I Might Have An Addiction

One of the things I love about The Arcade is it’s ever continuing magic when it comes to providing us with more things for the narrative of our individual SLs.

For me, that narrative is chocked full of…..pets.

My friend and fellow blogger visited the other day and said if it was a RL house it would smell, it was so full of pets. Alas it’s true. I’ve got this dog and that cat and the other thing, not to mention my Kittycats themselves. Give me your pets, your fishtanks, your sweet little loves to run around my house and make it less empty.

I’m not alone when they are here. I love them all.

They’re naughty. They keep me on my toes. Kitty almost knocked this pot into my beautiful Merpony aquarium. BAD BAD KITTY. But who really wants to live alone in SL? I wouldn’t trade the chaos for anything.

Sometimes I just have to have them for no other reason than I CAN have them.  These bunnies just had to live with me, and I suppose I’ll have to watch the dogs. Or maybe I won’t. Who even knows? Maybe the dogs weren’t programmed to eat rabbits? I can hope?

They have these amazing tiger kitties you can get at Kittycats if you have enough kittycats dollars which you apparently only get by killing off your kittycats and sending them to the menagerie. Well I rezzed up all of mine and……I couldn’t do it.

I wouldn’t have enough kittycats dollars anyway. SAD.

Back into inventory they go. I love you sleeping kit (Read more...)

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