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Totally Cosmopolitan!

Top - Caroline Blouse from Giz Seorn (Cosmopolitan)Skirt - Courtney Skirt from Giz Seorn (Cosmopolitan)Jewelry - Bia Set from Kunglers (Cosmopolitan)Rings - Qarena Rings from Rozoregalia (Cosmopolitan)Hair - Sunny from Phoenix (FaMESHed Go)Skin - Ella Applier from LeagueMakeup - Drama Queen from AlaskaMetroPose - Lippy from FoxCityBackdrop - FakeLove Backdrop from CMYK

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Kiss Me

        I have been working on decorating a new summer house. I was scouring marketplace for an outdoor pavilion/deck/gazebo and I just could not find what I wanted in updated mesh. I plurked about it, HERE,  asking if anyone had any ideas and the owner of Cheeky Pea saw my plurk and said she could make it easily (cause she is sooo talented!). I was so excited and then when I actually saw the new Cheeky Pea Caicos Lagoa Dock at faMESHed July, I was ecstatic. It is so well done and gorgeous. Everything I wanted and more! I hope it adds that outdoor space you were looking for in your own summer homes as it has mine. Thank you, Isla Gealach!

        I am wearing a new Blueberry top, Kaithleen's shorts, and Reign shoes today. The Reign Petal Jumpers were just released at N21. Look at these adorable sneakers! They come in both regular and tippy toe (shown) version. Kaithleen's released these jean shorts with a slightly sheer ruffle adornment and Blush.… Read the rest

A Little Spot By The Water.

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Bag: Pilot - Beach Bag [Blue Stripe]
Juice: Hive - bowl of fresh oranges
Juice: Hive - orange juice prep
Cactus: Half-Deer - Love Succs - Tall Cactus

Other Notable Items:

Build: Tia @ Uber - Harper Boat Cottage
Surfboard: Fancy Decor & Commoner @ Uber - Slater Surfboard
Drink: Peaches @ Uber - Summer Memories - Dispensing Stand
Table: Loft & Aria - Somerset Patio Set
Rug: Loft & Aria - Troubadour Rug
Plant: Loft& Aria - Somerset Potted Dracaena 
Plant: Loft & Aria - Somerset Leafy Plant 
Punch: Kalopsia - Polly's Watermelon Punch
Basket: Kalopsia - Polly's Picnic Basket
Plant: Soy - Weeping Willow

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Celebrate Your Inner Darkness At The Darkness Monthly!

It’s time to celebrate the inner darkness inside of you at this round of The Darkness Monthly! Let the darkness take you over with these fabulous creations by all your favorite designers! This round will end on July 28th, so hurry! ღღ Chelle ღღ Teleport to The Darkness Monthly MIA: Cute Things, Giulia Design, Gothico, Identity, Like Design, Marquesse, Mesh Mafia, MMC, MV, Redfish, Urban Street < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Sizzling Summer in July at The Play Room

It might be hot hot hot outside, but the carousel is in full swing at The Play Room! They are running the full power from now until the 31st of July so, get those pennies out and chance your luck at your favorites this round as these amazing designers have brought it. Grab your friends, family, neighbors, swimming buddies, and whoever else you find on the way because we wouldn’t want anyone to miss all of this fun! Mocha Teleport to The Play Room < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >  

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The Mens Dept is Back!

The Mens Dept is back with some super hot summer styles! Whether you’re looking for that perfect vacation outfit or some new patio furniture, you’ll find it here! Check it out before the round ends on July 31st! <3 Indigo Teleport to The Mens Dept < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Indulge In Some Vanity!

Indulge in something for YOU at the second round of the Vanity Event! You will find so many of your favorite designers and their amazing exclusive creations! This round runs until July 25th so hurry before you lose out on your chance to own these fabulous items! ღღ Chelle ღღ Teleport to Vanity MIA: Avanti, Black Bantam, Meisu, Phedora, Pure Poison, Varonis < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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We’re just strangers

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    hair: Stealthic - Cadence    dress: inSomnia Crochet Belted Dress Set NEW@COSMOPOLITAN EVENT    heels: [Enchante'] - Jessie Shoes -  NEW@COSMOPOLITAN EVENT    dragon: + River Dragon + {egosumaii}

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Oriental Baby

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Hair    Sintiklia  Night Queen Gacha  Asra common @ Lootbox

Chocker   Sintiklia Night Queen Gacha 21 @ Lootbox
Obi    Luas  Kaida gacha @ Lootbox
Bodysuit   Luas  Kaida gacha @ Lootbox
Umbrella    Luas  Kaida gacha  rare @ Lootbox
Headress   Luas  Kaida gacha  rare @ Lootbox

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Pina Colada

Hair    :::Phoenix::: Alice Hair

Top   .miss chelsea. Mimi Bikini Top @ Frou Frou
Bottom    .miss chelsea. Mimi Bikini Bottoms @ Frou Frou

Drink    :::ChicChica::: PinaColada @ Cosmopolitan

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Just randomness.

I’m doing a bit of random sim hopping which is how I landed on to this fantasy/sandbox/RP/sim. I hate purple which is about the only bad thing I can say about it lol. Don’t worry if you hear the sounds of gunfire it’s not it’s just the excellent fireworks overhead. I’ve saved this to use as a backdrop but even I occasionally use Sandboxes esp when our sim is down for maintenance. You will have to be an “adult” to visit and this is a welcoming sim to all, from Furries to OMG’s everyone is welcome.  I like sandboxes like this because some sandboxes are used by people as pick up joints and I find more often than not on sims where everyone is welcomed they have a strong anti-bullying/bothering policy and these are the sims where people leave you alone to just do your own thing. Monsterbox (Sandbox)… Read the rest

Hot Summer Sun

Earrings: Mandala – Ougi Earrings (Group Gift)
Rings & Bracelets: AvaWay – Love Bracelets & Rings Set
Nose Stud: L’Etre – Sfere Ring 2 (Group Gift)
Jumpsuit: Osmia – Hollie Jumpsuit (at Rewind) Body:
Hair: Truth – Polly
Waterdrops Body: Arte – Body Droplets (at Chapter Four)
Waterdrops Face: Arte – Water Droplets
Ears: Mandala – Steking Ears Season 5
Lashes: Michan – Joelle Lashes
Nailpolish: Livia – Snowflake Scene:
Pose: Foxcity – Boi, Bye Bento Pose Set

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Sexiness.(50Ld Gacha)

It’s nice to just be able to mooch around and so I ended up at a nice shopping sim and the Beuno shop. There are some nice Gacha’s and I won a couple of backdrops, not the one I’m using, and this sofa.  Normally I don’t show you Gacha wins unless the wins are all the same thing and it’s just the colour/texture that is different.  This Gacha costs just 50Lds and the sofa is just 7prims I think and I bought it because…ok no real reason why I just wanted it.  I’ve just used my sim setting and the texturing is quality but it’s the menu which is the winner. You get 9 really good sits, and you can adjust, 5 couples and 12 what look like really sexy sex ones but as a confirmed SL singleton, I’m just guessing at those. I’ve taken the picture in my sim setting so you can see what you’re getting but for only 50lds I would have been happy with any of the textures. PS. The Beuno group is free to join but I couldn’t spot any freebies and there isn’t anything recent in the notices but check the shop out for yourself.… Read the rest

Designer Showcase Kicks Up The Summer Heat!

Your summer will never be the same again, make it memorable with the help of the Designer Showcase!  Slip on your sunglasses your Secondlife is about to get brighter.  Some amazing designers are making sure the weather isn’t the only thing getting hot this season.  So stop by before July 31st, Designer Showcase is kicking up the Summer heat. ღCherries Teleport to Designer Showcase < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Its coming Home ! Well for now anyway – Free!

Ohmydays – I’ve never watched SO much footy ! It’s no secret that I adore football – Player is always shocked by the amount I am willing to attend and watch on TV – He says it’s not “normal” for a chick – but then he is an Italian and here in England I think us ladies love the beautiful game as much as , if not more than, the guys Anyyyywayyy Amanda Dench has just given out this free gift in her group – brilliant as ever! Don’t fret though if you’re not an England fan – you don’t have to have the flags – as with a lot of Dench Designs items , you can choose which bits of decor you want to be on show – animations for eating and drinking (and flag waving) all included for guys & girls – only 6 prims, add a little more for the decor depending on what you have out. Join the group (its free) and look in the notices to bag this beauty – thanks Amanda! Dench Designs

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I couldn’t resist the pelican (FREEBIE)

Oh one more gifty I just adored from the birthday round of Cosmopolitan ! Join the Cosmo group et voila – this can be yours. Just 3Li and utterly adorable – the pelican in its own little perch is by TLC – Id not heard of this store before but their items for this Cosmo round are brilliant seals – I will have to  pop over to their store and take a mooch around. Cosmopolitan

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Neve Newies! Plus some corking freebies!

Im starting with the back today – because I tend to favour the front shot – then you really do miss out on some of the finer details that Neve STUFFS into every inch of their designs! This is “Helen” such a summery sweet frock with a Hud that allows you to change the textures on the top, mid section and lower part. Can never resist a bit of cake! Here is the front – and yup – as pretty as the rear ! You will find Helen at the latest round of Fameshed, demos available. My hair is FREE – mmhmm – it’s from a fast growing hair designer called Limerence – I’ve bought a few of their styles in the last coupla months – VERY nice. This is their gift at the birthday round of Cosmopolitan – nice colours on the included Hud. The suitcase with tea set is another gift from the Cosmo round – by Six O Clock and OMG its just 3 Li. Just join the Cosmopolitan group when you arrive and you can claim alllllll the birthday goodies for yourself.… Read the rest

New Bougainvillea Pergolas now available!

It’s been a while since I worked on some bougainvilleas – recently I had the opportunity to buy one of my own and to see the extent to which they can grow (they are not native to Canada, where I live) and this prompted me to see what I could come up with. These pergolas are 9LI each at packaged size, which is 7.4 by 6.9 by 5.5m. They’re  the perfect shape and size for covered walkways, a patio, or that perfect hidden nook at the back of your garden! Check them out in-world here or on the Marketplace, here!   If you enjoy what I’m doing here or think someone else might also find it of use, please feel free to share this blog with them. If you’d like to keep up to date with posts, the RSS for this blog is here, I can also be found on Twitter and Plurk. The Discord server is here. If you really like my stuff, perhaps consider donating to my Patreon? Your continued support helps to produce regular content (written, modelled, animated or otherwise) and helps to keep original content creation in Second Life!… Read the restNew Bougainvillea Pergolas now available!

Buy Us A Drink?

BrunetteDress - Neva Dress from Nerido (Uber)Armband - Bad Kitty Armband from RealEvil IndustriesRings - Qarena Rings from Rozoregalia (Cosmopolitan)Hair - Brittany from PhoenixSkin - Ella Applier from LeagueMakeup - #OnFleek from AlaskaMetro
BlondeTop - Laurie Top from Nerido (Notice Me, Senpai)Jeans - Skinny Zipper Jeans from MaitreyaNecklace - Leather String Choker from RealEvil IndustriesHair - Gin from DoeSkin - Ella Applier from LeagueMakeup - Rose Gold Makeup from AlaskaMetro
Backdrop - Illuminate Backdrop from Minimal

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