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Souvenirs of Other Worlds

I’ve been reading a book lately called “Other Worlds Than These”, it’s a collection of short stories about parallel universes from authors like George R. R. Martin, Stephen King, Carrie Vaughn, Orson Scott Card and many others. As a book … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Mooring

Nya Alchemi has had to withdraw from the Faire because of health reasons. We wish all the best to her and hope she will soon recover. This sad news affects one of the Fairelands that was to be coaxed to life under Nya’s hands: Wiggenstead Mooring. The Mooring is now in the state of transformation and […]

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The Truth

“Shattered”, the new pose from Kuro In Motion (which is available at Pose Fair 2014), immediately invoked feelings of loneliness in me.The broken mirror, the hunched shoulders, there is just such sadness there. I was excited to see what I could do with…

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Time For Change

Strawberry’s Meme during the first week of March was about blogging things that are entirely new to you. Well, this blog post isn’t entirely new since I started it last month and just getting a chance to finish it now, but how about a D for my eff…

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Blogger Applications Are Open!

That’s right. We have a month to go before the Fairelands emerge from the mists and so it’s time to look for people to record their brief-lived splendor and to spread the word so that no one misses their chance for a visit. This year we are going to do things a bit differently. There […]

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New Shinies!

We have them. The Fantasy Faire website has been transformed into a new look, shedding the old skin to bask in the light of the new Faire year. The official press release has been published along with promotional material that can be used in the posts about Fantasy Faire 2014. Both the new graphics and […]

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Creator Applications Now Open!

Do you want to bring your wares to the faire this year? Be involved in helping RFL through your vision and work? Here’s your chance! Read the application and the rules carefully and then apply by clicking the link below. … Continue reading

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Breaking Out

Arcade is running now, and Sorgo has an “International Collection” that made me think of being on the run, hiding out on a tropical island.Or, a great excuse to go barefoot and wear a summer shade in my Zaara suit, and try some new windlights!”Breaking…

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Crash Into Me

Shiloh from Positure Poses has a new pose called “Need You Tonight.”She’s only been making poses for about a month, and she’s made a pretty sexy one already.Be sure to check out her store!And I think we look pretty good posing too, credits fo…

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Hands All Over

It’s been a special week for hands – Gwin released some Hand Poses at her store Glitterburps.A:S:S and Wicked Peach released new nails also, so I’m going to show them off.But first, I’d like to thank Pho for releasing Canada nails for free at A:S:S aft…

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Anything Goes

Have you ever felt like you wanted to give up control to someone else?To beg, obey and submit?Anything goes when you make that choice.Kuro In Motion’s new pose “Beg” made me want to revisit the CMNF theme to show it off. Check the pose out, it’s the mo…

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Prepare for the Faire!

Fantasy Faire 2014 will take place in the Fairelands unlike anything you’ve seen before, the lands change shape every year and every year they become better. The Faire will happen in early May, the exact dates to mark on the … Continue reading

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Hazy Shade Of Winter

Strawberry Singh’s meme of the week was a B&W portrait challenge.I had a new jacket, skin and hair that I wanted to feature, and a pose from an Lar Poses that is out now at Fantasy Gacha, and it’s been awhile since I played, so why not!”Hazy Shade …

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Luana from Kuro In Motion has released a pair of new poses called By Your Side I & II. They are really cute poses, and her vendor photos were just wonderful, so I was a little intimidated when trying to find a unique idea to show them off. Luckily …

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One of my favourite songs is Breakdown, by Seether. I’ve always known it would need a dark pose if I was ever to try to use it on the blog.Thanks to Luana from Kuro In Motion’s new pose, I think I’ve found the perfect image for the song.I won’t bore yo…

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All Over The Road

Everyone knows I’m a fan of the country tunes, but I’m not the only one. Harvest had a plurk about a song that I love called “All Over The Road”, and the interpretation of the song that Auston had was much dirtier than my innocent mind had in…

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Take It Out On Me

Do you have a friend that you go to when times are tough? Do you get a little “extra” while you’re there?When I heard “Take It Out On Me”, I was struck by how powerful the lyrics were, and the ideas just kept coming. Listen, and enjoy!”Take It Out On M…

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I’ll Be

Words failed me today, so I’ll focus on the important stuff:Rack Poses has a new pose called “Time Of My Life” coming soon to The Theme Park event.Don’t dare miss it!Edwin McCain – “I’ll Be”And I’ve dropped out, I’ve burned up, I’ve fought my way back …

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I'll Be

Next Year

Is everyone ready for 2014?I hope that you’ll all find happiness in the new year. My wish is that you’ll be as lucky as I was in 2013, and find a friend (or friends) who you can count on, good days or bad.Party hard tonight, and have fun. And don’t dri…

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Drink You Away

Drink you away is a country song. You can laugh at me and say “no way, JT wrote it and performed itr first, but listen to it…. classic country music sentiments.

Go ahead and argue about it, I’ve included the country version by David Fanning, and the JT version, after my photo.

“Drink You Away” performed by David Fanning, or Justin Timberlake
You’re still here in the morning.
I see you but you’re gone
Telephone a doctor: I’m not okay.
The bottom of the bottle
To fill this empty heart up.
A thousand proof
Don’t change the truth.
I tried it but I can’t.
I can’t drink you away.
I’ve tried Jack, I’ve tried Jim,
I’ve tried all of their friends.
But I can’t drink you away.
All these rocks–I can’t swim
Out of this skin
I’m living in.
What You See:
Shape > WaxworX – Ciaran Shape
Skin > 7 Deadly sKins – Judas
Nails > Wicked Peach – Northern Lights
Hair > Ispachi – Hunter
Eyes > Ikon – Perspective
Tattoo > Aitui – Zodiac Cancer
Bar > Tiki Tattoo – Oneula Tiki Bar
Much Bottles > Many Kinds – Wow

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