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Mouse in NY

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I’m always searching for the perfect skybox, but honestly, the perfect skybox is one that is so low prim that it allows me to decorate with abandon with my little plot of land.  So here’s my skybox.  I’ve redecorated a bit.  There is a very good chance I will  move into a new one and redecorate in the next month or so…..That’s just me.  I find the perfect skybox at least once a month.  The light coming thru the windows is that late afternoon type, that just catches you off guard.  Mouse is wearing a classic outfit from NYU, a pleated skirt and gorgeous top with a chain detail at the top.  Hair from Doux and shoes a bit outside the ordinary to liven the whole thing up from Livalle.  As always, all my photos can be found on Flickr, and outfit credits and slurls are after the cut. Outfit Credits & Slurls
Hair – Doux “Kate”
Head – Catwa “Kimberly”
Skin – Lara Hurley “Diana”
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February 2018
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Dining like a Hipster

Oh yeah! Its Springgggg Time and I’m already thinking about eating outside – this set will go inside or out though. Ok few things in Second Life delight me anymore, like…really delight me – but this “Hipsters Like to Eat” set from Lunar Seasonal Designs HAS – The fabric textures, whilst being bang on for “Hipsters” (wth are hipsters?!) totally grabbed me – am I a Hipster? Dunno – must be ! So anywayyyy… (I’m still thinking about the fabrics – can you tell ?) Anywayyyyy (still thinking bout them yup)…. Sooo the table has different tones of wood, as do the chair legs, there are meals and courses and really cool animations for sitting, carving, relaxing etc etc..and of course – there are those “Hipster’ish” fabrics for the runner and chairs. You can choose how many chairs you want out it’s not hard linked and naturally the Li count rises temporarily when you get various meals onto the table – then obviously lowers when you clear up – love that.… Read the rest

Free MOoH !

Hipster Fair is on yay! Love love love this event, so much to see and buy. I headed over ASAP and noticed lots and lots and lots of free gifts grabbed up quite a few but this one From MOoH caught my attention – Hud with colour options, mesh body fits andddd standard ones. Really lovely and very wearabubble. Free to join group which you need to be in to get the goodies. Thanks MOoH Hipster Fair

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✖She is a Heartbreaker✖

hair- [monso] My Hair - Sorim @ kustom9 ((NEW))
headphones- [The Forge] Hyperion Headphones @PocketGacha ((NEW))
top-K{<3}P - Kinky Wrap - White @ Hentai ((NEW))
nipple- Wednesday[+] ~ Nipple Chopsticks @ Hentai ((NEW))
skirt-[The Forge] Carmen Skirt, White @Rewind ((NEW))
nails-*PL* bento nail #028 @Whimsical ((NEW))
knees-PEACHES. - 15 - Knee Bandages
cabin-Sheppart Caravan  @Whimsical ((NEW))
 essential- Sequel - Essential Oil Diffuser @Whimsical ((NEW))
Garden Puppy-Serenity Style- Audri Magic Garden @Whimsical ((NEW))
spinners - Llama Inc - Windy Spinners  @Whimsical ((NEW))

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If you give me just a minute I’ll tell you why I’m a tough girl

The LookHead Catwa CatyaHead Applier Glam Affair Georgie @ C88 Hair eXxEsS  PalmaOutfit United Colors Doom @ Kinky Event Heels ChicChica Abigale @ Rewind
BackgroundZerkalo Bunker Bar Set @ Kustom 9

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Métisse sensual beauty (Special Tres Chic event ) /Sensuelle beauté métisse

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On Helhis :

Mesh head : CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
Mesh body : Maitreya Lara
EVENT : Tres Chic 

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Stay Focused! (25Lds GG’s).

I’m trying my hardest to remain focused on the job in hand, landscaping our sim, but damn I’m so easily distracted esp when it’s a backdrop BUT don’t stop reading because there is a lot more than the backdrop/photo room I’m showing you in the Kraftwork shop. How zingy is that yellow! Just another view, because this is a backdrop rather than a room it means the 4th wall is missing so you get more camming space.  You also get a hud with 3 shades in it and the third is a superb dark blue.  Obviously not something everyone needs for their SLing but there are now a lot of, decor only, gifts at the LM for the Kraftwork shop inc this cutie. It’s a little brum brum loaded with cacti and succulents.  A decor item only, I will say that at I think 14 prims maybe a bit primmy but you can’t deny it’s cuteness. As I’ve said there is actually a few decor items, I remember showing you the concrete picnic table and chair set but since then there is a lot more set out for group members and I’m pretty sure than for your 25Lds joining fee you will find quite a few things for your home and garden.… Read the rest

Happy at Home

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Rings: Elise – Serena (at Tres Chic)
Coat: Plastix – Feline Coat (at Tres Chic)
Top, Skirt, Heels: Scandalize – Ashley (at Cosmopolitan) Body:
Hair: Runaway – Britney
Lashes: Besom – Ultra Lashes
Eyes: Arte – Supernova Eyes (at Chapter Four) Scene:
Pose left: Fashiowl – Miau (at Tres Chic)
Pose right: Imitation – Svana
Cabinet: Mesh India – Samyukta Lamp Cabinet (at Tres Chic)
Backdrop: Rama – Wood Zone
Dance: Move Animations – Jana Bento Vol.2 (see video below) Jana Bento Vol. 2 is another amazing dance set by Move Animations. It feels so elegant and flirty, suitable for some slower music. Watch the video:

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Life is better in the barn

DetailsBuild Trompe Loeli Salinger Barn  @ C88 Truck Cheeky Pea Asher's Hayride Tree The Little Branch Hazelnut Tree @ Sense Event Evergreen Tree The Little Branch Cedar 

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Lovely – Overall

Get the pun? Oh well – I  tried to raise a smile ! Neve are in the latest round of Tres Chic and lordy you have just got to love a classic set of overalls. This little darling comes in SO many options, checks, stripes, denims and more ! You can wear the overalls alone or with the top or sleeves – brill. For added versatility you can alter colours & patterns independently on the top and the overalls. Naturally I managed to slip a lil bit of pink into each choice I made – well it wouldn’t be moi without some pink. Mesh body fits only girls and over my Slink Physique body the fit is superb. Thank you Neve team Special shout out to Noir who made the choker I seem to wear a lot lately – it’s called “Satine” and you get a Hud to change the colours – I totally adore it and it goes with so many looks. Neve @ Tres Chic Noir Satine choker

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Necklaces: Cae – Amorette Necklace (at Ultra)
Ring: Since1975 – Wedding Rings (at Ultra)
Rose: ChicChica – Precious Rose (at Enchantment)
Dress: CandyDoll – Layla Dress Decent (at Collabor88)
Boots: CandyDoll – Layla Boots (at Collabor88) Body:
Hair: Runaway – Sue
Lashes: Michan – Natzuka Lashes (at Liaison Collaborative)
Eyes: Arte – Supernova Eyes (at Chapter Four)
Nailpolish: Livia – Metallic Love (at Cosmetic Fair)
Nails: Astralia – Almond Nails System Scene:
Pose left: Foxcity – Loco
Pose right: Hera – Engagement Pose (Group Gift)
Boat & Lanterns: Chez Moi – Romantic Raft (at Cosmopolitan)
Rose Petals & Dome: ChicChica – Precious Rose (at Enchantment)
Pillows: Trompe Loeil – Pillow Toss

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A little Hide Away

Chez Moi have nailed it again with this adorable Sheppard’s Caravan. It’s low Li and utterly sweet, with colour change features and a gorgeous interior! Deets: The messy bed comes with 96 animations in PG version and 160 animations in Adult version 48 single animations (12 female and 12 male each spot)
48 animations for couples in love (24 x 2) 64 hot sex animations (32 x 2)
Automatic Rezzing Props – attaches when an animation is chosen.
HUD Texture Menu Control by menu
Adjustable Poses
Functionality SWAP The Caravan has 9 options of colours to choose. Specification and content:
Caravan: 13 LI + 5 LI transparent base| Modifiable | Copy
Pansies Vase: 2 LI each
Hanging Plant: 1 LI each
Decorative Light: 3 LI
Pillow Basket: 2 LI
Decorative Light: 3 LI 100% ORIGINAL MESH Available at the new round of Whimsical that opens today and ends on March 18th.

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Kill the pain away

Applique has opened up, it started on the 15th! Couple of things I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about the stretch marks from Mercier at Applique. As soon as I saw this item I was like I had to have it. As a plus size diva in real life I have tons … Continue reading "Kill the pain away"

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Hair: Truth - Lilo

Top: Maai - Carmen Lingerie
Skirt: 1313 - Tragedy Skirt @ Ultra

Necklace: Codex - Skully Necklace @ Rewind
Leg: Supernatural - Luthien Leg Chain @ 4mesh

 Pose: Foxcity - Detached-7
Background: Saxiem - 2:59 AM
Bear: MishMish - Teddy Bear Deco / Brown

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I’ve got 99 problems but you ain’t one

The LookHead Catwa CatyaHead Applier Glam Affair Georgie @ C88 Hair Exile Long Time @ C88 T-shirt Aphorism  Vintage TeePose an lar Bella Series @ Enchantment

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Sometimes life just calls for an umbrella

The LookHead Catwa CatyaHead Applier Glam Affair Georgie @ C88 Hair Monso Sorim @ Kustom 9Raincoat Vinyl Lenka Rainjacket Boots and Socks Heidi Wellies @ C88 
BackgroundUunkindness Cozy Day Single Cushion with Blanket @ C88 Books Uunkindness Cozy Day Book Stack @ C88 Build Milk Motion Concrete House  @ C88 

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Silvered evening dance / Danse d’un soir argenté

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Ajouter une légende
On Helhis:

Mesh head : CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
Mesh body : Maitreya Lara

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SIMply Fantastic.(Freebies).

I’m so easily distracted, I’m supposed to be landscaping our sim but yet again I got sidetracked by this brilliant gift from Little Branch. I thought it was a Silver Birch, I have one of those in my RL garden and it has a special place in my heart but this one is called a “Golden Birch” as you can see it has that silvery bark that all Silver Birches have.  What you can’t see is this tree has a lovely delicate movement to it plus it’s SEASONAL! and I’ve only just recently did a post where I said if you can afford it buy your landscaping that is seasonal.  It’s a FREE group gift and the board it and the group invite are on is right next to the LM. This is a really big tree which does show in the prims, I do believe it’s 12prims, you wouldn’t want to make it any bigger but if you shrink it down you obviously reduce the prims.  Even shrunk down to the 5prim mark you will be left with a tree which was still a decent size. … Read the rest

Breakfast of Champions

Ooops you caught me about the eat up some delicious sentient waffle and croissant friends. I don’t even care, I’m going to take huge bites of them and suck out their souls to start my day. Geeez Gidge it’s not Halloween calm down. I think it’s my messy hair making crazytown.  Regardless of my messy hair though, I’ve got a ton to do today, I’m still moving into my house and I’ve got some shopping to do, so it’s going to be a pretty good Saturday I think all in all. I’m wearing a gorgeous new skin from Belleza called Verity – I added one of their lipsticks from a previous release to spice it up. This one is for CATWA so my Catwa head is getting some love for a few days. I’m also wearing some fun news from Blueberry, she’s so good at being matchy with her colors it makes my heart happy. Part of my pre-breakfast shopping today included running over to CAE to pick up this adorable little trinket necklace.… Read the rest

Promise land

Hair    =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Sadie" @ Tres Chic

Dress   Rosary   Roxanne Dress @ Tres Chic
Sunglasses   .::Nanika::. Ksenia Sunglasses // @ Tres Chic

Pose   :LW: BENTO Poses - The Last of her Kind @ Tres Chic

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