Celebrate Your Inner Darkness At The Darkness Monthly!

It’s time to celebrate the inner darkness inside of you at this round of The Darkness Monthly! Let the darkness take you over with these fabulous creations by all your favorite designers! This round will end on July 28th, so hurry!

ღღ Chelle ღღ

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MIA: Cute Things, Giulia Design, Gothico, Identity, Like Design, Marquesse, Mesh Mafia, MMC, MV, Redfish, Urban Street


ADOREZ - dress/hair, 150L/199L ADRIS KING - outfit, 120L ANASTYLE - outfit, 399L ASHMOOT - bikini, 99L ATIK - dress, 250L AVADA - eyeshadow, 150L BEAUTIFUL HUSTLER - dress, 149L BLAXIUM - piercing, 150L BLIENSEN & MAITAI - earrings, 249L BLOOM - eyes, 250L BRAVIS LTD - motorcycle, 250L BS HOUSE - bar, 699L CHARME - hair/fatpack, 199L each/399L COWTEA - eyelashes, 99L CREMOSAS - sneakers, 170L CRYSTAL - accessories, 150L DAFNIS - outfit, 99L ELLE ET LUI - shape, 299L EMBEROTICS - outfit, 150L GE MYLES - outfit, 199L each GHEE - outfit/boots, 299L each/349L HELLO DAVE - nails, 99L HILTED - skybox & decor, 499L HOT FUSS - boots, 199L IRONCRAFT - helmet/motorcycle, 225L/1500L JOPLINO - horns, 199L JR WOLF CREATIONS - dress/shoes, 150L each/200L KEY STYLE - outfit, 350L KIB DESIGNS - dress/fatpack, 199L each/699L KIRA TATTOO - tattoo, 200L KOKORO POSES - pose, 60L LELUCK - lipstick, 169L LEMPORIO - boots, 550L each LETITUIER - hair/fatpack, 250L each/1000L LIQUID - tattoo, 169L LT MODA - see descriptions for details MADAME NOIR - eyes, 350L MOOLOO - tattoo, 299L MOVEMENT - pose/fatpack, 50L each/200L MXHADES - shape, 799L each NANA - top, 200L each NYDESIGN - outfit, 245L OA MEO - gacha, 50L per play OA MEO - gacha, 50L per play OOPS - outfit, 180L ORE WEAPONS - weapons, 550L PACAGAIA - shirt, 179L POEMA - eyeshadow, 160L PREY - outfit, 299L PURFECT - eyebrows, 250L PURRRRFECT KITTIES - rings, 175L RED GIRL - dress/thong, 199L/149L SAMPOSES - poses, 99L - 199L each SASS - dress, 269L SECRET POSES - pose, 99L - 150L each SHANGHAI - earrings/fatpack, 150L each/600L STORMCROW DESIGNS - top/shorts, 150L/175L TAMELESS - hair/fatpack, 249L each/499L THE STYLE LOFT - top, 100L each TOOTY FRUITY - heels/fatpack, 99L each/120L TWO SIDED - top/cuffs, 229L/149L W6 - tattoo, 199L ZOOM - dress, 249L - 269L each

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