Get Heated Up with the Red Light District!

Do you see that red glow off in the distance? Well come on up close and check it out – because it’s a brand new round of the Red Light District! There’s so many new things for you to set your eyes on & make your second life nice and spicy! So get here and get an eyeful of it all before it all closes down on June 8th!


Teleport to Red Light District


1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE - bra/thong/fatpack, 150L each/199L each/599L 89HZ - top/fatpack, 320L each/1720L A&Y - legwarmers, 299L ALEUTIA - lingerie/fatpack, 250L each/899L ASTEROID BOX - lingerie/fatpack, 150L each/1250L ASTEROID BOX - collar, 125L BACKBONE - furniture, 1200L BACKBONE - furniture, 1200L BEAUTY FACTORY - bodysuit, 199L each BOUTIQUE 187 - jewelry, 259L BUBBLE - piercing, 199L each CUBIC CHERRY - mask, 250L DIRTY SECRETS - accessory, 600L EARTHSTONES - piercing/fatpack, 299L each/599L ELISE - collar, 199L ELVEN ELDER - harness, 249L ERSCH - top/fatpack, 150L each/1250L ERSCH - top/fatpack, 150L each/1250L GHOUL - dress/fatpack, 299L each/1290L GLITZZ - accessories, 349L HIMEDREAM - lingerie/fatpack, 199L each/599L IHEARTF & CO - dress, 399L INSANYA - skirt, 250L KIO KIO - cuffs, 350L each KOKORO PEACHU - lingerie/fatpack, 199L each/995L KOKORO PEACHU - lingerie/fatpack, 199L each/995L KOSMII - collar, 299L each KRESCENDO - furniture, 1999L KRESCENDO - furniture, 1999L KRESCENDO - furniture, 1999L LES SUCRERIES DE FAIRY - decor/accessories, 75L per play MOMOCHUU - top/fatpack, 299L each/2999L NAMICHUU - collar, 249L PARFAIT - lingerie/fatpack, 250L each/1000L QUASI - furniture/decor, 399L each QUASI - furniture/decor, 399L each RAZOR - dress, 299L RICIELLI - lingerie, 389L ROAWENWOOD - furniture, 950L SALT - dress/piercing/fatpack, 150L each/250L each/299L/699L SILENCE - blanket, 300L SILENCE - cushion, 200L each SINCE1975 - furniture, 380L SINCE1975 - furniture, 380L SK - harness/dress/fatpack, 225L each/800L/1000L STOCKHOLM&LIMA - decor, 1000L STOCKHOLM&LIMA - decor, 1000L SUPERNATURAL - piercing, 199L THIRST - outfit, 350L each UNA - dress/fatpack, 199L each/750L UNA - mask, 100L each VIOLETILITY - furniture, 150L - 200L each VIOLETILITY - furniture, 150L VIOLETILITY - furniture, 200L VIOLETILITY - furniture, 150L WARM ANIMATIONS - furniture, 1500L/2250L

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