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Spring into better weather with the Galland homes Spring Sale!

Beach plots, scripted waves, mesh palm trees, a dock with a boat, and a beach house.  That’s what many envision as what home should be like in Second Life. While we as residents can always slip away to our virtual … Continue reading

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The Hilton Head beach house




April 2014
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Modifying a Mesh House by Galland Homes in Second Life®

Some customers have expressed apprehension of mesh houses believing that a mesh house does not provide the same flexibility when it comes to making modifications as a prim house.  With some foresight in how the mesh house is constructed, this is … Continue reading

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Mesh Beach House Second Life

The Cortona Villas and Bench for Collabor88 April

The warmth of the Tuscan sun has finally arrived at Collabor88! Embrace spring with our biggest mesh prefab build yet (on-site demo here) – The Cortona Villas are an artfully arranged series of several small Italian villas framing a central bi-level courtyard with outdoor fireplace and built-in water features and planters. Create your own tiny […]

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cortonas villas sales L388

The Whimsy Collection for FaMESHed April

Did you ever want the perfect conversation piece for your living room or bedroom – something that says you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole but still have an impeccable sense of style? The Whimsy Collection at FaMESHed is here for you! Choose from a selection of Alyce Benches, Kings Chairs, Birdcage Chairs made person-sized, and […]

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Whimsy Collection promo 01

Organica at The Home Show

    Hi Folks! I’m a bit late sending a notice about this, but Organica is participating in The Home Show, on right now through the end of the month!  I hope to update with more items, but so far there are two new items which will be exclusive to the event location for the […]

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This is a proven way to heat things up!

At only 3 Land Impact, this is a perfect fire for all occasions and seasons! Botanical’s new Touch 2 Change Campfire has 6 dynamic and static looks. You can watch as the fire burns down fresh logs to ashes, or select a single perfect look for your particular need. 5 …

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Park Plaza Spring Sale March 21-23

On 21st March 2014 · By Cory Edo · With Leave a comment
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  Stop in at Park Plaza this weekend and get great deals on our spring favorites – at Trompe Loeil, Hucci, and [ba] prefabs! Trompe Loeil has marked selected outdoor and springtime mesh items 30% off regular pricing, and our older sculpted items are being discontinued – so grab them at a crazy 90% discount! […]

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Hyde Park Spring Sale Flyer 550

New & free – Pillow Tosses in 3 shapes at the Mainstore

On 16th March 2014 · By Cory Edo · With Leave a comment
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    Stop by the Trompe Loeil Mainstore for a free gift – three Pillow Tosses for your clutter decor, tintable to match any style, includes wall/floor shadows and materials-enabled for a realistic look under any lighting!

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pillow tosses L-FREE

Neoteric prefab for The Liaison Collaborative

March’s round of TLC is open – on offer with the sleek modern theme this month is Trompe Loeil’s new Neoteric prefab! Asian elements influence this sculpture of concrete, wood and metal with a built-in waterfall for a touch of nature. Its priced just right for the introductory level home buyer as well – only […]

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Trompe Loeil - Neoteric promo 01

Collabor88 – Work Live Loft

Inspiration: – Metal and Dust by London Grammar @ YouTube This was a really fun round, it’s something many of us do in SL, we split out time between focusing on our individual or group projects and down time with our friends from around the world.   So this theme was fun to expand into the concept of creating a space for a blogger, a photographer, an artist, or creator with space for time with friends.     I wanted to create an old loft with urban brick structure that was flexible to be any of the above or all of them together.  Another factor was skybox, as sometimes when you are taking a picture you want some extra privacy so a skybox home can help out with that. I hope you enjoy and see you there! <3 Charlotte x    

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Exclusive gift for Facebook fans – Louis Chairs in Roses patterns!

On 9th March 2014 · By Cory Edo · With Leave a comment
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  We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new giveaway – only for our Facebook fans! Just “like” Trompe Loeil on Facebook and click the “Only For Likers” button to go to a special page with a 4 digit code. Then, head inworld to the Trompe Loeil Mainstore and click the kiosk at the front of […]

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facebook likes promo march 9-16

Collabor88 Part 1: Louis Chairs and Trunktables

Trompe Loeil has staggered releases this month for Collabor88 – our Tuscan Villa Block will be available in a few days once we’ve put on the finishing touches, but right now you can pick up our new Louis XIV-inspired chairs and unique Trunktables in a variety of colors and patterns at super low C88 prices! […]

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Trompe Loeil - Louis Chairs and Trunktables for Collabor88 March

The Valiano Bistro Collection at FaMESHed March

Welcome to (technically) Spring! Trompe Loeil’s new Valiano Bistro Collection at FaMESHed will get you ready for the warmer months on the patio with new chairs, loungers, tables, lighting and more with an authentic al fresco flair!     Select our carefully crafted Bistro Chairs, Tables, Serving Carts and Loungers from your choice of four […]

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Trompe Loeil - Valiano Bistro Collection promo 01

The Arcade March – Mountain Lodge and Decor

Inspiration: – Mountain Sound by Of Monsters and Men @ YouTube _______________________________________ Spring is here (ish) – click on the top images to scroll.  This song is like an infectious reminder of that more energetic feeling as the sun finally starts to break through clouds, and I look forward to less rain, floods, mud and generally the ability to have footwear on that doesn’t involve it reaching my lower thighs to keep dry. I am really excited by this round of the Arcade.   For the first time I had 3 designs I wanted to do, and it was hard to pick the final items.  However, I was helped by some lovely people.  Lyla, my inspiration always who spent hours (patiently!)  going through ideas and options.  And to the lovely Jordan who had given me some “mood” boards to inspire palate.   So big hugs/thank you. So we ended up with the Mountain Lodge idea.   The thought of jumping in a car with friends/family to escape to the rural to enjoy those first buds of spring, to replenish, to share time with those you love won the day. The Rare is the actual Lodge: Footprint: 25  (w) x 16 […]

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New Frog Avatar for The Arcade March 2014 round!

Wilds of Organica returns to The Arcade soon with these new frog avatars! Twelve coats are available and representative of various species in real life. Two are rares! As per usual, each avatar is transfer-only  and includes avatar mesh, AO, customizable eyes (with HUD control) and the option to lock-in for mod/copy. Full EULA and […]

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Two sets of glass lamps now available for The Neighbourhood!

Two new releases this month for Organica’s part of The Neighbourhood! Each of these packs features eight beautifully textured hanging lamps that are perfect for any home or garden. Use a single one or several together to create an interesting atmosphere. Please note: While these lamps do include individual candles, they are otherwise unscripted and […]

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Enakai Wavebreaker and Nova Chairs at Collabor88 February

Collabor88 heads to the stars this month, and for the Supernova theme we’ve come up with some modern classics that any fashion-forward decorator needs in their jetpack!   Our Nova Chairs feature a sleek yet casual style that functions as a fabulous accessory item, or as a focal point in your layout. Available in 6 […]

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Nova Chairs promo


Inspiration:  Time and Space by Cinematic Orchestra @ YouTube ________________________________ I have a memory of some years ago, standing on a beach in the dead of night.  Staring out to sea with a vast sky – with the moon and stars bouncing light off the waves.   It was one of those moments, where you breathe and know it always be a memory to look back on.   I have recently been pouring my heart into new designs, and hopefully creating items that in their own way will be memories for people one day. The chasing (and catching) comets idea came as this round for Collabor88 was Supernova.   We got to invite a guest so I teamed up with the fantastic Agustkov from 7 Emporium.   We spent time thinking about star gazing, comet catching, and mapping the skies.   I wanted to create that magical feeling of sky exploration and Agustkov has amazing ideas to create star maps, telescopes, old radios to listen for “life” that may be out there.   He created a sky full of constellations so we could have light to find our way home. The house is a little run down (we explorers don’t […]

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Update to Alder Tree 4

On 5th February 2014 · By Aki · With Leave a comment
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An issue was found and fixed regarding the scripted foliage for Alder Tree 4. If you purchased a mod/copy version of the product, you should already have received an update package.  For those of you who purchased mod/transfer versions prior to today (02/05/2014), you can have the scripted item updated by sending me the scripted […]

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Ines Living Room Collection for FaMESHed February

The first of the month is back again, and Trompe Loeil’s FaMESHed round for February includes fun and classy new living room decor that works anywhere in your home – the Ines Living Room Collection!     The centerpiece of the Ines Living Room Collection are the beautiful Ines Chairs and Ottomans – utilizing materials […]

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Trompe Loeil - Ines Living Room Collection promo 01