Do The Time For Your Shopping Crimes At The Men Jail Event!

You know what they say, do the crime, do the time! This time will be well served by shopping at The Men Jail Event! You won’t mind spending time behind these bars, your time will be up when this round ends on July 28th!

ღღ Chelle ღღ

Teleport to The Men Jail Event

MIA: A & Y, Betrayal, Body Factory, Boyberry, Darzt, Fakeicon, Identity, K & S Creations, Letituier, Movement, Obscure, Senses, Spot Cat, The Owl, Vuk


4BIDDEN - thong/fatpack, 200L each/950L A & D CLOTHING - pants/pack/fatpack, 249L each/999L/1299L ALMA MAKEUP - makeup, 126L each ART IN TECHNOLOGY & NEOMENIA - hair, 250L BENT - pose/cage, 50L each/175L BIG BOSS - hat/pants, 150L each/199L each CHEERNO - necklace, 279L CLEVER LANGUAGE - eyebrows/facial hair/fatpack, 250L/350L/500L CRYSTAL - glasses, 150L DOGGMATA POSES - pose/fatpack, 80L each/400L DOSSIER - shoes, 300L E STORM - shirt/pants/fatpack, 210L each/250L each/1000L each E STORM - shirt/pants/fatpack, 210L each/250L each/1000L each E STORM - shirt/pants/fatpack, 210L each/250L each/1000L each EXALTED - tshirt/pants/fatpack, 249L each/699L FERDS TATTOO - tattoo, 120L FE STYLE - facial hair, 224L FLAWS - skin addon, 299L GAY WAY - desk, 1400L each GRIME - furniture, 1300L HILTED - accessory, 99L HK DESIGN - accessory, 200L INKER - tattoo, 300L IZACK - ottoman, 899L JOPLINO - backdrop, 199L KAJU - top/fatpack, 200L each/600L each KOKORO - pose, 199L L & E - hair, 199L each LM BODYSHOP - shape, 250L each LOB - shirt/fatpack, 199L each/799L MAC - tattoo, 250L MADAME NOIR - eyes, 350L MANKO SHAPES - shape, 399L MILLO COPPERFIELD - bag, 170L - 199L each MPSTYLE - shorts, 250L each ORE WEAPONS - weapons, 550L PBM ENTERPRISES - accessory, 240L PURFECT - beard & mustache/fatpack, 350L each/1099L R2A - bag & top, 499L REKT - shirt, 249L RL FASHION - top/briefs, 199L each SEMOTION - accessory/pose/fatpack, 150L - 300L each/50L each/420L SINSATIONS - furniture, 699L THE BEARDED GUY - tattoo, 175L THIS IS WRONG - tattoo, 199L each Hope Tattoo includes 2 options, applier compatible, 2 versions available, demo available, 199L each. WRONG - pose, 200L each

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