photo shoots, this Beach Hut from Image Essentials Poses and Props at The Thrift Shop will make you smile.

Featuring Image Essentials & Props from The Thrift Shop Beach Hut 7 (Rare)
Featuring Kastle Rock from Designer Showcase Smooth Gown – Wine
1. Chop Zuey: Chromatica Set
2. October’s 4 Seasons: Alabaster Skin Tone
3. SLink: Elegant 1 Hands
4. White Widow: Petale Pink/Black
5. Face Paint: Killer Liner
– Lip Gloss 4
6. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
7. Truth: Grande 2

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A Little Bit Of Energy – Featuring *Living Imagination* at Rock Your Rack and .:JUMO:. and ~ghee from .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week

I store up energy a little at a time, and have to spend it wisely. Sometimes, under certain circumstances, I pour out a little bit more than I have to spend and end up working my way back to even par for a few days or even weeks after such a time. I wouldn’t pass those moments up for the world, however. Today was one of those days. My new daughter-in-law turned 21. She seems too young to be 21 but I was 20 when I got married and my first birthday as a newlywed was to turn 21, but that feels like a million years ago. We had a little party planned as we’re the only family she has locally and she didn’t have a cake or presents on Thursday. It was so much fun, and so special to celebrate a new milestone in life. It also has me tuckered. Sometimes I have days where I feel tired, and there is no reason for it, and it’s a bit depressing. On those days when I’ve had fun, pushed myself over the edge, and for a good reason, and I get tired, I celebrate. I know one South Carolina southern belle who will sleep soundly tonight!

To calm down, I came in and began working with a set of photos to show another item from Rock Your Rack. I have more that I want to show you and there never seems to be enough time. No matter how quickly I type, take photos or style. And that’s a good thing in many ways. I wouldn’t want to rush through this any more than I’d want to rush through a good time with my family. The steps of the process, choosing an outfi (Read more...)

I Love This! — Featuring Image Essentials from The Thrift Shop, Romance Couture from Rock Your Rack, .:JUMO:. from .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week and New Face Paint

I love what I do. In case I haven’t said so lately, every single person I connect with involved in this passion for fun and fashion and life makes a difference in my world. I would not do this thing I do if I did not love it. I’ve had a selection of other odd jobs along the way, but this is the one I’ve stuck with for 3 years, the one I’ve worked the hardest to learn, to practice and to grow. I couldn’t say it often enough how much each step along the way, each part of the journey, and each person I’ve met has influenced me. I presented a whole array of designers from Rock Your Rack and there are still pieces I wish I could share. There’s never enough time, and always just one more thing. There are three days officially left in this charity event and if you haven’t been, I hope you do, and help make a difference in lives far beyond the virtual world. The money raised by Models Giving Back and Jamee Binder go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Center and will aid in the ongoing determination to find a cure, as well as developing treatments to make dealing with it better. Romance Couture, also known as }RC{ offers a variety of gowns and accessories including the Judy gown in teal and the hat and glove set called Deauville. Please get involved. To donate directly, follow this link:

 Image Essentials Props and Poses have new items out at the Thrift (Read more...)

A Reblog From WordPress – September 13th, Saturday AW14 Schedule

September 13th – Saturday
11am   Opening party w/ SL Live Radio
12PM    Liziaah | Dead Dollz |  Prism
1PM     Sonatta Morales
2PM     KL Couture | Lush by Coco | ghee
3PM     Jumo Fashion and Beauty

Entrance A
Entrance B
Watch Video Trailer Here:
.PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter Fashion Week (AW14), 13th – 22nd of September is set to shine the spotlight on some of Second Life’s leading fashion talents. Set over 10 days, the schedule is packed with 20 shows from 43 emerging and established designers, over 250 new designs in the designer Showrooms and fun-filled events and after parties hosted by Energy Club. .PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter Fashion Week is ready to highlight the best of the industry’s designers and showcase what makes Second Life one of the most exciting and dynamic places on Earth- its creativity!
Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars and join us in celebrating the creative talents of our extraordinary designers with the biggest fashion week in Second Life this year: .PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2014!
We are .PENUMBRA.! We are fashion!
I have already styled one outfit with items from .PENUMBRA. and will continue to do so between now and the end of this tremendous event. The above post, by Fuzz Lennie, not sh (Read more...)

Wrapping Up and Moving On – Featuring !Lyrical B!zarre Templates at Rock Your Rack, no. 7 from 24 Squared and -{ZOZ}- from .PENUMBRA.

This morning, I woke extremely early for no apparent reason so of course I went in to see what was new, and where things were going in the month of September. Lyrical B!zarre Templates tempts you with delicious shapes and unique design for something just a little bit different for a favorite club, a fashionable party or any other reason you want to look especially dynamic in public.

This dress called Rockin’, perfectly named for the Rock Your Rack event, will be available just a little longer. If you haven’t been to the charity event, you have three more days to get there and I encourage you to please try to go. It’s raising awareness and funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Donate Directly:

I have some dramatic lashes from no. 7. They’re available at the 24 Squared event, however, you will only be able to get them there today and tomorrow as tomorrow marks the last day for this superb event. .PENUMBRA. begins with a week chock full of greatness officially on the 13th of September and will run through the 22nd. A wide array of designers have items to show at the event, during fashion shows, at after parties, and all the fun that fashion week brings.

-{ZOZ}- OMGoodness. When I saw the options from this store, I was in LOVE. There are so many new shoes, new shoe styles, and each one better than the first. I have on Ria Heels in Cocoa. I could almost guarantee that you’ll (Read more...)

Sexxxy at Carrie’s – Carrie’s Lingerie and Chop Zuey

A little sex appeal never hurt anyone… so these pixels are for all of you out there who like a few sexy pixels now and then!Carrie’s Lingerie has a number of ways it holds your attention. First and last, however, are the classy yet sexy dynamic desig…

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Not Much Time Left — Featuring .:Senso:. from Rock Your Rack and Calico from 24 Squared

Besides the fact that they’re both about to come to a close, have had wonderful fashion shows, have attracted the support of multiple sponsors, and other activities associated to the events have included after parties and so much more, you have to get …

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Inspiring Artists – Featuring Snowpaws at Designer Showcase Also Featuring AIDORU and NailedIt

Snowpaws! Snowpaws! Snowpaws!

I found her at several locations this week. For my first outfit to show you, I pulled this dress Sumam from the creative work contributed to the Designer Showcase September round. The package is actually a set that includes the dress and jewelry. You can see the earrings easily in both photos.

To add a little touch of color, I chose to use some jewelry and nails that were bold and reminiscent of famous artists from yesteryear. Both AIDORU and Nailed It created items as part of a themed event earlier this year. I had used some of the items in the past, but not the heels, bangles or nails, til now. These all bring to mind the artist P.Mondrian. I wasn’t sure how they would fit into my blog, along the way, but with a little patience, each puzzle piece has its own niche.

Featuring Snowpaws from Designer Showcase Sumam Mesh Dress Black & White
Featuring AIDORU Homage to P.Mondrian Heels and Bangles
Featuring NailedIt Mondrian Nails from Fashion Art Set
1. blackLiquid: Chen
2. Gaeline: Stella
3. October’s 4 Seasons: Lily Skin Tone (Hannah)
4. KaTink: Dilan Set

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An Autumn Breeze Blows — Featuring Paisley Daisy from Rock Your Rack, >Asset< and [Modern Couture] from 24 Squared

The partnership between the two designers at Kyxe Skins & Shapes has dissolved with each creator taking their work in different directions. From now on, I will reference items I wear related to the previous name will be called October’s 4 Seasons. Skin tones, makeup, nails and other accessories are available, with the same 12 breakdown of tones. For example, in this set of photos, I paired October’s 4 Seasons Orchid with a dark design so the dress did not disappear. I remain committed at this time to exclusive use of October’s 4 Seasons Skins.

Paisley Daisy created this unbelievably well designed gown, Elixir. The options include this Fire Black Gown choice or the Black Gown. I thought the highlights of fiery tones in bold oranges made the elements of the gown pop like wildfire. If you’ll look closely at the second photo, you can see the peek of flesh all the way down the back. This designer and gown come from the Rock Your Rack event. There are still five days left for you to participate and do your part in helping to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Models Giving Back and Jamee Binder have worked tirelessly to make this successful. If you’re unable to go over to the sim, we hope you’ll contribute directly by following this link:

24 Squared also remains in progress for just a few more days, open through September 13, so don’t hesitate. You s (Read more...)

Old Hollywood Elegance — Featuring !Lybra at Designer Showcase and ::NO:SHADE:: from 24 Squared, Also Brand NEW October’s 4Seasons

My other style I want to share with you begins with a gown from !Lybra called Giovanna that can be found at Designer Showcase. The elegance of this gown made me think of all those red carpet affairs that now seem to happen year round, where everyone pauses and asks, “Who are you wearing tonight?” I’m wearing Lybra Rage. Thank you so much! Jewelry from !Elemental rounds out this look with a set called Simone. It’s a silver metal and onyx stone combination, and when you find it at Designer Showcase, you know you’re going to buy it for the best price!

Additionally, I have an new October’s 4Seasons Release, the Laila face for the Blossom Skin Tone. With the bold makeup, the lighter skin tone and black gown work together to continue with the theme of high society partying.

And ::NO:SHADE::, another designer I didn’t know until this event, showcases Sofia at 24 Squared. A HUD for color change options gives you a great selection to suit whatever you makes you feel beautiful.

Featuring !Lybra from Designer Showcase Giovanna Gown
Featuring !Elemental from Designer Showcase Simone Set
Featuring ::No:Shade:: from 24 Squared Sofia
Featuring October’s 4Seasons: Blossom Skin Tone Laila
1. F I N E S M I T H: Illustrated Nails
2. Bliss: Rosanna Hat
3. Gaeline: Natura
4. SLink: Elegant 1 Hands
– Female Feet High
5. Di’s Opera Poses

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Farewell to Summer – Featuring Artizana at The Instruments and [Z O O M] at 24 Squared; Also >Asset< NEW

This super cool and farewell to summer look comes from a combination of items. First, you might note the high waisted skirt and the bikini top paired together. You can find the top and skirt in several colors at Designer Showcase. Visceral comes from Artizana and will be available through the month of September for this round of special deals you can only find there.

The wide eyed sunglasses come from 24 Squared. This event remains in progress, and has so many things to see and do. The designer [Z O O M] created the glasses called Narin. I’ve never worked with an item from this designer prior to this. It’s one of many reasons I absolutely love working with events. I hope you have a chance to visit and see [Z O O M] and everything else meant to tempt you.

And one other NEW item to share with you comes from >Asset<, a designer that continues to make an excellent selection of unisex hair styles. This style called Lucca appealed to me for this look because it looks so laid back, smooth sailing.

Featuring Artizana from The Instruments Visceral
Featuring [Z O O M] from 24 Squared Narin Sunglasses
Featuring >Asset< Lucca Hair Megapack
1. Face Paint: Simplicity Green
2. October’s 4Seasons: Marigold Skin Tone Laila
3. SLink: Female High Feet
– Elegant 1 Hands
4. Bliensen+Mai+Tai: Bolero Heels
5. Carrie’s Lingerie: Fireangel Choker
6. Manifeste Poses

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Autumn Winds Are Blowing – Featuring [Sympatica] and !Lyrical B!zarre Templates from The Instruments; Hair Day and Blacklace from 24 Squared

The second set of photos I created yesterday begin with a really unique look from Lyrical B!zarre Templates. I continue to talk about how incredibly creative Lyrical Bizarre really is and then she just goes another step further with creativity.

In the photo that shows my dress all the way down to the ankles, you’ll see traveling vines done in the most beautiful of autumn coloring, and it’s part of the dress! There’s also a neck/chest option that adds leaves around the face, but I saved that for another time so I could also showcase other items from The Instruments. Earrings from [Sympatica] also come from The Instruments.

But there’s more to share! 24 Squared is in progress and the hair from Hair Day called Heather has a basic color HUD and then offers a flower and veil option as well, each also on a color choice HUD so you can mix and match to your delight. .:JUMO:. provided the jewelry, another color stone from among so many items they submitted to this event. Belinda from Blacklace includes these wedge heels, and may be found, along with other items from Blacklace, also at 24 Squared.

Featuring [Sympatika] from The Instruments Earrings Retro Spring
Featuring !Lyrical B!zarre Templates from The Instruments Handle
Featuring Hair Day from 24 Squared Heather
Featuring Blacklace from 24 Squared Belinda Champagne Wedge Heels
1. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Pearl Skin Tone (Laila)
– Captivate Lips Coffee Black With Cream
– Teeth Tattoo
(Read more...)

Take the Time To Play – [Sympatica] from The Instruments, Analog Dog, Sensuale, and HOLLYHOOD from 24 Squared

I was in the mood for styling more than anything else yesterday. It’s just so much fun to be allowed to play barbie and mix and match items that really end up making me feel like a beautiful lady. When you’re someone who deals with chronic illness, bei…

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24 Squared Officially Open!! – Lybra Exclusive, .:JUMO:., and Moondance Boutique – All From 24 Squared; Truth New Release and Kyxe Skins & Shapes New Too

I put together this styling of Lybra’s dress Christine Orange very early today and knew I wanted to post it to Versus before the fashion show this afternoon. Now I have it to share with you and my blog supporters as well.

All sorts of great items are available for you at 24 Squared. The event has exclusives, limiteds, hunt items and more fun to be had. There will be shows and parties too, so stay tuned. I wore Moondance Boutique’s newest nails from 24 Squared, the Duel Colored Angle Nails. Jewelry from .:JUMO:., the Consort Set, caught my eye and I knew it would go well with this outfit, and it also was from 24 Squared.

Designer Showcase revolves monthly with new items, new businesses at times, and always new deals. Paige Wedge heels with a color HUD that allows them to be multiple colors come from [Liv-Glam] along with other pieces special to be found ONLY at Designer Showcase. I have the next in the series of 12 skin tones from Kyxe Skins & Shapes on, wearing Pearl Skin Tone Laila.

Each of the 12 tones will have their own Laila face by the time the full release has occurred. Check back often, because items are updated, improved, and gifts appear from time to time too. New SLink appliers will be available over the weekend. I love Truth Hair. I have since I was a baby, a newbie in an aweinspiring world.

He’s one of those designers, the man behind the business, who maintains connection to his store and his people (Read more...)

Pretty and Prim In Pink – Featuring Danielle’s Exclusive from Rock Your Rack, *~Damesfly*~ and HOLLYHOOD at 24 Squared and Opal at Designer Showcase

The darling dress comes from Rock Your Rack, Danielle’s Exclusive Charlotte in pink. Though it looks like layered items, it’s textured to trick the eye and fits easily without having to figure out which size on which layer so you don’t have things popping out where you don’t want, and you have pieces that look like they flair out and it’s a beautiful optical illusion. Classy design and cleverly drawn. It’s beautiful. I’m not usually an all pink girl but it fit perfectly with the fundraising for Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Rock Your Rack continues through September 15.

Designers contributed work like this dress to raise funds, but you can also donate directly if you follow this link:

From 24 squared, *~Damesfly*~ has a gorgeous full bodied flowing mass of hair, Shyanne. I think this is more hair than I’ve owned or worn in years. My hair used to be about this long off line and I recall how much work it was to keep it groomed. Isn’t it wonderful how the online world allows us to skip all those little life knots and have the beauty without the work? Additionally, you will find HOLLYHOOD with two different styles of SLink compatible heels. The Kitten Heels are wooden wedges, and the other style glitters like fine diamonds with a variety of colors. Oh la la!

Opal continues to have items at Designer Showcase month after month, and each month there’s someth (Read more...)

A Viking Valkyrie – Featuring h.m.a.e.m., >Asset<, .: LIKE DESIGN :., and M. Mayako; Also Featuring Xen’s Hat from Rock Your Rack

This morning, I’m glad to show a few more items from the 24 Squared event that begins tomorrow (September 5), and more from Rock Your Rack, which has another week to go. Please remember that items from Rock Your Rack purchased will go to support an awesome cause, funding Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Please visit to enjoy the terrific designs created for this event and to participate in the charity fundraiser. If you prefer to donate directly, visit this website:

Xen’s Hat – the Green Beret – made me think saucy and sweet. It’s easy to imagine being mischievous.  h.m.a.e.m. continues to create brilliant new shapes with a sense of joie de vivre. The mini dress Tasha has a sleek figure form, but then it plays with geometrical lines and shapes. Each of them are a solid color, yet because of the overall design, the dress itself stands out within an endless stream of basic minis. You can find this dress at 24 Squared.

Also from 24 Squared, a Viking styled Valkyrie hair from >Asset< will catch your eye. I styled it in the true Viking Rus (red) style to go with Kyxe Skins & Shapes Marigold version of Laila. Additionally, .: LIKE DESIGN :. created a new ankle boot that sports a metallic shine on the primary color, then accents with bold gold; you can find these boots at 24 Squared. M.Mayako also has a few items to tempt you, and from the outfit called Marinahh, I pu (Read more...)

On Changing Your Mind – Featuring Poet’s Heart from Rock Your Rack, .:JUMO:. and Baubles! by Phe at 24 Squared; Also >Asset< New

The gown from Poet’s Heart comes in several styles has a beautiful tropical option that I’ve seen blogged in several wonderful ways, and it’s the 100% donation for Rock Your Rack, a fundraiser where designers like Poet’s Heart contribute items and the …

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Stay Classy and Visit — Featuring Purple Moon at Rock Your Rack, .:JUMO:. at 24 Squared, [LG] Boutique at Designer Showcase, Truth and !Lyrical B!zarre Templates

*One of my longer blogs, but so much to share, so many places to go…

One of those Mondays comes along now and then where you really do wake up and look outside and wish it were raining so you could easily slip back under the covers and sleep a little longer, listening to the sound of soulful droplets on the roof. It wasn’t raining today but I still took my Monday really slowly, not actually ‘getting up’ til it was mid-afternoon. I don’t have a very reliable schedule, which is why blogging really works well for me!! and never know when I’ll sleep or wake. I’m at peace with the world of modeling that I’ve chosen and love the chance to wake up at 3 p.m. or 4 a.m. and always have something new to share.

I styled this pants suit from PurpleMoon Creations and had to message the designer. It had been ages since I’d gotten anything from her store, as I work with what’s shared, and events, and each event has a different compilation of designers. I remembered why she was one of the top designers on the grid when I put her pant suit on… it’s impeccable. You can find the Adele suit in black at the Rock Your Rack charity event. I styled this then went to find a location for photos and decided to go to Purple Moon’s main store. While I was working, there was a gifty machine sharing items, one of which you see in my hands. What a treat. The Raspberry Clutch was one of those unexpected extras!

.:JUMO:. h (Read more...)