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Meanwhile back to blonde

I love hair, I wear a lot of hair colours, when I started SL I wore black exclusively for about 2 years, but as time went on I switched to white, then blonde, then red, and a few others inbetween.  I have been red for a bit lately, but now I’m going back to blonde. […]

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KoiKoi 21 Shoe August

Exclusively for 21 Shoe on the 21 August. 2 Pairs for the price of 1

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Meanwhile out for a walk

In the sunshine, I walk a lot in RL, I walk pretty much everywhere I don’t think you can really know a place by driving it, you only know the quirks, the shortcuts and the feel by walking it. So new stuff now from Ison, the Divine Bustier and Bolero @ Collabor88, they are 2 […]

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Meanwhile I shall go to the ball

It’s friday! and if I had a proper 9-5 Mon-Fri job I would be so happy and planning my friday night out. Except I have odd hours and days and I didn’t realise it was friday until about 20 minutes ago. New stuff now from Baiastice, the petal dress which has a built in knickers […]

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Culprit Spirals out of Control

New out in mainstore today Culprit spirals out of control! Test it at the mainstore, loads of single/couple animations and touch to change textures (details under the cut)   PG Version 700L For two avatars. Single: 9 unique per side … Continue reading

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Meanwhile I do like to lounge around in my knickers

I dont own pajamas. A few things I wanted to show today, firstly the chair by Culprit.  Upcycled sofas with unique animations for 1 or 2 avatars, in loads of wood shades and upholstery options. Also undies by Blacklace, I don’t normally do a lot of corsets because of my boob situation but this mesh […]

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Culprit Upcycled sofas and chests

New from Culprit, Upcycled repurposed Chairs and Chests, available now inworld and in marketplace.  9 chair colours and 3 trunk colours to choose from. $350L per chair, $100L per chest Chairs are 2li, chests 1li   More under the cut

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Meanwhile it’s another day

Still more from Collabor88, this time a beautiful dress from Ison, see under the cut for a close look at the bodice, the detail is incredible. New Shoes for the slink Mid feet from Ingenue at My Slink Obsession.  I love a cork heel i do. I do like Bliensen + Maitai jewellery, I think […]

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Meanwhile on Mount Olympus

Togas and arm chains are very much in style, just like the last 5000 years! Loads of new stuff from Collabor88 and I am really enjoying the theme of this round. Also not quite in theme, but they look great and do work is the jewellery from Bliensen + Maitai @  Tales of Fantasy event, […]

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Meanwhile you are ‘avin a bubble mate

I’ve been getting more ranty lately on my blog, I think I’m getting too old for nonsense and no more patience for bullshit.  Todays rant is one of my old favourites.  PUT SOME DAMN CUTS IN YOUR BLOG. I love going through the feeds, finding interesting blogs and stuff I want to try out, but […]

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Meanwhile If you like Pina Coladas

A bit of a variety pack now, a lot of men’s stuff, and these little houses from Culprit. The houses are 21li, $350L each and all the windows/doors open and each one has different interiors and roof as well as exterior.  Nobody does weathered  and worn houses like Culprit, I do recommend checking them out […]

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Meanwhile on an epic odyssey

To try and find a new skin that isn’t in a damn gacha. I have been successful! more under the cut, first I want to talk about new stuff at Collabor88 which has a Odyssey greek theme this month.  One of the offerings to Hades/Zeus is these sandals from Hucci, which as always come in […]

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Culprit Summery Houses

Now out at Culprit Mainstore! only $350L each.  5 versions, solid colours or striped or left out in the sea air for years versions.  Only 21li  

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Meanwhile beyond the pale

I’ve been away for a week! did you miss me? oh, no? oh well, nevermind then. Collabor88 has opened for another round and this time the theme is Odyssey, which is kind of greek myth and that kind of thing and Baiastice and guest designer Exile have pulled out the stops with these offerings The […]

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Meanwhile from the sea

I am off on holiday tomorrow, to the seaside which is my favourite place in the world. So I just wanted to show you a couple of bits before I bugger off for a week. A new dress at FaMESHed from Baiastice and new hair at Uber by Exile. The hair is great, loads of […]

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from the sea

Meanwhile it’s not Monday anymore

I am sure about this, at least this time. So, more from FATEplay today, with the Moira outfit, which is a jumpsuit that has been sexified and is very clever as it has 3 parts (see below the cut) so you can have belly out, or belly hidden, it’s really up to you, each one comes […]

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Meanwhile it’s all about light

I am all about windlights, and windlight settings and trying to create interesting shadows in my pics.  I do edit my non-blog pics but any blog posts are only cropped, no ‘fixing’ or smoothing what you see is what you will hopefully go and buy. Everyone has their own style of blogging, or picture taking. […]

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Meanwhile it’s Monday, yes, it’s Monday

When you are self employed it’s hard to keep track of what day of the week it is, you get calls all hours of the day and any day of the week, it’e even harder to keep track when the kids are out of school.  Today is MONDAY, yes it’s MONDAY.  Even though it feels […]

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monday monday

Meanwhile August comes early

I promised back in February I wouldn’t change houses for 6 months.  It’s close enough I reckon. New from Culprit out now, the Village houses which come in Cotswold (shown) and Provence) both have quirky features like distressed walls and roof, and even come with poses, all the info under the cut. LI 116 Footprint […]

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culprit cottage

Meanwhile just because it’s the end of the world it doesn’t mean you can’t make the effort

More of FATEplays new releases now, this jumpsuit which comes in different colours, clean/dirty versions and all with a handy arm pod so you can make sure you are going in the right direction. Also new out  makeups from Mons   I’ll show them properly in my next post, but look! all glittery!   Hair […]

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