Takes Two to Tango

        Tango is a dance of passion, sensuality, nostalgia, and melancholy that originated in Argentina and yet attracts thousands of people from all over the world. Nantra has made three couple poses that depict the intimate sensuality that is the Tango. They were just released at the current round of Ultra. Get your sexy on and take some hot dance pictures with someone you love with these sultry Tango poses. My high slit dress is new by Kaithleen's at Shiny Shabby. There was also a longer version of this dress released at Collabor88 this month as well. Whether long or short, this dress is gorgeous and this short version is perfect for my Tango pictures today. My sexy heels were just released by N-core at Equal 10

        I do not take near enough pictures of my sexy man. I meant to because I recently had him buy a bunch of new clothes from Lapointe and Bastchild as well as Deadwool. He is such a good man and if I tell him I like something, he usually goes and buys it. Today, I am showing the new Gage 3 piece Tuxedo and Suit from Lapointe and Bastchild. You can wear this as a suit (shown) or as a tux in both open (shown) or closed jackets. There are tons of suit, shirt, tie, pocket square, and belt textures in the HUD, making this an extremely versatile option for men. It even comes with the shoes included in your purchase. It is fitmesh for Slink, Jake, and Gianni. Men of SL do yourself a favor and go buy this suit/tux. 

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