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Shotgun Shacks for The Arcade Gatcha March

The Arcade‘s opening rush has subsided, so head on over and try your luck for all 7 of our new single room, double porch Shotgun Shacks – only $L25 per play!   These classic Bayou-style residences are cozy and well-worn, and feature working doors and front and back porches to take in the warm summer air. Check out the inworld display model at the Trompe Loeil Mainstore! There’s 7 versions to win, each with unique interior wallpaper and exterior wood styles. Collect your favorite or collect them all – only at The Arcade through the end of March!

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Palmer Lodge & Audrey’s Chair + Table for Collabor88 March

Escape to a place where the birds sing a pretty song, and there’s always music in the air – and decorate it with classic furniture fit for a business tycoon’s daughter – Trompe Loeil’s new Palmer Lodge and Audrey’s Chair + Table, exclusively at Collabor88 March!     The Palmer Lodge is an A-frame dark wood cottage that features an open loft layout with stairs, exterior lights, lockable door, elevated deck, and our take on a familiar zig-zag floor pattern on both floors. Great for smaller parcels, its only 41 LI! Check out the on-site demo at the Collabor88 sale, or stop by our Mainstore, in the park area outside, to take a look before you brave the crowds. If you’re entertaining guests from Norway or just looking to impress the new FBI agent in town, Audrey’s Chair and Audrey’s Table make the perfect classically stylish statement. We’ve included 43 singles and couples animations in the PG version and 60 in the Adult chair,and 7 fashion leather colors plus the full-permission AO Map are all included as well!… Read the restTrompe Loeil - Palmer Lodge promo 01

Note to self: Don’t make food when you’re hungry.

New this weekend for The Neighbourhood, check out this pack of eight dim-sum dishes! 1LI each, materials optimized mesh, mod/copy/no transfer . Check them out here:   I’m gonna go scarf down dinner now. See you around!                           

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Galland Homes’ New Blog

Galland Homes’ has a new blog which you can visit by clicking HERE.  If you’re visiting this site after February of 2015, please note that all new content is being posted solely at the new blog address. Thanks!  

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Arch Hammock Bed & More for FaMESHed March

Make a fun modern statement – clean lines, raw materials, colorful prints – with our new Arch Hammock Bed and matching accessories for your stylish spring bedroom, only at FaMESHed!   The Arch Hammock Bed features included finishes of metal and wood, with a hanging hammock and artfully-tossed pillows and blanket, all with 21 texture options available via menu. We’ve included plain, stringlight-lit and draped models too! Your choice of PG (61 singles/couples animations) or Adult (91 singles/couples animations) maturities available. Plus, we’ve included the AO Maps for the frame and all fabrics, for free! Create your own custom look with your favorite image editor!   The Midge Chair is a soft-form throwback to a hipper era. Looks great in any room, especially with our included 21 texture options via menu for both the chair fabric and the pillow. 30 single PG animations give you lots of style and flexibility. Not enough options?… Read the restTrompe Loeil - Arch Hammock Bedroom FaMESHed March promo

It’s still cold out there! Alpaca’n Alpaca!

  This March at The Arcade, these twelve alpaca avatars will be available as prizes for L$100 per play! They are 1.5m tall avatars, include a fully quadrupedal AO, with eye & snout control options! (The Wilds of Organica machine is near the back, on the left side of the central aisle). As usual, transferrable avatars can be exchanged for mod/copy editions. Please note that the exchanger can now be found at .                           

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Amelia Cabin and Loveseat for Collabor88 February

Are you ready for a retreat? In the mountains or on the lake, the perfect setting for escape should have a cozy rustic feel – like our new Amelia Cabin for Collabor88 February! This single-room cabin with loft features a surrounding deck with stairs, gently glowing candles, built-in exterior lighting with our *home control scripting system, and a low land impact that works great for smaller parcels, or as a secondary residence. Plus, for the month of February at Collabor88, its only $L88 – a real steal! While you’re at the event, don’t forget to pick up seating for you and that special someone – our Amelia Loveseat! Available in PG and Adult versions, we’ve included black and brown leather plus white cloth versions, 7 fabric sets for the pillows, and the AO maps for all pieces – create your own uniquely textured masterpiece! These Collabor88 sale prices won’t last long, so swing by before the end of February!… Read the restTrompe Loeil - Amelia Cabin promo 1

Eight new hibiscus plants available now!

New today for The Neighbourhood are these new hibiscus bushes!
  Available separately or as a fatpack, these flowered bushes are available as both efficient 1 LI and 7LI bushes (with mesh blossoms)! This pack features a variety of fanciful varieties (mostly tropical) and takes advantage of bump-mapping, so if you can run advanced lighting, it’s highly recommended that you do so! As part of the Neighbourhood promotion, the full Fancy Pack is only L$200 and each individual variety is L$25, for the duration of Saturday, Feb 7 (SLT) only! This introductory price will return to normal after that, so be sure to drop by as soon as you can to take a gander at these beautiful blossoms!  Pick ‘em up here:                           

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Raleigh Wedding Set for FaMESHed February

Its cold outside, but Valentine’s Day will be cozy with our first-ever wedding set, complete with beautiful country venue large enough to fit the entire celebration – the Raleigh Wedding Set, exclusively at the new dedicated FaMESHed region!   The centerpiece of the set is the Raleigh Barn – the main structure has a spacious 16x22m footprint, which can be expanded to 38x34m with the outdoor patios. We’ve included several models depending on your decorating needs – with or without decorative cloth drapes, string lights, and patios. Plus, the cloth AO maps are included for easy customization for your color scheme! What really makes the build special is the animated fireplace, with proposal, ring exchange, vows, and dramatic kiss couples animations, plus a great selection of static wedding photo poses. Scripted with our *home control system to control the included lights and sliding barn doors, this build is a fantastic general event centerpiece in general – or use it as an open-air studio home!… Read the restTrompe Loeil - The Raleigh Wedding Set promo 1

New waterfall, tree and plants!

Starting today and running thru ’til February 14, Organica will be participating in The House Hunt! For just L$20, you can pick up this wonderful new mesh waterfall!  It features animated texture water with particles, plus materials optimized mesh. Mod/copy/no transfer. Hint: The prize can be found where fire and water meet! Additionally, there are two other new releases this week: This new elm features beautifully detailed textures, three foliage options, plus optional scripted version. It tree stands at 15.5 by 17 by 13m, is materials optimized mesh, and available both mod/transfer and mod/copy. Drop by the shop to see it in person, here!   This set of rosebushes is a great update for every garden, offering both a highly efficient 1 LI edition as well as a 7 LI edition (per plant) featuring fully modelled rose blossoms! Each bush features detailed textures and (new to the rosebushes) is now materials optimized for a more realistic look!… Read the restWaterfall3-vendor

Six new hand-crafted scratchboard prints!

  Happy New Year!Six new hand-crafted scratchboard prints are now available! They are mod/copy, 1LI each, and require a mesh-capable viewer. They feature artwork by me (Florence Chan/Aki Shichiroji), scratched by hand from clayboard blocks and ink. To pick these up, please visit the furniture shop – they are L$200 this weekend only via The Neighbourhood promotion!                             

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Iona Conservatory & Pathlights for Collabor88 January

Make January the start of new traditions – artistic pursuits and relaxing retreats in peaceful gardens, in tasteful architectural surroundings – like the new Iona Conservatory with matching Path Lights, only at Collabor88 January!     The Iona Conservatory is a single room, copper-roof brick build with skylight and working (non-locking) doors. Windows all around let the natural light inside to the terra cotta tile floor, where you’ve set up a greenhouse, painting studio, office, library, or tiny home – the possibilities are endless! Our matching Iona Path Lights include green, black, and copper finishes in two sizes, and are always lit/unscripted for low resource use. Check out the on-site display at Collabor88 and our Mainstore, and pick them up at great sale prices exclusively at Collabor88 January!  

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Kezia Bed and Bench for FaMESHed January

Happy New Year to one and all! Ring in 2015 with our new Kezia Beds – beautifully draped with lights and fabric, they add a level of classic elegance and romantic whimsy to your bedroom. Our matching Kezia Bench works in any room of your home. They’re only at FaMESHed for January! The Kezia Beds include dark and silver metal finished, with plain and two draped versions included. All versions include lit and unlit models – 12 different styles in one pack! Choose from Adult or PG maturities, both with tons of great animations. The Kezia Bench sits 1, and includes plain and pillowed versions. Lots of built-in texture choices for both products, and available optional AO Map Packs for making your own unique textures! Only at FaMESHed for the month of January!  

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Winter Trees FREE at Trompe Loeil Mainstore until Jan. 1

On 22nd December 2014 · By Cory Edo · With Leave a comment
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Happy holidays everyone! We would like to thank you all for another wonderful year full of creativity and fun – we appreciate each one of you for the support that made it possible! As we look forward to an even bigger and better 2015, Trompe Loeil wants to give our wonderful customers a little gift – our brand-new Winter Trees are FREE at the Mainstore until January 1! These white birch trees – bagged in white or brown burlap for easy, mess-free decorating – have captured softly glowing snowflakes in their bare branches. Use these indoors or out, all year long! 7LI each as shown, but shrink to 3LI for use in smaller spaces. Available in the main lobby of the Trompe Loeil Mainstore for free until January 1! Have a wonderful holiday and a fantastic New Year!

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Snow Day Bed for Collabor88 December

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Collabor88 December features a cozy hideaway for those snowy winter days by the window – our new Snow Day Bed includes two models, our AO Map Pack, and tons of animations for singles and couples! The delicate patterning and tufted cushions make the perfect fireside retreat – and if you’d like a seasonally-patterned blanket to finish the scene, we’ve included that as well! Pick from an assortment of blanket textures and fabric colors, or create your own with our AO Maps Pack (sold separately). PG & Adult maturities offer up to 80 singles and couples animations. Only at Collabor88 for the month of December!

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2014 Advent Calendar at The Arcade December

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The crowds at The Arcade’s December round are thinning out – make sure you stop in and get our 2014 Advent Calendar and play the gatcha for all 12 keys and the fabulous holiday prizes that await inside! This year’s Advent Calendar is a full village display that makes the perfect holiday centerpiece – grab it for free at the board in front of the gatcha machine, or at our Mainstore. Play the gatcha – only $L25 per play and no rares – to get all 12 keys that light up the corresponding number on the display and light up the town. Each key gives you a mod/transfer holiday decor gift as well! From stand-alone snowflakes to lanterns, three different trees and a projector that casts snowflakes on your wall (projection lighting must be enabled), this year’s selection of prizes are our most fashionable yet! Head to The Arcade before December 31st to win the entire collection!

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Seasonal Boxwood Hedge, Arches and Bushes Now Available!

Introducing two new Seasonal releases that are sure to add that touch of elegance you’ve been missing! Botanical Seasonal Boxwood Hedges and Arches Set LAND IMPACT: 1-3 per piece SCRIPTED: YES PERMISSIONS: Copy, Modify VERSION: 1 Buy at Botanical: Click Here Buy at The Liaison Collaborative: Click Here Buy on SL™ Marketplace: Click Here Not yet available […] The post Seasonal Boxwood Hedge, Arches and Bushes Now Available! appeared first on Botanical.

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New Fireplace & Winter holiday items now available!

  New this week is a four piece fireplace set called The Falls! It includes a poker set, chestnuts with a roasting pan, fireplace, as well as original artwork called ‘The Falls’, by me (Aki Shichiroji / Florence Chan). Pick it up for only L$200 via The Neighbourhood promotion this weekend! Winter holiday items are also back! Check everything out at this SLURL:                           

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Create Enchanting Landscapes with Botanical’s Decorative Lights

Let you imagination run wild with this feature-packed lighting set! The Botanical Decorative Light Set is an attractive, low land impact, mesh addition to your landscaping that can give you an elegant or festive look at the touch of a button! The set contains 35 versatile mesh light pieces that can be arranged and linked […] The post Create Enchanting Landscapes with Botanical’s Decorative Lights appeared first on Botanical.

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“Scented” Nature Candles Now at Botanical

Set the scene and bring the essence of nature into your home with new candles from Botanical! Botanical introduces 5 new nature themed “scented” candles for your Second Life home. These new candles look and act like the real thing, burning down slowly over time after they have been lit. The themes for these candles […] The post “Scented” Nature Candles Now at Botanical appeared first on Botanical.

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