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The Driders Are Here!

Just in time for Halloween, the Driders have made it to Wilds of Organica! This avatar is a lower body, Bento-rigged attachment designed for use with both male and female shapes! Six coats are available and each package includes the avatar body mesh, an alpha layer, and animation overrider. The avatar is mod, copy, no trans, with some no-mod scripts for updates. Full, most up-to-date documentation can be found here! Please note! This avatar uses hind, wing, and tail bones! It may be incompatible with other Bento-enabled products – please try a demo first, as I cannot give refunds (other than for duplicate purchases). Available in store or on the Marketplace!                             

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50% Off Mainstore Sale Oct 14-15 – Rezzie Awards Thank You!

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Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us in this year’s Rezzie Awards! To celebrate our 3 wins (Best Outdoor Structures, Best Prefab Houses, Best Customer Service), everything at our Mainstore location is 50% off this weekend only! Come on by and celebrate with us!   Details:
** 50% refund is given automatically after purchase of full-price item. List prices remain the same, but you will be immediately refunded 50% of the list price.
** Current event items, gacha machines, Marketplace purchases, and gift cards are excluded.
** Due to vendor limitations, gift card purchases cannot be refunded the 50% discount.

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Delaney A-Frame Cabin, Camp Couch & Chair for Collabor88 October

Nothing says autumn afternoons like a classic A-frame – tuck away into the woods with our new Delaney A-Frame Cabin and matching Delaney Camp Couch & Chair set, only at Collabor88 October! The Delaney A-Frame Cabin is a two story build with open loft and staircase, two decks, stringlights around the awnings and railings, privacy windows, exterior lights, locking doors, and our *home control system. The matching Delaney Camp Couch & Chair set are rugged and rustic camp furniture pieces with classic plaids and funky retro patterns, scripted in your choice of maturities for singles and couples. Get them both at great C88 prices through the month of October!

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Piper Hideaway House & Hanging Chairs for FaMESHed October

The Piper Hideaway House for FaMESHed’s October round is secret hideout all your own – memories of clubhouses and childhood forts, upscaled and perfectly sized for a grown-up retreat! The Piper Hideaway House is a multi-level, ultra-rustic structure, with three decks, open-air roofing, upstairs loft with ladder, stringlights, privacy windows, locking doors, exterior lights, and our *home control panel to round out the features. Plus, the matching Piper Hanging Chair fits perfectly along the Hideaway beams, with included dark and light wood models, 25 fabric options on touch, and singles and couples animations in your choice of maturities! Only at FaMESHed October!

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Beacon Hill Carriage House and Couch for Uber September

Collegiate style in a renovated brick carriage house blends New England and classic urban for a flexible and fun space to call home – the new Beacon Hill Carriage House and matching Couch at Uber September! The Beacon Hill Carriage House is a two story brick renovation – old double carriage doors are now your entryway, and an adorable exterior elevated balcony and multi-level staircase arrangement will showcase your summer plants and favorite items. Inside, fill out the two open spaces upstairs and down, with worn natural wood plank floors and ceilings, and exposed brick walls. Privacy windows, exterior lights, our *home control system, and two models (with and without front patio) round out the features! Plus, the matching Beacon Hill Couch is a fun vintage find, with caned wicker detailing and 22 fabric options – available in your choice of maturities for singles and couples! Only at Uber’s September round!

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Work in Progress: Drider Week 4

This week has been a little crazy in meat-space; after taking care of some familial obligations and picking up some supplies, some long needed house-painting took place on Monday. A little later in the week, I was able to put in a couple more sessions working on this staff sculpt for HelpfulNerd, who’s printing, painting and finishing this for one of his clients’ costumes! 
In particular, I’ve really been enjoying ZBrush 4R8’s new live boolean functionality! It takes a little bit of figuring out, but once you get the hang of working with positive and negative shapes, you’ll probably find that it’s quite flexible and like playing with invisible clay. That doesn’t mean progress has stopped with the Drider, though, and I’m happy to show some sneak peeks of the looks that’ll be available: Moving forward, I’ll be seeking out testers, tying up necessary animations, packaging and doing some more detailed photography for promotional reasons.… Read the rest

Work in Progress: Drider Week 2/3

The Drider’s moving closer to release! If all goes well, you can expect to see a release within the next 7 to 14 days. On top of some client work I undertook earlier in the week, a variety of under-the-hood changes and additions took place for the Drider, involving animations, HUD graphics, additional leg hair geometry, LOD optimization, & documentation. The avatar comes in at about 8LI, which is quite good considering LOD compromises had to be made in order to maintain silhouette at the ‘Low’ level. A fair number of my other gacha avatars are also in this range.
Over the next couple of days, I’ll be refining the documentation, working out final textures, refining animations, packaging and seeking out testers for feedback! If you’re already a Patron at any donation level, you already have preferred access for beta-testing this avatar – Otherwise give me a shout and I’ll put you on the list of folks to nag for feedback I’m really happy that this has come along as quickly as it did and really look forward to releasing it for the Halloween season.… Read the rest

Work in Progress: Kitten update progress

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, a variety of changes have been in the works for the kitten avatar. This week has been characterized heavily by creation of two new series of coats for them – you can look forward to bi-colour and siamese coats in the short term future. Additionally, updates are being made to the existing tabby & cheshire coats which take in to account new geometry and animations. New mouth textures. Tooth geometry to follow. There’s still a ways to go – part of the new work on these kittens has to do with a new mouth – and I still need to propagate these to all of the head textures. Teeth will also be added. Edge touch-ups and tail coat matching are also necessary. I’m still thinking about the best way to implement facial animations for this avatar – In all likelihood I’ll be implementing it in much the same way that facial animations were handled with the FishEyes and Yetis, although this would confine the provided animations to a maximum of eight.… Read the rest

Trompe Loeil nominated for 6 Rezzie Awards – voting open now

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Thank you to all our customers, fans, and friends for nominating Trompe Loeil in 6 Rezzie Award categories! Voting is open until September 27 (link here) – thank you for supporting us and allowing us to do what we love every single day!

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Amelie Pavilion for Collabor88 September

Soft autumn breezes beckon you to your favorite lookout, on a hill or over the water – bring the one you love, its animated for two! The Amelie Pavillion for Collabor88 September is a romantic getaway built for sunkissed autumn afternoons! The Amelie Pavillion is a stone and brick structure, weathered and aged for a soft, touchable effect. Scripted wall-mounted candles are ready to cast a romantic glow – turn them on and off with a touch. Pick from your choice of maturities – both are animated for singles and couples to enjoy! We include a flat-bottomed model and an elevated model perfect for fitting into a hillside slope or on a shoreline out into the water. Only at September Collabor88!

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Hudson Lighthouse & Couch for FaMESHed September

A northeastern classic lights your way home, high above the salt water waves – the new Hudson Lighthouse and matching Couch, at FaMESHed’s September round! The Hudson Lighthouse is a single room, double height ceiling build with a working, rotating light that turns on and off on owner’s touch. Rustic brick construction inside and out, with worn wood floors and ceilings and privacy windows, exterior lights, locking door, and our *home control system round out the features. We include a standard build model and an elevated base model with stairs for placement in the water! Plus, the matching Hudson Couch is an heirloom piece that fits perfectly with your antique aesthetic. We include leather and fabric models with lots of color and pattern options on touch, in your choice of maturities for singles and couples. Only at September’s FaMESHed round!

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Adelaide Pavilion Pool & Couch for Uber August

Those last August nights are full of color and fun – our new Adelaide Pavilion Pool and matching midcentury mod Adelaide Couch for Uber August create a focal point for trendsetters and stargazers until the morning light! The Adelaide Pavilion Pool is a revival-style open air pavilion with checkerboard marble floor and attached shallow splash pool animated for singles and couples in your choice of maturities. Triple height ceilings and our included Adelaide Party Lights with steady on/off, fade in/out and blink on/off bulbs in white or multicolor options with soft vibrant hardware lighting effects turn your retreat into an intimate outdoor club perfect for dancing! Plus, the Adelaide Couch is oversized for entertaining, with midcentury modern style and your choice of maturities for singles and couples, with 22 fabric patterns to mix and match. Only at Uber’s August round!

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Suffolk Beach Huts for The Arcade September

Late summer at the English shore – pick your color combo and your accent and escape with Trompe Loeil’s new Suffolk Beach Huts for The Arcade’s September round! The Suffolk Beach Huts are single room open beach huts with stairs, entry deck, stringlights, unique roofline accent (anchor, shell, life preserver, or beachy slogan sign), and fun color combos from reserved to bright and bold. 8 different styles to win in all, and as always, no rares! Available through the month of September, only at The Arcade!

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Centaur Avatar Updates & New Coats

As I mentioned in a previous post, the Centaur avatar has been awaiting some pretty major updates as the new applier system has been in development. The system wasn’t quite ready for prime time when they were first released, but over the past week or so we’ve had the opportunity to buckle down on all the necessary functionality and to offer additional coats while we’re at it. What’s changed? So let’s start off with the major changes – The new applier system shall allow third parties to easily & quickly offer new textures for the centaur body without having to worry about potential issues giving textures away. To use the new appliers, all you’ll need to do is either wear or rez the applier in a script-enabled area  (while wearing your avatar body) then click to apply. Once all aspects of the applier have been sent to your centaur body, the applier can either be detached or deleted. What does that mean for people who’ve already bought the avatar?Read the rest

Centaur Developer Kit Availability

The dev kit is nigh! Wilds of Organica has been working hard (with NeoBokrug Elytis of Desolate Studios) to prepare not only the next generation of Centaur coats but an applier and dev kit as well! This kit, provided on a case by case basis, will provide the opportunity to explore: Provided will be several components, including UV maps , applier system (both provided in-world), armature and a decimated version of the model via .blend file format (provided by email).

Terms and Conditions:

A successful application will license you to use the dev kit with some conditions.
Centaur dev kit resources are released as several different components, each with additional separate expectations.

UV layouts & Applier Scripts

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Kelby Copper Hot Tub and Deck for Collabor88 August

The warmth of copper is having a moment – make it yours with a backyard getaway ready to sparkle into the night, with our new Kelby Copper Hot Tub and matching included Deck for Collabor88 August! This full deck and hot tub set features a wood and copper hot tub in a classic modern crafted style, ready to seat 2 in singles and couples poses in your choice of maturities. Animated water effects for jets, steam, and sound make this a showcase piece! Plus, we include a matching elevated Deck with on/off deck lights, stringlights, a covered pavilion with 5 shingle colors on touch, and mirrored versions for both hot tub and deck for easy decorating in any location! All at C88 super sale prices for the month of August!

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Jessinia Greenhouse, Poolhouse, Wedding Chapel & Pew for FaMESHed August

A classic country design we loved so much, we had to make it our everything! The Jessenia Greenhouse, Wedding Chapel and Poolhouse with matching Pew covers all the bases – a gorgeous studio cottage, an intimate wedding chapel, or a luxurious indoor pool – we have you covered at August’s FaMESHed round! The Jessenia starts with a rustic whitewashed wooden build with lots of light through the floor-to-ceiling greenhouse windows, always open to catch the breeze. Use the Greenhouse model for a simple, classic home or getaway. Its included in either package – the Wedding Chapel features a stringlight-strewn altar with wedding proposal and ceremony animations for two, plus static poses for those scrapbook shots afterwards. Cycle through the signs along the back wall or go with blank to keep the focus on you! Or, go with the Poolhouse, where the interior houses a rustic tiled pool with animations for two in your choice of maturities for lounging, swimming and more!… Read the rest

Emerson Cottage, Platform Bed & Bench for Uber July

Modern is always more accessible when its paired with warm natural woods and the bright sunshine – our Emerson Cottage and matching Platform Bed and Bench for Uber July make a striking impression! The Emerson Cottage is a three room structure with an open floor plan and interior privacy wall. Rain chains and matching filled rainwater barrels make for a stunning waterscape detail. Privacy windows, exterior lighting, locking doors, and our *home control system round out the features. Plus, our matching Emerson Platform Beds continue the Asian influence in graceful lines and the finest woods! We include two wood colors, natural and dark, along with 18 fabric patterns for blanket and pillows, and your choice of maturities for singles and couples. All at Uber’s July round!

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Teigen Glamping Tent for Collabor88 July

Camping is so much more magical with high ceilings, luxurious textures, and sparkling starry lights everywhere – our new Teigen Glamping Tents for Collabor88 July will make you never want to leave the woods! The Teigen Glamping Tent is an elevated oversized tent structure with 20 fabric options on touch menu, two models which both include pillar lighting plus optional stringlights and hanging lights, free bonus flagstone campfire, and your choice of animated maturities for singles and couples, plus optional animated rug option – seat up to 4 individuals total! Only at Collabor88 July!

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Verdi Creek Camp Cottage & Chairs for FaMESHed July

Summer camp was never this colorful! Trompe Loeil’s new Verdi Creek Camp Cottages and matching Verdi Creek Chairs at FaMESHed will dazzle you with wildflower colors that sparkle in the sunshine! The Verdi Creek Camp Cottages are single room, camp-style cabins with covered front and open air back decks, stringlights, flower box windows ready for your plantings, whitewashed wood interior, working fireplace with animated fire, privacy windows, locking doors, exterior lights, our *home control system, and 9 exterior colors included! Everything from traditional blue, brown, and hunter green to fun and fabulous violet and sky blue – make your own camp getaway in style! Plus, the matching Verdi Creek Chairs takes the classic adirondack chair and gives it a twist – 23 PG animations for singles and natural, dark natural and painted wood options with 10 colors on touch menu included! Grab it all at this month’s FaMESHed round!… Read the rest