Give In To Vanity!

It’s ok to give in to Vanity! You will find just what you need to look and feel your best from a mind blowing amount of fabulous designers! Get there soon because you only have until August 25th to grab these great items!

ღღ Chelle ღღ

Teleport to Vanity

MIA: Avanti, Belleza, ChicChica, Cloe, Colivati Beauty, Ellure, Euphoric, Syncd Motion, Varonis


ALMA - lipstick, 144L each AMITIE - pose/fatpack, 50L each/99L/149L ARMONIA - see description for details ARTE - eyes, 199L ASCENDANT - nails/fatpack, 175L each/1050L ATELIER PEPE - skin, 998L each AUREALIS - eyes/fatpack, 80L each/400L AVALE - dress/fatpack, 190L each/450L AZOURY - Earrings & Hat, 159L BELLE POSES - pose/fatpack, 65L each/250L BEYOND - dress/fatpack, 189L each/849L BJORN - top/pants/fatpack, 220L each/320L each/999L - 1200L each BLACK BANTAM - dog, 75L per play BLACK JACK - bike, 50L per play CAROL G - tattoo, 280L each CELESTINAS - dress/fatpack, 250L each/550L DAPPA TATTOO - tattoo, 200L DS ELLES - shape/skin/lipstick, 200L/650L each/160L ECLIPSE DESIGN - outfit, 325L each ELEGANCE - top/shorts/fatpack, 150L each/1200L ENTICE - bikini/fatpack, 250L each/599L EQUAL - shoes/fatpack, 279L each/1599L ERSCH - jewelry, 300L EXILE - hair/fatpack, 300L - 350L each/1250L FASHION ADDICTION - shoes, 149L FOXCITY - backdrop/pose/fatpack, 470L/55L each/270L GARBAGGIO - shoes/pack/fatpack, 99L each/299L each/499L GIZ SEORN - bikini/swimsuit/wrap/fatpack, 249L each/1299L GLITZZ - dress, 289L each GUTCHI - jacket, 389L HERA - pose/fatpack, 49L each/249L HOUSE OF SHADE - backdrop, 285L IDENTITY - eyeshadow/lipstick/fatpack, 99L each/110L each/350L - 400L each IMITATION - pose/fatpack, 75L each/250L JUMO - outfit, 299L JUNK FOOD - lights, 150L JUSTICE - jeans/fatpack, 249L each/1299L K & S - pose, 180L each KENN - pants/fatpack, 250L each/1499L KENNY ROLANDS - outfit, 300L each LANA - bra/panties/dress/fatpack, 199L each/999L each LETITUIER - hair/fatpack, 250L each/1000L LILOS FIT - shape, 459L each LOTUS - eyes, 60L per play LUXREBEL - lipstick, 320L each MEVA - top/shorts, 340L each MILA - skin, 250L - 888L each MODA - shoes, 499L MOGUL - pose/fatpack, 70L each/260L MOWIE - bag, 249L NANIKA - necklace/fatpack, 199L each/600L NARCISSE - top/fatpack, 199L each/899L NCORE - shoes, 400L - 475L each NOT FOUND - skin, 475L - 875L each NOVEMBER - jewelry, 199L each OKUMA - backdrop, 350L PLAYDEVIL - top/shorts/fatpack, 210L each/249L each/799L - 899L each POSIE - earrings/fatpack, 149L each/399L PRADA BEAUTY - lipstick, 350L each PROMAGIC - shoes/fatpack, 250L each/1999L PSEUDO - top/bottoms/fatpack, 235L each/230L each/1300L each PUMEC - skin/fatpack, 749L each/2749L RICIELLI - top/pants/fatpack, 175L each/195L each/450L ROSSI - earrings, 200L each SAFIRA - outfit/fatpack, 249L each/1299L SAUVAGE - swimsuit/fatpack, 250L each/1499L SCANDALIZE - outfit/shoes/fatpack, 288L each/699L/1888L SEMOTION - accessory/pose/fatpack, 250L each/50L each/420L SENSES - pose, 100L each SERENITY STYLE - phone, 60L per play SEUL - top, 245L each SHANGHAI - tiara/fatpack, 150L each/500L SPIRIT - skin, 79L per play STUN POSES - pose/fatpack, 35L each/200L each SUPERNATURAL - jewelry/fatpack, 220L each/360L THE BEARDED GUY - backdrop, 50L per play THE FACE - head applier, 1399L each TUSSAY - dress/fatpack, 200L each/490L VIET - purse/fatpack, 200L each/999L VIVE NINE - top/pants, 249L each YASUM DESIGN - top/pants/fatpack, 110L each/220L each/799L - 1399L each YKON - shape, 650L each ZK - bodysuit/pants/fatpack, 248L each/1494L - 2498L each ZOOM - glasses, 299L

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