Say Bye to July with Hello Tuesday!

We’ve reached the end of another month and ticked off another month of summer, so what’s better than checking out this round of Hello Tuesday to cheer yourself up? There’s a bunch of shops that you love and they’re all offering you some amazing goodies at a steep discount, so get here, get yourself some great stuff, but do it quick! Hello Tuesday only lasts for the day!


MIA: Euphoric


A&D - shirt, 650L BAMSE - gun, 25L per play BEE DESIGNS - decor, 35L per play BLACK JACK - swimsuit, 100L BLACK JACK - decor, 25L per play CHAIN - necklace, 150L CHICMODA - shirt, 75L EARTHSTONES - jewelry, 300L each ECLIPSE DESIGN - lingerie, 188L ELEGANCE - dress, 99L each ENCHANTE - heels, 175L - 200L each FOCUS POSES - props/poses, 250L - 300L each G&D - heels, 145L GIOMEN - sneakers, 100L GOOSE - gazebo, 145L HILLY HAALAN - outfit, 99L INDYRA - crown, 75L each MASOOM - dress, 99L MEVA - jeans, 245L MINIMAL - necklace, 250L NEWCHURCH - decor, 125L NEWCHURCH - decor, 125L NO MATCH - hair, 100L NOT FOUND - skin, 475L each ONE GRID - decor, 450L PETITE MAISON - decor, 50L - 75L each REALEVIL INDUSTRIES - jewelry, 150L RICIELLI - swimsuit, 210L SENIHA - dress, 400L SIX O CLOCK - decor, 25L per play SIX O CLOCK - decor, 25L per play SWALLOW - piercing, 50L TABOU - bodysuit, 150L VISION - lingerie, 37L per play VYC - blush, 99L VYC - skin, 625L

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