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        I have been working on decorating a new summer house. I was scouring marketplace for an outdoor pavilion/deck/gazebo and I just could not find what I wanted in updated mesh. I plurked about it, HERE,  asking if anyone had any ideas and the owner of Cheeky Pea saw my plurk and said she could make it easily (cause she is sooo talented!). I was so excited and then when I actually saw the new Cheeky Pea Caicos Lagoa Dock at faMESHed July, I was ecstatic. It is so well done and gorgeous. Everything I wanted and more! I hope it adds that outdoor space you were looking for in your own summer homes as it has mine. Thank you, Isla Gealach!

        I am wearing a new Blueberry top, Kaithleen's shorts, and Reign shoes today. The Reign Petal Jumpers were just released at N21. Look at these adorable sneakers! They come in both regular and tippy toe (shown) version. Kaithleen's released these jean shorts with a slightly sheer ruffle adornment and Blush. I adore these shorts! Blueberry just released a new set in the main store. This is the top to the new Ashberry set. I am wearing one of the "surprise" prints that are in the fatpack. Hiram has on a bunch of Deadwool clothing items. The shirt is newer and was at a recent past round of faMESHed. We got the light fatpack and really are liking this shirt.

Cheeky Pea Caicos Lagoa Dock Cream @ faMESHed July
Cheeky Pea Caicos Lagoa Corner Sofa @ faMESHed July
Cheeky Pea Cai (Read more...)

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