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Backing Up Breakfast

Just wanted to put a different version of the picture of the post I did HERE on Free*Style of the Buttery Toast breakfast set at Silly Seven.  This is the food blog, right? :)

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March 2015
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Buttery Breakfast

Buttery Toast has a set of things at Silly Seven for 77L and I thought it was pretty funny and made me think of breakfast.  So I made a menu!  Enjoy. XD

Breakfast Accessories: Buttery Toast @ Silly Seven, 77L for the set
Waffle Ring: Schadenfreude, could not find it in store
Vest: Schadenfreude
Skin: Birdy, VIP gift in store (older gift we've blogged before but still awesome)
Eyebrows: Cheap Makeup 
Tooth Gap: Adore&  Abhor @ Silly Seven, 7L for the set
Hair: Elikatira, not sure if still available

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Another Round!

  Hi guys!  Time for another set of items from Silly Seven.  Remember to check HERE, HERE and HERE for the other rounds of item previews.  More previews to come!  All items at the event are from 0L-777L, with most being between 0L-77L.  Check it out at this SLURL!


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Silly Sheep

  I don't know why but I felt the need for animated bubbles with this sheep hat.  It just screams BUBBLE ME!  Bubbles or not it's pretty adorable.  Only 7L!

  This skin is a fun makeup version of a previous release from La Petite Morte.  I can't handle how pretty her skins are.  Even with my missing-toothed smile you should still be able to see how much work she put into these skins!  Here's a no bubble photo for you too. :P

  Check these awesome goods at at Silly Seven through December 17th!
Sheep Hat: Likka House @ Silly Seven, 7L (both black and white ear versions included)
Skin: La Petite Morte @ Silly Seven, 77L, (includes appliers for Lola's, SLink, and Phat Azz also)
Hair base: Tuty's (wearing more than one together)
Eyes: Inkheart, 49L
Tooth Gap: Adore&Abhor @ Silly Seven, 7L

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  Here is another showing of items available at Silly Seven.  There are still more photos to come after this!  If you see something you like take this SLURL.  Check out the previous items shown HERE and HERE too.  And hold on for more photos coming soon!

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Breaking Necks

  I have had lots of fun trying on things from Silly Seven.  Combining those items with items I have been finding around the grid is tons of fun.  A lot of the stores involved with Silly Seven have gifts in their stores currently or give out gifts sometimes to their customers because they are just generous and awesome.  One of these stores is Show Me on the Doll.  Not only did they make these cool kitty pants for Silly Seven that I wanted to show you but they also have this awesome free shirt in the store.  Sweet!

  This lipstick from Weaponized Sugar (how great of a store name is that!?) matches the orange on the pants.  Well, sort of.  Good enough for me.  :P  The pack comes with lots of colors and is honestly some of the nicest lipstick I have tried in a long time.  It's glossy and gorgeous and comes with a tintable base to make sure it covers the existing lipstick on your skin so that the tattoo lipstick can blend flawlessly.… Read the restbreaking necks

Another Dose Of Photos!

  Here is a second part of me showing you photos of items available at Silly Seven.  There will be another post too!!  Check out the first post with lots of pictures HERE.  Have fun!

Check out Silly Seven HERE!

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GO GET SOME STUFF!  The Silly Seven is finally open.  After many hiccups (builder backing out, missing google doc., thinking we opened the sim at noon but doing it wrong...yeah, it's been hiccuping for a week or two now lol) it's finally here.   Follow the slurl to check out lots of deals and brand spanking new release from some of your fave designers, a well as ones you may have never heard of until now.


Watch this space for info. on an upcoming photo contest, as well as more item pictures!

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Are You Ready?

  Here are some Sneak Peeks for the Silly Seven event that Free*Style is hosting, opening soon!  As I get more photos from vendors I will update this spot by adding them in.  Otherwise we will be doing lots of fun photos with the items very soon!

Event opens at noon on November 27th.  Everything is priced from 0L-777L.  Lots of stuff for every budget, thrifty and big spenders alike.  Ends December 17th.  Current store line up (pending any last minute cancellations or additions) is as follows:

Uncertain Smile
Weaponized Sugar
Valentina E.
Genesis Creations
Alice Project
Zanzibar Creations
Azhara Boutique
Likka House
Icons of Style
Little Llama
La Petite Morte
Show Me on the Doll
Beautiful Freak
Sweet Sacrifice
Free Bird
Buttery Toast
Dear Deer
Glasgow Grin
Nail Me
Naked Mesh
Digital Aura
Jack Spoon
Sweet Angel
Mag Lumae
W.… Read the restWWinx & Flair - Ice Slip


  I meant to do this post several days ago but totally didn't have time.  Forgive me?  It's all cute stuff so I hope so! :D

Shirt/Skirt: Blokc, 1L
Lingerie Underneath: Carrie's Lingerie, hunt gift
Hair: Tukinowaguma, hunt gift, many different colors scattered throughout the sim
Necklace/Rings: The Horror @ Suicide Dollz event
Nails: By Snow, 0L, wearable demo
Lipstick/Eyeliner: Shy Girls ( can no longer find the store)
Skin: Baby Princess
Pose: Everglow, subscriber gift

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Fly Fly Fly

  Feeling a bit softer lately so decided to do a more pastel look today.  Maybe it's all the snow around making me think about light colors.  Who knows?  Either way here is a look!WORN:Skin: Swallow, free (another style included)Dress: Antielle, group giftWings and Crown: Buttery Toast, group gift (50L join fee, other gifts in store)Hair: Chemistry

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Designers Wanted!

  Free*Style will be hosting and event on November 27th and we are now opening applications to the public.  If you think you might be interested then read this info. from Helena and the note in bold from me at the bottom about who can't apply:

Hello Everyone,

It has been 3 years since we have celebrated anything as a Blog, and the last event went very well for all involved.

Some of you might not know your Free*Style History, and that is okay. Free*Style was created by one woman, named Creamy Cooljoke, on October 17th of 2007.

Here is her first post:

Creamy was always doing something crazy, or mixing up fashions you wouldn't normally try to mix.

She was always trying to find new stores, and help promote them to her viewership as a whole.  She discovered many a store, and while the designers might not have credited her for their sudden success, she was always loyal to them, and would continue to help promote them.… Read the restSilly Seven

Food Givers From Circa!

  So Circa always makes awesome food stuff and I always mean to blog it but, well, real life.  Always that darn RL getting in the way of my goodies!  But anyway.

  These delightful trays are available currently for 50% off at the Thrift Shop event.  They are food givers so they don't just look pretty.  When you touch them you get a treat.  Great for holiday parties!
  There are more versions available than what I am showing but time, sweet time, is moving quickly toward the direction of having to log off.  You'll just have to head to the Thrift Shop and check it out yourself.  Click HERE for a ride.

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Creative Title

  I have seen lots of complaints on Plurk about people only writing credits and not saying anything else on their blog posts.  I...don't know what to say.  Sometimes I talk, sometimes I don't.  Today I guess I will just say that stripes are awesome. Yep.  Credits below!

Dress: FlrnDesign, 10L
Tattoo: Knai, 10L
Chair: Chiana Oh, 1L hunt gift
Hair: Ploom @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival, 75L a try for a color pack
Skin: La Petite Morte, past sale item, no longer on sale (not sure if still available)
Boots: LVLE @ The Pier Market, 50% off
Leg Bandage: Psycho Betty, 10L

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No License

On 4th November 2014 · By Sileny · With Leave a comment
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  So I don't have a driver's license in RL for various reasons, one of which is that I really, really suck at it.  I discovered an awesome car in my inventory from Hucci from a long ago event and thought I would try to see if I could drive in SL.  
  It turns out that I cannot.  I really, really cannot drive in SL either.  My husband was so judging me in RL while he watched, amused.  
  Sorry Ravyn, I got stuck at your store.  My bad.
(I know these pictures are crap and do not do the car justice but I just had too much fun driving around not to document it, bad pictures or not!)

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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s…RUN!

  I had way too much fun playing with windlight settings.

Hair: Hanauta, gift in store (other colors available)
Clothing/Wings/Horns/Lipstick: The Creatures, 10L, many appliers included
Necklace: Zyn, free
Skin: Flounce @ Halloween Blackout, 75L gacha
Eyes: Dead Apples
Pose: Pretense
Windlight: It's called "CB Rouge" something on Firestorm

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These Brows Remind Me of Early Madonna

  Don't the brows look sort of like early Madonna?  Is it just me?  Either way this skin group gift from La Malvada Mujer is pretty cool.  It's a very unique style that doesn't work with every shape but if it does work with yours you will be very happy.  The tone is much more yellow-green than the picture shows, and sometimes to me it looked stark white, but it all depends on your lighting really.  Love it!
  This hair is a subscriber gift from Loq'ue.  It's basically a fat pack because it comes with huds that change the color.  I kind of needed a new updo style so I was pretty excited to get this in the "mail."
  My dress is a wearable demo from Zaniya.  It is a texture top and under shorts but with a mesh skirt flap thingy.  Appliers included also.
  My necklace is from Lassitude & Ennui for the Mystical Realms Faire. It's not free but it's only 180L and the gem is color change so it's a pretty good deal.… Read the restduo_004


Fallen for a guy,
Fell down from the sky
Halo round his head
Feathers in our bed
It's sacrilege, sacrilege, sacrilege, you say
It's sacrilege, sacrilege, sacrilege, you say
WORN:Leotard: Popstar Industries, 50L, comes with so many applier and regular optionsWings and Necklace: The Horror @ The Gathering, gacha items, 50L a pop Hair: Little Bones, group gift, many colors includedSkin: Mudskin, part of the sale currently on, appliers for SLink separateMesh Body: SLinkEyes: Shy Girls, fat pack only 30L!Pose: MarukinSong Lyrics: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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1L Tattoo For You

  Hi guys!  I made a little dollarbie tattoo for Shop Free*Style.  It ONLY works for the SLink Physique body!!  So don't get it if you don't have the body. :P
  Also I wanted to note that Mudskin is having a massive sale.  Everything except a few things on one side of the store have been discounted to from 39L-300L.  I got some awesome gacha vampire skins for 39L a pop that I hope to show you in the future but for now the 300L skin I am wearing is a preview of cheaper things to come. :P

Tattoo For Slink Physique ONLY: Adore&Abhor @ Shop Free*Style, 1L
Skin: Mudskin, 300L on sale
Blush, Eye Makeup: Adore&Abhor
Hair: Magika
Hair Bow: Alice Project
Eyes: Umeboshi
*I logged off before getting slurls so I used ones we had before so I hope they are right, oops.

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Limited Copies Dollarbie

  This is kind of weird but I saw this item on Marketplace and it looks adorable and is only 1L and says it is limited to 100 copies sold EVER so I thought I would share it here for our readers before it's gone!

Find it HERE 
I will remove this in a bit because I am sure the copies will be sold out very quickly and I don't want a post up once they are gone.

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