Introducing The Dollhouse!

Seraphim would like to introduce a new event in our lineup!  Step into The Dollhouse where every room has an amazing designer showcasing something fabulous for your pixel doll.  From skins to clothes to some great poses you sure to find that perfect item to complete you.  So stop by The Dollhouse before March 20th for a great time at SecondLife’s newest shopping event!


Teleport to The Dollhouse


ALME - nail applier, 189L ARISKEA RUSH - top/skirt/fatpack, 189L each/249L each/1,599L ASCENDANT - skin applier/fatpack, 699L each/3,999L ASCENDANT - body applier, 299L each ASCENDANT - makeup/fatpack, 199L each/350L AVALE - dress, 220L AVANTI - top/skirt, 199L each/209L each AZOURY - jewelry, 149 - 189L each BAD HAIR DAY - hair/fatpack, 480L each/2,880L BELLE POSES - pose/fatpack, 55L each/180L BELZEBUBBLE - socks, 399L BIG BEAUTIFUL DOLLS - lingerie/fatpack, 399L each/1,999L CHIC CHICA - accessories/fatpack, 170 - 215L each/399L E VARY - makeup, 125L each E VARY - makeup, 125L each ELLA - pasties/top/fatpack, 80L/180L each/499L EQUAL - shoes/fatpack, 279L each/1,599L ERSCH - gacha, 75L per play EUPHORIC - lashes, 380L each GLITZZ - stockings, 299L HOLLIPOCKET - skirt gacha, 60L per play IMITATION - pose/fatpack, 55L each/229L INES SCHRIDDE COUTURE - skirt, 239L each INES SCHRIDDE COUTURE - skirt, 239L each INFINITY - choker, 249L each INSANYA - skirt, 250L JUSTICE - dress/fatpack, 199L each/699L each/1,299L K&S POSES - pose/fatpack, 100L each/40L each/150L LANA - outfit/earrings/fatpack, 199L each/1,299L LE LUCK - makeup, 199L LE LUCK - shape, 499L LES SUCRERIES DE FAIRY - doll gacha, 75L per play LOVELY ALIEN - choker, 199L LYBRA - dress, 299L each LYBRA - dress, 299L each MICHAN - bag set, 225L MODA - bodysuit, 399L NYNE - hair/fatpack, 200L each/640L PAPER DOLLS - nails, 299L PIXEL GEEK - socks, 149L POSE MANIACS - pose set, 199L POUT - lashes/makeup, 120L each RM POSES - pose/fatpack, 50L each/250L each RM POSES - pose/fatpack, 50L each/250L each SENIHA - dress/fatpack, 129L each/499L SINCE 1975 - tractor, 350L SINCE 1975 - tractor, 350L SLACKGIRL - shoes, 250L each SUPERNATURAL - choker, 220L SYS - shirt/tie/dress/fatpack, 150L each/600L/90L each/360L/200L each/800L/1,760L THE OWL - pose/pose set, 200L each THE OWL - shape, 350L VANILLA BAE - dress/fatpack, 299 - 399L each/999L/1,499L VANILLA BAE - dress/fatpack, 299 - 399L each/999L/1,499L VANITY HAIR - hair/fatpack, 299 - 499L each/1,499L YASUM - outfit/fatpack, 350L each/2,100L YOKAI - gacha, 50L per play ZOMBIE SUICIDE - eyes, 199L

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