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Kinki Animations Year End Sale!

End of the Year Blow out sale at Kinki Animations.

As we get ready for the end of 2011,Yure has decided its time for some price slashing.
Almost all of the full perm animations have been marked down by 50%.

Of course apart from the mind-blowing assortment of naughty, sexy animations..
there are yoga packs with transitional animations included so that you can make up your own sequential yoga scenes.
Massage animations from the expected to the unexpected.. cuddles, sits, sleeps and more.

While youre there.. pop across and look at the new (still in progress) 9L$ pose section...

The Animation mark down is a time limited sale.. so come on down and get festive in ways you never dreamed of..

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May 2019
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Mission Furniture

Low Prim, High Detail Mission Furniture.
We love lots of detail and are always trying to find ways to make detail rich furniture with the least amount of prims. We might skimp on the prims, but we put all of our effort into the sculpting, texturing and animating these classic pieces of Mission Furniture.
The chair is 6 prims and has 6 unique animations. 3 feminine and 3 masculine. 150L$
The 3 seater sofa is 10 prims and has 3 unique animations per seat. No repeats, 9 in total. 250L$
The 2 seater Cuddle Sofa is 8 prims and has 9 interactive couple animations PLUS 4 unique single sits per seat.350L$

Table is 3 prims. 50L$
Lamp is 4 prims and is scripted with on/off and lighting effects. 50L$

**all plants at Apocalips are 50L$ and under.. rugs are all under 10L$
All of the animations were made especially to fit these furniture pieces. All of them are smooth looped and made with love and care by yure4u Sosa. Every pose is adjustable, by position and rotation on all axis and there is memory for 50 unique avatars.… Read the rest

Sculpted Brains..

Although I swore I would never do it, here I am making custom sculpties. It has been interesting so far, but a little constricting, especially since in RL too, I am not used to working for other people. I think though, that the challenge has been good for me, and has given me time to rest and refresh my own creative juices.
Maybe because it is a time intensive project, my mind is suddenly bursting with things that I want to make for myself, and for our store. It has also been educational doing work on other people's vision, which is an absolute first for me in SL.
While working on this project I also found more ways to push my sculpties as far as detail and LOD quality. Practice makes perfect, they say, but in truth, practice opens up new roads and new possibilities. And I think when I am done, I will enjoy getting back to my own work, and hopefully pushing boundaries with ideas and new projects.

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Rugs and Carpets

On 22nd October 2010 · By Eku Zhong · With Leave a comment
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Did you know that probably 99% of carpets and rugs in SecondLife are just taken from Google Image Search?
Some of them have not even been touched beyond cropping, and are either really bad resolution or rediculously oversized images.Why should you care?Well, oversized images will lag your home horribly. Bad resolution .. no need to say that looks bad. So what can you do? You can upload your own textures and create your own rugs, or you can buy rugs and carpets from merchants who do not charge an arm and a leg for them. At Apocalips we choose the highest resolution pictures possible. We crop them, resize them, enhance them with bevelling and generally do our best to make sure you get the crispest rug for your home. And what is best, we charge you only what it would cost you to upload the rug yourself... or less. Yes, all rugs and carpets at Apocalips Japan Furniture are under 10L$. They are all copy/mod ok, allowing you to adjust them to your living space.visit the store

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Low Low Goodies

On 22nd October 2010 · By Eku Zhong · With Leave a comment
In Apocalips Japan, Second Life
I know that colder weather is on the way in the Northern Hemisphere. And yes of course we are madly making new stuff that will warm your bones.
But because I have been terribly derelict about blogging, let me give you a few examples of our low, low goodies in the store.

First, my favorite;
The Smoosh.
Just 2 prims of goodness (one for the Smoosh and one for the shadow), The Smoosh Duo is chockfull of couple yumminess.

You can sit together, read, cuddle, massage and sleep.
And if you're alone.. no problem, the Smoosh Duo has a single menu too.

We have over 15 different textures to choose from. Suitable for indoor and outdoor because we have a rattan range of Smoosh too.

To compliment the Smoosh Duo, we made a smaller Smoosh Solo, which has only the solo menu... a variety of sitting, reading and sleeping animations.

The animations were made especially for the Smoosh. There is no feel of compromise here. In fact all of our unusually shaped furniture will have animations that have been created just for that piece, or have been adjusted out of world to fit that particular piece of furniture.… Read the rest