Let’s Get Artsy The Liaison Collaborative!

This round of The Liaison Collaborative is all about Art Deco! Whether you are looking for trendy or vintage, you are sure to find something to fit your tastes! Check it out soon though, because you only have until May 26th!

ღღ Chelle ღღ

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MIA: Avanti, Ilaya, NX Nardcotix, The Little Branch, Wearhouse


22769 - decor, 155L each AMA - necklace, 99L AMIAS - necklace/fatpack, 175L each/550L AN LAR POSES - pose, 150L ATTACK BUN - bodysuit/knife/choker, 250L each/200L each AVAWAY - necklace, 199L BAUHAUS MOVEMENT - pose/fatpack, 50L each/1850L BEE DESIGNS - gacha, 50L per play BLACK BANTAM - clutch, 299L BLACK TULIP - decor, 75L CANIMAL - dress/fatpack, 250L each/1000L CHEZ MOI - furniture, 360L DUVET DAY - see description for details EARTHSTONES - earrings/necklace/fatpack, 349L each/425L each/899L - 1199L each EMPYREAN FORGE - headband, 199L ENEYLAS CREATIONS - dress, 99L EVOLOVE - poses/fatpack, 50L each/299L - 349L each FASHIOWL POSES - pose/fatpack, 100L - 200L each/500L GARBAGGIO - shoes/pack/fatpack, 99L each/299L each/499L IDENTITY - lipstick/fatpack, 99L each/350L each INGENUE - heels/fatpack, 295L each/1500L IZZIES - makeup, 199L JUNA ARTISTIC - tattoo, 189L KOSMII - vase, 149L each KURO - lamp, 75L each LAGOM - gacha, 50L per play LES SUCRERIES DE FAIRY - gacha, 75L per play LOVELY ALIEN - shoes/fatpack, 155L each/625L LUANES WORLD - pose/fatpack, 69L - 99L each/449L MOSQUITOS WAY - shoes, 249L NANIKA - necklace, 220L each NANTRA - pose, 250L NEOMENIA - hair/fatpack, 250L - 300L each/1100L NEWCHURCH - fireplace, 150L NIU - dress/fatpack, 150L each/349L NOBLE CREATIONS - gate/sofa, 399L/449L NYU - decor, 188L each PLASTIK - nails/table, 199L each/239L RAINDALE - decor, 100L RAPTURE - top, 199L each SENSES - pose, 100L SHANGHAI - earrings/fatpack, 150L each/650L SPOT CAT - rings, 350L SYS - dress/fatpack, 150L each/600L UNKINDNESS - decor/fatpack, 225L each/399L VANILLA BAE - dress, 899L WRENS NEST - shape, 399L each ZK STORE - dress/fatpack, 249L each/1494L

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