Confess Your Love with Beauty & the Beast at Enchantment!

Become enchanted with the magical land of Beauty and the Beast at this round of Enchantment! The moment is right to confess your love! Explore the wonders of the imagination of your favorite creators before the fairy tale fades away on February 28th!

ღღ Chelle ღღ

Teleport to Enchantment

MIA: Eve, Glitzz, Love, Lulu, Nantra, Stargazed, The Little Branch, Viva Kids.


3RD EYE PERCEPTIONS - decor/butterflies, 899L each/399L 1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE - horns/jacket/skirt/fatpack, 50L each/199L each/99L each/250L - 599L each ABRASIVE - necklace, 175L ADD ANDEL - eyes, 240L AIR - hat, 100L each ALEUTIA - outfit/fatpack, 200L each/899L AN LAR POSES - pose, 150L BAUHAUS MOVEMENT - jewelry, 249L each BOOMERANG - gacha, 51L per play CAROL G - tattoo, 250L each CHEVAL DOR - horse accessory, 450L CHIC CHICA - decor/accessory, 199L each/210L each DAHLIA - decor, 349L DAWN - furniture, 125L DAWN - furniture, 125L DISORDERLY - photo prop/fatpack, 300L each/750L DISORDERLY - photo prop/fatpack, 300L each/750L DRAKES - throne, 750L DREAMING THICKET - gown, 150L each ELLE BOUTIQUE - belly ring/nails/jewelry, 249L/299L/499L ELUSIVE DESIGNS - swing, 250L EPIC - choker & tiara/boots, 179L each ETERNAL DREAM - pose, 150L each ETNIA - skybox, 895L ETNIA - skybox, 895L EVOLOVE - gown/hair, 199L FASHIOWL POSES - poses/fatpack, 200L each/600L GRUNT - companion, 225L HARSHLANDS - decor, 399L HEART HOMES - bed, 1250L - 2200L each HEART HOMES - bed, 1250L - 2200L each HEXTRAORDINARY - decor, 275L INFINITY - gacha, 50L per play IRRISISTIBLE - outfit, 299L - 350L each JINX - add-on, 425L KOKORO - pose gacha, 50L per play KOKORO - pose, 150L KOKORO PEACHES - panties/fatpack, 299L each/499L KONPEITOU - decor, 250L LA PERLA - lingerie, 150L LES SUCRERIES DE FAIRY - gacha, 75L per play LETITUIER - hair/fatpack, 250L each/1000L LITTLE FRIEND - outfit, 199L each LOST JUNCTION - decor, 100L MEVA - dress, 380L MOOH - gacha, 50L per play MUSHILU - decor, 125L MYRRINE - clock/ottoman/fatpack, 299L/149L each/499L NAMINOKE - decor/accessory, 349L each/229L each NOBLE CREATIONS - furniture, 499L NOBLE CREATIONS - jacket, 349L OCCULT - bag/fatpack, 149L each/400L OLQINU - gacha, 50L per play OPPA - jewelry, 250L each PICHI - tattoo, 75L each PRITTY - hair/fatpack, 250L - 299L each/900L PUKE RAINBOWS - decor gacha, 25L per play QUEEN OF INK - eyes/tattoo/fatpack, 240L each/99L/720L REDFISH - tattoo, 175L SALT - gown/fatpack, 250L each/799L SERENITY STYLE - decor, 150L each/299L SERENITY STYLE - decor, 150L each/299L SHANGHAI - gown, 350L each SILVAN MOON DESIGNS - gown/fatpack, 450L each/2400L S K - gown/fatpack, 225L each/995L THE ANNEX - thigh highs, 175L THE BLACK FOREST - game, 250L THE LOOKING GLASS - gacha, 65L per play THE LOOKING GLASS - gacha, 65L per play TITANS - fountain, 250L each TUESDAYS - decor, 169L each UNA - dress/fatpack, 150L each/900L VANILLA BAE - outfit/fatpack, 299L each/999L WARPAINT - eye makeup, 150L WHITE WIDOW - tattoo, 250L each WHYMSICAL MARKETPLACE - gown, 200L - 300L each YOKAI - gacha, 50L per play YOUR DREAMS - decor/fatpack, 99L each/199L ZIBSKA - eyeshadow/blush/lips/fatpack, 250L each/300L/400L

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