After the Doom

I come in to the settlements to get news or when it’s barter time, just to make an appearance.  It’s important not to be forgotten out here. Not that anyone would be likely to be helpful if there was help that was needed. It’s more about position, about who you are in the grand scheme of things.

I don’t barter.

I take what I want and everyone can just like it or not.  Mostly, I don’t take anything. No need to create friction, unless I just feel like having a fight. Mostly I don’t.

I come in to the main settlement every few weeks and wander around the perimeter. You never know what you’re going to find in the settlements, newcomers, oldbies with an axe to grind that’s as old as glitchpants, or calm. I am not here for trouble, just to learn what’s new, and to remind them I’m here.

I’m always here. 

They don’t need to know where I am exactly – just that I might show up. It might be a bad thing if I do. They need reminded.

There’s a certain freedom to this life. I come and go as I please and I have what I need. I have all that I need, which is different than having “just enough”.  In the ruins of cities and town, is anything I could dream of.  Some are puzzled that I don’t ever choose shoes. I just find shoes to be a luxury I miss to much when they wear out.

There’s a freedom in there being no law, and no rules.

It doesn’t mean there’s no morality here. It (Read more...)

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