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Read Between the Lines…

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I haven't been in the corner of my store where eyeliners live in a long time.  One day I was zipping in and out of the store and needed to change my personal store LM.  I moved it near the eyeliner corner and realized all my good intentions to create more liners had hitched a ride out of town.  

Over a period of time I had several ideas about a new offering of eyeliners. So many ideas in fact that as I started drawing I found too many liners to stuff into one fat pack. This is what happens when one waits too long to pick up the artist's sketch pad. So I had to divide the liner themes into two distinct groups. The first group was easy - all relatively straight lines.  This one I'd call Linear.  

But the second group was developing into its own unmanageable set of subgroups.  Some liners were whimsical, others wildly bold, and then there was the Eye of Horus.  How would I define this special set of liners?  With the help of Merriam-Webster and the use of synonyms, I finally found the one word I think really encapsulates all eight of these liners - Chimera.… Read the rest




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Back to the Drawing Board

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So Bard has been talking to me for a while now about stepping up my game in my inworld store. Since I'm getting more traffic and more sales, he has suggested (more than once) that I should be offering my customers a better shopping experience. Ah, my husband is so smart. While I have always agreed with this, it takes a lot to get me off the stick. If it's something other than just creating new stuff I'm like molasses in winter to react. I've mentioned this before in an earlier post because IT'S A REAL PROBLEM WITH ME! 

Well, I finally took the plunge and bought a vendor system - CasperVend. Bard did the research for me and this one rated far and above all others. I can't say enough about this great vendor system. It has so many exciting features. It really will make for a better shopping experience for customers while enabling me to offer more sales, more often. Plus customers will be able to buy gift cards or earn points/Lindens toward future purchases. And the merchant tracking features are so intuitive.… Read the rest

Blushes to Flatter!

Flatter your cheeks with alluring blush colors from ATIA's. Match your mood or match your skin tone with one of five posh hues. Each comes in two different applications. Application 1 is a stylish sweep across your cheekbones. Application 2 covers the apples of your cheeks like you were just kissed by your heart's desire. If you already love the blush on your lovely skin, wear just the contour layer for a super sophisticated look. Try all three layers at once for the ultimate dramatic statement!

"Absolutely the best makeup I've seen in SL. Wonderful." Ahnhia

Come to ATIA's and be transformed!

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Wet Your Lips!

ATIA's has just added a light wet shine to all 44 lipstick colors in our inventory.  It's amazing how each color has come to life by this subtle change from semi-gloss to wet. The results are amazing.  Visit  us on SL Marketplace or inworld to try a free demo of these stunning new lipsticks.  Come to ATIA's and be transformed!


"Absolutely the best makeup I've seen in SL. Wonderful." 

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You Spoke and We Listened!

You spoke and we listened!  After numerous requests from you to purchase single eyeliners from one of our popular liner collections, we're happy to announce individual eyeliners are now available at ATIA's!  All liners available in our fat packs series- shown below - are now also available as single item purchases. 

Visit ATIA's on SL Marketplace  or inworld 

Come to ATIA's and be transformed!

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ATIA’s Announces the Total Makeover!

In my last blog I mentioned ATIA's would soon be offering a line of total transformations. I wanted to update you as to how I'm coming. In addition to Copper Spark seen in the last post, three more total makeovers are now available at ATIA's. We offer complete packages of color-coordinated beauty products to match that wonderful ensemble you just bought. The total makeover is designed for a look that says "I care about every detail of my appearance!" Each makeover includes eye shadow, liner, blush, lipstick, prim lashes and eyes. Want to wear the entire makeover tonight? Or only the lashes and lipstick with some of those other hot outfits in your inventory? No problem. These sets offer the shadow/blush/lips as a single layer for quick application AND as separate layers lending flexibility to your cosmetic inventory.

So far ATIA's has released our makeovers in copper, amethyst, pewter and blue hues but there are many more colors to come. Visit us on  SL Marketplace or inworld to see our complete line of cosmetics. 

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ATIA’s Expands!

Atia has been away from her blog for a long, long time (AGAIN!!!). When you see all the designs I've created you'll understand why. The goal at ATIA's is to offer quality cosmetics - classy choices you won't find anywhere else. Our specialty is sophistication and subtly, yet we also have some fanciful options available as well. Here are samples of my creations available both on SL Marketplace  and inworld

In addition to individual tattoo components, ATIA's is now offering complete makeovers. Copper Spark is the first of many total transformations that will be available this spring. 

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When the Ink Dries – Tattoos by ATIA’s

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I'm still on an expansion roll! Now I'm experimenting with tattoo layers. Anyone who has followed my blog knows I'm not one to jump into anything too quickly. Like when a new product comes on the market, I wait until all the glitches are worked out and the price comes down. As a merchant that's probably not the best approach. Bard is always suggesting I try this new thing or that. I resist, wanting to stay in my comfort zone. But that's not how to run a business. My business acumen is not - well, it sucks.

But I finally decided to try my carpel-tunneled hand at tattoos. Here's what I've come up with so far. The open mouths were especially fun to play with. I'll be working on more lip colors and then I plan to branch out with eye makeup. I hope you like what I've done so far.

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Lashing Out!

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I've been gone a while dealing with RL stuff but also creating for SL. I've been learning how to build prim objects. I know, I know, many of you have been doing this from day one and it's no big deal. But for me, the creation impaired, it's a really big deal. Plus I didn't have to have Bard come save me. Well, there was that day I made every wall on the second floor of the castle transparent.

But I digress as I'm often wont to do. What I learned to create is eye lashes. I did this out of self defense. I've long bemoaned the fact that as a shape maker I've always had to rely on the creations of others. This is frustrating and oft times problematic. I always knew at some point one or more of my favorite merchants would discontinue a line of products I've used exclusively in creating my characters. In fact I had gotten to the point where I was using only one creator whose lashes I felt were awesome enough for my models. Well, sure enough, they pulled their line of lashes. Not sure why but there it was - me roaming around their store for what seemed like hours wondering where they had gone.… Read the rest

Aye, Aye Maties!

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ATIA's is pleased to offer our new line of eyes. I've been playing with eyes for a while and finally have a line I am "comfortable" with. As an artist I can never say I'm totally happy with anything I make, so comfortable seems appropriate - lol. So here are a few examples of ATIA's newest eyes. Visit  us on SL Marketplace or inworld to see the full line of vivid colors. I hope you enjoy!

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The Eyes Have It!

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If the eyes are the window to the soul how much do we want to reveal? I’ve always believed that a little mystery is a good thing. In developing an SL shape, the eyes are one of the most important features - as they are in RL. The question is, how do we determine the right size and then how do we create that size? It’s easy to find a skin that has alluring eye makeup, don the most realistic eyes, and attach finely detailed eyelashes. But then the real work begins.

A common mistake I see on SL avatars is over sizing the eyes – I’ve been guilty too. Some avatars look like poster kids for Graves disease. Combine an abnormally large pair of eyes with poor quality eyes and the offense is complete.

Here are pics of my friends Victoria and Tami in over-sized eyes.


Painting the eyes for enlargement has its place in history as far back as 4000 years ago. Before the modern-day cosmetic industry was making billions of dollars off us, the Egyptians applied copious amounts of what we commonly refer to today as kohl to enhance their eyes both in shape and size.… Read the rest

SLIDERS – More Than Mini Burgers

Sliders DO make a difference!
What is that reaction you elicit every time you drop into a sim or rez into your favorite night spot? Is it fascination and overpowering magnetism or something a little less flattering? Is everyone ignoring you, giggling behind their hands or worse, just casually easing away from you? Hmm… Forgot your deodorant? No? Well then what on SL’s version of earth has caused this reaction?

Let’s look at your sliders. Does that sound too personal? Worry not. You’re safe. You won’t need to reveal your slider positions to anyone – ever. But sliders are a sensitive thing. Yes, one minor move in the wrong direction can make all the difference between a totally hot and sexy avatar vs. one that looks, uh, bizarre or maybe just forgettable. And who among us wants to be merely forgettable?

Have you ever seen an avatar with an otherwise normal (as far as avi's go) appearance but with something out of whack? This could be intentional. Let’s not underestimate the desire of some to draw attention to themselves, whether it be positive or negative.… Read the rest

Leg Lengths and the Lengths We Go To!

Second Life legs - how long should they be? Should the porportion be any different in SL vs. RL? Does it even matter? After all, SL is whatever we want it to be and our avatar selves should look how ever we want them to look, right? Well let's not get too carried away.

I advertise "realism in SL" and that's what I endeavor to do. But it's hard given what LL has provided us to work with. That's a topic (rant) for another post. Back to legs :) I've seen plenty of avatar legs set at 100 on the slider scale. Hell, I've even done it myself. But after seeing how distorted it made my models look I decided to go back to the drawing board.

In art class they teach you the "perfect" human porportion should look something like the following:

As you can see in the above example, both Ward and June Cleaver's legs are approximately the length of 4 of their respective heads although June's head looks a bit larger relative to her total body size. And who was it that said we distaff members of the human race are hampered with small brains?… Read the rest