Introducing The Level Event!

The Level Event has arrived! This brand new event has something for everyone! You’ll find some of your favorite creators as well as some that are sure to end up being new favorites! Check it out soon because this round ends August 24th!

ღღ Chelle ღღ

Teleport To Level

MIA: Atelier Pepe, Bjewla, Cake, Lux Rebel, Move Animations, Phedora, Spellbound, Vobe


AMERICAN BEAUTY - hair, 380L each ANIMOSITY - pose, 265L AVANTI - rings, 229L BH9 - bag/hat/glasses/fatpack, 150L each/200L each/250L each/1000L - 2000L each BLACK BANTAM - hot dog, 199L CLOE - dress, 225L each DAPPA - tattoo, 275L EQUAL - shoes/fatpack, 279L each/1599L FLI - watch/ring/fatpack, 299L each/599L - 799L each GLITZZ - dress, 289L each HEIR - ring/sneakers/fatpack, 299L each/349L each/799L - 2499L each IDENTITY - eyeshadow/lipstick/fatpack, 99L each/110L each/350L each IMITATION - pose/fatpack, 55L each/229L INDIGO - top/skirt/bag/fatpack, 220L each/295L each/1000L/999L each KOKORO PEACHU - bag/fatpack, 149L each/549L LE FIL CASSE - top/fatpack, 199L each/1200L LOCK & TUFF - hair/fatpack, 199L - 299L each/499L MAJESTY - glasses, 199L each MASK - top/thong/fatpack, 225L each/999L - 1500L each MEOWHI - outfit/fatpack, 199L each/597L MOGUL - bag/fatpack, 280L each/800L MONS - piercing, 50L per play MOON ELIXIR - dress/shoes, 300L each/400L MOWIE - sunglasses/earrings, 199L each MUGGLEBORN - outfit/hud/fatpack, 199L each/880L/1190L NEXOR - glasses, 150L each NOT FOUND - skin applier, 875L each NOVEMBER - choker/garter, 200L each/300L each POSE MANIACS - pose/fatpack, 85L each/199L each RHUDE - earrings/fatpack, 199L each/549L SAGA - piercing/earrings, 255L each/245L each SEVEN - ring/earrings, 275L each SUPERNATURAL - necklace/fatpack, 220L each/350L SYNCD MOTION - dance/fatpack, 325L each/1699L TAKETOMI HOLLY MILL - pants/fatpack, 299L each/799L TENTACIO - accessory/fatpack, 149L each/399L



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