Be Original at Suicide Dollz!

Tired of the cookie cutter look, want to stand out from the crowd?  Suicide Dollz is the event for you!  With plenty of designers that want to help you be your true self, showcasing things from clothing to tattoo and everything in between, you are sure to find something to transform your avatar.  Stop by Suicide Dollz before March 22 and be original.


Teleport to Suicide Dollz

MIA:  Belle Poses, Candy Crunchers, Venge


ADDICTED TO INK - pose, 120L BOUTIQUE 187 - septum, 149L CHEEKY - tops, 160L each CHEMICAL PRINCESS - shirt/shoes/dress, 199L each CRANKED - top, 100L EPIC - skates, 169L each EPOCH - top set/shorts set/fatpack, 250L each/1,200L FASHION ADDICTION - boots, 149L FCUK - top, 120L each GID - jumpsuit, 175L GOTH1CO - outfit, 189L each IMMODEST - horns/tattoo/fatpack, 250L/199L/399L JACKALOPE - dress/fatpack, 200L each/1,200L LA PERLA - romper gacha, 50L per play LAZY CAT - hair/fatpack, 150 - 250L each/1,200L LE LUCK - makeup, 199L LILOS FIT - shape, 399L LILOS FIT - shape, 399L LIQUID - tattoo, 139L MEOW AND STUFF - dress, 350L MMC - dress, 279L MMC - dress, 279L NANA - harness, 200L each NORMANDY - outfit/piercing, 149L/75L PSYCHO BARBIE - skirt set, 220L PSYCHO BARBIE - skirt set, 220L REDFISH - tattoo, 175L SASS - outfit, 269L SKITTISH - accessory, 199L STIGMATA - outfit, 199L SUGA SUGA - panty, 145L each SWEET LADY - outfit, 250L THE BLOOM - eyes, 200L THIS IS WRONG - makeup/fatpack, 149L each/359L each WINGED - dress/shorts/fatpack, 189L each/1,499L each/169L each WITCHOCRAFT - outfit, 150L

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