Experience the “Hawaii” of Japan at the Okinawa Summer Festival!

Let that Japanese wind flow through your hair as you set foot on this beautiful sim to shop as the sun rises on this beautiful August morning. The waves crashing into the sand as your eyes peer into the shops, the music flowing through your ears, and it all hits you.. Okinawa Summer Festival has begun! These marvelous designers are going to blow your minds with their creativity this year.  You have all of August to drag your friends down here to see the set up, join the photo contest, and shop until you drop so, make it happen even in the spirit with a kimono or yukata.


Teleport to Okinawa Summer Fesitval 2018

MIA: Andika, Choize,  Geist, Ghoul, Last Ride, M Birdie, M Motion, Olive, Taikou,


ADE YAKKO - yukata/fatpack, 280L/800L ADE YAKKO - yukata/fatpack, 280L/800L AKORAT - ice cream gacha, 30L per play ALTAIR - bikini/fatpack, 259L each/1119L AMBROSIA - dress, 240L each AMBROSIA - dress, 240L each AYAME AME - shoe gacha, 50L per play AYASHI - hair/fatpack, 290-400L/1500L BALACLAVA - rocker, 120L each BOATAOM - skin/fatpack, 500L each/2000L BOONKURA - pavillion, 350L BOONKURA - pavillion, 350L BUBBLE - earrings, 150L CCC - hairpin/fatpack, 150L each/500L CERBERUSXING - decor, 250 each CERBERUSXING - decor, 250 each CERBERUSXING - decor, 250 each CHA CHA - ice cream gacha, 65L per play CHAT NOIR AND PINK HUSTLER - nails/hair gacha, 75L per play CHERRY HOUSE - decor gacha, 69L per play CHUING - outfit gacha, 65L per play CMYK - school, 399L COMPLIANCE PRODUCTION - textures/fatpack, 35L each/150L CONTRAPTION - mask, 250L each COOL MINT - outfit gacha, 99L per play COOL MINT - outfit gacha, 99L per play CUBIC CHERRY - glasses, 50L per play ELIAVAH - hairpin, 150L EXIA - dress/fatpack, 280L each/980L FAKEICON - towel, 300L each FLORES BODY AND SOUL - poses, 360L FUAYU - outfit/purse, 140 each GABRIEL - shirt gacha, 50L GOKURAKU - drink gacha, 70L per play GUARANDOU - cup gacha, 30L per play HILU - outfit, 180L each HONEY SOUL - dress/fatpack, 198L each/1188L JINN POW KINN - cafe gacha, 40L per play JUNK FOOD - tub, 200L each KATAT0NIK - outfit gacha, 69L per play KOKORO PEACHES - choker, 149L each KOKORO PEACHES - choker, 149L each KONPEITOU - sweater/color pack/fatpack, 200L each/1200L each/2100L LAZZZY - outfit/hairband/fatpack, 200L each/160L/700L MARUSHIN - bbq grill/chair/cooler/tarp/bbq set, 150L/200L/250L300L/800L MGSIT - poses, 200L MINDS - accessories gacha, 45L per play MIWAS - see description for details MOO - eyebrows, 99L NAMII CHU AND SONG - choker/fatpack, 299L each/799L NAMINOKE - kimono/fatpack, 380L each/1488L NEKO CAFE OHAGI - shapes, 100L each RAMEN - vegetables, 129L REPOS - summer gacha, 35L per play REQUEECA - AO, 780L SAKKAS STUDIO - glases gacha, 50L per play SAKUPOSE AND KERO - poses, 222L SCHADENFREUDE - shoe gacha, 50L per play SILVERYK - decor, 500L SONG - eyes/fatpack, 50L each/650L SOUL MATES - drum, 250L SR DESIGN - decor, 640L SR DESIGN - decor, 640L STELLAONE - dress, 349L TAMAGOSENBEI - accesories gacha, 40L per play TEABUNNY - nannerstick gacha, 35L per play TEABUNNY AND CERBERUSXING - hairpin/fatpack, 250L each/650L TSURUS ARTIFACTS - house, 799L TSURUS ARTIFACTS - house, 799L TSURUS ARTIFACTS - house, 799L TSURUS ARTIFACTS - house, 799L TSURUS ARTIFACTS - house, 799L TWILIGHT - poses, 300L VIOLETTA - applier, 280L W ZERO - yukata/fatpack, 350L each/1000L W ZERO - yukata/fatpack, 350L each/1000L WHO WHAT - accessory gacha, 48L per play YASYNS - pavillion, 799L YASYNS - pavillion, 799L ZZ - kite gacha, 40L per play
Note: Any store listed as MIA either (1) did not have exclusive items clearly marked and/or able to be purchased, (2) was not completely set up; or (3) was absent at the time of the event opening at {TIME} on {DATE}. We try to cover any changes or additions after the time of designer set up, however due to other commitments, we are often unable to do so. Thank you for your understanding! ♥


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