Introducing ACCESS!

Introducing ACCESS! This event offers a well balanced mix of all your favorite designers and wonderful new creators that you may not have heard of yet! Consider this your all ACCESS pass to the best and brightest of SL!  Your pass expires on June 7th so check it out while you can!

ღღ Chelle ღღ

Teleport to ACCESS

MIA: American Beauty, Glitzz, Phedora, Studio Exposure


AMIAS - necklace/fatpack, 200L each/600L ANIMOSITY - pose/fatpack, 75L each/225L BENJAMINZ - vest/hoodie/fatpack, 150L/300L each/2000L BJEWLA - necklace, 299L each BOSSIE - top/skirt/fatpack, 225L each/175L each/1325L - 1675L each CM MESH - backdrop, 199L DAPPA - tattoo, 250L DOUX - hair/fatpack, 250L each/400L DOUX - hair/fatpack, 250L - 350L each/990L ELLA - heels/outfit/fatpack, 299L/199L each/499L EMPIRE - shoes, 249L EQUAL - boots/fatpack, 289L each/1599L EUPHORIC - eyes/lipstick, 380L/280L FABIA - hair/fatpack, 250L each/1100L FLI - watch/bracelet/ring/fatpack, 299L each/799L HEVO - top/fatpack, 249L each/1099L IT GIRLS - hair/head applier/skin applier, 350L/990L each/300L each LEGAL INSANITY - briefs/fatpack, 369L each/2369L LISA WALKER - lipstick/eyeshadow/fatpack, 149L each/1350L LUXREBEL - eyeshadow/lipstick, 230L/280L N CORE - top/shoes/fatpack, 120L each/495L/395L OPALE HAIR - hair/fatpack, 250L - 350L each/990L OSMIA - dress/pack/fatpack, 199L each/599L/1199L PAPARAZZI - backdrop, 275L POSE MANIACS - pose, 199L each PSEUDO - dress/shirt/fatpack, 210L each/225L each/1300L - 1400L each SENIHA - dress/fatpack, 99L each/599L SEUL - top/pants, 225L each/210L each SEVEN - earrings/necklace, 175L each/280L SINTIKLIA - hair/fatpack/add on, 300L - 400L each/1250L/150L SINTIKLIA - jewelry, 250L SINTIKLIA - makeup, 300L SPEAKEASY - tattoo, 275L SYNCD MOTION - dance/fatpack, 325L each/1299L VILLENA - dress/fatpack, 250L each/1225L VILLENA - choker, 200L

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