Come One, Come All – The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is Open!

The ticket takers are ready so make sure you line up so you can get into the Fantasy Gacha Carnival! You can find everything from crowns to armor, from furniture to the strangest of fantasy items, so get here and get playing!  Just make sure to do it before it shuts down on the 6th of September!


Teleport to Fantasy Gacha Carnival

MIA: Backwoods Mafia, Cole’s Corner, Distorted Dreams, Have Unequal, Rivendale, Storybook, The Forge, The Half Moon Market, Unicult,


22769 - decor, 50L per play BITE&CLAW - diadem, 50L per play BLIENSEN & MAITAI - accessories, 50L per play CANDY CRUNCHERS - wand, 50L per play CUBIC CHERRY - accessories, 75L per play CUREMORE - outfit, 75L per play DEMONIC - tattoos, 75L per play DEVIOUSMIND - outfit, 75L per play DREAMCATCHER - banners, 65L per play DREAMING THICKET - crowns, 49L per play ENIGMA - outfit, 75L per play ERSCH - outfit/accessories, 75L per play ETERNAL DREAM - poses, 50L per play EVE - accessories, 50L per play FALLEN ARMS ROUGH - decor, 55L per play FALLEN ARMS ROUGH - decor, 55L per play FDD STORIES - corset, 75L per play GLUTZ - ice cream, 50L per play GO - outfit, 75L per play IDENTITY - cosmetics, 55L per play INFINITY - outfit, 75L per play JANG KA DESIGNS - outfit, 50L per play KRESCENDO - decor, 75L per play KRESCENDO - decor, 75L per play LARION RHODE WEAPONS - shields, 50L per play LUAS - outfit, 50L per play LUAS - outfit, 50L per play MISS CHEVIOUS - cosmetics, 50L per play MOON ELIXIR - outfit, 75L per play MOONLIGHT SHADOW - seats, 75L per play MOONPHASE - decor, 65L per play NAMINOKE - accessories, 50L per play NEVERWISH - horns, 30L per play NIU - outfit, 75L per play PENUMBRA - outfit, 75L per play POSEIDON - poses, 50L per play PUKE RAINBOWS - decor, 25L per play S WYTCH - eyes, 65L per play SHANGHAI - outfit, 75L per play SHANGHAI - accessories, 75L per play SILVAN MOON DESIGNS - gowns, 100L per play SORUMIN - outfit, 50L per play STARGAZER - outfit, 75L per play STITCHED GODS - toys, 50L per play SUPERNATURAL - jewelry, 65L per play TEABUNNY - accessories, 50L per play TS CREATIONS - outfit, 100L per play VELVET WHIP - food, 29L per play VENGE - accessories, 50L per play VIOLETILITY - decor, 50L per play VOZ - accessories, 50L per play YOKAI - toy, 50L per play ZEPHYR - outfit, 75L per play ZEPHYR - outfit, 75L per play ZIBSKA - accessories, 50L per play

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