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the end

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everything always comes to an end. sometimes, endings can lead to sadness && sometimes endings can lead to more freedom, happiness and relief than expected. but nevertheless, my own ending can only be defined as… bittersweet. with months of rl insanity, my blogging time in sl has taken a hit. and rather than thinking of […]

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the end



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good morning

giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl, it is *too* early in the morning right now in my area of the world. the sun is barely high enough in the sky to make it light out && yet here i am, awake. now, sometimes i don’t mind an early start to the day, but today… mmh, i dunno if i am […]

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so! i’ve showed off my new bedroom already && today, i’m posing in part of my living room… bff vivi and i have been putting a few last finishing touches on our new home.. y’know, the little details that make things look more “lived in”. and since our living room is so huge (ie, there’s […]

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bundled up

i am in *love* with the newest round of collabor88 goodies… …not only is the color palette gorgeous (shades of deep orange, golden yellow && cool teal-blue), but just about everything i spied there was callin’ my name~ collabor88 is one of those events that i look most forward to every single month. the mixture […]

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where the magic happens

if you’ve followed my blog at all over the years, you’ll know that bff vivi && i have lived together as roomies in sl for quite a while. last summer she and i bought a small beachy parcel and set up a house there together… there were lots of pictures here on my blog of […]

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On 7th November 2012 · By Vixxie Vultee · With Leave a comment
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so it’s been a few days since my last post, and i have a very good reason for that.. i swear. i’m not moving in rl… but i am in sl. and i forgot how time consuming it can be to get everything set back up! bff vivi and i have been working the last […]

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i’m kind of… accidentally patriotic with my look for today. powder blue isn’t *typically* the shade one associates with the good ole red, white and blue.. but that ended up being my color scheme for the day~ and it *all* started with this cherry print skirt. i picked it up from teefy @ the new […]

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hi, have you seen my awesome chair? my chair has horns and a raven. my chair > your chair. i have this chair because i wanted something funky to pose with for my look for today. there really was no *need* for a chair, but i found this one at handverk (because maybe.. just maybe.. […]

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ah, november… even though it is undeniably autumn now that halloween is over, and i’ve woken up every day recently in my rl to typical fall weather with cold winds && lotsa rain (damn you, hurricane sandy!), i wasn’t really feelin’ the whole bundled up sort of look for today. and it has a *lot* […]

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we’re all mad here

a smile like the cheshire cat. happy halloween. get the look yourself: skin; glam affair dark side ginny 01 hair; ploom @ my attic mila eyes; insufferable dastard zombie mesh eyes (group gift) teeth; gauze nightmare uneven piercings; hod fallen v2 (modded) straight jacket; dilly dolls silently bodysuit; whippet & buck sweet day bodysuit in […]

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i hope you joined the vip group for haus of darcy.. ..because these piercings are coming *tomorrow* and are amazing in every single way. get the look yourself: skin; glam affair halloween skin (group gift!) hair; exile best of you in frost lip makeup; pin me down lip marking #4 teeth; medley prim teeth v2 […]

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it’s getting *clooooooser*! only *two* more days until halloween.. are you excited as i am!? the costume look i’ve got for today is another one for halloween on a budget. i already did one costume on the cheap && today, i’ve got a second one~ i know it’s already made rounds on the feeds, but […]

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you ever get that feeling like… someone’s watching you? yeah, me neither. *shrugs* wonder where that feeling comes from anyway… so! today, i’ve got a.. pretty lady lost in the woods kind of costume look. this gorgeous dress from sakide, which is out @ the cinema event, inspired the look i put together for today. […]

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a queen && her minion

i’m (an evil) queen for a day.. …complete with my very own minion! this look was *all* for fun.. and inspired by these adorable plastic crowns @ collabor88 by laviere. i knew i had to do an evil fairy queen kind of look with this crown and my *petite* li’l friend here was more than […]

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halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it. so, apparently i like quoting mean girls… but! i figured it was a fitting quote, considering the costumes bff vivi && i are wearing in my post for today.. i’ve done […]

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when i was younger, i was obsessed with batman. legit obsessed. the batman animated series was smack dab in the middle of my childhood — i’d watch it *every. single. day.* after school. and my obsession with batman all started with a little movie called batman returns. i’m really dating myself here, but i remember […]

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these shoes

that’s really all i can say. these shoes. they’re from handverk and are out @ the cinema event… and i had to have them. in hot pink. because they are awesome. on her :: skin; glam affair roza basic in america tattoo; actchio love has many faces heels; handverk @ cinema penis pumps in pink […]

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out for a stroll

i really love how the entire grid seems to change with rl seasons… i’m seeing less && less bright green grass and more gorgeous fall foliage. and while i was on the warrumbungles sim (shopping, of course x3), i realized just how pretty the scenery was outside the store i was in. so naturally, i […]

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dark side

welcome to my dark side… …as if you’ve not seen it already. ;P there’s *new* stuffs from some of my favorite brands && all of it is so perfect for halloween. or, y’know, everyday-wear if you’re me. the skull-face tattoo && the multi-ring ear piercing i’m wearing above are new as a collab by nuuna’s […]

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had enough halloween? not me! to be fair, i’d wander around the grid like this even when it’s not halloween… but these “costume” kind of looks are so fun for me to put together && i could not resist doing something a li’l spacey! this look here involves a lot of good stuff, so i’ve […]

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