Grab Your Tickets Because Fantasy Gacha Carnival is Now Open!

It’s been three months and guess what it’s time for again? That’s right – Fantasy Gacha Carnival is back open which means it’s time to come on down and check it all out! There’s some great fantasy goodies ready to spark that fantasy streak inside of you, but you got to make sure that you get here and wander around before it all packs up and goes home on June 6th.


Teleport to Fantasy Gacha Carnival

MIA: Bliensen & Maitai, Candy Crunchers, Enigma, Gabriel, Glitzz, Insurrektion, Ohemo, Poliak’s Emporium, Sekkusu, Storybook, The Half Moon Market, Yokai


22769 - decor, 50L per play 1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE - outfit, 50L per play ANYON - face paint, 50L per play BACKWOODS MAFIA - decor, 70L per play BITE&CLAW - outfit, 50L per play per size BITE&CLAW - decor, 50L per play BLACKHEART - outfit, 59L per play BUBBLE - accessories, 50L per play CAVERNA OBSCURA - outfit, 75L per play CAVERNA OBSCURA - outfit, 75L per play CUREMORE - outfit, 75L per play DEMONIC - tattoos, 75L per play DEVIOUSMIND - outfit, 75L per play DRAKES - decor, 75L per play DRAKES - decor, 75L per play DREAMING THICKET - particles, 39L per play ERSCH - outfit, 75L per play ETERNAL DREAM POSES - poses, 50L per play FDD STORIES - socks, 75L per play FUUBUTSU DOU - outfit, 50L per play GHOST INK - tattoo, 50L per play GLYPH - outfit, 75L per play HAVE UNEQUAL - outfit, 80L per play IDENTITY - makeup, 55L per play JANG KA DESIGNS - accessories, 50L per play KOKORO PEACHU - outfit, 75L per play LR WEAPONS - shields, 50L per play LUAS - clothing, 50L per play MOONLIGHT SHADOW - decor, 75L per play NAMINOKE - wings, 50L per play NEOMENIA - hair, 75L per play NIU - outfit, 75L per play NOBLE CREATIONS - outfit, 75L per play per size NOBLE CREATIONS - outfit, 75L per play per size POET'S HEART - outfit, 50L per play POSEIDON - poses, 50L per play SILVAN MOON DESIGNS - outfit, 100L per play STARGAZER - outfit, 75L per play STELLOANE - outfit, 75L per play STITCHED GODS - shields, 75L per play SUPERNATURAL - jewelry, 55L per play TABLEAU VIVANT - hair, 75L per play TENTACIO - accessories, 50L per play UNORTHODOX - decor, 55L per play V TECH - outfit, 75L per play VELVET WHIP - decor, 30L per play VIOLETILITY - decor, 50L per play ZEPHYR - outfit, 75L per play per size ZIBSKA - accessories, 50L per play

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