Introducing The Men Jail Event!

Introducing The Men Jail Event! Are you naughty? Careful or you might end up in The Men Jail! Check out this event with all kinds of creations just for men! Hurry though because this jail sentence ends May 28th.

ღღ Chelle ღღ

Teleport to The Men Jail Event

MIA: Animosity, Big Boss, Body Factory, CDC Creations, Dappa Tattoo, Doux, Identity, Infinity, Merlific, MeshMafia, Poseology, Renovatio, Savage, Senses, The Owl, Wrong


4BIDDEN - jock, 275L A&D CLOTHING - shirt/pack/fatpack, 199L each/999L/1299L AIT - bracelet, 120L ALMA MAKEUP - makeup, 162L each AMIAS - necklace/fatpack, 175L each/550L B STYLE - head applier/beard, 350L/250L each BLAXIUM - piercing, 250L CHEERNO - boxers, 275L each CINPHUL - accessory/fatpack, 100L each/333L CLEVER LANGUAGE - facial hair, 250L CUBURA - top, 175L - 249L DOGGMATA POSES - pose/fatpack, 80L each/320L DOSSIER - sneakers, 250L EDOM - shape, 249L EQUILATTERA - facial hair, 250L EXALTED - sweater, 249L each FCUK - top/fatpack, 199L each/399L GRIME - bed, 1200L JOKERS ASYLUM - outfit, 325L each KOKORO - gacha, 50L per play LETITUIER - hair/fatpack, 250L each/1000L LOB - top/fatpack, 199L each/799L MAC - tattoo, 275L MAD - mask/fatpack, 150L each/450L MADAME NOIR - eyes/fatpack, 99L each/599L MAXPLICIT - tattoo, 240L MILLO COPPERFIELD - tee/shorts/pack, 412L each/250L each/900L MISTER RAZZOR - facial hair, 280L MPSTYLE - outfit, 250L each NEVER TOTALLY DEAD - chair/desk/fatpack, 350L each/666L NOCHE - knee pads/fatpack, 200L each/1299L POSESION - pose, 120L PURFECT - beard & mustache/fatpack, 350L each/999L Q ESSENTIALS - clock/table/chair, 99L/119L/129L each R2A - vest/shorts/fatpack, 499L each/799L SINSATIONS - shower, 699L SPOT CAT - sneakers/fatpack, 280L each/1100L STORMCROW STORE - shape/fatpack, 500L each/990L THE BEARDED GUY - gacha, 50L per play VUK BODY SHOP - shape, 499L - 599L each

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