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MENstuff Hunt November 2011

If you’ve got a male avatar in SL, I’ve got good news for you.  The latest MENstuff hunt officially  began yesterday, and I’ve worked about halfway through it.  It’s not always easy, but the hunt group is VERY helpful.  The blog provides clues, and slurls to get past any stores you just can’t find.  The starting point is MADesigns,  here, and believe me, you want this amazing hair, shape and eye package.  It got my store alt off to a very yummy start! I hope you’ll also want my gift for the hunt, sand colored low work boots I’ve been working on for a while.  Mine is pretty easy to find, just make sure you’re looking upstairs in the men’s department.  
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Happy Halloween!

My gift to help you finish off those seasonal outfits, a pair of Mary Janes in a rusty orange color.  You’ll automatically receive them if you’re already a part of my subscribo group, but if you’re not, come to the store and join the group, so you can retrieve them and all my past gifts from the redelivery box hanging off the subscriber. Taxi to the store. I’m reposting this photo I did for my other blog, just because I’m so pleased with how it shows off the shoes.  The “RottenDefiance” Skull hunt in particular has several items that were awesome with them, and I really encourage you to grab all the quality free items today or tomorrow.  It’s an easy hunt, and there are an equal number of prizes for both men and women.  Check the blog post for info about items from that hunt, and the numerous other freebies shown here.
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Gatcha Time Again

For the Summer Gatcha Festival at Albero (part 2), now through August 31, my stacked beaded “spiritual necklace”.  These pieces are worn high on your neck to provide a pop of color over sweaters or under a collar.  Two attachment points let you wear them with a variety of other clothing items.   10L per try, transfer only, two attachment points, in Falls hottest colors.  Have fun! Taxi to the Gatcha Festival.
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Details Skin – Tuli  Sara / fair ::06
Hair – [e] Charmed – Blonde 07
Glasses – MIEL Bella Peepers
Necklace – ::Duh!:: Stacked Spiritual – Yellow (gatcha coming soon)
Trench – Maitreya Short Trench – Light Grey
Shirt – Tiny Bird – Breathe Sweater (no longer available)
Bag – *FIR & MNA* The Curragh Satchel Red Canvas
Pants – {mon tissu} Horizon Twill Trousers – Red
Shoes – ::Duh!:: Lemon Yellow Straw Espadrille Flat – 25L
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New Main Store: Hide and Seek

I’m pleased to announce the moving of my main store to the lovely Hide and Seek sim. To celebrate this move, I’m offering a special rose pink color of my new release, straw espadrille flats, for free.  Stop by the store and grab a pair in Rose Pink, and check out my new digs! My Espadrille Flats are available in 10 colors, for $25L each, or in fatpacks of 5 colors for 50L each.  You can find them in the store, or on marketplace. Taxi to the store Link to Marketplace
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Be vewy quiet, I’m hunting….

…. rabbits?   No, not exactly.   But I’m hunting plenty of other great items in the four grid-wide hunts Duh! is currently participating in.   It’s the Final day for Zombie Popcorn 4, so get busy on that fantastic hunt if you haven’t completed it.  Blog is here, with the info you need to get going. The current edition of the MENstuff hunt is well underway and “stuffed” full of great prizes for men (see what I did there?).  Fortunately, my prize is better than my joke.  And in case you wondering, the shoes size down to fit smaller (read: female) shapes too.  The blog with hints and slurls is here, and the inworld group is invaluable both for helping you finish the hunt, and for granting you access to the MENstuff lounge, a designer showcase full of more gifts for men.  Paste this link into chat and click it to join:  secondlife:///app/group/a8703562-6a52-20df-81a9-9aeed5dc091c/about Two new grid-wide hunts begin today and I’m please to be participating in both.  … Read the rest

MENstuff Hunt June 2011

It’s my honor to once again participate in the MENstuff Hunt, which starts, as always, at Kmadd Enterprises.  The blog is here and there’s a hint and slurl page for the hunt.  There are lots of great stores and lots of great gifts (many of which are previewed on the blog).  Thanks to the organizers Ivy and Rob for creating another great hunt!        
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Zombie Popcorn 4

Zombie Popcorn is always a great hunt with tons of my favorite vendors.  My gift for the 4th round of this hunt is my Unisex Racy Boots, in red. Start the hunt here, and join the hunter’s group for help and information (paste this into chat  secondlife:///app/group/16f2efb4-1d15-e3d2-d4ce-e50a6e52c2be/about  and click the link to bring up the group joiner) Happy Hunting!    
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May Flowers

The “April Showers bring May flowers” hunt starts soon (tomorrow?) on the Oh My Stars sims, and my gift, these vinyl rainboots, are already out.  Hint, I probably should have covered that patio! The boots are scripted for resize with a low-lag script and work on any viewer. Check out the twin sims of the  Oh My Stars shopping district and look for other gifts, hidden in a sculpted raindrop, and priced from 0 to 10L (mine is free)
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Alabama Tornado Disaster Relief Fundraiser

Visit the Alabama Tornado relief event here, starting at 2:00 PM today.  My donation is a skinny, sculpted, texture change belt for 40L, all proceeds to the Mid- Alabama Red Cross.
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Gatcha clicking finger ready?

Ok, bad puns aside, it’s time again for the Albero Gatcha Festival! Duh! is participating with my Straw Button Ballet Flats, 10L per try, 9 colors total. Like all Gatchas, they are transfer only, so you can trade duplicates with friends (which is half the fun). Take a taxi to the festival here, and happy clicking!
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Gift in Store

Happy Easter, if you celebrate it! They will be there for a few days in case you are too busy to log in today.
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Oh My Stars -O-Rama, April

Tomorrow starts the next installment of  Oh My Stars-O-Rama, the theme event for vendors at the Oh My Stars shopping destination.  My pieces for this month are a version of my plaid bag  and some unisex suede shoes.   I’ve wanted to try a pair of soft suede oxfords since a mllion years ago when I picked up a pair from Picnic, but I finally got them to come out right!   They are flattened, so they work best with Viewer 2 (letting the alpha layer take care of our “too fat feet”).   I’ve added invisible prims to make they wearable with older viewers too though. In keeping with my past Oh My Stars – O – Rama pricing, both pieces are $20L.   I hope you will enjoy them, and the other items being offered for this event at the Oh My Stars sims. Taxi to Duh!
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Remember when you were new?

Although the default avatar clothing, skin and hair have come a long way from when I was a new player, a big part of the fun of SL (for me anyway) was changing up my look.  And a big part of doing that was the Free Dove.  I’m pleased to say that the Free Dove is still alive and well all these years later, and that because of a recent project by the ultra-generous Palomma Casanov  to update the offerings there, Duh! is able to be a part of it. Next time you run into a new player looking a little lost, make sure to point them in the right direction. Taxi to Free Dove.
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The Seasons Hunt: Spring

Once again I’m privileged to participate in “The Seasons Hunt” along side some of the best of Second Life. Click a hunt poster in any participating store for a list with landmarks to all the locations.  They aren’t in order, you can start anywhere you please.   You can grab a note card from the sign here.   Join the hunt group for help help, notices and information about missing prizes or problems.
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Little Sumthin’

I made some finger tapes for this outfit this afternoon and put them out in the store for you,  if you like such things.  Stay tuned for massive huge post regarding new releases soon. Taxi To Store

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Group Gift Time

It’s been a while, I know.  They are delivering now, so if you are already in my subscribo, watch for them.  Or you can hit up the redelivery box hanging from the subscribo if you missed yours.  Otherwise you can come down to the store and subscribe (in a bit) or check the in world group notices. Taxi to the store.
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Updated Products

As building and scripting trends and requirements change in SL, I will from time to time update my products.  Mostly recently, I’ve begun moving through all the older store stock to add new lower-lag scripted resize where practical.    Before script limitations, resize scripts depended on “listener” scripts embedded in every prim in a shoe, bag or belt.  In some situations, this created a large drag on system resources, but was the only scripted resize technology available at the time.  Now that newer technology, using only a single script is available, I’m retro-fitting my products. It’s a slow process and I’m not done yet, but if you are an owner of a product purchased before this retrofitting, and would be interesting in a replacement/updated product as it comes available, contact me to discuss verifying your previous purchase.

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The Diamond Is Mine Hunt (2)

I’m excited and honored to have been invited to participate in the second “Diamond is Mine” Hunt, going on right now, until April 11th. The hunt is circular and can be started anywhere, but the official starting place is here. The blog with SLURLs, photos of most of the hunt prizes and hints, is here.    My prize for the hunt is a pair of my new Floral Booties in Mint.  You can find them in a sculpted diamond located somewhere on the ground floor (see the hunt blog for a better hint). Happy Hunting!
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Fashion For Life

I’m going to spare you the verbiage because if you’ve been paying attention at all to Second Life or the feeds this week, you know Fashion For Life is up and running.  Below are my offerings for this project, with 100% of the proceeds from all going to the American Cancer Society. Regular items.  All proceeds go to benefit the American Cancer Society. Hunt item.  Hidden somewhere in the store, in a small box marked with the Fashion For Life graphic, are my Linen Floral Flats in Lavender, for 10L , all proceeds going to benefit the American Cancer Society. Please visit the 9 Fashion For Life sims, and show ACS/FFL some Linden Love.  Check out the blog here for more info about the event.  My own booth is set up on the Shulman sim, and should you be unable to access the vendors there, you can find them in my main store.  Do make your way out to the fair sometime in the next week though, because the offerings are universally spectacular.  I’m in absolute awe of my fellow creators, and the generosity and talent they have brought to bear on this effort.… Read the rest