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sometimes, halloween is about… indulgences. the holiday gives you free reign to dress up as whatever you like. a vampire, a ghost, a zombie…. anything that tickles your fancy. so today, it’s actually my best friend who inspired these costumes. bff vivi is *all* about the anime, so when we found a few key accessories […]

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so! back to a more normal look for now, because you can’t spend all of october in costume… …well, i guess you could, and i’d certainly try, but y’know. just go with it. vip group members for oOo studio were treated to this grungy loft posebox the other day && it inspired the entire look […]

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so! i’ve done two looks for halloween (well, technically three if you count bff vivi too!) and today i have another one.. they’re coming to get you, barbara… i’m not sure what’s more terrifying — a lone zombie meandering down the street (because you know where there’s one, there’s many not far behind) or the […]

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don’t mind me, i’m just lounging around today.. suppose i needed to recover from the nekkidness of yesterday. ;P so i slipped into a comfy (and still pretty!) tank top from red mint && these cozy mesh socks from intrigue co (out @ collabor88) that are totally adorbs and called it a day. my hair […]

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y’know… when you’ve been blogging as long as i have (working on 3 years, now!), it’s really really easy to hit outfit block. like writer’s block or artist’s block, it just kinda hits at random and suddenly… nothing looks good together, nothing works for an outfit, nothing jumps out at you and clicks for a […]

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new goodies at collabor88, a lovely new collection at league (including a set of *freebies*!) && embracing the flushed cheeks sort of chilly temps outside.. shades of mint, golden pink and bleached bone are not exactly typical for autumn, but *i* think this look works! i mean, who is to say i cannot wear a […]

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so, the other day when i blogged two of the pxl gatcha skins with bff vivi… and i mentioned at the very end how i had a second skin i was working on a look for? ..tada! this skin is labeled as demon… but this half-beauty, half-beast sort of face *immediately* made me think of […]

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it’s never too early

it’s never too early, in my humble opinion, to start thinking about halloween… i love christmas, i love easter, i love my birthday (yes, my birthday *totally* is a holiday, tyvm).. but there’s just *something* about halloween that really tickles my fancy. it’s been the holiday i look most forward too all year ever since […]

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i have a hat. and it is awesome. :3 the newest releases from burley included this amazingly wavy hat-and-hair combo && i immediately fell in slooooooooove. the brushed-over bangs and this hat are just ridiculous amounts of awesome and i pretty much had to have it the moment i saw it. so i put together […]

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white on white

you were from a perfect world… a world that threw me away today… today… today to run away… listen. skin; belleza shyla masquerade hair; elikatira listen in white 05 tattoo; vestigium fighting wolves eyes; insufferable dastard moody vampire in wispy blue piercings; hod end of the night makeup; nuuna’s v8 lipstripe 3 top; glam affair […]

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where, exactly, did september go? is it just me or did this entire month just fly on by? not that i’m complaining or anything, i mean… tomorrow is october 1st && all.. and only brings me closer to halloween (aka, my absolute favorite holiday of the year!), but seriously! september seemed to go by really, […]

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show a little leg

i’ve been doing a lot of editing of things in my sl lately… my inventory has been the main thing i’ve worked on (and *still* am working on! it is a never-ending process, i’m tellin’ you!), but i’ve been giving my personal shape a li’l bit of a tweak here and there recently as well. […]

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rainy days

with the turn of the seasons, my rl weather has been cold, gloomy and soaked with rain. watching it storm outside my real windows inspired me to bring all those chilly raindrops into the virtual world with me.. i *love* the rain. the best weather for getting a good night’s sleep is when it is […]

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end of the night

a new round of horror haute started up today… ..pardon me while i dress to fit the theme. *ahem* sometimes, i just can’t help but attempt to be ‘artsy fartsy’. i indulge these whims even if they seem counter productive — as awesome as this torn lace overlay (from dg) is, it *is* appropriately named […]

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shades of gray

not *fifty*, but just a few. ;P so! bff vivi && i raced to g field the other day when we saw these new beth ankle booties released. and we both, once we stopped drooling all over the demos, snagged ‘em in gray and black. we could not resist playin’ dress up with them and […]

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virtual closet

keeping my virtual closet tamed is an arduous task. there are so many talented content creators out there on the grid these days that trying to limit myself seems… almost foolish. there’s too many awesome things out there to wear and to see and to *hoard* in my inventory, that calling myself a shopaholic.. […]

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fall to pieces

every time i’m fallin’ down all alone i fall to pieces i’ve been working on some stuff in world lately, which has caused me to go on a music spreeeeeeee. and this has been on repeat for me for quite a while now. i love this song.. and more importantly, i love scott weiland. :3 […]

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funny, isn’t it, how a single pair of boots can inspire an entire look? suppose it’s logical enough, considering how insanely sexy said boots (from grollwerk) are. :Q__ and it is not the first time this has happened for me in sl…. quite often, i find myself going oooomgah those BOOTS and immediately envisioning all […]

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the arcade

so the arcade gatcha event started yesterday, if you’ve not heard… …and it is full of such awesome stuffs! i have a serious problem with gatchas — i will play and play and play until i get what i want (which, more often than not, is the rares inside, ahah). but this time? i really […]

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if you know me, you know i *love* my prim nails. i’m almost never without them… i have this obsession with them. i think they add just a li’l touch of extra realism to my hands (which, let’s be honest, the second life avatar hands leave much to be desired) && i really, really like […]

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