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Imma Tell Ya Some Only Cuz I Lu Ya – Featuring [SWANK]: (Byrne) and DuJour

Sometimes it feels like I'm listening to someone speak in another language, even when I'm listening to someone speak English. I'm from the South, USA. I know there are many times I've said something with that southern drawl that others from around the world completely missed what I said, so I know it goes both ways. I love accents too, so I'm a puddle of goo when I hear some people speak. Melt. Drool. Ahhh.I listened to Jason Derulo's latest chart topping hit, and watched him dance, which is another thing that makes me melt and swoon, and I knew what he was saying but I didn't. It was like he was speaking a new version of English. I'm sure he said, "I'm going to tell you something, only because I love you."  Except it came out a lot more like what I put in my blog title today. Imma Tell Ya Some Only Cuz I Lu You. It's alright though. Language does that morph thing, from corner to corner, across the pond (English, UK style, rocks too!), down the street and across time. If I said a sentence like the southern girls did a hundred years ago, I'm fairly sure I wouldn't understand me either.… Read the rest




February 2016
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Rekt Chasing Cars – Featuring [SWANK]: [Wood Works] and *GLITTER*

I knew Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars song before today. I'd heard it played on Internet radio and in the car, inundated with it for a while, and it moved into that pocket of 'I really liked that song but it's old now and something else has come along' category. Then I watched the finale of Grey's Anatomy Season 11 on Netflix and heard the song played several times in the two hour program and I was rekt.Characters from beloved books and programs become part of our world and when they feel something, if they're well written and well acted, they make us feel something. Music works magic as well, like a maestro accustomed to directing the feelings of those who hear. Couple a good character, a good story arc, a good season finale and music like Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol and WoW! I had tears QQ for days. So moved was I by the music that I did one of those teen things, shut myself away in my room and listened to it over and over and over again on Youtube. WoW! QQ
I've found that different art in other parts of my world affect me deeply.… Read the rest

X-Files Swanky Back In the Day and Now – Featuring [SWANK]: LEGENDAIRE, [RnR]Swag, BluPrintz and Outside the Box

Sometimes I call styling for Second Life 'playing barbie' because it's a little like getting something new for a doll and spending the afternoon dressing your doll in all the new fun things. At other times, I like to take it to the next level and imagine what the doll will do once dressed to the nines, all swanky and ready to killit. One place I've noticed a lot of fancy, high end costuming occurs in really good (and really terrible) spy flicks. I'd love to be brilliant and beautiful, licensed to kill, and deviously working with my team to secure details and data that will ultimately save the day... in heels! Last night I was watching this week's new episode of the X-Files. Scully, the quintessential beauty that she is both in the 1993 and in 2016, commented that they used to do the dark AND stairs and she did them in heels! Of course a sexy spy or in her case FBI agent peering into every dark and unusual corner of the world will always have the right look and it almost always includes heels.… Read the rest

My $up3r P0W3r$ – Featuring [SWANK] [R]Allure and Baboom

Super powers have been around for as long as humans have been telling tales, passing down oral tradition and letting the younger generation know what came before theirs. Sometimes it was as simple as retelling a story about a hunt, enlivening the story a bit by exaggeration, the animal so big, the creature so fast, and yet with cunning and creativity, the hunt was yet successful. Ultimately, the super power in a human boiled down to the ability to think through things to overcome obstacles. Rarely did we outclass other species with quickness or strength, but almost always, we could outthink. In modern society, much of life is lived within four walls. Our daydreams contain our super powers, the feats it takes to merely get through the day. We tell stories of overcoming adversity, plowing past stereotypes and winning against slurs that hurt. The phrase "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger" remains a truth. Even if much of what we battle seems far removed from those hands on moments of our forefathers, we still muster great personal energy and strength to overcome battles.… Read the rest

IIGHT, Dis Tots Adorbs – Featuring [SWANK] !IT!, *HH*, EDELFABRIK and MARBS

We live in an abbreviated world. Everything flies by at the speed of life and sometimes it feels like we have to grab what we can when we can just to survive. Sometimes, though, it's alright to pause, take a deep breath, go for a long walk in the woods or find a place you've never visited and explore it.Did you know that long before Twitter or Snapchat, the origin of abbreviations like omg and l84 comes from txt messaging on cell phones. Phone plans began including SMS (short message service) as an option in the mid 1990s but every letter of the text cost a few cents and it wouldn't take long at all for texts to cost a bundle, so abbreviations helped save money and time, and the rest is history, as they say.
I love to explore Second Life, find places that are similar to places I'd love to play and visit in my world away from virtual places if I had an unlimited pocketbook and unlimited energy. Sometimes I end up in fantastical places that would never exist in reality, places that make me think of favorite books, favorite far away lands, and places that make me laugh or smile.… Read the rest

Beachy Fashion Fun Will Melt Your Popsicle – Featuring A.F.I Designs and Featuring [SWANK] Ravens Blade

Every time I try something new from A.F.I designs, I know it's going to be fun, a little daring, and a lot provocative. It's just built into every new look, just like the latest Glam Love dress. From the front, it's a cute mini, another glance reveals more.It's a dress that begged a trip to the beach. By the time February comes round, many begin thinking about Spring Break, summer beach fun and how to get a healthy bit of sun before it arrives.
Playful heels from Ravens Blade, part of the Truffles set at [SWANK] for February, complete the look. (In addition to the shoes shown here, Truffles also includes a dress.)

Featuring A.F.I Designs Glam Love Dress
Featuring NEW February Items From [SWANK]
Theme: 50 Shades Of Red
Ravens Blade Truffles Heels (Dress and heels included in Truffles set)

Truth Hair Dasha
Maxi Gossamer Lashes Party Swallow Wings Red/Black
October's 4Seasons Guiselle Lily Skin from February Makeover Room
*+Crie Style+* Cantabile Glasses
.:JUMO:.… Read the rest

Is It Just Pillow Talk – A Paradise Or a War Zone – [SWANK]: LIZIAAH and Luminesse

We don't have to go far to find our paradise or our war zone. And sometimes we find both in the same place with the same person. Do you ever notice how much more you argue, fuss and fight with the ones you love most? I do.This month, [SWANK] brings the theme 50 Shades of Red. To me, that's like the fifty shades of passion I feel when I'm with my very best... friend, lover, bestie... passion comes in so many shades.
The metallic mesh corset from LIZIAAH made me think 'armor', the fantasy armor that does no more to protect us than the armor we try to wrap round our heart when we're in the middle of those passionate moments. Is it a paradise or a war zone? Either way, it's always going to be intense. Because it matters. We don't fight with strangers so much because we just don't care. Teardrop like earrings in a rose hue dangle from my ears, Luminesse Linza set comes with earrings and matching necklace, like those drops of moisture that seethe from my eyes when it matters.
Featuring NEW February Items From [SWANK]Theme: 50 Shades Of Red Mesh Corset GoldLuminesse Linza Rosa White Gold Earrings (Necklace and Earrings included in the Linza set)
Image Essentials Posesno.… Read the rest

wHaT’s Your Gen? [SWANK] Has What You Like – Featuring ~CaL~, .:JUMO:., PREY, and B&C

The ReGen Generation, Millenials and GenXers claim their digital world in so many ways. [SWANK] appeals to everyone, every need, every like, every desire of the heart and playful moment, need to create, to build, to claim, to dream and to make!!That sounds like a lot, doesn't it? A weighty way to look at a digital world that's not even real... or isn't it? We are living in a digital world that's more and more real and in those moments, we want the best stuff, the fun stuff, the stuff that's going to enhance. If it's an APP, it's got to be the most current. If it's an Event in Second Life, like [SWANK] - - It's got to include a little bit of everything.
[SWANK] does not disappoint. In 3 days, February, a new and improved and BIGGER [SWANK] opens to the Second Life public. 50 Shades Of Red (far more fun I think than Grey!!) includes mens and womens things, decor, and yes, even 1973 Beetles. Today, I'm sporting an outfit by one designer, a partial array of jewelry from another designer's offering, shoes from still another standing beside a vehicle in world that's more than just a prop.… Read the rest

Everything On Point At [SWANK] – Featuring Belles Parisiennes and Moondance Jewelry Boutique

Featuring NEW February Items From [SWANK]Theme: 50 Shades Of Red Parisiennes by Cashandra Tenue Be My Valentine Red - This elegant gown will have everyone at your party seeing red.
Moondance Jewels by Kathrin Dassin Elegant Aurora - This jewelry set from Moondance Jewelry Boutique contains a whole array of pieces sure to accentuate your 'love is in the air' look. Two sets of earrings (the small floral set -and- long dangles) come with this and I layered them so the flower sits over the lobe and the long dangle hangs behind, making it look like yet a third set of earrings. You will also find a necklace, bracelets for both arms and a ring for either hand. Major gleam, major glam!
Truth Hair AidaGaeline Mesh Lashes IllusiaKMADD Mesh EyesOctober's 4Seasons Guiselle Lily at Makeover RoomCorpus Poses

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Yay! [SWANK] Opens February 7 – New Round – 50 Shades Of Red

 A new round of [SWANK] opens on February 7 with a new theme. Come and see all of the designers who've joined with the [SWANK] Event. It's grown since January, with a new layout and that much more shopping fun!
I love it when an Event in Second Life offers a diverse array of products, for men, for women, for people who love to decorate, for posing, for... and the list goes on at [SWANK]. Incendia has this precious Lovers Swing out this month. Both singles and couples poses are built in, so you can daydream like I'm doing, or cuddle with your favorite person.
Semi-Precious Jewelry is new to me since my return to Second Life this month. It's focus highlights the semi-precious gem. This month, you'll find the Avalon set, and earrings and necklace set.

Featuring NEW February Items From [SWANK]
Theme: 50 Shades of Red
Incendia Lovers Swing
Semi-Precious Jewelry Avalon Earrings and Necklace

Carrie's Lingerie Barbara Ann February VIP Group Gift 2016
[B!] B!asta Wilde Autumn Boots Hazel
October's 4Seasons Angelina Milk
KMADD Mesh Eyes
Maxi Gossamer Lashes Party Inverted Crown Black
EMO-tions Celie Dark Red

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[SWANK] – I Feel Honored To Blog For This Monthly Event — Featuring October’s 4Seasons

Today, I want you to look at the latest Group Gift created for October's 4Seasons. 
Watch this space. I have the joy of working with the Second Life [SWANK] Sales Event, a monthly event that will surely have you shop, shop, shopping.
I will provide a link for [SWANK] just as soon as the new and improved and much larger location has been fully set up, just in time for LOVE and all that. February's delights begin tomorrowwww...

Featuring October's 4Seasons NEW Group Gift for February
== Age Of Aquarius

Prism Gracelyn Sequin Leggings Outfits by Jezzixa in Gold Leopard
Semi-Precious Fleur Set Antique Earrings (from Necklace/Earrings Set)
Analog Dog Hair Chance Dark Browns
Maxi Gossamer Eyelashes Party Inverted Crown Black
KMADD Mesh Eyes
HOLLYHOOD Black Godiva Heels
no. 7 Kissing Lipstick
Demise Of Flight Poses

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Another Stunning Piece From Lyrical Bizarre Templates At Ferosh Fashion Week

Beauty abounds at Ferosh Fashion Week with another great piece from Lyrical Bizarre Templates. This is Shaz III, part of a collection of new designs released especially for this event.

Featuring Lyrical Bizarre Templates from Ferosh Fashion Week
== Shaz III

!Dark Horse Style Gold Tip Fall
Truth Feronia - Variety
Gaeline Mesh Lashes Natura
KMADD Mesh Eyes
October's 4Seasons Guiselle Lily MOR
HOLLYHOOD Holly Peach Vernice Heels
LOUX Sensual Lipstick #10
Chop Zuey A Wee Bit o Easter Rose Earrings

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Delighted To Show You a New Look From Lyrical Bizarre Templates – Kayra Ferosh Fashion Weekend

One of the many lovely new releases by Lyrical Bizarre Templates is this top and skirt with intricate details added for a refined beauty. The headpiece, flora around the top and flora around the skirt come separately. In the fabric itself, the skirt reflects the flora design subtly. Pieces can be worn to adorn other outfits as well. It's a gorgeous start to a new year. This outfit was created for Ferosh Fashion Weekend and kicks off 2016 in high style.

Featuring Lyrical Bizarre Templates from Ferosh Fashion Week
== Kayra

Analog Dog Pipe Dream
Gaeline Mesh Lashes Natura
KMADD Mesh Eyes
Moondance Boutique Jewel Diamond Bow
October's 4Seasons Guiselle from Makeover Room
Bliensen + MaiTai Bolero White&Pastels Heels
LOUX Sensual Lipstick 10

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Positive Energy – The Force Is With You – Featuring Maroon 5 SUGAR – from VEVO

Maroon 5 Sings Sugar @ Weddings

Could you imagine this happening at your wedding? I watched this several times this morning when I came across it on my infinite list of song choices YouTube now provides if you click "Auto Play" option. I began with Pharell's Freedom and fourteen or fifteen songs later, I landed on Maroon 5's Sugar.
Adam Levine tells the audience that it is December 6, 2014 and he's going to drive across L.A. and hit every wedding he possibly can. Why? Because he's Adam Levine with Maroon 5, and he knows that if he visits these weddings, it will be snapshot moments of many others' lives, places and times where he can and does affect positive energy. 
The various weddings showcase surprise, joy, wonder, speechlessness, and so much more. When I watched, I had to start the video over several times to really see and feel every one of these moments, and thus, Maroon 5 also transformed my life and energy in a positive way, over a year after the video was filmed, and I'm sure it's still creating positive energy for anyone else who stumbles on to it, hopefully affecting some of you also!… Read the rest

Caliente! So Fiery, So Feisty – Featuring Zuri’s, Rowena Springflower, EccentriciXi,

This outfit blends items from several stores that all had that brick red hue as the base color. The jacket from EccentriXi paired with the halter and skirt from Rowena Springflower Design looked as if they were designed to wear together. The boots from Pizazz were also that deep red tint, fitting well with my overall styling. With a filter on my photo, I went for a vintage look, two tones display the rich deep tints perfectly. Photo snapped at Image Essentials
Zuri's Ariel Bracelet
Rowena Springflower Haydee Halter Top and Skirt
EccentriXi Joclyn Jacket (part of outfit)
Pizazz Jessa Lace Knee Stay Up Boots Red
7 Deadly Skins Anniversary Gift
Gaeline Mesh Lashes
LeLutka Vent
Mayfly Deep Sky Eyes

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From My Boudoir – Featuring October’s 4Seasons, Lushish Catz, and Brii Underground

Something sexy.Something fun.Something from my boudoir.
I love the new Slink hourglass body. I actually like several of the mesh bodies that came to fruition while I was away last year. 11 months is a VERY long time in SL years. It ages more quickly than dogs do. I own three bodies but I've only used the Slink because it has the most applications for what was already in my inventory and what's being produced by the people out there doing the designs in the greatest quantity and quality that I've yet seen. I could be corrected and learn more and new tidbits tomorrow, however, so stay tuned. I could love Eve and Maitreya equally as well, and just not have a great deal of exposure to them yet. 
All in good time. Despite being gone a year, and feeling the need to catch up on so much all at once, I'm determined to stroll and enjoy the walk, to see and inhale and enjoy the details. Life is beautiful and meant to be savored one rose petal at a time. And believe it or not, I think we're meant to savor the dark moments as well because without them, we wouldn't know how glorious a sunset or a rose in bloom really is.… Read the rest

Rip Van Winkling No More – Featuring Zoom, [Juno] Poses, [noname], Damn&Sweet

I put together a number of outfits today before finally taking a few photos. The learning curve to style and photograph myself in years past seems to have fallen like old buildings unused while I was away tending to medical needs. My hope is, though it's not like riding a bicycle, it will come back to me more quickly than I learned it the first time.
I worked on pictures and stylings constantly for more than three years, and this past year, 11 of the 12 months of 2015, I simply could not. I'm so glad to be back, to be sharing my ideas and putting time and energy into blogging once more. It makes me feel whole. I might look like a 5th grader instead of a college student, on the learning curve where I am now, but at least I'm no longer Rip Van Winkle!
Thanks for making time to read!

Zoom - Apply Me Baby - NEW Slink Hourglass, TMP + Omega Appliers
[Juno] Poses Noelia Skin - NEW and free to group, Includes Appliers
[noname] Hope Wedges - Free from Midnight Mania 1.7.2016
*Damn & Sweet* Leather Biker Jacket Free Gift
Also wearing -
Gaeline Mesh Lashes Natura
Mayfly Mesh Eyes
Alice Project Shirley Hair
Slink Hourglass Mesh Body

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Let It Snow – A Fantasy Adventure – Featuring NuNu’s, JK Style, and Baubles By Phe

One of the things that relaxes me most - shopping in the virtual world of Second Life. A long time ago, I learned that both shopping for Barbie (my dressed up avatar) and styling Barbie could provide distraction and even more, create a small window of a world where I could run and jump and play, yet stay exactly where I was in the world. I've seen several great photos snapped recently in what looked like 'snowglobe' scenes and decided I'd enjoy that immensely.
I set out to create a snowglobe feeling, picking the Juliete Coat from JK Style as the basic center of the look. You can get the coat at JK this month free, and free is always good, as a Group Gift and as a gift from the SLF&O group. One coat is grey, shown in the photo, and the other free coat is a wonderful soft brown tint. Adding earmuffs and gloves, from Argrace and Oddity respectively, I was able to bundle up in my little snow world.
I know it's unlikely to wear sandals with straps in the dead of winter, but I have virtually unfreezable toes in this magical winterverse and the new heels from JK Style had a playful quality to them, also color change options, that I just felt beckoned me to wear them.… Read the rest

After a Long Night – Featuring Analog Dog, Slink, October’s 4Seasons and Venus Shoes

I took a new picture that I didn't hate. Onward and upward, heave ho!

Analog Dog has some awesome FREE balls on their beach. I went there last, maybe this time last year, and it was one free ball. Now there are like 6. Free is always good. This one is Val, in one of the dark red options.

My new favorite purchase - a mesh body - not so free but oh so fun, Slink Hourglass

October's 4Seasons January Group Gift Capricorn Perfection, well named because of course if it's by October (Keisha Xicotencatl ) it is perfection. 

Venus offers 6 pair of Slink compatible heels including this pale pink pair called Pamela

I dropped by Image Essentials to shoot the photo. Kay always makes it easy-er to take good snaps because she's got it all set up for me.

I had a very negative experience with the lingerie designer so for now, I'm leaving that information off of my news of the day. 

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Honesty With Sabra Style, Honestly! Also BOABA

A monochromatic layout for someone who's anything but... Kylie Sabra and Sabra Style - Second Life Fashion have a beautiful vantage point and in that sense of beauty creations she makes always make me feel elegant, refined and something better than myself. When someone can do that, it makes the thing they do that much more special. It's difficult to put into words. Maybe it could happen in the world off line if I got to meet Michael Kors or Vera Wang and then had an item from their collection and got to wear it and then got to talk about it, blog it, tweet it, and every other way to shout out to the world, this thing I got to do was radical fun and this person I met made it better than fun! That's not likely to happen in my world off line but I'm blessed beyond words that it does happen to me in my Second Life. 

That girl right there, the amazing one who works on so many projects in Second Life that have meaning, who creates clothing, who pauses to say hi, how are you feeling, in the throng of her busy crazy day, that's one of those girls I adore and thrill at sharing her wares.… Read the rest