Happy 6th Anniversary to The Mens Dept!

That’s right! It’s The Mens Dept anniversary this month! You’ll find just the right thing for you or that special someone! Check it out before the event is over on May 31st!

ღღ Chelle ღღ

Teleport to The Mens Dept

MIA: Anxiety, Mossu, Unorthodox


AMIAS - gacha, 50L per play ANA POSES - pose/fatpack, 50L each/200L each ANIMOSITY - pose/fatpack, 75L each/429L APT B - gacha, 50L per play BAD UNICORN - bed/fatpack, 250L - 350L each/600L BAMSE - gacha, 50L per play BLANK LINE - gacha, 50L per play BLEICH - sneakers/fatpack, 275L each/2475L BOILDEGG - chair/fatpack, 180L - 220L each/280L - 320L each BOLSON - tattoo, 299L each BOYS TO THE BONE - shirt/fatpack, 300L each/1666L CABOODLE - outfit/fatpack, 249L each/699L CABOODLE - outfit/fatpack, 249L each/699L CERBERUSXING - pants, 299L each CHEEKY PEA - decor, 250L - 300L each CLEF DE PEAU - jacket/fatpack, 199L each/1499L COLD ASH - boots/jeans/fatpack, 280L each/390L each/800L - 1450L each COMPLEX - hoodie/shorts/fatpack, 289L each/259L each/1799L CONTRAPTION - animation overide poses/fatpack, 75L each/1500L DURA - hair/fatpack, 250L each/350Lj each ETHAM - jacket/fatpack, 199L each/599L GABRIEL - pants/boots/fatpack, 250L each/230L each/490L - 580L each GUTCHI - top/pants, 349L each HEVO - top/fatpack, 249L each/1100L ILLI - sneakers/lamp, 249L/147L each K - top/shorts/fatpack, 150L each/170L each/740L each K - top/shorts/fatpack, 150L each/170L each/740L each K - gacha, 50L per play KALBACK & MINIMAL - jacket/buttons/patch/fatpack, 349L each/99L each/199L/250L - 1399L each KATATONIK - gacha, 50L per play KOKOIA - sandals, 299L LENOX - boots/fatpack, 275L each/625L MINIMAL - watch/fatpack, 125L each/750L MODULUS - hair/fatpack, 320L each/1020L NOT SO BAD - belt/shorts/fatpack, 149L/199L each/539L PEWPEW - glasses/fatpack, 245L each/875L QUIRKY & LOVELY DISARRAY - accessory & applier, 225L RIOT - briefs/pack/fatpack, 199L each/649L/1299L SAU MOTORCYCLES - gacha, 75L per play SEMLLER - sneakers/fatpack, 278L each/1299L SONG - eyes/applier/fatpack, 50L each/679L each SPEAKEASY - tattoo gacha, 50L per play STRAYDOG - skin applier, 350L each SYNCD MOTION - dance/fatpack, 225L - 325L each/1199L THE SKINNERY - eyebrows, 150L each TOMOTO - gacha, 50L per play per size TONKTASTIC - pants/fatpack, 349L each/2200L each USB - sofa, 200L - 350L each VERSOV - sneakers/fatpack, 279L each/1279L VEXIIN - jacket/pants/fatpack, 349L each/1049L each VRSION - hoodie/cap/mask/fatpack, 210L each/99L each/800L - 1000L each VRSION - hoodie/cap/mask/fatpack, 210L each/99L each/800L - 1000L each YUTH & BENJAMINZ - hair/fatpack, 350L each/2000L ZOOM - glasses, 299L

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