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Meet Our Sponsors: {Fae’d} Club

{Fae’d} Club is one of our generous event sponsors that make the Faire possible.  Kaelis Ember, the owner of the club, shares with us her reasons for running a club, her reasons to relay and her early-found love for fantasy. This is your first year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you decide to become a […]

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April 2014
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Introducing the pirates of Trade Winds

Trade Winds is a residential pirate role-play community consisting of a large group of sailable regions.  Most our time is spent defending ourselves and our property from those thieving Continental Navy types.  We hold events daily, including naval battles using the SPD combat system, sword fighting, belly dancing, live music artists, DJs, dances and much […]

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Faire Play

This year the Fairelands will be busier than ever with several roleplay groups having headquarters in the Fairelands with big plans and plots for the Faire duration. We have the Asperatus sim sponsor NeoVictoria naturally in Asperatus, Rickety Weasels in Wiggenstead Mooring and the Pirates of the Trade Winds in Blackwater Glenn. All three groups will […]

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Simple Man (Standing On A Poseball)

What poses fit you?What do you love in a pose?Berry asks us all to Strike A Pose for her weekly meme this week.I have 3 favourite pose makers, in no particular order…. so I flipped a coin and decided to list them in reverse alphabetical.R) Rack …

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Don’t Stand So Close To Me

Pose Fair 2014 opened a couple days ago, and I have already featured several poses that can be found there.I do have one more to show you though! Katya of An Lar Poses has created a really cute set called You Are My Heart, with a little help from Ispac…

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Meet Our Sponsors: Sanctuary RP Community

Sanctuary RP Community is the sponsor of Fairelands Junction this year, allowing us to provide all the Faire visitors easy access to the furthest corner of the Fairelands in a blink of an eye. Stevie Basevi, the owner of the Sanctuary sim and the Sanctuary RP Community shares with us the story of Sanctuary and […]

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日経テクノロジーオンラインより。 発売したのは、ワイヤレス補聴器向けリモコン端末の新製品「Oticon Streamer Pro 1.2 APP」である。同端末は補聴器の利用者が首にかけて使うもの。ワイヤレス補聴器のリモ […]

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Boudoir Bunny

Sometimes people ask me why I don’t take pictures or blog anymore, ok, three times, but still I’ve been asked and it makes for a good lead in. I don’t really have an answer, it’s certainly something I love to … Continue reading

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Sunny Bunny

The Middle

Getting stuck in the middle can be a really uncomfortable feeling.Being forced into an awkward position between two fighting friends is one of the worst places to be.Trapped in an airplane with snoring or overly chatty passengers on either side… not …

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New Coat Of Paint

Wine and Food.That’s what I think of when I hear the word Tuscany. And it appears the the creators at TLC’s The Garden were thinking the same thing this month.My man Gazi was kind enough to leave all of the TLC items laying around, so I repurposed…

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Souvenirs of Other Worlds

I’ve been reading a book lately called “Other Worlds Than These”, it’s a collection of short stories about parallel universes from authors like George R. R. Martin, Stephen King, Carrie Vaughn, Orson Scott Card and many others. As a book … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Mooring

Nya Alchemi has had to withdraw from the Faire because of health reasons. We wish all the best to her and hope she will soon recover. This sad news affects one of the Fairelands that was to be coaxed to life under Nya’s hands: Wiggenstead Mooring. The Mooring is now in the state of transformation and […]

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The Truth

“Shattered”, the new pose from Kuro In Motion (which is available at Pose Fair 2014), immediately invoked feelings of loneliness in me.The broken mirror, the hunched shoulders, there is just such sadness there. I was excited to see what I could do with…

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Time For Change

Strawberry’s Meme during the first week of March was about blogging things that are entirely new to you. Well, this blog post isn’t entirely new since I started it last month and just getting a chance to finish it now, but how about a D for my eff…

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Blogger Applications Are Open!

That’s right. We have a month to go before the Fairelands emerge from the mists and so it’s time to look for people to record their brief-lived splendor and to spread the word so that no one misses their chance for a visit. This year we are going to do things a bit differently. There […]

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New Shinies!

We have them. The Fantasy Faire website has been transformed into a new look, shedding the old skin to bask in the light of the new Faire year. The official press release has been published along with promotional material that can be used in the posts about Fantasy Faire 2014. Both the new graphics and […]

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Creator Applications Now Open!

Do you want to bring your wares to the faire this year? Be involved in helping RFL through your vision and work? Here’s your chance! Read the application and the rules carefully and then apply by clicking the link below. … Continue reading

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Breaking Out

Arcade is running now, and Sorgo has an “International Collection” that made me think of being on the run, hiding out on a tropical island.Or, a great excuse to go barefoot and wear a summer shade in my Zaara suit, and try some new windlights!”Breaking…

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Crash Into Me

Shiloh from Positure Poses has a new pose called “Need You Tonight.”She’s only been making poses for about a month, and she’s made a pretty sexy one already.Be sure to check out her store!And I think we look pretty good posing too, credits fo…

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Hands All Over

It’s been a special week for hands – Gwin released some Hand Poses at her store Glitterburps.A:S:S and Wicked Peach released new nails also, so I’m going to show them off.But first, I’d like to thank Pho for releasing Canada nails for free at A:S:S aft…

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