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Honesty With Sabra Style, Honestly! Also BOABA

A monochromatic layout for someone who’s anything but… Kylie Sabra and Sabra Style – Second Life Fashion have a beautiful vantage point and in that sense of beauty creations she makes always make me feel elegant, refined and something better than myself. When someone can do that, it makes the thing they do that much more special. It’s difficult to put into words. Maybe it could happen in the world off line if I got to meet Michael Kors or Vera Wang and then had an item from their collection and got to wear it and then got to talk about it, blog it, tweet it, and every other way to shout out to the world, this thing I got to do was radical fun and this person I met made it better than fun! That’s not likely to happen in my world off line but I’m blessed beyond words that it does happen to me in my Second Life. 

That girl right there, the amazing one who works on so many projects in Second Life that have meaning, who creates clothing, who pauses to say hi, how are you feeling, in the throng of her busy crazy day, that’s one of those girls I adore and thrill at sharing her wares. Honesty in Gold. Honesty is such an intense name for a dress, but in this case, it’s perfect. I paired with a hat that BAOBA shared with me some recent weeks ago called Delicacy Yellow and finally found a time I could wear October’s 4Seasons metallic Copper Lips.

* Sabra Style Honesty Gold
* BAOBA Delicacy Yellow

- Chop Z (Read more...)



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One On One Tutelage & Modeling Academy Merges With Miss SL Organization – Miss SL Academy

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about the new year, wanting to try something new, to challenge yourself, to change gears, or however people put it when they’re ready for change. You may have heard of models and modeling from a friend or happened to notice…

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Fashion For Life 2015 – All the News, Information, and Ways You Can Get Involved


Official Press Release

FASHION FOR LIFE 2015 opens for one week of non-stop, boundary-breaking, uplifting, shop-till-you-drop, dazzling entertaining events – the magnitude of which we guarantee you have never before experienced – beginning Saturday, March 21st at 10:00 a.m. SLT and ending on March 29th, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. SLT with a colossal closing party!  Our goal is to raise funds for the American Cancer Society’s RELAY FOR LIFE, the world’s (and SL’s) largest non-profit event which supports, promotes awareness, and gives hope to the millions of people around the globe battling the ravages of cancer on a daily basis – the patients, caregivers, families, research teams, and medical professionals at the forefront of the war against this abysmal disease.

For one week we will come together, celebrate life, honor memories, have a lot of fun, and make a difference.  Your jaw will literally drop when you behold architecture inspired by “Seven Fashion Capitals of the World” on NINE Sims designed and built by immensely talented and distinguished SL craftsmen – filled to capacity with art, beauty, color, music, entertainers that will permeate your senses with the captivating enchantment and breathtaking magic that is FASHION FOR LIFE WEEK!:


TOKYO: Build (Read more...)

A Gown From MVW 2015 Switzerland, Created by Kelini – BAOBA "Scarlett" Headpiece

A beautiful gown from Kelini created for MVW 2015 Switzerland. It comes in an all blue or blue and black combination.

Paired with “Scarlet” from Baoba in Blue and Gold, the head piece and jewelry from .:JUMO:.

Unique makeup from #7 and Silken Moon’s Elmslight nails complete the formal look.

* K E L I N I – Haute Couture MVW 2015 Switzerland
* BAOBA “Scarlet” Headpiece

- .:JUMO:. Labradorite Jewelry Set
- EMO-tions Hairbase
- #7 Boop Makeup

Standard Items:
– October’s 4Seasons Chocolate Cosmos
– SLink Hands and Feet
– KMADD Mesh Eyes

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Latest News from Miss SL Organization – Miss SL Magazine – March Styling Challenge

MISS SL Organization
MISS SL Magazine


We`re looking for stylists, models and blogger for the very first styling challenge called out by and for the new MISS SL Magazine. The best styling get placed into the March issue with each one page featuring your name and the outfit you`re wearing, professional photography provided by MISS SL Magazine.

This challenge is open for women AND men.

A Little Bit Of Me In This Outfit — Loovus Dzevavor from Sneak Peek and Gift From EMO-tions

Pinned and tweeted, Flickr’d and Blogged.. my social media deluge today brings a new Delta Jacket and Skirt Combo from Loovus Dzevavor to light in as many ways as my little virtual fingers can reach out and touch the world today. I also had new hair fr…

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Urban and Chic – Wicca’s Wardrobe at Rue a la Page, Chop Zuey (recent gifts), EMO-tions (group gift)

As for work, I’m having a tough week physically, so I popped in yesterday to style my latest outfit and popped back out again soon after… this one comes with primary inspiration – Wicca’s Wardrobe. The “Captured” top and the “Inara” wonderboots that …

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Lybra Is Something Stunning, Something Fun, Always Something Classy — Lybra and /Wasabi Pills/

Some designers have a flourish that’s as lovely and unique as someone’s signature might be or an artist’s point of view. One of many reasons I love working with Lybra, Mr. Jason and Ms. Natzuka, along with the stunning skin and management of Ms. Jamee, could be summed up with the single word – Class.

It’s resonant in each design created by them and for Lybra, it’s in each event they organize, it’s in each place you find Lybra fashions, like the Couturier’s Docks. Beyond being excellent clothes that make the customer look stunning, they’re excellent people who reach out and infuse their energy into our Second Life and we’re better for it. I loved this gown, Fauna. It’s not brand new to their collection but it spoke to me one day while I was wandering about the store, soaking up the vibe, learning the layout (it’s been under construction and there’s more new items daily!!), and I decided it would be my next Lybra item to style for them and for each of you.

I paired with a new hairstyle from /Wasabi Pills/ a long haired mesh that lay perfectly against the skin. You may not know, but Lybra offers items for men and women, dressy fancy clothing, chic minis that are a bit more casual than the long gowns, hair, jewelry, poses and so much more. If you haven’t been or haven’t been back in a while, begin your January getting to know Lybra. You’ll enjoy ever (Read more...)

Something Different This Way Comes — Jinx from Winter Market and Zibska from Sneak Peek

I took a cocktail dress from Zibska and modified to some degree so that instead of having a jacket with fringe over the dress, I had earmuffs for warmth. I paired with a pair of jeans and boots from Jinx and created an entirely different look than eith…

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Sexy and Sweet, All Because I’m a VIP At Carrie’s Lingerie – Carrie’s Lingerie, -{ZOZ}- at Sneak Peek, Chop Zuey

Beauty from Carrie’s Lingerie, the January VIP gift called Val just looks angelic and demure, yet naughty and playful at the same time. New shoes from -{ZOZ}- at Sneak Peek, and some more elegant pieces of jewelry from Chop Zuey.

I can’t tell you how much I love the Chocolate Cosmos skin at October’s 4Seasons. Since I nailed down a favorite, I’ve had so much fun photographing her, and this time was no different. Gorgeous. Art. Sexy. Fun!

* Carrie’s Lingerie Val VIP January Gift
* -{ZOZ}- Roxie White From Sneak Peek
* Chop Zuey My Father’s Heart Necklace
- Chop Zuey Moon Crystals Earrings
- October’s 4Seasons Ocean Depth Sparkle Shadow
- October’s 4Seasons Shine White Silver Shadow
- October’s 4Seasons Kinetic Pink Rose Kiss
- Gaeline Mesh Lashes Illusia
- Truth Aida
- Vestige Creations Poses
Standard Items:
– October’s 4Seasons Chocolate Cosmos
– SLink Hands and Feet
– KMADD Mesh Eyes

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Where Did the Time Go? — .:JUMO:. at Sneak Peek: Items Designed To Match From Head To Toe!

I’m truly surprised at the speed with which this year traveled. It’s so cliche, to say pithy statements at times, “Hold on to them now; they’ll be grown and gone before you know it.” ~insert rolled eyes~ But when I was late teens and 20 something, I was sure I everything and those old sayings were for other people. My life would be different somehow. I’d cling to every good moment, savor it like one might cherish a hug, and keep them all together in my head and heart for the times I was alone or needful of such positive energy. Some of that worked, by the way, but it did not waylay the eventually echo-worthy comments that I now say to young people who probably roll their eyes at me as much as I did back then, and remind them to hold on to them now. They’ll be grown and gone before you know it. Mine are, finally settled in their own adult worlds. As eager as I have been to get them both out of the house, stabilized on their own, and dependent on self, I’ve also missed them like crazy. I don’t think the pendulum will swing to a happy medium on this topic any longer, so I will be one of those old people spouting wisdom, clinging to the warmth and hope of the day and reaching out long distance to family and friends as I do so.

.:JUMO:. went all out in creating their addition to this month’s Sneak Peek event. The Khanna outfit comes with clothing and accessories designed for use from head to toe. Necklace and earrings ha (Read more...)

Got a Ticket Out Of Dodge – Chop Zuey and the World Wildlife Fund, Zanze at Sneak Peek and Analog Dog

New and beautiful! I really liked the drop inseam balloon pants that came as part of the overall outfit Zanze has for Sneak Peek this month, the Agnes Harlem Dress. I’ve been looking for a way to get out of Dodge, or take a vacation from all the holiday hustle and bustle, and finally this week, I’ve had a couple of long winter’s naps. The Britto Jetsetter Travel Bags came from Chop Zuey and there’s just enough room in that stack of traveling cases for me to jet to Paris or Tokyo to check out what’s new and in style for 2015!

I also used a combination of Chop Zuey pieces layered to make my own mixed metals look. The Einn set included a long chain. It was created for a MVW contestant several years ago now, wow time flies, and is one of my favorite necklaces because of its length. I also have on the new Sultaness necklace, the Midnight Express Mens Ring and The Razor’s Edge Mens Bracelet. As you may have noticed, I make use of the items created for both men and women at Chop Zuey because they make for great combination pieces! I also have my last ‘new’ style from Analog Dog. I tagged the sale items, and this is the last one to share, Val.

Because financial choices are big for me, even when we talk about pennies on the dollar in Linden currency, when designers go the extra mile to share gifts, I hope that I’m always able to go the extra mile and thank them for that. I’ve shared most of what Chop Zuey and Ms. Belle (Read more...)

Ready For a Party – Kelini, !:Lybra:!, Analog Dog, ~ghee and Son!a

A new cocktail gown for party goers. It’s that time of year, planning parties, watching fireworks, meeting old friends and making new friends. I met a new designer this week while I was looking into ‘business’ and loved the things she created and espec…

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Fun In Swimwear, Even If It Is Winter – !:Lybra:!, Analog Dog, and Chop Zuey; Also Lindy from Designer Showcase

I roamed around Lybra late last night to see the new rooms, how it’s being organized and what might be new or fun to share with you. I was (as usual) overwhelmed with the number of things I wanted to try on, to wear, and to style for you. This swimsuit caught my attention, mostly because I think of formal attire when I think of Lybra. If you’re a member of Lybra’s group, you can find this in the group member room. And if you’re not a member, you should be!

I paired Jennifer, the suit that comes with the ability to color change the top, bottom and belt each with different tones, or the option to color change all three to the same tone. I went with these tones because this reddish tone suits my skin so well, and always makes me feel beee-ooo-tiful. Yellow remains one of the fierce colors of 2014 and though we’re about to ring in a new year, one more sash in that bold electric yellow works just fine. New boots from Lindy are available at Designer Showcase. Thankfully, I caught the news of a sale at Analog Dog and found a plethora of new styles including this one called Pipe Dream. My Chop Zuey folder continues to carry an array of pieces thanks to the Advent calendar -ish Elf. I’m wearing the Labyrinth necklace and Magnum Mysterium earrings from the array of Chop Zuey gifties.

* !:Lybra:! Jennifer Swimsuit
* Lindy Charlton Black
* Chop Zuey Labyrinth Necklace
* Chop Zuey Magnum Mysterium
* Analog Dog Pipe Dream

 – Octo (Read more...)

All About the Contestants — Sabra Style and Analog Dog

This afternoon was all about the contestants for the first Miss SL competition so I chose something deliberately casual, something I could imagine me wearing as I took photographs of famous people at a gathering in reality.

I thought I’d run into Kylie Sabra this afternoon during the auditions because of her closeness to those involved in the Miss SL Organization so I chose some of her items deliberately to whisper thanks in my own quiet way… (and she was there!)… Two photos show the completed look I wore to the event.

* Sabra Style Collette Sweater Gold
* Sabra Style Slacks Mocha Plaid
* Sabra Style Tawney in Red & Black Blouse
* Analog Dog Tootsie

- Hawker’s House OhmEga Ladies Mesh Caterpillar Boots Nugget
- Purple Moon Delight Wood Bangles
- Gaeline Mesh Lashes Divina
- October’s 4Seasons Soulful Yellow Eyeshadow
- October’s 4Seasons Destiny Sunset Lips

Standard Items:
– October’s 4Seasons Chocolate Cosmos
– SLink Hands and Feet
– KMADD Mesh Eyes

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First Miss SL Organization Life Audition

Miss SL Organization Hosted It’s First Live AuditionPhotos of entrants as well as others who made it all possible.Addy OmenaEuridice QorkSarah Elisabeth BrenhamEva MuseJayJay KonstantinKim RongyuLeezah KaddourLillibetMarisa VrataskiMemole GihaMio Linet…

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Taking Time To Relax, Chill Out and Recover From Family and the Holidays — Immerschoen-Body Cult and Odelitte from Winter Market, Chop Zuey, October’s 4Seasons and {{BSD Design Studio}}

I put together a very casual array of items this evening. It just felt like one of those nights after all the bright and beautiful and party-fun-terrific brilliance to embrace things that were simple. I loved the idea of a knit cap called Beanie Svenja (with hair already added!) for instance, because wearing one means one does very little to pretty-up the hair under it. Convenient, warm, cozy… and it’s part of Immerschoen-Body Cult’s pieces sold at the Winter Market. The Skinny Pants Tweed also come from them and are sold at the Winter Market as well. Odelitte created this oversized sweater in an Ombre blue tone for Winter Market. I then added a pair of boot-like shoes from BSD Design studio called Billionaire Baby, a new release and one of the unique designs that Chop Zuey so lovingly shared during the season of gifts that helped close out 2014 called the Mysterium Necklace. And finally, though I have settled on October’s 4Seasons Chocolate Cosmos as my ‘default’ skin tone, when new faces, special releases, gifts and the like come to October’s 4Seasons, I’m excited to share, and this is Keiko with the Marigold Skin Tone and Brown Brows.

* {{BSD Design Studio}} Billionaire Baby Silver Black
* Odelitte Oversize Sweater from Winter Market Event
* Immerschoen-Body Cult Beanie Svenja Black Hair
* Immerschoen-Body Cult Skinny Pants Tweed Black
* Chop Zuey Mysterium Necklace
* October’s 4Seasons Keiko Marigold Brown

(Read more...)

Let Me Look Into My Crystal Ball – Wertina from Winter Market, Analog Dog, Chop Zuey and Lindy

What does the new year bring for each of us? Sometimes I wish I had a crystal ball. When my sons were young and they would ask me some question to which I had no way of knowing because it was either simply information I didn’t know or associated with t…

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Pressing Onward — New From Analog Dog – New Gifts From Chop Zuey – New From October’s 4Seasons

Onward and so forth… Christmas is one of those times of year that push and pull us in multiple directions and even in the best of moments, it can overwhelm us. I felt healthier this year than in many years past, and grateful for the extra bit of energy to get through the last little bit. Now it’s done for a year and I’m ready to get on with what we call ‘normal’.

Back to football, and bowl games and watching television through eyes that are ‘just resting’. The last of Middle Earth came this season and it feels like an era passes. I don’t know if it matters what we call normal or how we live day to day. In some ways, I hope I’m like the character Scrooge realizes he wants to be by the end of A Christmas Carol. I’ll keep Christmas every day in my heart, do good to others, and make merry. I’ll hope the same for you.

MAG created a selection of tops and minis to go together along with multiple styles of stockings/tights. I thought the grey with the rose patterned patches suited me perfectly. I love roses and though it’s a little too cold for my roses to begin new Spring growth, that time will soon be here and meanwhile, I can find wonderlands like the one in the photos. Chop Zuey’s gifts abound, and will until the end of the month. I’m wearing a combination of the men’s items including Chakra Warrior Cuffs, the Crunchy Salamander (does that mean it’s crunchy when bitten? ewww), and R (Read more...)

The Quiet Hush Of Christmas Morning [FLRN] at Winter Market Event, BaoBa at The Couturier’s Docks and New NOYA Gifts

I went late late last night to the party Mr. Marcus announced for those who didn’t want to be alone at Christmas. It was far too late to find party goers but I did have the pleasure of marveling at the beautiful layout and decor of the club. I felt like a little girl tiptoeing around the house after the grown-ups had turned out the lights and tucked everyone in bed. It was beautiful.

I’ve only begun to know Mr. Lefevre… and the more I know of him and the more I know him, the more I realize how he’s impacted others’ lives. It’s truly a treat and a blessing, something you couldn’t wrap and tuck under a tree, but a gift nonetheless. Baoba created this adorable hat made of poinsettias and ornamentation called “Rudolf” for The Couturier’s Docks.

The new sweat and mini skirt set, which I love love love for the details and quality of content is from [FLRN] and can be purchased at their Winter Event and NOYA sent out a set of gifties to loyal customers (in my opinion she does far too much but I’m grateful for those gifts) and this box included some snowflake type lashes. The party had ended, and the whole place silent as I stood between the gilded golden tree and the silver grand piano, and I still soaked in that spirit of the holidays. I hope yours is blessed, whatever your faith, wherever you are in this great wild world.

* [FLRN] Ava Sweater and Skirt
* BAOBA Rudolf from The Couturier’s Docks

* NOY (Read more...)