Chase Away The Monday Blues With Cosmopolitan!

It’s Monday again so chase away the blues with a new round of Cosmopolitan!  Get an euphoric shopping high this round as some amazing designers have out done themselves showcasing something for everyone from clothing to home & garden.  Don’t get stuck feeling yucky, shop it away at Cosmopolitan!  Hurry this round end On June 2nd.


Teleport to Cosmopolitan


ADORSY - skirt/bodysuit/fatpack, 299L each/999L each/250L each/899L ALSO KNOWN AS - decor, 50 - 1,900L each AMACCI - shoes/fatpack, 220L each/975L AMIAS - necklace/fatpack, 200L each/600L ARTE - makeup, 185L AUREALIS - skin applier, 699L each AURICA STORE - tattoo, 200L AVALE - top/bottom/fatpack, 160L each/550L AVAWAY - jewelry, 225L AZORY - accessory, 249L each BASIL - decor/fatpack, 249L each/599L BASIL - decor/fatpack, 249L each/599L BELLE POSES - pose/fatpack, 55L each/180L BOUTIQUE 187 - hat, 219L CAE - jewelry/fatpack, 395L/245L/495L CANIMAL - outfit/fatpack, 350L each/1,200L CAROL G - tattoo, 250L each CHAIN - hair, 250L each CHEZ MOI - decor/fatpack, 120L/600L/800L CHEZ MOI - decor/fatpack, 120L/600L/800L CHIC BUILDINGS - decor gacha/fatpack, 60L per play/600L CHIC BUILDINGS - decor gacha/fatpack, 60L per play/600L CINPHUL - skybox, 349L CINPHUL - skybox, 349L COMPULSION - decor, 350L CULT - decor, 199L/149L CULT - decor, 199L/149L DEVIANT BEHAVIOR - outfit, 769L each DUVET DAY - decor gacha, 69L per play DUVET DAY - decor gacha, 69L per play DUVET DAY - decor gacha, 69L per play ELEGANCE BOUTIQUE - top/panties/fatpack, 199L each/150L each/1,590L ENCHANTE - shoes/fatpack, 299 - 349L each/599L ENTICE - dress/fatpack, 99L each/399L EQUAL - shoes/fatpack, 279L each/1,599L FASHIONNATIC - bodysuit/fatpack, 250L each/950L each FOCUS POSES - backdrop/pose set, 480L/295L GIZ SEORN - top/fatpack, 199L each/799L/1,299L GLITZZ - sarong, 399L GOOSE - decor, 450L/650L GOOSE - decor, 450L/650L GOOSE - decor, 450L/650L HAYABUSA DESIGN - tree set/fatpack, 689L each/1,489L HAYABUSA DESIGN - tree set/fatpack, 689L each/1,489L HERA - pose/fatpack, 49L each/249L HILLY HAALAN - dress set, 250L each ISINSOMNIA - swimsuit/fatpack, 165L each/699L JF DESIGN - top/shorts/fatpack, 130L each/900L each KAITHLEENS - accessory, 199L KUNGLERS - jewelry set/fatpack, 220L each/590L LAKSHMI - dress set/fatpack, 380L each/1,100L LEGAL INSANITY - top/fatpack, 269L each/1,499L LOCK & TUFT - hair, 249L MASOOM - top/fatpack, 198L each/500L each/1,200L MESH INDIA - backdrop/fatpack, 250L each/425L MEVA - jewelry set, 295L MOVE ANIMATIONS COLOGNE - dance/fatpack, 300L each/2,399L each NOT FOUND - skin applier, 875L each NYNE - hair/fatpack, 200L each/640L PAN - wall kit, 125L PAN - wall kit, 125L PERSEFONA - marks/fatpack, 120L each/999L PERSEFONA - marks/fatpack, 120L each/999L PULSE - dress/fatpack, 199L each/399L PUMEC - ears, 349L RAINDALE - decor, 200L RAINDALE - decor, 200L RAPTURE - top/shorts/fatpack, 389L each/999L/219L each RICIELLI - boots/top/shorts/fatpack, 225L each/450L/215L each/200L each/550L ROZOREGALIA - necklace gacha, 75L per play RUST REPUBLIC - jeans/fatpack, 220L each/500L SAFIRA - outfit/fatpack, 249L each/1,299L SCANDALIZE - outfit/shoes/fatpack, 250L each/1,499L/699L SEQUEL - decor/fatpack, 50L each/195L SHANGHAI - earrings/fatpack, 150L each/450L each SUPERNATURAL - choker, 185L TORI TORRICELLI - top/pants/fatpack, 250L each/1,499L each TORIKA - decor/fatpack, 75 - 350L each/475L fatpack TORIKA - decor/fatpack, 75 - 350L each/475L fatpack TUKINOWAGUMA - hair/fatpack, 300 - 400L each/900L TUSSAY - top/pants/fatpack, 150L each/160L each/800L UTOPIA DESIGN - boots, 495L ZK - jacket/bra/shorts/fatpack, 298L each/1,968L/99L each/688L/248L each/1,240L ZOZ - HUD/nail applier/fatpack, 250L/98L each/198L each ZVI - swimsuit set/fatpack, 250L each/750L ZVI - decor, 350L ZVI - decor, 350L

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