Head To The Tropics At The Liaison Collaborative!

It’s time to head to the tropical oasis that is The Liaison Collaborative this month! You will find cool new items to make your own perfect oasis everything you’ve dreamed of! Check it out soon though, because this round ends on July 26th!

ღღ Chelle ღღ

Teleport to The Liaison Collaborative

MIA: Avanti, Narcisse, Neomenia, Plastik, Yasum, Yokai


22769 - plant/lounger, 155L/375L - 725L each A BREAKFAST CONVO - swimsuit, 210L each AMA - rings, 99L ARISKEA - see description for details ASCENDANT - eyeshadow/lipstick/fatpack, 299L each/199L each/1299L BAUHAUS MOVEMENT - pose/fatpack, 50L each/1850L BEE DESIGNS - gacha, 55L per play BELLE POSES - pose/fatpack, 65L each/260L CANIMAL - bathing suit/fatpack, 250L each/1000L CONSIGNMENT - light/rug/chair, 50L each/195L - 265L each DAHLIA - chair/fatpack, 179L each/499L DUVET DAY - skybox, 600L DUVET DAY - skybox, 600L EMPYREAN FORGE - earrings, 199L ENEYLAS CREATIONS - outfit, 99L EVOLOVE - swimsuit/pose/fatpack, 199L/50L each/799L FAIDA - outfit/fatpack, 150L each/400L FIGURE 8 - chandelier, 250L each GERZZO - chandelier/fatpack, 300L each/650L GINGERFISH - pose, 200L GLITZZ - bodysuit, 265L each HAVE UNEQUAL - top/shorts/fatpack, 250L each/1399L - 1499L each IDENTITY - eyeshadow/lipstick/fatpack, 99L each/110L each/400L each INFINITI POSES - pose/fatpack, 30L each/200L/125L IZZIES - bites, 199L JUNK FOOD - decor, 300L JUNK FOOD - decor, 300L KURO - house, 350L KURO - house, 350L LAGOM - gacha, 50L per play LAKSHMI - dress/fatpack, 380L each/950L LE POPPYCOCK - gacha, 69L per play LOKI - gacha, 50L per play LUXURIA - bodysuit/fatpack, 200L each/600L MOSQUITOS WAY - shoes, 299L MOVEMENT - pose/fatpack, 50L each/200L NANIKA - necklace, 220L each NANTRA - pose, 300L NEVE - top/shorts/fatpack, 200L each/600L each NX NARDCOTIX - shoes/fatpack, 250L each/1800L ON A LARK - jewelry, 350L RAINDALE - decor, 150L RAPTURE - top/fatpack, 249L each/799L ROAWENWOOD - lounge, 795L SERENITY STYLE - gacha, 70L per play SHANGHAI - earrings/fatpack, 150L each/800L SILENCE - lamp/bed, 75L/300L - 400L each SOY - hammock, 150L SPOT CAT - rings, 350L SUPERNATURAL - jewelry/fatpack, 220L each/350L SWAYS - outdoor furniture/fatpack, 95L - 425L each/890L - 995L each THE BEARDED GUY - backdrop/gacha/fatpack, 250L/50L per play/1800L THE LITTLE BRANCH - tree, 286L VINYL - top/fatpack, 180L each/1000L ZIBSKA - accessory/eyemakeup/lipstick/fatpack, 250L each/375L ZK STORE - dress/fatpack, 248L each/1494L

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