Let Summer In With Collabor88!

The warmer time has arrived and it couldn’t have a better timing, with Collabor88 starting a brand new round. With this round, you will be able to grab all the summer essentials that you can imagine, from swimwear to yummy food! Everything will be gone by August 6th!!! Hurry!

🌟 Atiya 🌟

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MIA: Candydoll, Fashionably Dead, Marukin, Maxi Gossamer, Mish Mish, Pure Poison, Tableau Vivant, Valekoer, Vespertine


89HZ - top/fatpack, 388L each/1800L ADDAMS - swimsuit/fatpack, 188L each/688L each/1288L ARISKEA - see description for details ATOMIC - jewelry, 188L each BAIASTICE - outfit/fatpack, 288L each/1688L BARNESWORTH ANUBIS - house, 288L BARNESWORTH ANUBIS - house, 288L BESOM - earrings/hair/fatpack, 88L/188L each/388L/788L BREATHE - heels/pack/fatpack, 188L each/388L each/1388L each BROCANTE - towel/fatpack, 88L each/188L CONSIGNMENT AND KURO - rug/bench, 88L each/188L each CYNFUL - skirt/fatpack, 288L each/1888L DECOY - blouse/fatpack, 188L each/888L DIVA - hair/fatpack, 188L each/388L DUST BUNNY - decor, 88L/188L DUST BUNNY - decor, 88L/188L EMERY - bra/top/jeans/fatpack, 188L each/288L each/988L/1288L each EMERY - bra/top/jeans/fatpack, 188L each/288L each/988L/1288L each EMPIRE - sandals, 588L EXILE - hair/fatpack, 288L each/888L FANCY DECOR - see description for details FRIDAY - sandals/pack/fatpack, 88L each/188L/388L GLAM AFFAIR - applier, 188L each/488L each HALF-DEER - decor/fatpack, 188L each/488L HALF-DEER - decor/fatpack, 188L each/488L HUCCI - pumps/fatpack,188L each/588L HUCCI - pumps/fatpack,188L each/588L INGENUE - heels/pack/fatpack, 188L each/488L/1088L INTRIGUE CO - shades, 88L ISON - skirt/fatpack, 188L each/888L KALOPSIA - decor/hair/fatpack, 88L each/188L/288L KATATONIK - head accessory/fatpack, 188L each/288L KOSMII - tiara, 288L each LAGYO - jewelry/purse, 188L each LAQ - animation/skin/head, 188L/988L/1088L LITTLE BONES - hair/fatpack, 288L each/1988L each LOFT AND ARIA - see description for details LOFT AND ARIA - decor, 88L each LOFT AND ARIA - couch, 488L each/688L each MANDALA - earrings/necklace/fatpack, 88L each/288L/388L MILK MOTION - landscaping/fatpack, 1L/88L each/188L/388L/788L MINIMAL - necklace/fatpack, 188L each/499L MIWAS - accessory/decor/fatpack, 188L each/288L MONSO - hair, 188L each MOON - hair/fatpack, 288L each/388L/1688L MOON AMORE - bikini/fatpack, 288L each/888L MUTRESSE - swimsuit, 188L NOIR AND SCANDALIZE - outfit/fatpack, 288L each/1499L NOMAD - decor, 188L each NYLON OUTFITTERS - nails/shirt, 88L each/188L each PILOT - decor, 188L PIXICAT - dress/fatpack, 188L each/888L PURPLE POSES - pose, 88L each PURPLE POSES - pose, 88L each R2 FASHION - top/skirt/boots/fatpack, 88L each/1688L REIGN - sneakers, 388L REIGN - accessory, 188L SCANDALIZE - outfit/fatpack, 288L each/1888L SCHADENFREUDE - stockings/fatpack, 88L each/588L SPIRIT - see description for details SPIRIT - see description for details SWEET THING - capris/fatpack, 188L each/1488L TAIKOU - decor, 188L TARTE - decor/chair/fatpack, 188L/388L/488L TEEFY - top/dress/bra/pack, 188L each/388L each TETRA - top/fatpack, 188L each/888L THE SECRET STORE - pants/top/fatpack, 188L each/588L each THE SKINNERY - applier, 488L each TOKSIK - romper/fatpack, 288L each/1088L TRAM - hair/fatpack, 288L each/488L TROMPE LOEIL - refrigerator, 88L WHAT NEXT - see description for details YUMMY - jewelry, 388L ZENITH - accessory/dress, 288L/388L



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