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Memorial Gardens

Today is officially the final day of Fantasy Faire however the Faire will be accessible until the sims fade away. This year’s Faire was an explosion of activity and with over 11 million linden donated to Relay For Life it was a huge success! If you have not had time to visit the event, or … Continue reading Memorial Gardens →

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August 2018
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Raising the Sun Over Fallen Sands

As the sun bakes down on the orange grains of Fallen Sands the elephants celebrate in the golden rays. Sunday in the eternal city is bustling with activity. The sim is dotted with a number of great Fantasy stores that are situated in a world where alien plants spring from the sands and water is … Continue reading Raising the Sun Over Fallen Sands →

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Fantasy Faire 2016

Duchess here, coming to you live from Fantasy Faire where we just hit the 30,000 USD mark!!! A record! I am so proud of everyone who participated in making this year such a success! There is still some time to get to the Faire and show some linden love, but sadly the Faire is officially … Continue reading Fantasy Faire 2016 →

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The Waterhorse of Vallacia

The hippocampus is my all-time favorite mythological creature, so much so that our collective sims are named after them. I about passed out when I saw meadowWork’s Waterhorses for Fantasy Faire! They are stunningly magical and perfect in just about every way imaginable. Garvie is my official FF 2015 hero! meadowWorks is on the water … Continue reading The Waterhorse of Vallacia →

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Welcome to the Odyssey

Alia Baroque’s (of Fallen Gods) Odyssey build at Fantasy Faire 2015 is absolutely stunning. The region is packed with amazing designers and more beautiful nooks and crannies than one could ask for! Ancient temples dot the sim and float above crystal clear waters with emerald waves. His temple is for sale too! Ah, it is … Continue reading Welcome to the Odyssey →

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Why I Relay

Last year I was asked to share my story of “Why I Relay” for Fantasy Faire. The result was a story that gifted a very private part of me to the world. The reward was the number of people who were not only touched by my story, but had stories of their own to share. … Continue reading Why I Relay →

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