Time to sparkle at The Avenue White Nights!

The dazzle from this sale will sure make your eyes do more than twinkle. Starting today and ending on the 11th of February your pockets are going to love you!! You are going to save so much it will blow your mind. These designers have set some amazing items at an outstanding price. Make sure to grab your shopping buddies and prance around to stuff those bags full!


Teleport to The Avenue White Nights


ANASTYLE - outfits, 280L each ANNYS FASHION - outfits, 81L each BEAUTIFUL HUSTLER - dresses, 130L each BELIER - choker, 130L BLOSSOM - shoes/bottoms/tops/swimsuit/outfits, 49L-130L CHARME - hairs, 130L each CRAZY GARDEN - decor, 290L each/110L CRISTAL POSES - poses, 140L DESIRE BOUTIQUE - outfits/dress, 94L each DOCK17 - vanity, 260L DUST - headpiece, 195L/227L ENIGMA APPAREL - outfits/dress/shoes, 84L each/88L/123L ENIIPOSES/ENIIKIDS - outfits/poses, 79L each/25L each EVOLOVE - jewelry, 99L FORTUNA - jewelry, 130L-260L G&D WOMAN - boots, 254L GIULIA DESIGN - necklace, 98L each IT - necklace, 98L each KIRA TATTOO - tattoos, 99L each LE FASHION WHORE - coat/dresses/jumpsuit, 162L/227L each/650L LIL BUG - poses, 65L each/97L LIVIA - nails/lipstick, 65L/110L LIZIAAH - tops, 199L each LOREA - dress, 130L each MILA RASMUSON - makeup, 162L each MOOH - tops/pants, 129L each MOSQUITOS WAY - shoes, 260L MY PRETTY PIXELS - eyes/shirt/shoes, 320L each/645L NEW LINE STORE - skins/shape/boots, 300L each/50L each ORQUIDEA - corset/dress, 82L each/33L PARTNERS IN CRIME - outfit/furniture/decor, 130L-178L PARXDESIGN - accessory, 260L PINK UNICORN - pose/oitfit/fatpack, 75L/100L/200L RAINDALE STORE - platform, 163L SLIPPER ORIGINALS - nails/sandals, 194L each SOHOE SHOES - shoes, 130L/162L/455L each TWS - horns/jeans/shoes, 75L-225L UDESIGN - tattoos, 150L each VIKI - shape/dress, 130L/137L WITCH CRAFT - outfits/tattoo/lingerie, 75L each80L/164L

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