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The 2015 Fantasy Faire Calendar is now available in the real world on!

The Fantasy Faire Calendar for 2015 has been released in the real world! You can now buy your own slice of Fantasy Faire to share with friends and relatives in the real world (and raise money at the same time for Relay for Life of Second Life).   The calendar is available on at … Continue reading The 2015 Fantasy Faire Calendar is now available in the real world on!

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Trim Your Tree

It’s another ROMP weekend!.
I saw a few festive themed items, and I decided I HAD to do a Christmas song for today’s post. Considering that ROMP is a celebration of adult items, why not celebrate with an adult Christmas song. (And there are a lot of holiday songs with double entendres!)

Have a great weekend, and do some ROMPing.

“Trim Your Tree” by Jimmy Butler
I’m gonna bring along my hatchet
my beautiful Christmas balls
I’ll sprinkle my snow up on your tree
and hang my mistletoe on your wall
Baby, I’ll make you cheery
Baby, you’ll call me ‘dearie’ 
Baby, I want to trim you
Now come on, girl. I want to trim your tree

House > Scarlet Creative – Foundry Prefab *out at Shiny/Shabby*
Chair > Kuro – Tube Chair (Adult) *out for ROMP this weekend*
Tree > Laq Decor – Christmas Tree
Ladder > tarte – Ladder Display  *at Arcade*
Trompe Loeil – Reindeer Frame *at Arcade*

Skin > Birth – Thor
Guyliner > The Wicked Peach – Eye Makeup – Khal
Hair > Exile – Unravel (messy)
Collar > Ama. – String of pearls collar : Festive  *ROMP this weekend*
Cuffs > Stockholm&Lima – XXXMas Light Ankle & Wrist Cuffs  *ROMP this weekend*
Socks > FATEwear – Jerry Socks
Boxers > Valiant – Holden Mesh Boxer

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Knee Socks

I haven’t blogged in a little while, so why not just jump right in and get naked, am i right?Enjoy the song and the photo.”Knee Socks” by Arctic MonkeysWell you cured my January bluesYeah you made it all alrightI got a feeling I might have lit the very…

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Half Alive

I’ve never really been a big fan of Halloween.  I don’t boycott it, I give out candy to the kids who come to the door, but it’s just never really been my thing.  I notice some of my neighbours already … Continue reading

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Half Alive

Live Wire

He wasn’t what you’d think of as a hero…. covered in tattoos, always drinking, and always angry.Yet when lightning struck a power pole during a freak storm while he attended a bush party, he didn’t hesitate to jump in the water to save his drinking b…

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Livin’ On The Edge

Life’s been crazy, I feel like I’ve been living on the edge, so that’s your song choice!Check out the great new hair by Exile, called Unravel, the flag swimwear from FATEwear (which includes a whole lot of choices in the HUD), and the wild new pose fro…

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Today was one of the days where you put on something new, and that feeling hits you…I’m a SUPERSTAR! Check out the new vest from A:S:S.(Rock) Superstar by Cypress HillStill filling your head with fantasiesCome with me, show the sacrifice it takes to …

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The very last chance to enter the Fantasy Faire Competitions!

This year we have been running two contests – one for Photographs of the Faire, and a Story Story/Poetry competition too. Both these contests will close at midnight today (May 31st). In the Photographic Competition, we are looking for the photographs that best capture the spirit of the sims – and the winners will be […]

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Still The Same

Berry’s meme this week is 20 Personal SL Questions. It was a lot of work answering them all, but fun.
As I started answering, I thought about the changes to SL over the years, and while some of the technology has changed, I don’t think personal interactions have changed much, which is why I chose the song “Still The Same”.
However, if you compare my avatar over the seven years, it’s changed a little, even if my stle is the same. The location in both photos is Calleta’s Hobo Railyard.

  • When and how did you discover Second Life? – I discovered it in May 2007 after reading about it somewhere, maybe Wired.
  • Did you know about virtual worlds before or was this your first experience with them? – No, I didn’t. I expected to land in and move between a series of rooms. I had no idea it would be so much more like a world.
  • Has Second Life met your expectations? – All I’d wanted to to find something interesting to do on slow days, and SL has done more than that.
  • If you could teleport back to the first ten minutes of your avatar’s slife, what would you tell yourself? – I’d ask someone for help finding better freebies.
  • How long did it take you to master avatar flying and driving vehicles inworld? – Flying was never a problem. But, does anyone truly have driving vehicles mastered? After 7 years, it’s still impossible to cross a sim border gracefully.
  • Do you have (Read more...)
  • 先天性難聴が遺伝子で判明するようになりました。

    小さい子供の難聴は、これまで見つけるのがとても困難でした。 それというのも、子供はおとなしく聴力検査を受けてくれないし、「音が聞こえたらスイッチ押して」という指示が理解できるようになるにはある程度の年…

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    Thanks from Fantasy Faire Radio

    Fantasy Faire Radio will be going off the air for another year, after the end of the Hunt at midnight Pacific Time on May 18/19th. Before we close down for 2014, the Coordinator of Fantasy Faire Radio, David Abbott, and myself, Technical Director Elrik Merlin, would like to thank everyone who helped to make Fantasy Faire […]

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    未だに原因がよくわかっていない突発性難聴。 様々な治療法が模索されていますが、まだこれといって決定的な治療法は見つかっていません。 一応、ステロイド療法がいちばん効果があるとされていて、突発性難聴には…

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    The Faire Goes On…

    I’m sitting on the quarterdeck of the Fairechylde as I write this, moored at the top of Hope’s Horizon with an amazing view out over the Fairelands. And it’s quiet, so I can really crank up my draw distance and see everything the Grid will let me see. It is a sight both wondrous and […]

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    The Hunt Goes On!

    Although the Fairelands are fading back into the mists, there is one sim holding onto the grid for just a little bit longer: The Palace of Tears sim stays in existence, open and alive for a week still, all the way to May 18th. This means that you can finish the second part of the […]

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    The Mourningvale Murders: The Solution

    You may remember that three suspects were detained for the gruesome murders in Mourningvale Thicket and, on Saturday, Fairegoers had a chance to question the suspects and then to pay Lindens to vote on their innocence or guilt. You can read about it here. After much investigating (and much arguing) the good citizens who gathered […]

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    Explore the beautiful world of Fantasy Faire with Designing Worlds

    Join us today, Monday 12th May at 2pm at the Designing Worlds studio in Garden of Dreams for a viewing party of our second and final episode from Fantasy Faire 2014! In last week’s episode we looked at the various events that were happening during the Faire. This week we look at the beautiful regions […]

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    Daily Recap: Sunday

    Sunday, the very last official day of the Fairelands this year was filled with frantic shopping and eager visitors, trying to catch the last moments of the magic while they still could. While they still can. We had one more imprisonment by the Pawlice — apparently the Law holds underwater as well, for GraceSWF Wrigglesworth, […]

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    The Revenge of Professor Timmons: Scene 10

    Time: May 10, 2014 from 6pm to 9pm Location: Mrs. Chickenstalkers [Asperatus SIM] Organized By: Jhaesoph Foxdale NeoVictoria Players: Bertrand Emerald as Professor Heironymous Timmons, kaelyn001 Resident as Kaelyn, Myomy Resident as Myomy Ohmai, Ogawa Resident as Orion the Hunter, RedShirtedAgain Resident as Red the Dread, Rowena23 Resident as Dame Rowena Desade, Tarquin Evermore as […]

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    Live Auction and Closing Party

    Have you ever wanted to own a piece of the Fairelands? Yes? How about a whole Faireland, one of the fleeting sims full of magic? Now is your chance. The traditional Live Auction takes place in the courtyard of The Palace of Tears today, Sunday 11th, 4-6 PM SLT. The builds for the whole sims […]

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    Meet Our Sponsors: Fallen Gods Inc.

     Alia Baroque, the creator of Fallen Gods Inc., sim builder and sponsor of Sanctum, shares with us the process of creating Fairelands, the story behind Sanctum and his vision of the Faire, his reasons for returning to the Fairelands year after year.  You are one of the true Faire veterans, your builds have been a […]

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