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You Are Loved — Featuring Pichi from Couturier’s Docks, Kastle Rock Couture, EMO-tions and Maxi Gossamer

Sometimes the simplest ends up being the most elegant. When I tried on EMO-tions new hair this week, Leena, I found myself feeling like a Southern Belle from another century, ready to ply my charms on the nearest Rhett Butler. The Marlena gown from Kas…

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Daft Punk Got Lucky! Can I? — Featuring [Angels and Demons] from Couturier’s Docks, Gold Digger from DOPE Fashion Week

This year, I was introduced to the group Daft Punk via one of the Music Awards shows. I knew the song, “Get Lucky” but didn’t know anything about how unique these artists were or how they did not reveal their identities. Sometimes, they look like robot…

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So Unique – Another World – ~Ss~ and Candy Nail from Japan Fair Plus FINESMITH Mika Earrings

The colors and styles of Kimonos offer something truly different than what I wear in my little tiny corner of the world in South Carolina. I have found myself in awe several times as I got to work with some of the designers who contributed to the JAPAN FAIR 2014.

This weekend, you will find the Japan Fair going strong, seeking your support until the very last minute at the end of the weekend. I hope you might find your way there if you haven’t and if you have, I and many others thank you for your support.

I’m beyond grateful for the privilege of working with this fair!
These designers made this blog possible:
Featuring from Japan Fair ~Ss~ UkiyoeGirl Kimono Komachi
Featuring FINESMITH Mika Carnelian Earrings
Featuring from Japan Fair Candy Nail Twist Chiyogami Gold
1. Focus Poses
2. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Magnifica
3. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
4. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Alabaster Skin Tone
– Exotic Onyx Liner
5. ~Blacklace Beauty~ Rainbow 2

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Let Yourself Be Human — Featuring ~ghee, FINESMITH and Baboom!

Some of the most difficult moments in life occur when I disappoint someone. I’m certain that no one in any life, any lifestyle, any gender, any religions, not a single soul goes through life without disappointing someone. When I do, I feel it to the co…

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A Fierce Something — Featuring h.m.a.e.m., Zanze, and blackLiquid from the Cosmetics Fair

I think there’s a genuine treat involved in working with the most creative minds in Second Life. I happen to focus on fashion, but I’m always in awe of settings and builds and other content creators too.blackLiquid has items at the Cosmetics fair inclu…

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A Lovely Shade of Pink – From !Lyrical B!zarre Templates – Also Featuring K-Code – and From Japan Fair: Candy Nail

I would style a handful of designers every day, every hour, because far more than just the artistic people they are, they’re also truly beautiful people in their heart and soul, and they share that with everyone in their company. It makes me feel like I’m connected to something far more than “JUST” a business.

I’m blessed. I’ve noticed that as time passes, those relationships that go far beyond just the work place type of business acquaintance slowly shifts towards a truth that most of these people are now wonderful friends, people I admire, for their clothing and content creation? Yes, Sure. But it’s so much more than that.

Lyrical B!zarre Templates owner Lyrical Bizarre aka Loredana works harder and puts so much of her time into her store, and it shows. She’s developed the skill to make her own templates. In a world where few know how to manipulate the programs needed to render new mesh forms, her skill adds depth and beauty to collections and designers all over the grid.

If you’re a designer and you’re looking for a new template to use, something fresh, a new perspective, and you haven’t visited her store, it would be a great time to visit. You’ll find an array of glorious spring colors, new items, and loads of fun. And you’ll meet one of those irreplaceable people who I know will touch your life magically.

This pretty in pink styling comes to you from these outstanding content (Read more...)

Not A Diva! — Featuring In-Pose!, FINESMITH, Candy Nail, and J&A Rock Couture

Today, when I put this style together, Second Life and I were not having the best of times. Technical issues kept making me growl. Yes, I really do growl! One of my favorite people came down to ask me why I was bouncing in and out of the sim at Kyxe Skins & Shapes and as soon as Ms. O appeared, I stopped bouncing. I should have asked her to come much earlier in the afternoon. By the time she came to visit, I’d probably gotten to the most extreme of frustrations, the snarl level.

In case your computer or your Second Life gives you a hard time, I know the secret now. Just invite Ms. O over to where you’re trying to work. She’s a force of nature, a force to be reckoned with, and she seems to have the POWER. (Insert muahahahahaha here for effect)

The dress and poses are both from In-Pose. Trinity Graves has made poses as long as I’ve known her but she’s been working with clothing creations and other content beyond poses for a while now, and I think this unique dress shows her aesthetic very well.

Paired with a new release from FINESMITH, the unusual hat AMIT, and a pair of heels that came with color changing options (which I love) from J&A Rock Couture, I felt well put together, despite the unrelenting network challenge.

And when Ms. O appeared she commented, “You Diva!” I laughed. I’m so not! But I did wear TWO sets of lashes because one of the other Kyxe Beauties does and I like to try out new ideas. But still, (Read more...)

A Real Date! – Featuring Carrie’s Lingerie

It’s very rare for me to go to an event or spend time out with friends when it’s not connected in some way to the work I do in Second Life. I miss more than many of you would know the ability to work outside my home. I yearn for those years to be retur…

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DOPE Spring Fashion Week 2014 Is Coming Soon!

Only 30 Designers have been accepted as part of 2014 DOPE Spring Fashion Week. 10 of those Designers were handpicked by the fashion team at DOPE Magazine.A week of fashion that you will not soon forget begins with an Expo on 21 April. Events through th…

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Easter Market: 1)PICHI, 2)WERTINA – Japan Fair: Candy Nail, Also KaTink, EMO-tions, Chop Zuey, {{BSD}} and Kyxe Skins & Shapes

With pose creators, they seem to make them in packs of five or ten. As a model, and as I’ve prepared different looks, I noticed that if the pack were used in tandem, it looks like the pack could be used all at once on a runway and display a dress, or boots, or something with each pack. I have much much more experience behind a camera than on a runway, so this is only my perception. I had fun with setting up the poses here, from KaTink. One had hands up, and I immediately thought stealth, like on Survivor when one of member of an alliance overhears something while listening behind a bush. You’ll see my rendition of that in this set of photos. Thank you KaTink.

Many of the items that come with different fairs and events are full outfits from the get go. I feel responsible to show you as many parts as possible in such outfit sets. I like separates a lot, as well, and when I have the chance, like I did in this series, to put a top by one designer with a skirt or pants or shorts in this case, it’s more of a puzzle to me.

The sweater print is from WERTINA at Easter Market, and the shorts are from PICHI. I also have a new set of nails from Candy Nail, from Japan Fair. I’ve been a Candy Nail shopper for a few years, so I enjoyed finding Candy Nail as part of Japan Fair and knew it would be a treat. There are several styles, some with very unique sculpts for the nail’s shape. You have to go and see!

EMO-tions spoils customers with new gifts regularly. (Read more...)

Japan Fair – Candy Nail, *+Crie Style+*, +Honey+, Plus EMO-tions, {{BSD Design Studio}}, and Violator

It’s Easter weekend. In the past, my whole world calendar revolved around children, when they were in class, when they were on break, how long I had to make it before they drove me crazy and put us all in the loony bin. This weekend, they’re coming home for a visit, each at their own time, marching to a beat of a different drum.

The eldest continues his quest to find his niche in the right fit for him regarding leadership in a Church. He’s currently volunteering while he’s in Seminary but competition really seems to be steep, so he’s sending out resumes, doing interviews, and all that comes with the next stage of growing up. I was a Youth Pastor for over 10 years, and at the time, he growled at having to be a ‘mascot’ because of course he went with us on every trip and did all the crazy stuff we did. Now he finds his interest to be — drum roll — wait for it — being a Youth Pastor.

My youngest son continues to be the free spirit who refuses to stay in one place long, and one who’s willing to try anything even when it’s rather irksome to his mother. I know he needs to make his own choices and learn to live with them, but sometimes I wish I could still say, “Because I said so…” It just doesn’t work like that anymore. His fiance and he both work two part time jobs. I wonder how often they see each other. I know I don’t see either of them unless I plan a date. So Easter Sunday, (Read more...)

More From Easter Market – Featuring [CIRCA], *Lavanda Chic*, *~Aphrodite Shop~* Also – EMO-tions, Chop Zuey

Every time I look into my Easter Market Basket, I find some new little surprises. I love the pose props that different designers release around different holidays.The bunny from *~Aphrodite Shop~* in the first photo has it’s own nestle pose built into …

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Sometimes I Get Chatty — Featuring Tukinowaguma from Japan Fair Plus FINESMITH @ Main Store and Fashion Stars

This week, a friend paused to show me a few tricks with regard to setting windlights and shadows as I asked again, “How can I improve what I’m doing for these awe inspiring designers. October has taken professional photos in world for hundreds of people, and each was a work of art. I want to be able to do that one day. Baby steps. I will continue to take baby steps. I found a new brush by accident when I was actually looking for one October mentioned to me. The profile photo she helped me create took my breath away, and she’d already done so when she did an advertisement for last month’s Fashion Pride event that ended up being my Facebook Cover Photo.

She’s one of those women who make me tired just listening to everything she does, and because she does so much, and remains an avid and supportive friend, she has a special part of my heart. Her most recent endeavor includes a partner and the rejuvenation, rebrand and marketing of the skin company, Kyxe Skins & Shapes. Face Paint closed about 6 months ago now, and I had given them an exclusive guarantee at the time that I would use Face Paint products in every single blog I ever posted and on every single runway show as well. I never broke that promise. A pair of days ago, I offered the same exclusivity to Kyxea and October aka Keisha.

I feel it’s a privilege to work with designers from all over the grid. When I was newer than a green sapling, I went to a FINESMITH cas (Read more...)

Across the World — Featuring from Japan Fair Salon de GLOW, Air Koto, and Kokihi

This week’s work with the JAPAN FAIR 2014 had me over on Google doing some research to learn about the dresses and their significance and the culture behind the beautiful items I have been blogging.

There’s something beautifully fascinating to me about every place in the world away from the US. I love my country. I also love learning new things about the world as a whole and people from every corner of the earth.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the fair and seen some items on my blog as well as others’ to be tempted to go and visit. This morning, a notice went out that said so far, they’d raised over 800,000 dollars for the charity they’re promoting, Shelter Box.

Every time I’ve been a part of a charity based event, I’ve felt a sense of connecting with the world beyond my own front door. With this culturally influenced fair, I feel that way even more. I’m wearing clothing from designers I’d never known and seeing all the colors of the rainbow in the creation of garments and items suited to the theme.

Salon de GLOW provided the hair. A beautiful pair of glasses that I would love to own off line in my world from Air Koto added to the look. And the bright layers of fabric for this kimono from Kokihi made me feel like I belonged across the globe in an entirely different world.

My thanks extends to each designer who made this styling possible:
Featuring from Japan Fair Salon de GLOW M-09 Hair
Featuring from Jap (Read more...)

Handle With Care — Featuring from Easter Market M&M — Also Featuring EMO-tions

New Easter Market fun from M&M, not the candy but just as delicious! This metallic bodysuit with spikes brought out the 80′s rocker chick in me.

EMO-tions released a new color palette that includes fades like the choice shown in this series. All of the colors you’ve come to love are available just as you knew them, and then there are all new pairings of those colors to create the new looks. Rosa is a mesh style that showcases this new twist at EMO-tions perfectly. I also found a little bauble from EMO-tions, the Addicted ring. I’m fairly sure I’m addicted!

I’m happy to continue to show new releases from Kyxe Skins & Shapes and this eye color comes from the series called Shine. You’ll find several new makeup palette options at Kyxe now and more coming soon. If you have special requests, you can jot a note and put your message in Keisha’s box, or let me know and I’ll pass it on to her lickety-split!

Staple items like eyes and lashes, even the shape I once spent so much time working with to try to get it ‘just right’ don’t always get mentioned but to me, they’re always appreciated. Any artist has a certain amount of basic work go into their creations, and I lovingly put those details, with the great mesh eyes collection created by Maddox and the awesome HUD driven mesh lashes from Gaeline into my finished project.

For the fun and flirtatious fittings I had to design this st (Read more...)

Little Doll — Featuring from Japan Fair +M’s Avon-, -Irodori- and [[j'adore]]

I couldn’t wait til morning to share this set of photos so I posted one to my cover photo before I went to sleep last night. This little china doll really made me smile as I worked with her.

It’s one of those dresses with layers and layers of detail, and wouldn’t be the same without them. Where I might play with layers, mix and match, sometimes it really is best to just show the art of one content creator. -Irodori- made the costume.

+M’s Avon- created jewelry the jewelry shown with this dress. You will find the dress and the jewelry at the JAPAN FAIR 2014. I also used the last of three sets of poses to take the photos shown; this time I used [[j'adore]] Tiffany.

I have collected little doll and Geisha accessories here and there and with a little layering, I used the Geisha skin gift from Kyxe Skins & Shapes, then layered blackLiquid’s Chen Geisha Face, and finally one of the beautiful sets from my past at Face Paint called The Geisha.

I do jest at times about getting to play Barbie, as a reminder of the once little girl who enjoyed visiting friends to dress dolls and redress a hundred times in a sleepover, and still not tire of finding one more pair of “ohhh isn’t this cute” shoes before finally dropping into a deep sleep in the middle of the living room floor with all the cast off tiny clothing to clean up the next day. I don’t make quite as big a mess these days, but I still manage to have loads (Read more...)

Must Be Spring — Easter Market Petits Chats, Candy Crunchers, Eyelure, Dscribe, Persnickety, and StoraxTree

All the items from the Easter Market make for a wonderful tapestry of artistic puzzle pieces, to choose and delight in their fun frazzle of pastels and more.

These items are all from the Easter Market: Petits Chat Easter Egg Skirt, Candy Crunchers Necklace Bunny, Eyelure Tank Over Bikini, Dscribe Decorations Hanging Eggs, Persnickety Easter Flowers, and StoraxTree Feline Treasures and Thatched Spring Planter.

The additional items are staples of my wardrobe including the delicious Walnut skin and the new shadows from Kyxe Skins & Shapes and mesh eyes from KMADD/MODA Designs. I haven’t used anyone else’s eyes since Maddox gave me this box. There are literally hundreds of options and I’ve loved every one I’ve tried.

I used another of the special HUD options with poses built in from [[j'adore]]. I offer a gentle nudge to remind you that the Japan Fair opens today and has many terrific things to try and all proceeds go to the ShelterBox — read more here

Most gracious thanks to the designers who made this possible:
Featuring Easter Market Petits Chat Easter Egg Skirt
Featuring Easter Market Candy Crunchers Necklace Bunny
Featuring Easter Market Eyelure Tank Over Bikini
Featuring Easter Market Dscribe Decorations Hanging Eggs
Featuring Easter Market Persnickety Easter Flowers
Featuring Easter Market StoraxTree Feline Treasures and Thatched Spring Planter
(Read more...)

Abra-Cadabra — Featuring -AZUL- and [[j'adore]] from Japan Fair (opens today); Also Featuring New at FINESMITH

It’s hard to talk about the opportunity to work with a designer like -AZUL- who’s been creating masterpieces in Second Life for a long time and who participates in so many events, including an event like JAPAN FAIR 2014. This gown, Claro de Luna in Sapphire, flows elegantly with every step.

I worked with [[j'adore]] poses for the first time, also found at the Japan Fair, which opens today. I haven’t ever had a HUD option to wear and a way to use the poses one by one. The HUD is an awesome option for someone who likes to pose EVERYwhere. I enjoyed ‘meeting’ a new pose maker, new to me…

Another designer who’s invested a lot of time into everything Second Life is Finesmith. This set of jewelry had three options. I chose Summer Powder because of the colors.

By the time I finished putting this style together, I was feeling a little sense of power, a dark energy, or is it light. The setting with the black cat and bright blue flora offers a balance. Perhaps I till tap into one or another and create good times and mischief to be had by all!

I did not get enough time to explore this sim, Odessa SciFi Municipal. I took this last photo in a bubble that was floating up in the sky and since I used a night setting, I ended up with lights like the Aurora Borealis. New places to discover out there all the time!

My great thanks extends to each designer responsible for (Read more...)

The Vixen From A.F.I Designs Plus Treats from Easter Market: Persefona, Icons of Style, and Maniac Quintessa

At the Easter Market, there are some serious things and a lot of little playful things that ring in Spring. I enjoy both extremes and most anything anyone can create that falls between serious and playful.

This morning, I framed three photos that show the clever use of props with poses from Icons of Style. There were quite a few choices of little gold eggs like the ones I’m holding, and then there was an egg cluster with poses as well. I also included Persefona’s colorful floral headband from Easter Market as well as Maniac Quintessa’s Seeing Red heels.

The AFI Designs creator sent me Vixen, this little mini dress. I have decided that many spring designs will be perfect to wear with the colorfully tattooed skin gifts from Kyxe Skins & Shapes, as you can see so much of the art with this particular dress.

I think I’ve tried every combination of the mesh eyes from KMADD/MODA Designs and continue to comb through the spectrum of choices, finding new color schemes, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, still discovering new ‘oooh’ moments with the styles and colors available.

Thank you to each designer who made this style possible:
Featuring A.F.I Designs Vixen Mini Dress
Featuring from Easter Market Maniac Quitessa Carmilla Pumps Seeing Red
Featuring from Easter Market Persefona Rita Flower Headband
Featuring from Easter Market Poses from Icons of Style
1. Bliss: Sienna
2. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Magnifica
3 (Read more...)

Flitting Fiery Creature — Featuring Schoen from Japan Fair, !Frozen, J&A Rock Culture, AsHmOoT, -LEO from Easter Market

Sometimes I mean to work more rapidly on projects, so that I can get more out there, to show you more of all the amazing things designers put out for these fairs. They put a lot of work into what they do and I appreciate the hours it takes to get one detail just right.

So my notion of speeding through it gets lost in my wanting to show more in the moment. Maybe one day I’ll find a happy medium, but for now, I just work and don’t watch the clock. One minute it’s 2 p.m. and the next time I look, it’s 5 p.m. and I wonder, hmmm.

So instead of two or three photos to show you this cute little creature from somewhere warm and bright, I took more than the ones I’m sharing now, and had fun with her. The dress is an exclusive from the Japan Fair, from Schoen.

The hair comes from EMO-tions but it’s definitely a tint that is Caryn created. A little creative license sometimes takes human hair to another level and one imagines festive creatures instead!

The ears and special pose on the photo with all the eggs are from !Frozen – Easter Market. A little bunny necklace comes from J&A Rock Culture. – Easter Market. AsHmOoT created the bow tie shoes for Easter Market. And -LEO- provided all the variety of eggs decor you could add to your sim to make it a more festive place.

And no photo would be complete without the gorgeous skin and makeup from Kyxe Skins & Shapes. New shadow, Electra Luscious, lays over the basic Blossom (Read more...)