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Galland Homes at the 2014 Home and Garden Expo – September 16-28

Galland Homes, providing prefab houses to Second Life™ since 2007, is proud to be a platinum sponsor at this year’s Home and Garden Expo which will be open to the public between September 16th and the 28th. For more details about … Continue reading

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Classic Bathroom Collection for FaMESHed September

On 1st September 2014 · By Cory Edo · With Leave a comment
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Rinse off the end of summer and get ready for a busy Autumn with our latest FaMESHed set – the Classic Bathroom Collection! We’ve included everything you need to make decorating your perfect bathroom a snap! To start, we’ve included 7 fashion duotone color options for the Classic Bathtub, Classic Bathroom Sink and Classic Toilet […]

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Trompe Loeil - The Classic Bathroom promo 01

The Arcade – September

Inspiration: – To be Loved – Jackie Wilson @ YouTube _____________________________ The lyrics in this song “someone to care, someone to share, lonely hours and moments of despair, to be loved, to be loved, oh what a feeling – to be loved.”  Resonated with me during the design for the Arcade this month.   Sitting at my mac listening to music, as Scarlet Creative is near another annual anniversary.   I  know that  design whilst one of my great loves so Scarlet Creative is really just an extension of that passion for me.   However, it is my family  who sit next to me, critique, offer suggestions, and ultimately hold my hand (and rub my back!) once I am off my computer have enabled me to keep doing this.  They are my true love, and they have given me the opportunity to experience the last 8 years of Scarlet Creative and are as much part of it as I am. (And I’ll keep baking the cupcakes to keep you all happy).   Thank you. The design this round was inspired by member of Scarletines who have been busy with ideas and options.     Meribel came from the time of year when the Alps are […]

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New Plants and Landscaping items this week!

After much anticipation, the Cliff Shoreline pack (formerly known as Shoreline rocks) is now available!  Four pieces are included and pieces are 2-3LI each at packaged size (5m deep by 12m wide by 12m tall). Mod, copy, no transfer. Mesh product, with some materials optimization. Available in-store here and on the Marketplace now! Includes three island […]

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Collabor88 – Jasmine

Inspiration: – London Grammar Nightcall @ YouTube _________________________________________ My name is Charlotte Bartlett and I work in Second Life.  Ha!  I know, I know it’s not the usual sort of sentence I utter in real life (well those who know me know I do already).  However, over the past few weeks I have had to say Charlotte Bartlett and Second Life multiple times to people who have no idea what it is what a virtual world house even was for.    Luckily, there was a good reason, I was given the amazing opportunity to present my designs to a new start up which was pitching for funding to create more cost effective 3D printing in my home city.  It was a huge amount of fun (and somewhat weird!) to see a virtual Scarlet Creative house become a real model as part of the demonstrations.  Who knows, if they get it off the ground perhaps I will realise my next dream of making Scarlet Creative a wider brand outside of Second Life.    Watch this space! I was working on this design during the same time, and the range of materials gave me inspiration to push more colour into the house style.    The style is, […]

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Brooklyn Carriage House for Collabor88 August

Happy birthday to Collabor88! This August we have a stylish converted build that works in a variety of settings – even as a small storefront – the Brooklyn Carriage House! This open loft home features an airy layout, built-in interior and exterior lighting (including a candlelit fireplace), our exclusive *home control system, baked textures and […]

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Trompe Loeil - Brooklyn Carriage House promo 01

Fiona Treebed, Greenhouse & Star Lamps for FaMESHed August

August is the month for sleeping under the stars – and Trompe Loeil has the most unique bed you’ll own, ready for those romantic warm summer nights – the Fiona Treebed! Plus, add our matching Fiona Greenhouse and Star Lamps for that vintage look you crave – they’re only available at FaMESHed for the last […]

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Trompe Loeil - The Fiona Treebed promo 01

Ogden Converted Warehouse

This new prefab building features a converted warehouse with modern windows, clean hardwood and a roomy, lofty second-floor and optional external mural on one side (two versions of the structure are included). The building takes up roughly 32x50m and features 5.0-5.5m ceilings from floor to floor. Available at L$200 this Saturday, July 26 2014 for […]

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Quick Tips! Projecting Textures in Second Life

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Hyde Park Landscaping Pack available at the Mainstore & Marketplace

Finally, the Hyde Park landscaping that you know from the Trompe Loeil Mainstore region is now available for your own builds! This pack includes a Tall Pillar, Short Pillar, low Wall Segment, and unscripted Lamp, plus a variety of pre-made arrangements to make your landscaping job quick and easy. Made to snap to a 0.1 […]

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Hyde Park Landscaping Pack 150

Rivershire Waterwheel for Collabor88 July

Get back to nature with this month’s Collabor88 prefab – the rustic and completely charming Rivershire Waterwheel!   This complete scene features a handpainted patio with foliage, and the build nestles into a decorative hillside with grass and rocks, plus a stone waterfall with custom animated water effects, which powers the spinning wooden waterwheel! Inside […]

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Trompe Loeil - Rivershire Waterwheel promo 01

New South Pacific Tropicals

Botanical continues it’s tropical exploration with two unique plant and tree specimens from Australia and New Zealand. First is the Botanical King Fern, an impressive plant set that can serve as both an accent piece or landscape filler. Three unique seasonal models are included, with randomized shading and textures to add variation wherever you place them. A […]

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Roanna Bedroom Set for FaMESHed July

Escape the heat of summer with a cool and comfy bed that invites you to nap away the afternoon and cuddle into the night – our new Roanna Bedroom Set exclusively at FaMESHed! Featuring ultra-realistic blankets and pillows, tons of texture options, a special AO map addon pack for making your own customized patterns, a […]

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Trompe Loeil - Roanna Bedroom Set promo 1

New Pergola now available!

Drop by Organica this weekend and check out this new Pergola set! It includes two sets of hand-drawn textures and is optimized for materials capable viewers, although it is of course also enjoyable with any normal mesh viewer. 5 LI each, mod, copy, no transfer! Introductory L$200 via The Neighbourhood – this pack can be […]

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New Tropical Plants! Blooming Taro

Just in time for Summerfest’14 is the new release of Blooming Taro plants from Botanical! The Blooming Taro plants are 1 Land Impact each and include 5 seasonal texture options. The release has been divided into two sets: A four plant Transfer/Modify version and an eight plant Copy/Modify version.   Both sets use Botanical Seasonals […]

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New Blooming Agave

The Blooming Desert theme continues with the release of the new Blooming Agave plants at Botanical! The Botanical Blooming Agave Set comes with 4 unique plant models. Each model has 5 individual season textures, with leaves, flowers and fruits changing with each season. With the included menu system, you can have the …

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Collabor88 – Atlantic Gazer

Inspiration: – The Sun is Alive – The Silent Years @ YouTube __________________________________ Having peace, and a sense of yourself, helps makes you who you are.   Kindness, empathy and easy smiles make life fulfilling and I am lucky that family and friends I am surrounded by share these qualities.    This design is inspired by those people, and with the idea of sitting on a rough wooden deck surrounded by sand, gulls, salt in the air and large crashing waves on the Atlantic with those I love.   It’s at these moments, as you stare at the ever changing view,  you realise how big the sky is and how small we are. The house is out at Collabor88 this month. Land Impact 79 Footprint 17 x 19m Footprint Mod + Copy I hope you enjoy <3 Charlotte x    

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See the Desert in Bloom

See the desert in bloom with two new seasonal succulent releases; The Botanical Prickly Pear and Botanical Saguaro Cactus Sets. Also, a new Full Perm Desert Terrain texture collection has been added to the store, to give your new cacti a good home. The Botanical Prickly Pear Set comes with four …

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Aeronaut Chairs for The Mens Department

Need a piece that makes a statement, made just for the guys (and the people that love them)? Swing by The Mens Department opening today and grab Trompe Loeil’s new Aeronaut Chairs in fantastic matching duo color packs at special low sale prices! We’ve matched up raw materials with streamlined design for a conversation centerpiece […]

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Trompe Loeil - Aeronaut Chairs Promo

Free Water Normal Maps for custom Windlight water presets

On 3rd June 2014 · By Cory Edo · With Leave a comment
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Do you like to experiment with Windlight settings to make your own custom skies and water? Grab our latest free gift on the Marketplace only – 10 free tileable normal maps made exclusively for use in the Windlight presets editor in your viewer! Create unique custom Windlight Water presets for yourself or your region using […]

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Trompe Loeil - Water Normal Maps 2014