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New Spring Garden Collection from -Hanaya-

On 4th March 2015 · By Moriko Inshan · With Leave a comment
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This morning, I woke up to the sound of birds chirping in our garden. Not just any birds, but blackbirds making sounds of spring. So this seems a perfect day to tell you guys about a new product, the -Hanaya- Spring Garden Collection. -Hanaya- Spring Garden Dining Set The collection, brand new for 2015, is 100% mesh and has a low land impact. The Spring Garden Dining Set consists of a glass table, chairs, matching place settings and a vase with carnations. The set is also available as separate components. -Hanaya- Spring Garden Chairs The Spring Garden Chairs have 2 types of upholstery, weigh in at a land impact of 2 PE and have 8 menu-driven animations (chat, eat, drink and full tummy for girls and guys). Some of the animations offer attachable mesh props when given permission. -Hanaya- Spring Garden Glass Table We thought that a glass topped table would fit well with the lightness of spring.
The -Hanaya- Spring Garden Glass Table is 2 li, and is sized for 4 avatars to sit at it.… Read the rest-Hanaya- Spring Garden Dining Set



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-Hanaya- Budding Forsythia Branches

On 24th February 2015 · By Moriko Inshan · With Leave a comment
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One of my favourite real life February activities is to prune our forsythia shrubs and bring the branches indoors to bring them to flower. It is a sure sign that spring can’t be far behind. The -Hanaya- Budding Forsythia Branches are set in a simple vase with a spring-feeling motif. The arrangement is provided at a height of 1.8 meters, with a land impact of only 1 PE. It is mod, copy so you can make it bigger if you wish, but land impact will increase with size. -Hanaya- Budding Forsythia Branches [mesh]The arrangmement is available on the Second Life Marketplace, as well as at -Hanaya- in-world store, where it is currently on display. If purchased in-world, it is eligible for our VIP group members discount.

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NEW -Hanaya- Cottage Hummingbird Feeder

On 21st February 2015 · By Moriko Inshan · With Leave a comment
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As we wait for the winter to release it’s grip on us, I can’t help it but to remember summer days at my parents cottage in south-eastern Quebec. I have great memories of weekends there –  swimming, canoeing and mushrooming in the forest. But the best memory is of lazying around on a lawn chair, watching the activity at the hummingbird feeder. My mom made new syrup to fill the feeder every morning and by evening, it was always empty. Many times, there were more than 10 hummingbirds fighting to get their turn.
So I made one for Second Life .. to bring summer sooner. -Hanaya- Cottage Humming Bird Feeder [mesh]The feeder itself is meticulously constructed and textured, and includes 4 flower feeding
stations. It is suspended from a wrought iron bracket with an aged copper chain, and includes a post to stand it in your garden. The whole set is provided as a linked mesh object which has a Land Impact of 10 PE. If you like, you can separate the post and use the feeder on it’s own to suspend from a tree branch.… Read the rest-Hanaya- Cottage Humming Bird Feeder [mesh]

NEW Sweet Heart GATCHA from -Hanaya-

On 11th February 2015 · By Moriko Inshan · With Leave a comment
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Today’s new release at -Hanaya- in-world store is a yummy gatcha – fresh from Blender our oven. Our test group loved the wearable cookie tray (rare), which gives a random heart-shaped cookie to anyone that clicks it. -Hanaya- Sweet Heart GATCHA There are 16 yummy cookies with sweet sayings – just right for trading and giving on Valentine’s Day. At only 15 Lindens per play, grab lots and lotsers and if you are lucky, get the RARE! The -Hanaya- Sweet Heart GATCHA is located at our in-world store, so stop by and play <3  

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-Hanaya- You + Me = Love NEW RELEASE

Are you planning on spending some alone time with your sweetie pie?
If so, the new release from -Hanaya- You + Me = Love set might be a cute addition for Valentine’s day. -Hanaya- You + Me = Love [mesh scene with animations] The complete set is 100% mesh and has a Land Impact of 14 PE. It consists of a texture change Ottoman with animations, a base with a rose petal texture, mesh piles of rose petals, a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket with flutes and 3 heart shaped candles with flame. There are 10 couple animations, and 2 single ones. Some of the animations ask for permission to attach (a rose and champagne flutes). All props are mesh. You can also click the champagne bucket and the pile of rose petals to get the props even when you are not using the animations. The ottoman has a texture change menu that lets you change the top (upper) and bottom (lower) cushions separately. Just touch the TOP cushion to pop up the menu. Here you can also change who has permission to change the textures.… Read the rest-Hanaya- You + Me = Love

Long stemmed roses for Valentine’s Day

On 6th February 2015 · By Moriko Inshan · With Leave a comment
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A gift of flowers that will melt your sweetheart’s heart – 12 exquisite mesh roses and babies breath in 3 styles of bouquet. The product is modify/transfer (including the packaging), so you can add your own note inside, and pass it to your sweetheart in-world. So much more personal than just gifting from the Marketplace …  -Hanaya- Dozen Pink Blush Long Stemmed Roses [mesh] Includes 3 different versions: DISPLAY VERSION
Gift wrapped in a special edition florist’s box, which displays the bouquet in cellophane wrap as shown. WEARABLE VERSION
The wearable bouquet comes complete with cellophane wrap, bow and includes pose as shown in product image. TABLETOP VERSION
Meticulously arranged in a porcelain vase with surface water animation. -Hanaya- Dozen Red Long Stemmed Roses [mesh] Now on display at -Hanaya- in-world store and also available for purchase on the Second Life Marketplace. A 50% discount to our VIP group members until Sunday, February 8th.… Read the rest-Hanaya- Dozen Pink Blush Long Stemmed Roses [mesh]

-Hanaya- Be My Valentine Rose Giver

Just a quick post with a little Valentine’s Day decor, cause you can never have enough pretties.
Gives a yummy long stemmed rose on touch to anyone. How sweet is that? On display at -Hanaya- in-world store and also available on the Second Life Marketplace.

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New for spring -Hanaya- Long Island Gazebo + GIFT

Just when you thought that spring would never come, the sun peeks through the snow clouds and you hear sparrows chirping in the shrubbery. And your thoughts turn to spring … -Hanaya- Long Island Gazebo – White A lovely addition to any outdoor space, our 8-sided gazebo is meticulously built and textured. The white version is made from aged wood with spots of peeling paint. Moss-covered wood shingles make a wonderful contrast. To help create a lovely mood in your garden oasis, the gazebo includes 2 beautifully crafted mesh lanterns – one at the entrance, and the other suspended from the ceiling. And to add to the victorian feel, we have embellished the gazebo with 3-dimensional ivy plants. No flat textures here The entire gazebo (including lanterns and ivy) is only 16 LI with a foot print of 5 x 5 meters. Now available for purchase at -Hanaya- inworld or on the Second Life Marketplace. -Hanaya- Long Island Gazebo – Tutti Frutti Pink GROUP GIFT A pink and red edition of the gazebo embellished with 3D mesh heart chains is the current group gift for our store VIP group.… Read the rest-Hanaya- Long Island Gazebo - White

-Hanaya- Iconic Glass House

On 27th November 2014 · By Moriko Inshan · With Leave a comment
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-Hanaya- brings you an original mesh reconstruction of an iconic house –  single residential build with a land impact of only 16 PE, and provided size of 22 x 37 meters. The build is a scale reproduction of a famous house built in the late 1940s. It is based on architectural plans that are publicly available from the United States Library of Congress. To learn about the house, please visit for a starting point. The textures include materials, with the exception of glass surfaces. This will provides a 3 dimensional feel to the building elements when you have the Advanced Lighting Model and shadows enabled in your viewer. The house contains a texture change menu for the window and door glass as illustrated in the following images. The inside and outside windows can be set separately, so if you wish, you can have complete privacy from outside (closed) and still be able to see outside when you are in the house.… Read the rest-Hanaya- Iconic Glass House

-Hanaya- Muskoka Couples Cuddle Bed

On 30th September 2014 · By Moriko Inshan · With Leave a comment
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Today, we have a brand new release for you – the Muskoka Couples Cuddle Bed with texture change menu and bedding that changes from a messy bed to a nice tidy one. The bed has a land impact of 14 PE and has 28 animations – 14 synced couple animations and 14 single ones, which are all accessed via a menu (no poseballs). The bed also rezzes mesh props. To pop up the Texture Change menu, touch the head board. The Texture Change menu has access control to allow you, group, or a list of specific avatars to be able to use it. As well, the menu allows you to use the bed either in the Daytime mode (the duvet is made up and tidy). In Nightime mode, the duvet disappears and a messy blanket is shown instead. There are two versions of the bed provided. One lets you select each piece of the wood and bedding separately to change the material. The other has 5 themes as in the image above. Matching night tables with texture change menu to match the bed are also available. A display demo model is at -Hanaya- in-world store, and will be on the Second Life Marketplace shortly.… Read the rest-Hanaya- Muskoka Couples Cuddle Bed

-Hanaya- Apple Bobbing Contest

On 26th September 2014 · By Moriko Inshan · With Leave a comment
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With autumn in the air, thoughts turn to fall activities such as raking and collecting leaves, carving gourds and pumpkins and decorating our homes and gardens. I love garden decor – but I really really get excited when the decor is not just a static thing, when it is fun and has a purpose too. That is why the -Hanaya- team got together to bring you the Apple Bobbing Contest. No, you don’t win anything, other than bragging rights. Watch our 2.5 minute video to see it in action in HD on YouTube. How it works: The custom script in the piece allows for 2 avatar to sit on the apple barrel, and compete to see who will get the most apples first. The first avatar sits, and waits for a second person to join. Once both are sitting, they will start to bob for apples. The time it takes to grab an apple is random. And who gets more apples is random as well – there is no skill, nor is there any prize, other than your right to do a victory dance. The first avatar to get three apples wins the contest.… Read the rest-Hanaya- Apple Bobbing Contest FOR SALE

Lessons Learned @ Home and Garden Expo

As some of you know I was planning to be in this year’s Second Life Home and Garden Expo. And I was really looking forward to it too. Not just because I like making the kind of things that will be on sale there, but also because it benefits a cause that I am passionate about, since I am a cancer survivor. To make it short; I won’t be there. Here’s why: I had bought some full perm mesh farm animals from a store called Just Animals on the Second Life Marketplace and I had used them in a product which was to be part of the Gatcha @ Expo program to benefit Relay for Life. It turns out that it is possible that the original source of these full perm meshes may be a service called Turbosquid, where full perm meshes are sold for dollars. The first I heard of Turbosquid, is when a coalesced object of more than 1300 prims was returned to my Lost and Found folder, immediately followed by being ejected and banned from the Expo sims without notice. I was really upset – who wouldn’t be.… Read the rest-Hanaya- Home and Garden Expo

-Hanaya- My Little Farm GATCHA

On 2nd August 2014 · By Moriko Inshan · With Leave a comment
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My Little Farm Gatcha – the sounds and sights of the 80′s. Inspired by childhood memories and a rememberance of many happy hours playing farm. -Hanaya- brings you the My Little Farm collection. A full set of farm animals posed on their very own little bit of ground – some as singles, and some as little families. The best part is, click them to generate a cute animal sound. And of course, there are 3 rares – a barn with rooster, a silo with bags of supplies, and a set of 5 fence sections. Each piece is transferrable, and all are modifiable in case you want to unlink the ground piece from an animal or re-arrange the fences. No problem to size them up to full size – but watch the LI, it may increase a bit. Each figurine and rare is boxed in a cute packaging and includes a basic display table. The My Little Farm Gatcha Collection is available at -Hanaya- in-world store, where the entire set is on display. Also available at the Greek Isle Gacha Event.… Read the rest-Hanaya- My Little Farm Gatcha

Summery Gift from -Hanaya-

It’s my birthday tomorrow, so to celebrate the -Hanaya VIP group is free to join this weekend, and there is a cute gift available to all. Are there benefits to use up a group slot you ask? There is normally a really cute gift at the beginning of each month, as well as a discount on purchases at -Hanaya- in-world store. This month’s gift are arm floaties and innertubes for all your summer fun. -Hanaya- Arm Floaties [mesh] The Arm Floaties are a wearable mesh accessory that include an upright floating animation, which are also scripted to support you in Linden water to keep your head and shoulders out of the water – like they do in real life. And they include a removable re-sizer to ensure a good fit. -Hanaya- Innertubes for Singles + Couples [mesh] There are innertubes for single avatars, as well as for a couple. And they are provided in 3 scripted versions. One is for prim water, and two are for LINDEN water. Drop them out of your inventory onto Linden water and they will bob up or sink down and find their own perfect height in the water.… Read the restInntertubes and Floaties 2048

NEW RELEASE -Hanaya- Potted Aloe Set

On 11th July 2014 · By Moriko Inshan · With Leave a comment
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Just a quick post to announce a new release – our mesh Potted Aloe. The set includes 5 different plants in hand-thrown original teracotta pots. Land impact of 6 PE, with the exception of the triple aloe (on left), which is 12. -Hanaya- Potted Aloe Set [mesh] Our release pricing at -Hanaya- inworld store is 50% off – available on July 11, 12 and 13, 2014.
Too lazy to teleport? You can buy it on the Second Life Marketplace

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-Hanaya- Rhapsody concert souvenirs

Did you guys pick up your Rhapsody souvenirs yet? Created by Anya Ohmai, these concert collectibles are available for free for all Rhapsody visitors – look for them at the main
landing point. TELEPORT TO RHAPSODY Have an awesome day! Moriko  

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-Hanaya- at Rhapsody

On 4th July 2014 · By Moriko Inshan · With Leave a comment
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-Hanaya- is one of the sponsors of Rhapsody, and we have 3 brand new and exclusive products created especially for the event. All are hand-crafted mesh with materials, and have the option of being purchased as gift at the event. -Hanaya- Not Just Another Brick in the Wall Not Just Another Brick in the Wall is an original mesh structure meant to be
free-standing in your garden, or put up against a wall. It consists of a base, and various pods for vegetation, birds and water. When all pieces are linked to the base, it is 20 LI. All pieces are also provided as stand alone components, and weigh 1 – 3 LI. The piece has randomly generated bird song, as well click to turn on/off. The waterfall section had flowing water and gentle trickling sound. -Hanaya- vintage chunk of Haight-Ashbury street curb [mesh]
Our simple little chunk of street curb contains 6 perfectly fitted animations – 3 for girls,
3 for guys as well as 3 synchronized couple sets. -Hanaya- On Yasgur’s Farm Pergola [mesh]
Inspired by the location of Yasgur’s Farm, where the Woodstock festival was held in August of 1969.… Read the rest-Hanaya- Not Just Another Brick in the Wall [mesh] Image

July Group Gift from -Hanaya-

On 3rd July 2014 · By Moriko Inshan · With Leave a comment
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What do bluer than blue Forget-me-nots, pink gerbera and a white Asiatic lily have
in common? They are part of a Summery Flowers wearable bouquet with pose that is the July group gift from -Hanaya-. Also included is a rezzable display version in a sweet little vase. -Hanaya- Summer Flowers Bouquet [mesh] The gift was sent out on the -Hanaya- VIP group today, and will remain available in the
Customer Service area of our in-world store during the month of July. Have a lovely summery day!  

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Rhapsody visitor gift from -Hanaya-

On 28th June 2014 · By Moriko Inshan · With Leave a comment
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I am so excited! Just finished the set up of the -Hanaya- store at Rhapsody and managed to steal some time to walk around the whole build. You guys are going to be so amazed! The build by
RubyStarlight Writer and Annette Voight is awesome. From the laser light show in Electronic, the zippered store fronts in Punk, and the NYC street scene in Jazz – you will be amazed. I hope you stop by the -Hanaya- booth (one of the stores at the landing point), and grab our visitor gift. It is a classic mesh guitar with both standing and sitting ‘play guitar’ animations. Versions sized for both guys and girls are included. And it plays a cute instrumental. -Hanaya- Summer of 69 Classic Guitar [mesh] Rhapsody starts today at noon SLT and is on for the next 2 weeks.

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-Hanaya- @ Midsummer Night’s Dream 5

On 26th June 2014 · By Moriko Inshan · With Leave a comment
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Just a quick post on a current hunt going on right now – the Midsummer Night’s Dream 5. The -Hanaya- hunt gift is a wearable mesh lantern to help you find your way in the forest. -Hanaya- Midsummer Night’s Forest Lantern So stop by -Hanaya- in-world and come and get your copy if you can find it.
The hunt runs from June 21 to July 21, 2014, and our hint is: “What nectar of the gods is this asks the butterfly? Could it be a lilac?”  

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