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Hyde Park Landscaping Pack available at the Mainstore & Marketplace

Finally, the Hyde Park landscaping that you know from the Trompe Loeil Mainstore region is now available for your own builds! This pack includes a Tall Pillar, Short Pillar, low Wall Segment, and unscripted Lamp, plus a variety of pre-made arrangements to make your landscaping job quick and easy. Made to snap to a 0.1 […]

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Rivershire Waterwheel for Collabor88 July

Get back to nature with this month’s Collabor88 prefab – the rustic and completely charming Rivershire Waterwheel!   This complete scene features a handpainted patio with foliage, and the build nestles into a decorative hillside with grass and rocks, plus a stone waterfall with custom animated water effects, which powers the spinning wooden waterwheel! Inside […]

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Trompe Loeil - Rivershire Waterwheel promo 01

New South Pacific Tropicals

Botanical continues it’s tropical exploration with two unique plant and tree specimens from Australia and New Zealand. First is the Botanical King Fern, an impressive plant set that can serve as both an accent piece or landscape filler. Three unique seasonal models are included, with randomized shading and textures to add variation wherever you place them. A […]

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Roanna Bedroom Set for FaMESHed July

Escape the heat of summer with a cool and comfy bed that invites you to nap away the afternoon and cuddle into the night – our new Roanna Bedroom Set exclusively at FaMESHed! Featuring ultra-realistic blankets and pillows, tons of texture options, a special AO map addon pack for making your own customized patterns, a […]

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Trompe Loeil - Roanna Bedroom Set promo 1

New Pergola now available!

Drop by Organica this weekend and check out this new Pergola set! It includes two sets of hand-drawn textures and is optimized for materials capable viewers, although it is of course also enjoyable with any normal mesh viewer. 5 LI each, mod, copy, no transfer! Introductory L$200 via The Neighbourhood – this pack can be […]

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New Tropical Plants! Blooming Taro

Just in time for Summerfest’14 is the new release of Blooming Taro plants from Botanical! The Blooming Taro plants are 1 Land Impact each and include 5 seasonal texture options. The release has been divided into two sets: A four plant Transfer/Modify version and an eight plant Copy/Modify version.   Both sets use Botanical Seasonals […]

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New Blooming Agave

The Blooming Desert theme continues with the release of the new Blooming Agave plants at Botanical! The Botanical Blooming Agave Set comes with 4 unique plant models. Each model has 5 individual season textures, with leaves, flowers and fruits changing with each season. With the included menu system, you can have the …

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Collabor88 – Atlantic Gazer

Inspiration: – The Sun is Alive – The Silent Years @ YouTube __________________________________ Having peace, and a sense of yourself, helps makes you who you are.   Kindness, empathy and easy smiles make life fulfilling and I am lucky that family and friends I am surrounded by share these qualities.    This design is inspired by those people, and with the idea of sitting on a rough wooden deck surrounded by sand, gulls, salt in the air and large crashing waves on the Atlantic with those I love.   It’s at these moments, as you stare at the ever changing view,  you realise how big the sky is and how small we are. The house is out at Collabor88 this month. Land Impact 79 Footprint 17 x 19m Footprint Mod + Copy I hope you enjoy <3 Charlotte x    

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See the Desert in Bloom

See the desert in bloom with two new seasonal succulent releases; The Botanical Prickly Pear and Botanical Saguaro Cactus Sets. Also, a new Full Perm Desert Terrain texture collection has been added to the store, to give your new cacti a good home. The Botanical Prickly Pear Set comes with four …

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Aeronaut Chairs for The Mens Department

Need a piece that makes a statement, made just for the guys (and the people that love them)? Swing by The Mens Department opening today and grab Trompe Loeil’s new Aeronaut Chairs in fantastic matching duo color packs at special low sale prices! We’ve matched up raw materials with streamlined design for a conversation centerpiece […]

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Trompe Loeil - Aeronaut Chairs Promo

Free Water Normal Maps for custom Windlight water presets

On 3rd June 2014 · By Cory Edo · With Leave a comment
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Do you like to experiment with Windlight settings to make your own custom skies and water? Grab our latest free gift on the Marketplace only – 10 free tileable normal maps made exclusively for use in the Windlight presets editor in your viewer! Create unique custom Windlight Water presets for yourself or your region using […]

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Trompe Loeil - Water Normal Maps 2014

Classic Hot Tubs for FaMESHed and Vintage End Tables for Arcade

June is a big month for Trompe Loeil releases! First up at FaMESHed, indulge in the backyard hot tub of your dreams with our new Classic Backyard Hot Tub Collection – three wood options, accessories, and the best-looking water effects you’ve ever seen on a hot tub!   The Classic Hot Tub seats 4 individuals […]

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Trompe Loeil - Classic Backyard Hot Tub Set promo 01

Arctic Greenhouse Sculpt Kits ToU v2.0

*** Please note this is an unreleased draft, for your consideration, of changes that HAVE NOT YET but TENTATIVELY WILL be made to the Arctic Greenhouse Terms of Use for Sculpt Kits *** This is the current iteration of the Terms of Use for Arctic Greenh…

The Arcade – June

Inspiration: – The National – England @ YouTube ________________________________ The end of spring and the start of summer is upon us.   Waking up early in the morning as the sun rises packingthe car and as the dew is still on the ground, and the sun rises, heading for the countryside to relax and enjoy family time.      This round of the Arcade I wanted to capture a sense of romance, of nature, but with a luxe feel.  A combination of soft and hard.   Hard, faded woods bleached by the sun and soft linens slightly torn but beautifully cared for and used throughout a space to give comfort.  A retreat, a place to love. The carriage house is a restored train carriage joined together to create a retreat for holidays.  Beautifully restored but still a little rough around the edges.   Complete with the furnishing and decor to compliment the style. Reminder for items purchased from me I exchange for copy / mod – please don’t rez just pop them back to me with a notecard and I’ll exchange. Carriage House – Rare. 91 LE 11.2 x 14.5 M Carriage Day Bed  LE 15.  Carriage Sofa with draped […]

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New Releases for The Arcade and The Neighbourhood!

Yes, it’s that time again! The Arcade starts again in less than one day, and I’ve put together a collection of my wildlife sketches for you to pick/choose from or to collect! The series features two groups; the ‘Big Five’ African animals, and some well known majestic animals from the Rocky Mountains! Each piece is […]

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The Chatham Loft Skyboxes – new and free for Facebook fans

Its another giveaway! Like Trompe Loeil on Facebook and get a code redeemable in our Mainstore inworld to receive both Light and Dark versions of our new Chatham Loft Skybox! This special offer is only available from May 11 through May 18, so don’t delay!     This new fully-baked loft skybox is a single […]

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Karin Cottages and Hanging Moon Chairs for Collabor88 May

Take a trip to a more classic time with this month’s Collabor88 round! Our prefab this month is the picture-perfect Karin Cottage, available in your choice of three exterior colors – it features two stories, three rooms, two fireplaces, three porches, and working shutters that open and close on touch or via our *home control […]

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Trompe Loeil - The Karin Cottage promo 01

Collabor88 – Summer Camp

Inspiration.  No music this post. ________________________ Inspiration for me is normally my favourite music, or things I see as I go about life.   I have days where I scrunch my toes with happiness, and others when I give a frowny face to the fact I feel a bit lost and am trying to do my best.    However, the main inspiration, the constant in my life is family.   Recently a very close family member lost a long fight with illness.   I don’t use my blog to share my personal life but I wanted to touch on this as it for the last month has shaped my thoughts, emotions, ability to pick up a pencil to do the smallest thing.    In very small steps  those rays of sunshine that make me scrunch me toes had us remembering, looking at photographs and coming to a realisation that love lives on in our hearts.  It doesn’t stop.  Ever.  And for that my family are grateful. I wanted it use my work as a tiny part of a celebration, a memory, a moment that whilst insignificant in reality compared to what else we planned, allowed me a small way to express through creativity an expression of […]

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Wrought Iron and Brick Fence: A Timeless Staple of Tradition and Sophistication

Rarely does one single design element have such a large impact on a landscape. The open, airy appeal of wrought iron and solid weight of brick come together in one package to provide a formal, sophisticated look that is perfect for homes, parks or cities of any time period. This copy and modify permissions Wrought Iron and …

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Darya Dining Collection for FaMESHed May

Its time to dine with FaMESHed! Trompe Loeil’s new Darya Dining Collection provides a flexible dining room solution with a huge selection of coordinating colors and patterns to choose from on the fly.   Start with your favorite color set – Neutral, Spring, or Autumn. Then, grab the Dining Chairs (we include three different models!) […]

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Darya Dining Collection promo 1