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Double Post

  I have two looks for you today!  The first is something I found and just instantly had to buy.  I saw this on Marketplace and my jaw just dropped.  Tuty’s is normally known for their skin, hair, and AOs but their clothing is reall…

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April 2014
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Marketplace Prices

Just a reminder to people that LL does NOT charge for for putting up 0L or 1L items on the Marketplace. I have heard people say they charge for demos because LL will charge them otherwise but it’s not true. If you WANT to have 1L demos go for it it…

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Sky Captain

When I put this outfit on yesterday I instantly felt like I could be a villain or something in a movie like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. The eye patch, the stockings, the shoes, everything just screamed vintage vixen villain. Love!!!

I am also loving red lately so this jacket is great. Apparently it has materials enabled but I have no idea how to use those or if my computer can even handle it so it isn’t shown. :P It should also be noted that unless you wear a larger size or the jacket over the smallest size of the dress they won’t work together.

These shoes are made by Lassitude & Ennui and are as amazing as everything that has been release there since the dawn of time. Well, the dawn of L&E anyway. So many color available too. Check it out! Details below.

WORN:Shoes: Lassitude & EnnuiJacket, Stockings: Uncertain Smile @ GothmasDress: NYUPatch: Hate Me and Eat Me for Solidea Folies Hair: Analog Dog, free in the free hair bubble Lipstick: Pink Fuel, part of a large pack Skin: Birdy, past group gift, still available in the store

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Perfect Pumps and Poche

  I just wanted to quickly share these shoes from LVLE.  They have been out for  little bit now and I meant to blog them earlier but RL has been punching me in the face repeatedly for a while now and I never got around to it.  I am …

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Probably Too Many Clashing Colors For One Post

  So I have a lot of colors.  I’m cool with that.  I don’t have a lot of words right now because it’s close to 4am my time so just check the credits pretty please.  Heart you!Worn:Jacket and Top: Sn@tch.  There is a big sale th…

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Erm, Not Really SL Related

Buuuuut Endure 4 Kindness is happening and since my fave TV star, Misha Collins, is participating you should donate. :D Check the website HERE.Back to SL stuff shortly now that I might have like two minutes of free time in RL.

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A Bit Late…

…well, more than a bit.  It’s been quite some time since I have had these pictures done and way before then that I purchased the items.  Sigh.  My internet issues have gotten to the point where I can barely get online, let alone take p…

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Question Time!

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  No pictures today, just chatting.   I am sitting here all bummed out because I feel so self-conscious about my blogging skills.  I know I will feel better soon enough but I get into my moods.  Anyway, it got me wondering if I am t…

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Team Free Will- Gender Swap Style

  “Dad’s on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home in a few days.”  That line is the beginning of the very wild ride that is Supernatural.  Once that line is spoken it all begins.  Thinking back on it after all the seasons so far al…

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Random HF Shots

There were a lot of adorable booths this year at Hair Fair and I know everyone will be focusing on the actual products, and probably too lagged out to see the booths, but I wanted to show some anyway.  Why?  Well, because…I don’t know, I fe…

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  I think I might start showing poses specifically in posts, instead of occasionally crediting them as part of a whole look like I normally do.  So, I am going to have a go at it.   These sets are from Pretense, a new name for the design…

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Hopping For Nails

  Next nail post!!!  This time I want to show some things from Hopscotch.  These are just a few of the nails.  All of her nails are adorable and most are themed in some sort of cute way.  There are several colors/styles in each…

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Nail-splosion- Matte

  It’s an explosion of nails!!  I want to show some nails for the SLink Avatar Enhancement versions of the rigged mesh hands and nails from some brands I have a lot of stuff from.  That’s poor grammar, I know.  Just like…deal with…

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Shiny Shiny

I don’t have a ton to say today, other than to tell you that rigged mesh is your friend.  Oh, yes, it is.Worn:Corset: Moyet, ONLY COMES IN ONE SIZE.  This link is to the Marketplace store but apparently there is a demo in world to try if you …

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Pros and Cons of UglyDorothy

  So, I love My UglyDorothy skins.  I rarely pay more than 500L for skins these days but I love this store enough to pay full price.  That’s rare for me since I make skins, haha.  I do have a small issue with the skins this time, ho…

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Stop Charging For Demos on the Marketplace

No, seriously.  Stop.  It’s not about the 1L or 2L or whatever, it’s about the fact that it’s not cool to pay for the “privilege” or *maybe* buying your item.  Cut the crap.  I rarely, actually almost never, buy from stores who char…

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  More Goth Fair!!!  You have a little over a week left to hit the World Goth Fair.  I keep hearing people say they don’t want to go because they aren’t goth but omg there are so many great things!!  Like this dress from Volstead, f…

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Psycho For Psyko

  I will be the first to say that I suck at painting.  I LOVE painting.  I try so freaking hard.  Sometimes something passable will come out of it but, in general, I am a miserable painter.  Thankfully I found this co…

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A Fair Goth

  I have been waiting excitedly for World Goth Fair for what seems like ages.  Now that it’s here I am overwhelmed with all the awesome and had a hard time deciding where to start with the blogging!  Ah!  I decided to show…

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  I usually do fashion type posts for people but today it’s for pets!  I just love these little Lolita-esque sunglasses from KittyCats.  This is a MegaPuss size, which means it’s big enough to ride around on, and the sunglasses fit her! …

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